Saturday, 9 June 2012


I'm just heading in to see Phantom of the Opera!! Wow!!'

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  1. Awesome!! Have a great time dear!! :)

  2. Nettie!
    It's a while I don't write to you, and I have a couple of things to say that might interest you. But for now I just need to say: WOW! The Phantom! It's a great show! I loved it! When I saw it, I felt exactly the same way as I felt when I listened to Imaginaerum for the first time: "No, 150£ between ticket and shop isn't enough! This deserves more!". Really, it happened only those two times in my life. XD
    You'll have fun for sure. Please, later tell us if you enjoyed it and what you think about it.
    Hugs \°-°/

  3. add Phantom to the setlist! You and Marco are amazing together!

  4. Aww,I love Phantom Of The Opera.
    Hope you have fun! :-)

  5. Oh my God! Can I come with you?
    Have a lovely time
    I would love to hear you sing Phantom Of The Opera. I think it would sound great :)


    Ena :*

  6. Have fun, my dear Anette ;) Hugs, Eva

  7. I've seen the show in January. Sofia Escobar is a sweetheart, and what a wonderful voice ! Don't miss the stage door on the side of the building, you'll be able to meet the cast after the show ;)

  8. At Her Majesty's Theatre? Wow!! I've been there a few times to do a Young Performers show, it's a lovely theatre! Hope you enjoy the concert :)
    Anyway...just have to say you were amazing at Download yesterday, thank you so much, it was completely worth all the rain and mud!! :)

  9. I just love theaters, almost no matter what they play, but The Phantom was one of my favourites and I hope to see it one day again.
    I am sure you enjoyed it, too! :)
    I hope you will share your experiences with us afterwards. I am curious. :)

  10. WoW!!! =) The phantom of the opere is my favourite opera! It's amazing!!! I cant express it in words! I've seen it on dvd thousands of times and the soundtracks are real masterpieces :-)
    Anette, you are really a lucky person! I hope I will see this opera one day, too =)

  11. lucky u, id love to see it someday :(

  12. Ooh! I so envy you! This is the most amazing musical ever. I've never had a chance to see it live. Although there was a polish version once in Warsaws theatre, but I couldn't make it.
    Hope you have a nice evening there ;)
    ps. What outfit did you choose for the evening in theatre?

  13. I envy you Anett.
    Then I have never saw this Musical *cry*

    But for that "Cats" :P
    And in my Hometown we Have the Starlight Express;)

    When you has time then go in les miserable too;)

    Have a nice day tomorrow.


  14. Oh wow! I would love to see that play too! Hope you liked it! Love and hugs from the Netherlands <3

  15. I wish I could see this opera live once..

    Greets, Taaja

  16. I saw the Phantom of the Opera like 1½ years ago when I was in London. I really loved it! I hope you like it too. Her Majesty's Theatre was awesome!

  17. I saw Phantom last autumn in London as well, it was só beautifull, I couldn't keep the tears away either ^^ We did have the 'original' phantom and I can say he is really good!

  18. Ooh, ja absolut, det är den bästa musikalen jag sett! Förutom kanske Les Misérables, om du inte har sett den, lönar det sig att gå och kolla den! =)

  19. soo jalous :o i've been eagered to see this musical for years now :o but my parrents only go to Engeland with the two of them :s

    i hope you enjoyed it :D

  20. Hope you enjoyed it - it is an amazing show!!!