Saturday, 2 June 2012


Good morning!

After a really bad sleep I woke up early to make myself ready to go to the airport and fly to Warzawa for our first festival. Headache for the 3rd day now so I´m not in the best of days but I hope I will feel better tonight.

Enjoy this day and see u tonight in the festival!


  1. can't wait!
    you have to rock, I will give you anti0headache pills :D

  2. Good morning!
    I think some pills must help and its 3rd day, you always said that your migraine takes 3 days so tomorrow you will be fine but for today just do what makes you happy and headache will not be felt so badly. Try enjoy the gig and have a safe fly!
    Like your a new hair color!

  3. and yet for running on no sleep, and having a headache you still shine. <3 Good luck Nettie!

  4. Oh, sorry to hear about the headache :(
    I hope you will feel better soon and rock on the show as you always do :)
    I wish you a lovely day and good luck on the festival :)


    Ena :*

  5. You may not feel good, but you sure look beautiful. ;) I hope the headache goes away soon. Good luck tonight! Rock that stage! ;)

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  7. Dear Anette!
    Hi! I'm so sory that you have's terrible! Yesterday I had it, too, and it was really bad, as I had to stay at home instead of going out. I hope you will feel better tonight.
    The photo is amazing! You are so beautiful! =)
    Good luck on the festival! Have a good night!
    Hugs and kisses to you from Ukraine, especially from the Crimea!

  8. Good morning Anette!
    I hope your headache will get better so you can enjoy the gig tonight. Have fun! :)

    Anette, could you tell me the adress where to i can send a letter to you, or is this not possible anymore? Thank you!
    Take care!


  9. Get well soon, Anette. Hope you`re having a good time in Poland though...! :)

  10. Can't wait to see You tonight! :) For now weather is not the best here in Warszawa. It's cloudy, windy and it's raining from time to time, hope it'll be better in the evening. That's why I've got headache too :( Yesterday was a lot of people at the festival, really.. but today it'll be much more, for that I'm sure!
    Poland loves You! :) See You tonight! :)

  11. Morning dear Anette, i love you :))) <3<3<3...and when come to SERBIA ? we wait you ! <3 greetings from SERBIA!

  12. Hello Anette you do look great. Do not concentrate on bad feelings nor headache but focus on how awesome is the group you are part of. All the best to you and fam. Cheers M

  13. Hi Anette!
    I love your new hair color!!! you are wonderful ^^

    have a great time


  14. I really like your new hair color! you are so beautiful !

    Enjoy your day ! <3

    Can't wait to see you in Colmar Foire Aux Vins !!!

  15. Hi Anette

    Wouha *_* you'r so BEAUTIFUL I like your color hair ;)

    Love and good journey !


  16. Hi Anette:
    I really love your new look *-*.
    I can't sleep xD (here in Argentina are 6:38 a.m.)
    I would love to dye my hair but I have scared me to stay ugly :$
    Good luck in the festival.
    I love you much

    P.s:Enjoy the day ;)

  17. OMG! Anette! You always look so beautiful, but particulary in this picture... I think I've fallen in love! =) You look nice with that new hair style.
    I hope you're feeling better, enjoying the gig and your stay in Poland.
    Greetings from Mexico =)

  18. O sweetie finally in Poland. Good luck tonight at festival. And i don't wanna be rude u should wrote Warszawa, or just Warsaw, never mind, still lov ya. :) have a great day! YAY!

  19. I hope you get better soon beautiful *
    Greetings from Portugal!

  20. Hey Anette,
    your look it's great and i like it so much.

    Good luck with the festival and have fun!

    Big hugs

  21. Ejnoy Poland!

    Tell Emppu, that we need him to answer questions in Nightmail! :P

    And why did you remove your lip piercing? I liked it so much. :)

    Hughs, Iines

  22. Hey, Anette! I can imagine how you feel, still you have to go on stage, more over very late, I saw :( I hope you'll be better till then, and you'll have a great time!
    Safe flights!

  23. You are so beautiful;) So bad I can't see you in Poland, but my mum didn't allow me to go! :((( I hope I'll see my favourite band another day:D

  24. Poland is looking forward to see you on stage tonight! ;)
    Take care, Nettie!

  25. it's Warszawa, not Warzawa :D Too bad you're feeling sick, hope you'll be better soon:)Cant wair to see you tonigt, it's a bit cold today :c

  26. What time is Nightwish playing today? Oh how I wish I were in this festival...=) Have a good night, my dear Anette!=)

  27. Hello Anette!
    Have a nice time in Warzawa and rock the stage :-)

    Greetings and hugs


  28. I hope your head feels better. Strong coffee maybe? Here's a cool shirt to cheer you...

  29. i'm sure you will do your best! see you in Warszawa tonight :) can't wait!!

