Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hard workout

Just finished a very hard workout with boxing and tabata exercises here at home. So sweaty now and in need of a nice protein drink. Today it's one with cappuccino flavour. Nam nam!;-)

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  1. Hi Anette, I dont get time to write so much on your blog these days :( Just dropping by to say Hi! You look radiant & full of life!

    A Big I Love You X

    Cant wait to see you & the guys when you come to the UK! Yes I have seen the tour dates

    Hep Hep Horaaay *very happy*


  2. oh... How strong you are! I simply admire of you!:-) Here in the Crimea it's extremely hot and I have no wish to do something)
    You are amazing!!
    Take care
    Lots of love =)

  3. It's so wonderful that you're happy to post a photo of yourself looking so beautifully natural! So many 'celebrities' and singers would never dream of doing that. You're really inspirational.

  4. Look at you, working hard, all sweaty and drinkin cappucino protein AND working out full of style in pink haha

    Have a nice day sweetheart and you guys have a nice concert tomorrow! :)


  5. So proud of you dear Anette ! and you're so sweet on the picture =)

    big kiss <3

  6. so good that you've been keeping up your workouts :)
    wish i could say the same :o everytime i get the courage to start again something stands me in the way :( now i have 8 stitches in my knee cause i fell... well yeah in ten days i can start again :D hope i don't get something else


  7. CKB: Thanks;=) Well, this is how I look and I think no one should be worried of showing themselves sweaty or tired or without make-up. Cause we are beautiful just as we are and men never have to go around looking perfect all the time so why should we?;=)
    Thanks again and enjoy this evening!

  8. So aa,I haven´t slept any specially and little like busy has been too.Tomorrow I don´t probably write but I may come to gig.