Friday, 15 June 2012

Time.. get up from my hotel bed and start getting ready for Provinssi rock! I've travelled all day to get here so needed a little sleep;-)

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  1. Moi Anette!!
    You look so beautiful like you always do!
    It is pitty i can`t see NW in Seinäjoki,but Rockcock in Kuopio,i`ll be there.:)
    Rock on Anette!You are great!!


  2. You are such a beautiful girl.. :) Have a blast today!!!

  3. Fresh and beautiful as always:)
    Have a nice show tonight and have fun!!!:)

  4. Hi,
    What exactly do you do in your tabata exercises?

  5. Ooooooh dear Anette, you're so beautifuuuuul !
    I just want to hug you!

    with love <3

  6. Just came home from Provinssirock. You were amazing, gorgeous and your voice is out of this world! Never seen and heard something like that before! All of you made me cry and laugh from joy to hear and watch such a show! I even lost my voice :D Have to see you soon again! Thank you for making this night one of the best nights of my life!

  7. Here in Costa Rica I am your biggest fan , well , that´s what I think , and all of you are coming on december . I am very happy :D I will cry since the very beggining of the concert haha D: xD You are my favorite singer !!!!

  8. You look very beautiful Anette.
    Have lots of fun at the show tonight.
    Love you lots!
    Xoxoxo :-)

  9. I Can't Wait For November 29!!!
    It's Going To Be My First Concert, And What's Better Than a Nightwish One!, I Really Wanna Meet You In Person, You Have Been Very Kind Answering My Questions Few Times, Hope We Can Chat That Day!

    And Hope You Have That Hair Color Then!, Loved It! And hehe hope You Can Sing ''Bye Bye Beautiful'' GOD! I'm Dying To Hear It Live!

    Hugs & Kisses Nettie! :)


  10. OOOOOOOOOH, you look really beautiful!
    And you have such a gorgeous smile :)
    Looking good as always!

    Hope everything goes ok tonight,
    Have fun, enjoy and kick ass
    Wisth the best for you and the boys, always.

    Cant wait until december ;)
    Greetings from brazil.

  11. just one more thing. INCREDIBLE OUTFIT, you looked incredible sexy haha i'm in love with your neckless! and you did the pony tail, yeeeeeey :) wonderful wonderful.. now i can't wait to see some videos!

    Have a nice day sweetie.

  12. Dear Anette,
    Hi! How are you? I'd like to say that your outfit in Finland was amazing yesterday! I've watched some videos in You Tube and you were extremely beautiful as always. Most of all i liked your necklace.
    Also, Nemo not orchestral version was sung wonderful by you! Really really good =)
    Enjoy your evening!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, to my favourite singer!))))

  13. So aa,I was stopping by on seashore and little relaxing there when last night I was little bit...strange maybe,I don´t knowhow to describe that.I slept moderately but I´m still little tired.To your previous post I had time actually just to seeing and later I tried to look this with my phone but I didn´t got contact so I let be and someway moment wasn´t really fitting.So this your last post I didn´t red than until when I getted back to home.

    Originally I wasn´t thinked to leave to Kuopio but I may come to there.Was little questionmark yes but during this day I got thought to that.My car has worked relatively good so to that side for one not yet wouldn´t be special worry and that would go at side of little longer trip too.At driving itself I don´t know on that way...

    I think after couple hours or something like that,I go to sleep that wouldn´t go just to early morning hours.I have some things to do like empty little my digibox and so on but nothing that bigger so little time to rest.

  14. Love the outfit! Can't wait to see you in Ruisrock, it'll be a dream come true! :')