Saturday, 4 July 2009

Long long days-...

So, I am home from Slovenia and sorry for no updates but we lived in the middle of nowhere and travelled all day yesterday AND today...;O( So now I am totally dead, but I promise to put up photos, videos etc tomorrow;=)

Enjoy the nice saturday evening and lots of warmth and peace to you;=)

Found this photo and isnt it totally adorable???;=)


  1. I like this cat she seems to be funniest !:) Take care raluca !

  2. Welcome Home Dear!

    We missed You very much ^^
    Hope the gig went well and You have lots of positive impressions )))

    Have a good rest and spend this evening with Your beloved ones ^__^

    What a warm pic! it makes me want to act the same in search for's freeezeingly cold here in Saint-Petersburgh ((

    Warm hugs,

  3. Hi my dear Anette,
    Anette How are you!!

    Nice Picture thanks so much !!

    love Isabelle


    I wanted to ask you something very important, here is a friend and I built a French site about you and me I created a forum but we want them to become Official I want to ask if it would be possible of course with your personal agreement? and you come on the forum?



  5. That's quite alright ;) thanks for thinking of us anyways ... hope the gig was good (as I'm sure it was :) and awww ... that pic is adorable! ♥
    - Suzy C. ♥

  6. Hi Annette, I wish you a quiet night and beautiful dreams.
    This photo is beautiful!;)
    I look forward to you at the Festival Masters Of Rock (9.7.2009). I certainly in the 1st series.
    Good night, kiss Alena

  7. Welcome home Anette! :) hope the gig went ok. Have a great night!


  8. oh sorry:-D written your name wrong! take great excuse!;) I am ashamed ..

  9. Welcome back Anette :)
    Thanks for the great show in Slovenia! You really seemed in great shape yesterday night!! Hope to see you guys soon again...

  10. Hi,Anette!
    Thanks a lot for the blog :) Have no patience too see the photos and videos.Have yourself a pleasant and relaxing night!Greetings from Bulgaria

  11. No problem Anette, at least you arrived home safely. ;)

  12. Nice to hear something from you again! I have waited when you write (okey, you haven´t been away sooo long, but... :D).

    And I already saw pics from yesterday and I REALLY liked your clothes! <3
    So classy and just WOW! And your hair are lovely, me likes :)

    Maybe this cat have lots of warmth, adorable :D

    Lots of warmth for you too, enjoy the night and sleep well, sweetie <3

    HUGS <3

  13. Hi Anette.Welcome back!Hope you had a great time in Slovenia.Hope you are gonna come to Croatia again soon.Zagreb show was awsome.
    And the cat...soooo sweet!

    Have a rest.

  14. Hi Anette!
    I hope you had a great time in Slovenia... I'm sorry that I wasn't there but if you come back to Slovenia(to Ljubljana maybe?) I will be there... :)
    And speaking of adorable cats. I just got one and I named it Sony, she's orange and very playful... :)

    Lots of hugs and kisses

    P.S Did guys and you enjoy Slovenian beer(Laško, Union)?

    Good night,

  15. Glad you got home for a good sleep.. Sweet dreams :).

  16. hello Anette!
    this is my first message:D
    i wait for the photos curiously:)
    have a nice evening!
    oh and what happened with this cat?:O

  17. Hei Anette

    I'm looking forward to see some pics and videos =)

    That pic is really cute <3

    And by the way I really like your new merchandise :)

    Did you designed/will design the t-shirts? I really like them =)


  18. Hi Anette,

    Hope you'll feel less tired soon! The cat is really cute <33

    I'm in Denmark right now and I have a internet connection! So I can keep following your blog =)


  19. We missed You so much ^^ :) This kitty is so sweet and I think he (she? ;D) was so tired as You are ^^"
    Sleep well :) Kisses :*

  20. Hi!
    Yes that's really an adorable photo <3 i'm also looking forward to photos/videos.

  21. Well, I was wondering where did you go..
    But it's ok, you need to rest after those awesome shows!! The Metal Meeting was incredible as I could have seen in Youtube ;) Nice clothes, by the way, like it so much

    Sooo good night Anette!! sleep well =)

  22. Welcome home!

    I hope you had a good time and I`m looking forward to your pictures!

    Sweet dreams!

    Sylvia from Germany

  23. Hi Anette!
    You don't have to apologize, we know you're tired. Please get a well deserved rest and get your strength back.

    It's been a while since I don't see anything as cute as that kitty *get into a completly "aawww" state*

    Btw, how's your eye? is the allergy's medicines working? hope you're better by now.
    And the T-shirts from your merchandise are great! but the price, is in Euros, dollars, what? Sorry but that got me a bit confused 'cause it doesn't say...

    Have a great day!

  24. Welcome home, Anette :)

    I'm sorry that your tired and worn out, by all means, sleep and relax.

