Tuesday, 21 July 2009

hoppla hoppla...

I woke up half an hour ago...hmmm....I fell asleep while reading Harry Potter and I guess the gloomy mood today was tiredness.... now I have taken a before exercising drink cause I need to go out and run but the body is sooo tired still... I hope I am not getting ill. I hate being so tired...

Tomorrow I am flying to Stockholm for a little "Anette-day". No bf or son at home so I take the day off to just stroll around in one of my fave-cities;=)

Here´s my motivation photo to get those jogging shoes on;=) Heja heja, as we say in swedish!


  1. Those Harry Potter books are really good.
    I know you said you were reading Marked,
    did you finish and start any of
    the others in the series?

    Oh, and I have another series you might like,
    called The Darkest Powers or something
    by Kelley Armstrong- the first is
    The Summoning and the second is The Awakening
    and they're really good!
    I'm excited for the next one! And you said
    you like vampire books?
    You should read Vampire Academy
    and The Vampire Diaries- those are good
    and I'm waiting for the next of those too!

    But anyway, did you finish Marked?
    Because that House of Night series is the
    best and the third one
    is really good, you'll love it I think!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  2. Ha i know what you mean. Motivation is so hard to come by :D
    But just go for it! youll feel tonnes better afterwards!!!

  3. Hope you have a good anette day. Hope your not getting sick.

  4. Hey Anette!
    Lol the same thing happened to me yesterday! :D

    Have a nice day in Stockholm and take care!


  5. do you have mosquitos in sockolm? =)) i know it is a stupid question, but before my trip to sibiu we never had moquitos in my city(this summer)...so i can blame you that you came with them from sweden :))

  6. That photo terrifies me O_O, that much muscle on anyone is uneccessary. =P
    I should get back into running, I'm feeling a tad bit out of shape right now. Enjoy your jog =].

  7. Good evening Anette!

    Maybe You need more magnesium or iron in Your organism? Unless, you fee like that today because of the weather. It can make you totally tired and sleepy!

    Weather in Poland was sunny but pretty cold today which is good! Heat kills me x.x

    Have fun jogging :D

    Karo E.

  8. Hahahaha...Good motivation!
    Well, I've watched the new Harry Potter movie and as an adventure, it was a great comedy movie. xD But anyway, it was good.
    Huugs, Tati.

  9. I'm also reading Harry Potter- I'm reading the 5th one, because thats where I got rather lost last time I read it. But heck, I've read worse series! XD

    Have fun tomorrow :)

  10. Hej Anette,

    hope you feel a bit better after we all try to cheer you up. You know as I sit here (after a 15 hours day of working) I just thought about what you are for us all (after the nice comment at sunday that you got), even it don't fit for real in here but I think I just can make it to short lines:

    Be like the river who flows ironlad into the ocean.
    Who don't dissuade no matter how hard it is.
    Even the biggest stone he don't fear
    even if it takes years till the river breaks it.
    And even if your volition is sleeping, wake him up again because in every of us is this kind of warrior.
    Who's courage is like a sword but the biggest weapon is his heart.
    Let us get up, hit the trail
    To every warrior of light
    Where are you? You're here needed
    To all warrior of light
    this is to all warrior of light.

    As I said really misplaced but in my eyes you are such a warrior of light because you fought for living your dream and I think you made the best out of the band through your person and your infectiong smile which made everyone smiling. It was so sad to hear that you were a moment down and I hope we'd cheer you up and that you feeling better, really better.

    Greetings (again)


    PS And hope you had fun with your work out

  11. And sorry if it sounds a bit foolish but just a short line of my thought. And don't doubt my lines in that way please

    But anyway have fun


  12. look at that photo! *prepares for jogging* :P

    It's really possible to be tired with the amazing work you do ^^

    Enjoy with your Anette-day and take photos for us =)

  13. uuh...you DO know joggers don't get muscles like that from jogging alone, right?;-)
    but obviously this shouldn't be the ideal look for sportive women...

    Where do you go running? Is there a park or forest nearby the place you live?

  14. hi my dear!

    This is damage that I do not read lol and welcome back to Sweden tomorrow!!

    Good Evening and sleep well!


  15. I would love to hear more about your work-out :) You seems to like jogging/walking and you have those nice work-out DVD's. Do you go gym in regular basis (well, as regular as musician can have)? Have you ever tried pilates/yoga? I am asthmatic also and pilates was very helpful for me. I would love to start yoga but those class are quite expensive here so instead I started kick-boxing :D (yeah, almost the same thing)

    How you work-out while touring? :)

  16. oh, by the wa...where is Edward's head, cause in Sibiu he was dcapitated

  17. Heja Heja? :D:D:D That's so funny :D:D And does "hoppla hoppla" mean something similar like heja? Because in czech we say that too.. :D
    Have a nice evening,

  18. I just woke up, myself :)

    Too hot to sleep any more :(


  19. Heja Anette! ;-)
    I'm so tired to. These days are so bad. One day is too hot (33 degree) and next day is rainy. It makes me carzy. I feel bad, have headache. I think you can feel tired in the same reason.
    Hope you get better :-)

    I want to ask you how are your cats? Do you go with Gremlins to the wet? Is she ok? I hope she is!

