Monday, 4 June 2012


Hi all and sorry if I spelled Warzaw incorrect;=)

Well, we had to play later in the night due to some delays at the festival. So we started playing at 00.35 and that made us have to cut the setlist from 85 minutes to 60 minutes. Not our fault but I actually thought those 60 minutes were perfect length;=)

You in the crowd were amazing and I got to see a  new "dance" from you;=) No "mosh pit'" this time, but a River dance;=) Great and I loved it!!

Otherwise not much to say than that in festivals we only play faster songs, which means no accoustic songs. We do Nemo in the original version now and that´s fun for a change;=)

And I did try to write this from Poland yesterday but apparently it didn't publish it. Damn internet:=(

Oki, now some days of rest at home before I head to England and Austria next weekend! I even have one off day booked in London city on saturday to enjoy the sights and do some nice shopping;=)

Enjoy this monday!


  1. Wish i could be in London at that time.
    I hope you guys will come back to Denmark someday. it was the most amazing experience i ever had.
    All of luck in the future, i love you guys iam glad that you do what you do.
    Rock on

  2. Despite the jumble, the evening passed very well.
    I watched videos and .... congratulations - you are perfect as always.

  3. Hi Anette!
    I watched some videos of Poland festival in YouTube. They are so amazing!!! I wish I had been there! You are the best! =)
    Have a good monday!
    Lots of love

  4. Hi, Anette! Thanks for great show, it was amazing, really!!! I had to stay long way from scene, because of mosh and pogo near the scene, I don't understand this people at all... Anyway, it was great time and I was so sad, that you played so short because of fault with lights before In Flames...

  5. I was there...
    Nettie, You are the best, You sound perfect live, I'm so happy I could be in Warsaw (yes it;s WARSAW but nevermind :D) and see You and guys!
    I thought I would start crying when I realized it's the end of the concert...
    Only one thing was horrible- the crowd. I was in the middle of total chaos when Storytime started and I really thought I could die there O.o
    But I found a nice place to see and record everything, I was singing all songs, even tried Eramaan Viimeinen (when Last of the wilds guys were playing :D) so it was funny :D
    Thank You SOOOO MUCH for being in Poland, You are such a great singer, I can't stop singing all song from setlist (I lost my voice but it's nothing for me right now :D).
    And sorry for my bad English :D
    Enjoy Your day, the tour and have fun Dearest Nettie :)

  6. Hi Anette

    Good afternoon and enjoy your day !



  7. I like outfit from Ursynalia, never saw this one. Where you get it ? And your dance during over the hills...was so cute. Love you!

  8. Nettie, You were perfect! You looked beautiful!
    It was my first Nightwish gig and I'm sooo happy and sad in the same time. Happy, because I stand in the first row, so I had the perfect view on the stage, and sad, 'cause it was too short [stupid delays...]
    When "Over The Hills.." started I was very suprised and I forgot the lyrics xD But today I can't say a word, I lost my voice because of You - i sang every song. It was a magic hour and I will remember it forever. Everything was totally amazing - especially Troy's solo :)
    I hope You had a great time in Warsaw and You will come to Poland soon. Fingers crossed! :)
    Have a nice day sweetie :)

  9. Thank you for great show. I hope you like being in Poland and we will see Nightwish on Polish land again... soon. Oh and I love your new hair. Pozdrowienia i uściski from Poland.

  10. Hi Nettie!
    Thank you very much for this show, it was absolutely amazing to see you and the guys live =). I really hope you'll came to Poland once again while the Imaginaerum tour.
    But, but... HOW. COULD. YOU. DON'T. PLAY. SCARETALE? Everyone I've talked to is very dissapointed by this. Still, the show was very fine.
    PS. Warsaw in English or Warszawa in Polish ;).

  11. Good luck in England at Download fest. Hope to see live stream or just pro shooting of your performance.
    Enjoy your day and best wishes from Russia!