    I'll be spending my Saturday with my father and uncle doing the traditional American independence day celebratory stuff, barbeque :P

    I look forwards to seeing the pictures and stuff you upload

  25. Thank you Anette and sweet dreams to you =)
    This is sooooooooooo sweet :) this sweet is she/he sleeping out there)))

  26. Oh, so go relax a bit, Anette :)
    This is been my resting saturday too.

    And that photo is damn lovely, love funny/cute cat pics!

    Lots of love and peace from Brazil!

  27. Aww that's a cute picture!
    Have a lovely rest, travelling for that long must be tiring...

    Oh and to saeki85, I think you can change the currency on the merchandise page using a drop down menu. (I'm loving it by the way)

  28. I loved the pic =D
    Have a good night dear ;)

    Take care ^^

  29. Dear Anette, YOU LOOKED REALLY GREAT AT METALCAMP! I loved your clothes, I saw some pictures today [I didn't wente there]. :D


  30. I have read the matter that you said that Brazilian journalists wrote some nasty things about you, I am ashamed write to here. There were reports of very bad taste, I apologize on behalf of all his Brazilian fans. I hope you do not have a negative image of Brazil because of ignorant journalists like these. All the best for you and your family.

  31. Hiya Anette.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Have a good evening :)

    Take care Lisa x

  32. wow!

    so much travel!
    i hope u have a nice rest =)
    read u tomorrow!

  33. hey! will you tell something more about that gig yasterday because i couldn't come =( ? show, audience, your clothes? :)

    take care and have a very nice evening.


  34. Welcome back Anette!

    Glad You had a safe and a happy trip! Hope the concert was great itself as well :D

    Please, don't apologise us for not updating Your blog. You do it very often which is more than we could ever imagine and you DO have right to go out and have a break or simply go away for work so sleep sweetly tonight, Anette and don't worry about the updates! Whenever You're ready :)



  35. Welcome back!
    I hope you had a good time!

  36. Welcome home Anette, sleep well and I am looking forward to your pictures and stories tomorrow.

  37. hahahahhaha..

    so funny...
    hey.. Great look in MetalCamp!! ^_^
    kisses from brazil

  38. Get your rest when you can! I hope that you are having rockin' good times even though it is so tiring! Much <3!

  39. Sleep well,
    Take your sleep ;D
    See you tomorrow (this morning)
    Have nice dreams.
    Lots of Love,

  40. haha yea i agree with you when you say in the middle of nowhere :D rock on! :D

  41. Welcome back, Anette =)
    Glad that you didn't forget about us, eh eh.

    Loved the picture =)
    Have a good rest! Good night and sleep well!

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  42. Hey Anette !
    I hope you had a nice time in Tolmin =)
    You have some rest and sleep well ;)
    Btw I saw your outfit on the pictures,and it's awesome !! In my opinion it's one of the best you've had ! And what's with your red&black corset that you had in Hamburg in 2007 ? I really loved that one and I saw it only once or twice . Here it is
    Sweet dreams and looking forward to pictures ;) Love,Marina

  43. Adorable as you are!!!

    Welcome home my sweet, be happy!!!


  44. Hi, Anette. I already saw pictures of you in Slovenia, and you are absolutely hot there!!! Lol. Your clothes were so pretty and sexy. You had a wonderfull taste.

    Kisses from Brazil!!!

    ps. the cat is tired, but he is so cute!!

  45. Can't wait to see the photos! Adorable picture :D You seem to really like cats. (as do I) :)


  46. I have just seen some pictures from the concert and OMG, you were stunning :) definitely one of the best outfits you wore on stage! gorgeous :)

  47. Welcome home my dear!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see photos and videos!!!!!

    Cute photo!



  48. Welcome Home Dear!
    I hope, you have had a good time in Slovenia! I do not doubt that gig was great))
    Certainly, to appear at home always it is better. At us in Russia speak - at home and walls heat.)
    Have a rest also thanks for a charming photo.)

  49. Hi there :)
    I saw the pics from Slovenia and you were so beautiful!! probably one of you best outfit on stage ever! :)
    I imagine you sleep now so have a good rest and nice sunday :)
    Take care <3

  50. Hi Anette =D
    Welcome home again! I hope the gig was great! :D
    The pic of that little cat is sooo cute!! :D

  51. awww adorable kitten <3

    kisses from Italy

  52. Hello Anette!
    I hope you had a good time in Slovenia (oh, I'm reading a book about Slovenia at this time :D).
    This pic is very nice. I have a funy cat, but this is beautiful!
    Kisses from Poland

  53. Hi, Anette!

    I hope you slept well :)

    I was in Metalcamp and show was amazing! I'm happy I had another chance to see you and hear you :D I had really great time I hope you did too ;-) I had a feeling that you (and other Nightwish members) were full of energy.

    Hugs and kisses from Slovenia.

  54. Oh Anette that photo is so beautiful! =) Really adorable =).

  55. Welcome back,
    Whose this cat? Is it yours?
    May ask a favor?
    would you upload videos in please?

  56. This cat seems to be dead or something o.O