Monday, 6 July 2009

Nice day

So, I slept quite long again today and then went to the allergy doctor and did the breathing test. Went well and he wants me to start better astma medicine. The only problem is that it may give me problems with the voice. He said not everyone gets it but some...=( Now I dont know what to do, if I shall start using it and see what happens and maybe be soar or wait till after the festival season. But like he said, I do need it...

Hard decision;=(

Then I did some sales shopping. Nothing big, just some stuff from Gina Tricot and H&M. They had some great sales thingies;=)

Now I am home changing clothes to something warmer cause it rained like hell before and the temperature got little less warm. Will go and buy some food things to eat. Today it will be a nice salad and haloumi cheese;=) Then rent a nice movie.

I found some really cool goth-like shoes if someone likes that;=) Here they are and its Alexander Wangs new edition. I like all of them and will buy one pair for the autumn but havent decided between the low ones and the high heels. What do you guys think?



  2. Very beautiful, i see the show with Pain in lisboa in 2008 on YouTube, you are great. have a great day. Greetings from Brazil.

  3. High heels looks sexier and rocky.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma...I hope you can find a way around it!

    And I would choose a high heeled one. I think they look better.

    Something interesting...
    I apparently follow this blog so religiously that, when I was away for three days with no internet, every night something to do with this blog appeared in my dream XD

    One was particularly horrible because you announced that you were leaving Nightwish and I was devastated. But then I woke up =D

    have a great day Anette!

  5. Oh the third one is so original and fun!!

  6. The shoes are awesome! I like the first ones (crocodile style) the most. When it comes to buying shoes and I cannot decide which ones to take I make it very simple for myself: I get them all =) so should you!

    I can understand you being worried about the asthma medicine, did he say how quick you would realise the side effects? Maybe try it out at home inbetween the gigs and try singing to see if and how it effects your vocal cords.
    Is it some sort of inhaler with powdry stuff? I have these and after I use it it tickles my vocal cords for a while but I did not sound like Bonnie Tyler yet =)

    But if he says you need it then there is no real way around it though. I am sure you will find your way with it.

    Good luck from me and all the best,
    Katrin x

  7. I hope you will get beter soon Anette !
    When you go shopping, you always find nice things! I thing you are a little bit of a shop addict :pThe first one is my favorite.. so buy that pair ;) I have to also say I became addicted to this blog :p
    Really like you Anette!!
    XxX hugs

  8. Sorry to hear about the bad effect of the medicine :( But health is always on 1st place.If you're able to wait til the festivals are over it's great but I guess the sooner you start using the medicine the better ;)Hope you'll be ok!And about the shoes - I truly think the ones from the 2nd pic are greeeatt :)))

  9. I had expected all day to see your posts!! Thanks!! Hihi

    I really prefer the firs, becouse is more gothic. And I love when you use that dark things, :)

    Kisses my Angel, I love you more and more, each day!!

  10. Hei Anette =)

    High heels looks better ;)

    Hope you've had a nice day <3


  11. I really hope the medicine doesn't affect your voice and that you start to feel better.

    I'd get the first ones they are amazing! Wow! But you'd pull them all off.

    All my love and support

    Love Kellie xxx

  12. the first shoe is the nicest, I think :)

    And I'm really sorry to hear about your problem, but you should try the medicine and see what happens. maybe it won't affect yor vouce, huh? let's hope for the best :)

    have a nice day, xxxx

  13. Hun, it's your health, you should take it.
    I'm sure you don't have to take it
    consistantly, but when you need it take it,
    so things don't get too bad.
    But if you want to wait, I understand that.
    Because you don't know if it will change
    your voice. I would take it a couple times,
    sing around the house,
    see if you notice a change in your voice,
    then decide.

    Confessions of a Shopaholic
    is a good movie, you should see it!

    Hmm, they're all cute, but I think
    I like the first shoe the best.
    I'm not a fan of gold things, so I don't
    care too much for those others with the big
    gold buckles. So I like the first,
    I think those are very cute.

    Have I talked you into wearing the red,
    black, and white Hell bunny dress for the
    July 9th concert yet???

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  14. I like the 3rd shoe. I'm faarrr from a shoe fan, but it looks nice.