  12. Your performance was totally great! Nemo in original version was even better than in accoustic. You really improve your vocal in this song. I only wish you had played longer, but like you said it wasnt your fault.
    The only disadvantage was the crowd...
    So anyway,thanks for the show :)
    And of course please come to Poland again and maybe not for a festival but for a normal concert :)
    Btw sorry for my english, I hope you could understand me ;D

  13. The concert was amazing. I'm glad I finally saw you live. I hope you liked Poland.
    Have a nice day.

    Greetings from Polish, RolQuaste

  14. Hello Anette! Would You like to post a picture with your outfit from Poland? It was amazing!!!

  15. Hi Anette!
    You did an outstanding gig that night! I really enjoyed it! The only bad thing was that You had to shorten the setlist :( I am really sad about that ;( It's all the organiser's fault! Could You tell us which songs You didn't play live then? ;)
    Thanks for that night! Enjoy Your day and the rest of the tour and please remamber about Poland and do come more often. We love You!!!
    Yours Matty

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  17. Seriously, I'm envious from the people that were there ( good envy, guys. don't mean to offend anybody :) )

    It's been my dream see you guys live, and every time that you guys came to Brazil I wasn't able to go to the concert ( because I live far away from the cities that you guys usually play ) But I hope there's some concerts in Brazil this year and THIS time one of my dreams will come true!

    Are you better? No headache anymore?
    Rest well and hope you and your fam have a nice day!

    Greetings from Brazil.

  18. Hi Anette! :)
    I hope you are well! :) Have a nice Festival Tour! :)

  19. Hi Anette!
    The concert in Warsaw was amazing! You're just the best! And you looked beautiful :) But it's a great pity that you had to cut the setlist :( I waited for Scaretale and Ghost River so much. The crowd was really wild and I've never had so many bruises and scratches before. I was in the first row for a long time but later I chose a life and I withdrew xD After the concert I stood in front of a gateway and I waved to you when you were in a car :D It was nice! But I was very disappointed that you didn't give the autographs :( I hope that next time you will!

    With love,

  20. Hi Anette,

    I just thought you might want to see this:

    Gucci's Heavy Metal collection for women shoes. ;-) (I hope you can check it even if you do not have a FB account...)

    Have a nice evening!

  21. Hello Nettie! :)
    It's WARSAW or in polish WARSZAWA :) I hope You enjoyed our country and will back soon.
    Hugs from rainy Krakow in Poland :)

  22. Dear Anette,
    I've never written here, but I decided to say about my feelings after your concert in Poland.
    Nightwish is one of my favourite bands, I love this music and your last album is amazing. Imaginaerium was released when I had really bad time in my life (I hope that it will never happend again) and music helped me. Now, always when I listening to the first song I feel so calm...
    I was waiting for your concert in Poland, because I was interesting how Your vocal sounds live. And I just want to say it to You: You are amazing and sing beautifully! I was very impressed with Your performance, how pure You singing! I think none of movies on youtube didn't show it. Really amazing.
    So thank You and band for this concert. It's a pity that it was so short and the crowd was dangerous (half of the concert I had to fight not to be trampled), but it was great.
    Best wishes,

  23. Amazing gig! At first i was so close to the scene i could nearly touch you but then the people start pushing me so hard that i couldn't breath. but the i went a bit further and it was simply fantastic! I was dancing "river dannce" etc like crazy! Love you Anette and hope i see you again soon ;)

  24. What,you´re home - well that´s nice.Delays may be more possible on festival gigs but I think anyway that they aren´t any usual there either.I think that´s not so bad if delays little but if much than that´s not really good anymore.That is of course little bad if must leave some songs away but at times that can be little like needed.

    I have understood that you are some kind of businesswoman.Well,if thinks working amounts then even little job can be enough but what questioned needs to stay on some kind of shape and does live with that,what is own need.On the other hand,need can be though how big,different thing how that succeeds.To be business is quite good job but that can easily be also hard.

    To my remember I have been on one gig where was ´´circle little rotates´´ thing,almost on next me but I didn´t went that - I didn´t even thinked,hah hah.I don´t know if you have had some other gigs too what has begun after midnight but I remember that on 2009 your gig on Pori started like that.

    Hmm,little difficult to say but maybe I ratherly listen acoustic songs on hall,sure nothing against at them on festivals either.Nemo by original version,do you know what - I haven´t listened that not much at all anymore so I´m little like bored to that.But if you like...well...of course.

    Is also thing that I would like to use my own computer cause when I have like that one,on youtube get easily goes time quite much but that is little hard that too.Specially if starts to find something just specific,and - doesn´t necessarily find.Though now bank things on little amounts aren´t often time consuming on that way.

