Monday, 18 June 2012


Thank God that the furniture store has a play room with lego and toys;-)

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  1. Big boy already! Little tiny hand much bigger now:)
    And he play with lego! I played with lego when i was a kid even if i must say i am girlie:)

  2. Keep the big boy busy haha let him choose something for you too ;)
    I think i wasn't a normal kid coz i hated play with this things, i never did something cool and just what i could do was trucks haha :) and go crazy with your new vacuum cleaner haha you're awesome.

    Have fun, you and your fam have a nice day!

  3. oh yeah..=) such rooms really help parents of the children:-) and the main is that both parents and children are happy:-)
    Have a great evening, too, my dear Nettie!
    Lots of love to you)))

  4. Hey Nettie,

    seems you had a nice day. That's fantastic!
    I loved Lego when I was child! Sometimes I wish my childhood to come back. Children are lucky to play whole days without duties...

    Much love,

    Steffi <3