    And aww, don't worry about it. I'm sure you will find your way around it. I'm sure your voice wont be affected, and if it does, you can always go back and see of theres another option that wont affect your voice in a negetive way :)

  15. Try to take the medicine, wait a while and then sing some songs to see if it affects the way you sing.
    And I like the first shoes the best, they're really good-looking!

  16. Hi Anette!

    It is understandable that you worry about the asthma medicine, but I think that you shouldn't. I have the same problem as you and my doctor told me that it is only 0,3% of the people taking that medication that developp that problem of hoarse voice. (Being unlucky, I'm part of this 0,3%, but it is not such a big deal: for me, this effect takes 3 weeks to appear and it is barely audible from people around; I just doesn't feel "as usual" whenever I talk... It is NOT permanent, and I prefer SOOO much to have this hoarse voice for a few days than to have asthma!)
    I don't think it will affect your carreer!
    I'm sure it will be all right. =)
    Just allow yourself time to choose...

    By the way, I slightly prefer the high heels, but the lows ones would also fit you PERFECTLY.

    Love and hugs. =)

  17. The first shoes are the best! ^^
    I think you should try new medicine, health is most importatnt, in my opinion.

  18. High heels rock...mainly the first one!
    Sorry for your asthma-medicine dilemma...but your health is the most important thing.
    Try to use it between gigs, and nothing will be his side effect hopefully.
    love, Erika

  19. Hi Anette! what a hard decision to make... =/
    But as someone said health is always in 1st place. Unless you can take some alternative medicines until you finish with the festivals... Hope you can find the best way to solve this =D

    About the shoes, I think the high heels are the best choice. You really know how to wear them and they give that special touch to your outfits, making your look even more stunning.

    Have a good... night? Time zone confuses me =P

  20. hi anette
    definitely the high heels.
    All are all amazing!
    but I like high heels



  21. Hi Anette! I think the fist one is the best of all! :)

  22. Oh, and get well, dear. :)

  23. Greetings!
    I most of all liked the first pair - such stylish) to You, in my opinion, very much will approach.
    It seems to me, you should begin treatment because your health - the most important that is at you. You are necessary to us healthy)
    take care)
    With love from Russia, Helga

  24. For my part, I prefer the first shoes :)
    Have a nice evening ! And a lot of courage for your allergies.

  25. I prefere high heels;-) Hope you've had great day, kisses:-*

  26. Oh, it isn`t nice anette
    WEll, I Hope you find some way that you fell right!

    Well, I prefer te first, the must beautiful

    Kisses form brazil anette!!!

  27. All the shoes are amazing!!! I love when you wear this goth so well in you!
    and I do loved your outfit in MetalCamp! gorgeous......keep on do it!

  28. Oh, that's so horrible thing to decide. I mean with the medicine thing. I think your health is the most important thing.=) I hope you will get better soon!
    I prefer the high heels.
    It's not so nice weather now here in Finland either. Cold weather.:/

  29. In my opinion high heels are the best, and I prefer the first shoes :)
    I quote the other people who said you'd take care of your healt first.
    Good luck!

  30. I hope you will be better..:) and don'T forget : health (and family:))is the most important thing in the life!:)
    oh and these shoes are very extreme...;D
    have a nice day/night:D

  31. Aww I am sorry Anette :( just hope you feel better soon.

    I personaly so scared about this swine flu :( it's getting so close.

    I like the high heels, first pair are my favourite.

    Lisa x

  32. @ bornconfused5892 - LOL! I'm sure we are all by now totally addicted to this as well ;) - I'm going to camp starting on Sunday and will be without Internet for weeks at a time ... what am I going to do? =O
    Anette - I LOVE the crocodile skin heels, but the flats are a little bit more original ... I truly have no idea what you would wear with them to make them look good , but I think if you found the right thing they would look totally amazing - and very, very original (plus being a little more comfy ;)
    About your asthma - I agree with Katie T. - your health is what's most important in this case - I will be praying, and I'm sure others will be too , that taking the medicine won't harm your voice :)
    Love from rainy Canada,
    - Suzy C. ♥

  33. OMG, hope the medicine does not hurt your voice! Would be terrible!!
    You look very nice with high heels, and it seems that you are comfortable with them. So I would go for some high heels again!
    Or maybe a better idea: just buy them all! You have lots of concerts to go in the future to wear them ;D

