Saturday, 9 June 2012


My shopping so far hasn't been any clothes but books! A special edition of Jane Eyre and a HEAVY book that takes my whole suitcase about Marc Jacobs work at Louis Vuitton. Great stuff!!

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  1. Jane Eyre?! Love this book VERY much! =) Excellent choice!:-) I'm so happy that you have had a nice day in London. Have a good evening, too =) Kisses and hugs

  2. Awesome!
    Buy the books of Game Of Thrones too ;) it's even better then the series! But I don't know if you like fantasy books...

  3. I love Jane Eyre. I visited the moors in Derbyshire last year, it was very atmospheric.

  4. I love it!! And I love the movie too, do you see it?
    I wish you a very great time in London sweety :)

  5. Jane Eyre is such an amazing book, loved it :)

  6. That's great to hear! (I know I'm weird but I like book shopping better than clothes shopping XD)
    Jane Eyre is a wonderful book, great choice! :D Have fun in London!

  7. Hey Anette :)
    Nothing better than shopping for books. Last time I went to do that I ended up with seven books. Just started with Jane Eyre last week (though I bought it a few months ago, it is one of those seven books) and so far it's very nice.

    Greetings and lots of hugs from Germany

  8. Jane Eyre is really nice book, good choice Anette! :)