Friday, 29 June 2012

I wish...

...I could write music like this!!! Oh my, I get GOOSEBUMPS all over!!!


  1. I love Two steps from Hell-music.

    Everything sounds so vast and epic. The Choirs are amazing.

    Wish you a nice weekend

  2. Hey Anette! The first song, Two Steps from Hell, was also used in a trailer of one of my favorite videogames ever: Mass Effect. :)

    That was the first time I heard it, the second one was in Euro 2012.

    Now listening to False King, it sounds truly epic as well, gotta love the choir stuff!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Wow, this is really, really great music!
    Thank you! :)

    Much love ♥

  4. I agree
    This is so beautiful, so powerful, full of hope
    God, I feel goosebumps everywhere! Like I am back to the old times of kings and queens.
    So full of strength, power!
    Thank you Nettie for sharing these wonderful videos


    Ena :*

  5. It's beautiful !! But ... but .... I prefer the songs written by our dear maestro Holopainen and sung by you, dear Nettie ... :) :) :) Enjoy your day ! kisss

  6. Good afternoon, dear Anette!
    Unfortunately, i can't listen to these videos, as i'm on train now, going to Kyiv, to the capital of my country. And i don't have a computer with me, only my mobile phone which has the Internet access. So, when i will be at home and i'll definitely listen.
    I can say that composing music, in my opinion, is extremely difficult. And i'm always impressed by those people who do it! I can't never imagine how to compose such beautiful music as Tuomas or others people do!!! They are genuise!!
    But i believe that each person can do something better than others, is the best in something! And in my opinion doing this they are on their place on the world. So, don't worry! You have a magnificient voice and it's your talent!=)
    I hope you understand what i mean. As it' s a bit difficult for me to express exactly what i want to say, as English isn't my native language.
    Take care!
    Lots of kisses and hugs to you!
    With respect Margarita

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  8. oh i love two steps from hell. p.s. posthumus, x-ray dog and immediate music are great too

  9. OOO yes! I also wish that! I discovered this music a month ago and I listen it every day. It is so f***** good. I LOVE that kind of soundtracks! Hans Zimmer is a God. Do you like him?
    Have a nice day
    Hug from Croatia

  10. Two steps from hell - it's a masterpiece indeed!!! It can make u strong, happy, fearless...Oh God.Have you listened Protectors of the Earth?;)


  11. Oh, I didn't know. The music is really good. I'll take a look at their compositions. It's so dramatic and powerful !

  12. Hi Anette^-^!
    Two Steps From Hell is awesome!
    My faves are "Dragon Rider" and "Strenght of a Thousand Men".

  13. I have all of their work in itunes, they are amazing. If you can't write this kind of music, don't worry!! There is an amazing guy called "maestro Holopainen" who can. :)) Check this one too "Immediate Music- Serenata Immortale", you will LOVE IT!

  14. Hello Anette !
    It's amazing,it always reminds me of Tuomas hehe :D
    But I also wished that I could write music like many artists and to sing like you :)
    Maybe someday ;)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  15. Oh gosh I've been looking for the first song for ages!! Thank you for sharing this and making me discovering "Two steps from hell", they're just amazing! I need to listen to more song by them! **

  16. First of all you are a good songwriter too. I like your songs which you put on myspace. <3
    But you are totally right: Heart of Courage is amazing. :-)

  17. Oh my.. It moved me to tears! That was insane.. Thanks for the new band to check out Anette!


  18. Hi my dear!
    I just found an AMAZING brand! And I'm sure you're gonna love it! Lots of spikes and rock n roll stuffs!
    Im just in love with that brand!
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    Love & Hugs

  19. Dear Anette,
    Two Steps From Hell are one of my favourites!!!
    I follow them many years now..So epic and dramtic!!
    My favourite Archangel and strengh Of a thousand men!!
    Have an epic night!!Haha
    Kisses From Athens!

  20. Oooooh yes yes yes! :D Two Steps From Hell is GREAT stuff! You should check out Brand X Music. Really powerful and epic sort of sound as well.

  21. Love it! Wish I could write this type of music too. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. OH, I LOVE them! They are incredible! Has Tuomas listened to them before? I'm sure they would write something amazing together ;).

    I got tickets to see you in Philadelphia in September! I can't WAIT! I'm doing the VIP, so I'll get to meet you again :). You guys will be playing at the same place where I saw Within Temptation last September ;).

    <3 Lauren

  23. wow great music. thank you so much for posting these music. I never before heard of them.

  24. Omg downloaded there albums from iTunes str8 away!! Titan dune is amazing!! You have gr8 taste:)

  25. I heard them last year and had the same reaction!! Undying Love is my absolute favorite, I can never get tired of it :D

  26. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for posting about this band. They are pretty awesome! I can listen to them with my kiddies while I clean house! Love it!!!!