Monday, 18 June 2012


So, we ordered the new furniture today and I think they will be here for my birthday;-)

I also got some new things to our place. These kitchen things where you can have soap and so on. Choose lime-yellow and petrol green.

And also got two new heart shaped little bowls for the dining table. Perfect for candy or nuts;-)

And we also got Nemo some Lego cause he loved playing with it!

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  1. Hi Anette !

    Your look beautiful so class ! :)

    Good evening



  2. New things are always so pleasant :-) i'm happy for you:-) Recently i've bought new nice swimsuit and i'm so excited now) Buying new things is cooool =)
    I like bowls that you bought very much)) and what furniture have you ordered? I'm curious about it:-)
    By the way, you are very pretty and attractive on this photo and this clothes suits you perfectly=)
    Have a nice evening!
    Lots of love

  3. So Nemo now happy guy, he can build something he want:} I like cute little blue candle and hearts, very creative:}
    And soon your birthday of course! Tomorrow my mums birthday and she also turns 41 and she Gemini as you are but that is where all similaritis ends... i meant you are so different:} You are more like friend and she is more like my mum. Love that contrast:} Enjoy your day!!!:}

  4. Hey!
    That sounds like a very good day :-) thats great! Greetings and hugs

  5. Anette, you are amazing women. So proud to know that I met you on meet&greet in Zagreb, Croatia and see again on 17 April in Paris this year. You have some special/magic with you... your voice is fantastic, and of course I like how you look in Storytime video. OMG, and when you sing Song of Myself you make me happy... yes, Nightwish and you is my inspiration for writing my books. Hmm, so interesting to look at you like Evil Snow White :) and older Alice. Thank you so much! Hope to meet again in near future...

  6. Aww yay I'm glad your getting some new furniture, that's awesome :-) You look very gorgeous! What do you plan on doing for your birthday?

  7. Greetings and hugs from Eva))) hi, Anette) your new things - so nice)))) particularly kitchen things. where you could buy it?

  8. Sommarmorgon: Hi! I´ll just celebrate it at home with the kids and Johan;=) We´ll celebrate it the day after at mum´s house in our midsummer festivities. Sleep well and take care now!

    Eva Richie: Hi! I bought them at the furniture store but they are from a brand called Cult;=) Sleep well now!

  9. Church isn´t really my place but still that isn´t place to where I couldn´t go,I have one place where I can feel to be like on church and then place what is...more relax.

    On there at times I already forgot that I haven´t still used money what I got christmas present and then I have getted smaller amount what I haven´t used either.Maybe hasn´t been any fitting to what I would been able to use them...I don´t know.

    I have started to feel that I could almost to go to foreign countries to gig but may not,hah hah.I don´t experience that so easy thing at all that it would be...just like that.

    You look quite...good.

    I may continue on next time - good night

  10. Thank you for the reply Anette,and that sounds like a lot of fun,hope you have a wonderful birthday. Sleep well and take care as well! See you in OKC soon ;-)

  11. Its all fun and games till someone steps on a piece of lego >.< Happy Birthday Anette. I always remember cause its 3 days after mine it helps a lot when I forget mine =P

  12. Hello Anette !!
    It looks very cool,I wouldn't mind to have the hearts hehe !
    You look gorgeous!
    Kisses and hugs from Portugal