    Take care and have wonderful evening!
    Kisses! :-*

  20. Hey Anette.
    Good luck tomorrow! Have a good time!
    Take care!


  21. Är det så du ska se ut om några år:) hihi
    M.V.H Från Göteborg

  22. hi anette!this is my first comment so i have to say you i love you so much...your voice is soo beautiful and when i hear your voice i calm down.:)secondly where are you in harry potter's book? i'm sure you like it:) and this woman a little bit scare me.

    best kisses


  23. Enchanted lullaby: Yes, have read marked and now Harry Potter the last book before continuation of the house of night series;=)
    Furcu: I dont live in Stockholm but in the south of sweden and we dont have so much mosquitos;=)
    Hampus: Såg nästan ut så innan Nightwish så kanske nu efter turnén denna kropp kan få komma tillbaka till det igen;=)
    Paulina: Well, its still lots of hair here but they both look well...we´ll see how it all goes..
    Z: well, hoppla hoppla is for an expression of: autch...;=)
    Furcu: I guess you mean Tuomas doll? I didnt even notice that his head was gone? I will ask this weekend;=)
    Serafina: Well, before starting touring with NW I exercised every day and ate so strict. Then the touring came and I have tried to keep up but its hard. Now when I have more time at home I will try to get back in that shape again. My astma is bad somedays and today I couldnt breathe so could only run for 10 min and then walk... I do pilates sometimes and mostly do boxing exercises, and then different body tonings. In the spring I exercised at the gym a lot but now in the summer time I do it at home or outside;=)
    Henrik: thanks so much for those words;=) Today I needed that! I will try and be the warrior no matter what...;=)

  24. Oh, boy -- that lady has shoulders that are a piece of art... :D

    That worked as a motivation photo for me too, you know, so, thanks ;) Back to the bike & gym straight tomorrow morning...

    Have a nice day in Stockholm! :)

  25. hi my dear

    juste a questions:

    have you seen the last Hary potter? if so what do you do?

    that you read the other?



  26. Hehe good motivation, Anette! Even though that photo scares me a bit ... so much muscles ... yuck! =)
    Enjoy your jogging evening and take care =).


  27. Hi Anette!

    This 'hoppla hoppla' reminded of Pippi Långstrump a bit, because in the theme song there's a lyric like: 'tjolahopp, tjolahej, tjolahoppsan-sa' :) It sounds fun. :) I love Swedish language, although I'm such a beginner at it. :(

    I noticed that you have so much energy (mostly on stage), but I hope you won't get ill, so all the best for you dear!

    Vi älskar dig här i Ungern,

  28. It might help to do circuit training if your asthma is bad. You do cardio for 3 minutes, weights for 2 minutes, and abdominal exercises for 1 minute with no breaks in between. This is what I do with my 30 Day Shred DVD and it works very well for me. Just when I think I can't make it anymore the thing that I have to do changes so I can focus on something else. Also when you keep moving from cardio into hand weights it burns more calories because your heart rate is still up. I hope that your asthma won't hold you back from your goals! <3

  29. Hey hey hey, my pleasure. There is nothing more then to give a better feeling to someone that is down don't forget (SMILE) it makes it just better for everyone, specially you.AS long as you feel good as long your fans feel good. And those lines were just a honest opinion of mine. No fake no give me attetion.
    Just words out of my mind as I read one more time the last post I got before I worked again

  30. Anette do you run everyday? He he, me no because i'm very lazy. XD Have a nice evening! Hugs

  31. Aaah xD I'd fall asleep too in that situation, but not because I'd feel tired all day already but because I don't like HP =P Don't kill me (A) *runs and hides*

    Aah, jogging is nice =) But I can't jog, I'm more a sprinter because my knees give up after 2 or 3 minutes and than I can barely walk anymore =(

    I worked hard today too, horseriding on a horse who decides to have an 'everything is scary-day' Not so nice when you're on a biking path and your horse sees a plant that's about to eat him *cough* Yeah, he's crazy ^^

    Have fun jogging!


  32. What's the meaning of "Heja heja"?
    I don't know and I would love to knoww it :)

  33. And Anette if it seems foolish again in here, but this is just one thing I have to say in here.
    Just stay as you are, stay true to your heart and never loose your smile or just the person you are because may they are many people so called " fans" who says:uuh she's hot.
    But there are way many who say: uuh we like her because she's so natural, she's so herself and that's what we love (like me) show us your crazy wild side because this is YOU and no copycat.
    Just be yourself and noone else. THAT'S why we are all close behind you and not for your look or for whatever.
    Just llive your dream with all the passion in your heart...
    If it's lost... no I am sure you'll be the Anette which you were from the begining.

