Sunday, 17 June 2012


Sunday and a short visit to my church lighting a candle for my grandmothers and grandfathers;-)

Other than that just relaxing all day and now football and a nice cheese platter. Yummie!

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  1. Have a relaxing evening dear Anette:)

  2. Glad that you had a good day and have a great evening as well. It's sooo nice =) Sleep well and have sweet dreams)
    With love,

  3. I love this kind of days that the only thing you do is relax, it's good once in awhile :)
    Seems like we did the same thing, i lighted a candle to my grandpa too, was a little bit sad but at the same time a wonderful day with my entire family because today my other grandparents are celebrating 49 years married :)

    Have a nice day and a wonderful week, sweetie!

  4. Hej Anette! A question about you recycling the DPP-tour outfits: Is there some outfit that you wouldn't ever wear again? Any plans to wear again on stage the outfit from Moscow -09 gig? That's one of my favourites I've ever seen on you :) And because of you've written few times about Finnish artists like Chisu and Jenni Vartiainen, I must recommend one band (they also sing på Finska)to you. It's a group called Harmaja, here's some videos
    Harmaja's singer JP sings also with Marco in Northern Kings and Raskasta Joulua (=Heavy Christmas) :D

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  6. Hej Hej, Anette

    You talking about candles remind me to Cathedral Walls. God, this song is so beautiful... I've been addicted to it lately. I listened to the other songs of The Blackbird and the Emerald Forest but none beats this one. Your voice is so delicate and sad in it and I think I like female vocals better. I like Draconian too, I'm starting to get the point of Doom Metal...wouldn't you ever join a doom metal band XD ?? NEVER leaving Nightwish, of course!!

    Kisses and have a good week =**

  7. Are you a christian? I didn´t know.

    It´s nice to think of the beloved ones in the busy life.

  8. Micha: Hi! Yes, I am a Christian;=)

    Mila;: Hi and thanks for your kind words;=) Well, dome could be fun! I like almost every music style and its fun to try new things and thats why I liked Cathedral walls=)
    Sleep well now!

    Super Cherie: Hi! Well, some outfits I won't wear again due to different reasons. Some are to small, I don't like them anymore and so on;=) The outfit from Russia in 09 is no longer in my possession, I have given it away. So won't wear that again. Sleep well now!