    So,about two and half hours writing and now I may finish to here so to the next time then

  25. Oh Anette, it's not really difficult to say or write and you need to know where you are currently playing: WARSAW :) Oh, I feel like I would live at world's end :D Thank you for great show, anyways:) Amazing show, but too bad it was shorter :c You were looking wonderful and new hair suits to you:) Say hello to boys from fan from Poland, take care, my dear :))

  26. Hello Anette! I'm glad you had a good time in Poland, just reading this post is making me feel so excited as I get to see you on Friday at Download festival! Really really cannot wait I'm do excited to hear you live again! Have a fantastic day and see you soon, :).


  27. Dear Anette. I very much hope that you will read this comment as I think that I already hardly can нибудь be helped by who.
    My name is Paulina to me 15 years. From 9 years I began problems with appearance. On a face huge spots began to appear, then doctors told to wear glasses. All this certainly didn't decorate me. But I didn't pay attention to it. While me didn't start to offend. Reached before that I started to be afraid to go along the corridor at school and remaining in populous places hid the person. Happened also such that when I go down the street strangers shouted to me "the Ugly creature!"
    And now I asked one girl from the parallel class, which one of the first started to offend me (behind my back certainly) that she actually thinks. And she answered that I frighten people and all school so thinks!
    Anette, in one of interview you spoke that you had a similar problem. Please tell that to me to do. Because not to turn on this attention I can't any more! Thanks in advance. You the best!

  28. Hey!!! Mrs. Anette Ingegerd Olsson I'm so excited, tomorrow I'm getting my tickets for Mexico's Concert on November, I'm super super excited I'm gonna see you playing live! :D Last time you came to Mexico I wasn't able to see you live, but now! omg I'm giving up everything to be near you and Mr. Tuomas Holopainen (a.k.a. the love of my entire live) and Emppu, MArco and Lord of the drums Mr. Nevalainen, I swear I'm officialy out of my mind cause I got the money today, I am kinda poor this days, but I don't care if I have to walk on a pair of PET bottles instead of shoes IM GOING !!! see you on november 29!!!

  29. Hi,
    That concert was amazing, i was waiting for it 3 years and it was worth it :). All of you was amazing, and your beautiful voice (i felt like i was in a dream). Nightwish is my inspiration and this band is the best thing that happen in my life :).
    Thank you so much and greetings from Olsztyn :)

  30. Dear Anette!
    Hi! How are you? Only one month ago I joined your blog and i'm so impressed by it! Now i'm reading your blog from the very begining (at that monent i read September 2009). I find your blog very interesting and I like reading all your posts very much! But I wish I had joined your blog 3 years ago... It would be so exciting to ask you some questions in the posts "Question time"))) but everything is okey and i'm so grateful to your answering some of my questions in May!!!
    Have a good day, dear Anette! You are the best!! We fans love you so much and we are looking forward to your new posts! =) we miss you....=)
    Sorry for my bed English)

  31. Hi Antette,

    The concert was amazing concert. Im so happy that i can been there i saw Nightwish.
    when did you started playin I was moved. It was a unforgettable experience.
    greetings from warsaw.
    I love you Anette and Nightwish:)))

  32. Oh my god, Anette! I was on concert of Nightwish in Warsaw, I WAS THERE, but i still can't believe in it... You know, i don't live in Warsaw, and I rode to there for 7 hours, only for Nightwish, nobody knows, how I was happy, and then, this concert.... Oh mu god, I can't believe. That was awesome. You was awesome! You have an amazing voice, concert in Warsaw was beautiful, there all the dreams came true!
    I was crying, when You was playing Nemo, I just cried, I was so happy...
    Now, I listen to Nightwish, and only Nigtwish, right, I can't listen to other bands!
    And please, don't worry about "the real fans of simply Tarja". I love You, Nightwish with You is still NIghtwish, hah, is an amazing band. I love Dark Passion Play, I love Imaginaerum. Don't worry, these people are just pathetic! You must know, how awesome You are.
    Thanks for this happiness in Warsaw. You make me the happiest girl in the world.
    And please? Come to Poland? Soon? I will be on next concert sure, I want to feel this, what I felt on Ursynalia, again.
    You're an awesome woman. Thanks for giving me power to live.
    It's all. I'm waiting for the next post on this blog, thanks one more time, and sorry, I'm sure that I made a lot of mistakes, my English... is how is.
    Hm, bye :) It's all, what i want to tell You.