Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh My!

Phantom was incredible and I cried cause the music I've always listened to were so beautiful live! The singers and dancers so good and the orchestra amazing. The stage and the incredible sceneries they make is just a big wow! I will fall asleep with "sing to me" in my ears still ringing and I have already planned my next visit to London and then I'll see Phantom again cause there was one big disappointment today and that was that the real phantom- our Swedish musical star Peter Jöback- wasn't doing Phantom tonight and he was why I wanted to see it;-( but next time, Peter, I hope you sing. Now sleep cause tomorrow I fly to Austria for Nova rock! See u there! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Eheh,
    I was sure you would have loved it! Only positive words can describe that show! It doesn't have a single little flaw! Oh, well, apart from the missing Swedish phantom maybe. :)
    Anyway "TPOTO" is so beautiful that is a pleasure to see it many times.
    *Fangirl mode on*
    I was a bit worried during the evening.
    I couldn't help myself from thinking: "I hope no Nightwish fan is in there tonight. Anette and the musical at the same time? Enough for dying of epicness...! Like winning at the lottery".
    Good night. ^_^/

  2. Good to see that you had a great time, it's impossible not have one with this kind of thing, for sure was incredible.
    See you happy make your fans really happy as well :)
    You and the guys have a save tripe, rest well and kick ass in Austria.. can't wait to see some videos and of course your outfit!

    Greetings from brazil

  3. Wow, you seem to have made the most of it, in London! Did you like Sofia Escobar?

    Have a nice time in Austria!

  4. Hi!
    Saw all your yesterdays posts and i think you are enjoy the whole day and share it with as. Thank you. Have a safe fly to Austria!

  5. Some people are getting happy from The phantom of the opera, other people get happy from Nightwish!!!!
    See, we're planning a city trip to London in september. Since friday I'm thinking of postphone the trip to november to see a great band as well. Asked my husband and he said YES!!!!! So hopefully I'll get through the ticketsales on friday and we can look forward to our 3rd Imaginaerum show!!!
    Makes me soooooo happy! Have a great gig in Austria! xxx

  6. I have yet to see it! I wish I would have. Play it live with Marco! Glad you had a great time! Safe travels!

  7. I'd love to see it live, it would be amazing! *-* One day I will go for sure! I'm glad you're having such a good time!

    Greetings and good journey from Italy!

  8. Oi neej :( synd att Peter inte var där, han är helt säkert jättegrym! Men annars är den ju jättebra som sagt :)
    Ska själv till London på torsdag och nu när jag har läst dina inlägg så blir jag bara mer sugen på att åka dit hela tiden! Är inte första gången jag åker dit men London är bara en så ljuvlig stad!

    Men lycka till i Österrike! :)

  9. I used to be crazy about Phantom when I was a teenager. It also inadvertently led to me discovering Nightwish.