  30. you look beautiful!!! I hope you feel better anette good look in the festival ^^

  31. Riktigt snyggt hår!! Denna hårfärg passar dig superbra.

  32. I saw new pictures of your hair spectacular, and much loved Nettan, blonde and beautiful remains that way forever! <3

  33. Ohh, Anette! You are so, so beautiful! Have a nice day;=) How is your family, dear? I miss you, miss your voice since 15 March in Moscow;=)It is great that I can write to you there, I feel better when I read your blog, I see that you are beautiful and strong person! Big hugs and a lot of love for you!:*

  34. I really hope your head ache goes away.
    Have fun at the festival.
    You look absolutely beautiful. :-)

  35. Get well and have a good time, beauty!
    Love <3

  36. And I can't get enough of your new hair, looks amaziiing!

    Hope you feel better soon ( headache really sucks :/ ) and as well wish all of you a great festival!

    Wish you and your fam a nice weekend!
    Enjoy Poland!
    Greetings from Brazil.

  37. Hi Anette!

    I wish you to feel better soon :). Good luck for the festival and have fun there. I think I´m a bit late with saying this as I suppose that you are already there, but better late than never. Be careful of yourself :).


  38. Hi Anette, You look perfectly Beautiful!

    Kelly Xxx

  39. WaRSZawa, sweety, WaRSZawa ;) Or simply Warsaw ;) Had to miss your show, but I promise to go to the very next one when you'll play :)

  40. Hi Anette. I really hope that you feel better soon and enjoy your trip to Poland. You're hair looks really good here, by the way. :)

  41. Hi!
    I'm so sorry that you have headache... I hope that all will alright soon:)
    Anette, You look perfect<3

    with love from Russia

  42. Is it true that Nightwish played only at 3 a.m in Poland??? Oh... it's sooo late...or sooo early...=)

  43. It may sound odd. But try some midol honey. (yeah, that stuff for PMS XD.) I get really bad migraines and sometimes (though sadly not all the time) it can really take the edge off if not get rid of it entirely. It might be worth a try if you happen to be in a shop and in a rush. I'm not sure why it seems to work, but it really helps me at least bring down a migraine to a level where I can function even if it doesn't get rid of it. I usually take it with Mountain Dew to give it a bit of a boost, but the sugar in there would likely foul up your diet. :P So perhaps coffee would be wiser, since the caffeine is part of what helps. It might be worth a try since I'd imagine the lights and loud sounds of a concert would be a nightmare mid migraine. X_x

  44. I haven´t never been on Poland and it doesn´t fascinate me so much at all that I would have interest to go there.Bad to hear that your condition isn´t good,not nice to go to gig like that.

    On me came problems cause I have to try to describe things on shape of writing and listen you without your voice.Properly I haven´t felt to be netwriter,can say that NW forum and other place I have had to left,besides actually looking subjects.But,without this I wouldn´t surely write on net anymore.

    At works has came someway different thing than what that maybe was before.Well,I haven´t had same ages friends so that is one thing what may cause problems at times,in a way I don´t knowhow to search nobody.What is situation after some 10 years or more,that...I don´t know,hah hah.

    I hope your feeling gets better

    Good day continue to there and to the next week

  45. Anette, you were totally amazing in Warsaw!!! Thank you!!! Dziękujemy! ;))))
    I hope to see you in Poland soon ;)
    Get well our princess ;)

  46. Thank you for the show. Was really amazing. YOU ROCK GIRL! and ofc guys too ;)
    i hope we'll see you soon in Poland again but on your own show not a festival
    kisses and hugs from Poland :)

  47. Hey Anette!
    Thank you so much for the gig in Poland!
    Was amazing but so short. :( Hope you come back soon.

    Yesterday I gave your portrait to Jukka on meet&greet. Did you get it? Do you like it?

    Hugs from Warszawa!


  48. Hey Anette you look very beautiful in this picture also hot as well :-) I really wish there was a live Nightwish DVD out there with you on vocal of coarse lots of killer Nightwish tracks old and recent once.. ♥ ♥ ♥ and hugs from Illinois US! :-)

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  50. A very beautiful hair. I would like to have this hairstyle. Amazing !!!

    Greetings RolQuaste

  51. You were great yesterday! :D

  52. I hope you feel better soon!
    And I'm loving the new hair-beautiful as always :)

    Best wishes,


  53. Hello, Anette. I hope you feel better. And you have a really nice haircolor... :)

  54. wow, next step will be the blonde hair hahahaha I love you with blonde hair *---*
    I hope you do great shows,

  55. Hello Nettie <3!!
    Thank you so much for the show! I was there and was amaizing! You looked beautiful!
    I hope you'll back to Poland very quickly!!!