Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tired today...

slept so deep this night and had really weird dreams... its the second time I dream that I have a really bad cough with some terrible slime balls coming up and the worst part is that the slime balls are like stuck in my throat and I have to really work hard to get them up...?? I dont know what my mind wants to tell me but its weird that I dream it so often as two nights in a row... any dream tellers out there??? ;=)


  1. Im a pretty good dream interpreter, but I will give my humble interpretation to you only when you sell your toyota to my friends :=P

    he heh he hope you will have a lovely day...


  2. if it helps i have a dream about a crocodile stalking me and trying to eat me.... i think at some point i remember u writing about u thinking u were getting ill, maybe ur still thinking that on a subconscious level??
    dreams are a weird thing lol i hope u have good dreams tonight :P

  3. I am sorry that you had a bad dream. Nettie , can I ask you something?
    Can you join the Chalice of Female Metal forum? It's about all women in metal , and of course you are there too =).
    Girls would be sooo happy.
    Thank you



  4. Well.. to begin....somebody say that "cough" stands for "unclear speech"

  5. Dear Anette! I think that's nothing it's just a dream and don't worry about that, and don't waste Your time and mind :)
    Have a nice day and just relax
    Mateusz from Poland
    Love You!

  6. Hi Anette!
    Sorry to know that you had a bad dream. Hope you have good dreams tonight =).


  7. Hi Anette!

    Uh, bad dream. :S Maybe it tells your fear about getting ill and that you can't perform as good as you would like to?

  8. Well, I am no expert in that for real and even I can't portend my own dreams. But it sounds like that you are afraid for being ill and that you'll have not the energy for getting yourself better and that this illness will invalidly your own body and that you are into getting it that much better that it will get more worse. It sounds like that you are afraid for loosing your voice and not making your job.
    May your mind tells you that you have to slow down your horses and yourself and relax a bit for being okay and that you can do whatever you want to. this seems to me the most important answer.

    It's really really bad to hear that you didn't had a nice night last night.



  9. Anette: I have a pretty good idea of what it means but I'm not completely sure ... I will pray about it and get back to you a little later :)
    - Suzy C. ♥

  10. I keep having dreams that my teeth fall out and im spitting my teath out and blood :(

    I hate bad dreams.

  11. That sounds obscene...and disgusting.
    No offense! But I kinda had
    a dream like that but it was slime
    coming off my skin. Eww!
    But I think it was because I had just
    watched The Day the Earth Stood Still.
    I know that whatever you think
    about 10-15 minutes before you go to bed
    has an effect on what you dream about.
    Did you think about being sick?

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Lisa: That dream has occured in my life too. I have heard that its our fear of getting old??

  13. I'm worried incase people hate the way I look :( reason why I have had them for the past 5 years.

  14. Dreams are influenced by emotions and sensations, but the slime balls... i dont know it...

  15. OK this is now a little off-topic but when you said slime balls I thought of hair balls, hence cats and then Gremlins. A friend of mine has a cat whith what seems to be the exact same problems (bald spots above the tail which the kitty gnaws until it bleeds). Her cat has skin mite which needed to be treated, first with pills (did not work) and now shampoo (worked better). So I do not know if Gremlins still has this problem, then you will probably need to have het checked out by a vet.

  16. Hi Anette,

    i believe dreams are a process of sorting memories in your brain, so every memory gets connected with fears and hopes and other importand things. Nobody knows why we do this or why we have to fall in sleep, maybe this is the way we send our brief report to god. But sleeping is more than just regeneration.

    In your case i remember you saying that you have some problems with your stomach and slime. And of course you are a singer, your throat is importand so maybe it'a also a fear of not functioning properly as a singer/mother/whatver. And as you are a perfectionist this fear is big in you.

    Well, shifting gears down a little bit is always a good advice, life is for having fun more than to fullfil others expectations.

    Anette i am sure you will haver a wonderful life without anything bad happening to you and your beloved, so don't worry, be heppy. ;)


  17. mina drömmar är också jättekonstiga... jag har drömt att jag har blivit slagen och när jag vaknade så hade jag ont i revbenen:S jag har blivit jagad, jag har flugit och sen har jag haft ett okänt antal Nightwish drömmar:D

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag!


  18. Hey Anette,

    sorry to hear you had this dream. I once dreamt that I had to cough some slime up, but then it was all blood coming out of my lungs and it just flowed as hell O.O I dreamt this twice up to this day and in both dreams there wasn't a real outcome. Hope it won't turn out as bad for you.


  19. Hm. I often dream of pain, like getting a football to my teeth or carrying something very heavy, running fast etc.
    Then I wake up and realize I've been biting my teeth together or sleeping in weird poses causing my thighs or back hurt.

