Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New exercising tools;-)

Here's our new exercising tools: A 7 kg medicine ball A 16 kg kettlebell

Just did a great short but heavy workout and I assure you that these tools make me sweat!!! And for warm up and after work out I use my jumping rope. Great exercise too!! Enjoy your day! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Oh...heavy ball :-)
    Enjoy your exercises but take care =) what are you going to do in the evening?) Is the weather nice in your town?
    Lots of love to you, my dear =)

  2. Good evening Anette!
    Will you watch the match tonight :p?
    It's Sweden VS France, I'm french so I support my country but if Sweden wins it will be cool too ;)

  3. Serafim: Hi! Weather is so and so here. No rain today but only 18 degrees so no real summer;=( I have just finished doing some paint job at some doors and tiles in my home and now watching Sweden-France;=) Take care!

    Jonarhan: Hi! I have just started to watch it, have missed 38 min but since we already are out of EM its not THAT interesting who wins;=( Enjoy the evening!

  4. Thank you for your answer :)
    For the moment, i think that Sweden deserves to wi..(Oh goal!)win. They are much better than the French team.

  5. Hi Anette,

    here in Hungary we had today 35 degrees, we had heat alarm the second day and it will last min. till Friday. Honestly I prefer lower temperatures, about 20-25 degrees. Maybe should move to a northern country :)

    Sleep well!

  6. Hmm,could be though house number.

    Can be that on some point I get sight interference again,at some reason I haven´t got sleep.I have tried but that has been more on side of resting and sleeping medicines I don´t try.

    Hmm...on that bigger ball seems to be same colours what I have on car and bike model.

    So aa,I may go to sleep after moment or try to - good nights to there

  7. Tonight Ukraine-England played, too, and unfortunately my country didn't win:-( the score was 1:0.
    I hope that Sweden will beat France=)
    By the way, thanks for answer)
    Sleep well and have sweet dreams, dear Anette!:-)

  8. Oh!!! I've just learnt that Sweden has won!!! Congratulations!!!=)

  9. Wow they look heavy! I respect you for having the strength to take care of your body so much, it's great to see that you enjoy keeping fit, way to go!! :D
    Have a great day! :)