  34. Have fun tomorrow in Stockholm, if you don't know it yet check out the Laura Ashley store, they'll have such lovely stuff for appartments, maybe you will find a nice wallpaper or have you found one yet?


    Take care and don't get ill, drink enough fluids and pamper yourself at your Anette-day! =)

  35. Thank you for answering! Hope everythings with Gremlins will go right way.

    Have a nice day tomorrow! We all will be waiting for photos ;-)

    Sleep well!

  36. Have a good "Anette-day" tomorrow. You deserve. Come back to my country soon, Brazilians fãns love you Anette. Hep hep \,,/
    Greetings and hugs from Brazil.

  37. Oh, I hope you're not getting ill too.
    Maybe "your-day" tomorrow will help you to relax, so you still healthy.

    I needed to do some exercise, but vacation makes me o lazy, much more that I am, haha.
    And I love to walk, is great!
    Hope you had fun jogging :)

    Hugs from Brazil, again.

  38. Heja heja Anette! =)

    I love jogging (well.. walking not running ;)) and I would like to go every second day to jogging.
    The only problem is that I just can't get my butt off the couch! It's so irritating. Even though it is nice sunny day, I can't get myself into move. And I know exercise would do me so good, but here I am, sitting on a couch.

    I hope you won't get ill. You have a gig on friday so I hope you will be just great! =)

    Have a wonderful Anette-day! =)

  39. Hej Anette!
    Enjoy your Anette-day tomorrow! =) It's really good to have a day just for yourself now and then, to relax and recharge your batteries.
    As for exercising, I should follow your example and do it more regularly, it's so good for body and mind too. Running is not really my thing, for me it's mostly bike, swimming and long walks. Do you like swimming?
    Much love and hugs! =)

  40. Heja Anette!

    Hope you don't get ill! It's not a nice feeling when you're freezing and tired (as I always feel when I'm sick).

    Tomorrow I will come to Sweden. ;=) My grandparents and cousins lives in Eksjö (do you know the place? It's kinda small place). I have no idea how long I will be there but I wish I could get the chance to go to Stockholm too!

    I love jogging! I am jogging a lot during the summer, but when the school starts again the free-time will be disappointingly low. ;=( And you are right, that picture you posted really is a motivating one!

    Good night and sleep well Nettan! Do not get ill (this is a command ;=))


  41. One nore time

    Don't be afraid of your weakness, never fear to unhide them.
    Never feare to unhide you failures.
    Be anxious and be pacified and be freed
    And be crazy time to time
    Never be mystify, even it is out of gold
    Never be dazzled even from wrong honour
    Learn to forgive and and leanr forgiving
    Learn to chain and to unchain.

    I know there is no poet lost at me

    but ja still just thoughts

  42. I hope you're not getting ill too. [2]
    You don't deserve it, no, no :)

    Well, enjoy your day tomorrow!

    Love you,

  43. Have fun tomorrow and be safe, Anette!

    Sweet dreams and good night to You and everyone :D

    Karo E>

  44. omg)_ that thing..i have been forcing myself so many times to run every single morning)_ but i failed that..cannot get up for that early in the morning)_ sooooooo hard)_ so you're a hero for me))

  45. omg)_ that thing..i have been forcing myself so many times to run every single morning)_ but i failed that..cannot get up for that early in the morning)_ sooooooo hard)_ so you're a hero for me))

  46. omg)_ that thing..i have been forcing myself so many times to run every single morning)_ but i failed that..cannot get up for that early in the morning)_ sooooooo hard)_ so you're a hero for me))

  47. omg)_ that thing..i have been forcing myself so many times to run every single morning)_ but i failed that..cannot get up for that early in the morning)_ sooooooo hard)_ so you're a hero for me))

  48. omg)_ that thing..i have been forcing myself so many times to run every single morning)_ but i failed that..cannot get up for that early in the morning)_ sooooooo hard)_ so you're a hero for me))

  49. Ironically I started randomly reading my Harry Potter book last night. I haven't gotten to read the 5th book, and I need to so I can go see the newest movie.


  50. For some reason the "hoppla hoppla" made me laugh out loud :D

    ...And then the picture reminded me that I still have NO time at all to work out a little :(

  51. Hello Anette! :)

    The jogging is good, but I prefer the swimming :) I love swimming, and yesterday I went to a famous hungarian swimming pool and spa, 'Cserkeszőlő'. It's border on where I live, and I can go there by bicycle, so it's still more healthier :)

    Take care

  52. Anette- Ahh, you did finish? What did
    you think about it???

    Hoppla has the same meaning as heja right?

    Hugs and love, Katie T.