Wednesday, 27 June 2012


..on the train going home:-) found my suitcase, make up, shoes for Nemo and some cool clothes for Johan on sale. Great with sale if you find something good;-)

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  1. Hi! I hope you're having a great time
    Wow! In Sweden you can also find nestea, I drink it all the time here in Mexico :-D

  2. Hi Anette,
    how long time do you take to reach Copenaghen?

  3. Anette ! What's that small packet next to the banana?I don't believe that you smoke if you exercise so much !

    PS I was in Prague on 30.4 and you were amazing :)

  4. Hi all! It´s not cigarettes,haha! Its throat pastilles called GaJol from Denmark. This is the mint-liqourize;=) I do not smoke, I hate smoke and have asthma. I did smoke until I was 30 years old but luckily no more of that;=)

    Arianna: It takes around 1h 15 minutes;=)

  5. Hi Anette,
    read your answer it made me happy!

    Thanks and good night!

  6. i was just about to say MS OLZON I CANT BELIEVE YOUR SMOKING :P
    i wish i could get to another country so quick for shopping! in ireland everythings far away!

  7. Haha. Nice packing they had, I asked out of curiosity because I know cigarettes can dehydrate your throat and can be tricky when you are on tour. So I thought you know some secret tips :P Do you take those for voice maintenance or you are feeling a bit ill?

  8. I have asthma too... I admire you, you can sing with your asthma and hold a long note !
    (Nestea? Hum... I love it! ;p)

  9. Hello Anette !!
    I'm glad you found cool stuff there ;)
    ...And I'm really happy that you don't smoke,I never tried it's a waste of money and life :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal