Tuesday, 5 June 2012

No photo

Hi all,

Some has requested an outfit photo from Ursynalia festival, but I dont have one. This due to me changing my outfit the very last minute from a new white dress to totally black clothes. I did this due to the late hour and white felt more "early evening".

Here´s a link to a website where there are some photos from the gig if you want to check the outfit - http://www.mmwarszawa.pl/photo/1433767/Nightwish+na+Ursynaliach+2012

BUT I wore very easy and simple clothes and it was: black leggings, black top, black jacket with belt and 3 different necklaces all from Gina Tricot and cowboy boots;=) Below the leggings and the top, the jacket I couldnt find in their website.


  1. Dear Anette. I very much hope that you will read this comment as I think that I already hardly can нибудь be helped by who.
    My name is Paulina to me 15 years. From 9 years I began problems with appearance. On a face huge spots began to appear, then doctors told to wear glasses. All this certainly didn't decorate me. But I didn't pay attention to it. While me didn't start to offend. Reached before that I started to be afraid to go along the corridor at school and remaining in populous places hid the person. Happened also such that when I go down the street strangers shouted to me "the Ugly creature!"
    And now I asked one girl from the parallel class, which one of the first started to offend me (behind my back certainly) that she actually thinks. And she answered that I frighten people and all school so thinks!
    Anette, in one of interview you spoke that you had a similar problem. Please tell that to me to do. Because not to turn on this attention I can't any more! Thanks in advance. You the best!

  2. And it was the awesome set, you were amazing :). I hope to see Nightwish again i Poland as soon as its possible :).

  3. I liked your outfit very much! Simple but gorgeous =) To tell the truth, all your clothes suit you perfectly and you have an excellent taste in fashion=) I think your white outfit you will be able to put on next time =)
    Have a good day, dear Anette! What are you going to do today?)
    Lots of love

  4. Nice photos! Thank you for sharing)))

  5. And we expect that the next concert we will see the new white dress :-))
    The choice in black is simple but very spectacular.

  6. Anette this outfit suits you and you should wear more like this xxx

  7. Thank you for that link :)
    You look simply amazing in that "simple" outfit! :)

  8. It's a lovely outfit!


  9. I don't think anyone would have been shocked to see you dressed all in white ;) White is really classy too. But I'm sure we can see the dress soon.
    This black outfit is stunning, though. Very simple but very efficient too!


  10. Hello sweetheart :)

    I saw some pictures right after the concert, I was drooling already because you looked really ' simple ' but gooooorgeous and you couldn't pick a better one! Anette back in black wooow haha
    I fell in love with your boots and the accessories, everything came along and you looked amazing!

    You and your fam have a nice day! :)
    Greetings from Brazil.

  11. That fits you so well! Simple and classy!