    So, my guess is that there really is some slime in your lungs/throat when you sleep and you actually do cough. Having allergies and all.
    Feelings of coughing and hawking come to your dreams, exaggerating it of course like dreams often do.

  20. I Once read that dreaming about trying really hard to get something out of your body or up means there's an issue in one's life that is troubling you and you try to get done with it....something that bothers the person and normally is "swallowed down". Can be something far away in time....maybe there is something troubling you, Anette. Plus, as yotapong said, dreams are always to be considered individually and can mean something totally different.

    Anyway, have a good day (did you do some cleaning? I did!:-))

  21. Hi Anette!

    Oh this dream sounds awful ;=(.I'm really sorry for you,but at least it was just a nightmare,nothing more.
    I also had some nightmares a few years ago,which were,reapeated 3 times in a row,and they were about monsters who tried to eat me or something similar,weird,no?But I'm happy I don't have them anymore...

    I wish you sweet dreams on the next nights and have a nice day!


  22. @Lisa
    I've heard that it means that you or sb in your surroundings will be ill. (and it comes true in my case)

  23. Hi Anette :)

    I have a book here in my little library which gives some possibles meanings of dreams ones have dreamt of. There are explanations for many many situations and words, I will try to translate into English.
    For cough, I found:

    Bad/hard cough: Maybe you are a bit upset, tired. Go out and do some outdoor activities;
    There is a sick friend or family member, or little accidents have happened in the past days, that make you feel worried; try to relax.
    This is, most of the times, temporary, transitory. 'Cough' can be treated with a good 'medicine'. Fill your free time with a enjoyable activity.

    Well, I hope you are not passing through these, since I don't belive at all in this kind of book. I gained as a gift from a friend, but sometimes I take a look at it.
    I hope it can help you in some way!

    Take care,

  24. Hello Anette,

    I study psychology at the university, and I'm really interest by psychoanalysis with Freud...
    So I can recommend you some books of Freud about dreams interpretation. There are very interessting (maybe quite boring ;)) but his books are very important to understand a dream and generally you can understand why you dream about it...
    If you want that I learn you something, there is no problem of course ;)

    But don't forget one thing : some dreams haven't any answer. And our unconscious is very difficult to understand...
    Scuse me for my bad english, I post this comment in two minuts so, I don't have time to read what I write.

    Hugs !

  25. I believe a dream can tell you a lot about your desires and fears... In think you fear that something like that wil happen and your scared of getting ill and not be able to sing. It always will be a possibility, but try not to worry.. There are good medicine to help :-)

    Hope you dream better next time
    maybe you should dream about all your fans that love you :-)

    Hugs and kisses

  26. Hey Nettan!

    I have heard of the books which explain the meanings of dreams. But I'm not sure do we have to believe everything what are written in those books...

    I have pretty often nightmares where I'm falling from some high place and just before touching the ground I wake up. It's a bit scary and weird to see that kind of dreams so often.

    Have a nice day, hope so your dream won't get you stressed too much! :)


  27. Hi, Dear Anette!
    It's a pity that you have had that awful dream!
    I agree with Fábio.Try to relax and try to find a way to balance your mind (cooking, dancing, painting, listen nice music, have fun with your sweet son!!...) Never loose your strength and courage :D
    Have a lovely night!

  28. Hi Anette, that's weird dream. But don't you worry... it's only a dream! Hugs

  29. Hi Anette,

    I also had a weird dream 2 nights ago. I dremd I had to kill a lot of people and when I came home, I saw my elder sister was murdred. But I don't have an elder sister.

    I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. But yeah it's only a dream of course.

  30. Lisa- Oh my gosh I had that dream too!
    I have it all the time and it
    always freaks me out! I get up and go to
    the mirror everytime!
    I don't know if that means I have a fear
    of getting old though...I just turned 17.
    So I hope that's not why! :P

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  31. I have a lot of strange dreams too. They can be really unsettling! I believe that they are made up of thoughts, feelings, worries, and dreams that are subconscious reveals to us in symbolic ways. They probably sometimes represent things that we might repress. Maybe your dream means that you are afraid of losing your voice on stage, or getting sick? I don't mean that this will happen, just that maybe you worry about it happening.
    *hugs* Hopefully your dream will go away.

  32. Anette, it sounds like your body is telling you something.

    You've been craving orange juice, which contains vitamin C, and you've been dreaming that your sick. I think it means that your immune system is down.

    Have you consulted a nutritionist about the vegitarian diet your on? I'm NOT trying to be negative, or upset you, far from it, but what works for one person may not work for you.

    I hope that i didn't upset you by posting this,