  34. Hellu Anette!
    I think you should buy both of them,grey and brown heels =)To be honest i was sitting in here for a half an hour choosing between them and i didn't fix that yet)haha the grey ones are so amazing to be shown on stage or somewhere else and the brown ones are also cool specially if you will wear them with a little brown dress you have showed once. That was not a dress you already have but one you would love to buy. Now i'm gonna find that post of you to show you what dress i'm talking about if yu didn'
    t change your mind to buy it :)
    Will be back in some moments)_

  35. Hmm...i can see why you might be afraid of this tough choice. If you need the medicine, doesn't that count pretty much more? you think it's worth the risk of sounding a little different?.. I mean i love you despite how you sound, with or without medicine ;). Do what your heart tells you to do...that can' t be so much wrong...

  36. Really a hard decision, but I think you should try the astma medicine because the most important is your health. Maybe there will be no problems with your voice. A friend of me also have to use astma medicine, but when she eat or drink something after taking the medicine she gets no problems with her voice:-) But it's your decision. Good luck ;-)

    In Germany it was also raining the whole day, that bites :-(

    The high heels in the first picture are the best!

    Enjoy your movie and have a nice evening!

  37. O.o Oh my God!!! I'm worried about your voice!! It's not possible.. You're the best singer in the world! Your voice make me dream.. You cannot lose it!!
    Anyway.. I have to tell you.. I'm coming clean: I don't really like those shoes, I'm sorry!!! You know, I like very much your style, but..... I'm so sorry! but I'm sincere.. Please forgive me! xD
    The most important thing is that you like them and on you they'll be amazing!

  38. Okay, i found :)
    Your blog was called ACNE and it has this picture on it:
    So i meant that dress :)

  39. I don't have astma so I'm not too familiar with the medication... But I read about these "spacers", used with aerosol type medicine. Usually it's for children 'cause it's easier for them to use but apparently there are different sizes.
    Anyway, it's said the spacer lessens the amount of medicine in mouth, throat etc. so the risk of nasty side effects is smaller.

  40. One more thing Anette :)
    about that astma thing...i think you need to do that medicine. The health is the most expensive thing in the i would never play with it..
    But have you ever had this before? - i mean that disease?...

  41. Hi my dear Anette, one thing to tell you: you need it to take that medicines.

    The health is very important.

    talking about I prefer the second pair of shoes.

    Kiss, Miriam

  42. Hello my Dear

    Anette you look good in all shoes, but High Heels are more sexier, so please choose one of them :-)
    I'm verry worried about your health and your voice! Your voice is the best in this word, but I think that your health is more important than your voice. I would try the new medicine, maybe you won't feel anything. At the other side I'd be so sad if you would loose your voice, so this is definitly a very hard descision!

  43. Hello Anette!
    With the medicine...if the doctor says it takes only a little for the side effects to show up, then you probably should go ahead and try the medicine to see if your voice is affected. But even if it takes a while...your should think of your health first, and I'm sure the boys would agree.
    And now the shoes. I think you should definitely go with the heels. :) If you want shoes that are noticed more, then go with the second pair--they're more flashy. :D But if you want less flashy ones, go with the first. (I personally prefer the first...perhaps they are a little classier. ;]) Both are quite noticeable and awesome, though. ^_^
    Have a wonderful day/evening, and I hope you feel better!!!

  44. I think the first pair look the coolest.

    As for the medication, your health should come first but that is an easy thing for me to say when I've never had to make that sort of decision.

    Ultimately it is up to you. Only you know your limits and whether you think you can make it through festival season without the medication. Just be careful.

  45. Good evening Anette!

    Glad You had a good rest today!

    It's a bit of dilemma about the asthma medication. I would go with what Katrin suggested but of course as a doctor, if it's possible to try it for 3-4 days and the put it away so you'd see if that would help you or cause any changes with the voice. Please don't worry, I'm sure things will get better and Your health is always most important! *hugs*

    As for the shoes, I like both first pairs equally :)

    Have a lovely evening, enjoy your dinner and the movie! What You will be watching tonight?


  46. Hello, Anette =)

    Yah, why don't you buy all of them? hehehe
    Personally, I prefer the first and the third one.
    I like women with high heels, but the third shoes are very...ahn...I don't know how to say it English...well...nice!

    I hope you won't have problems with your voice if you start a new treatment.
    I'm really sorry about your allergy. You will get better!

    Sorry for my Enslish.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  47. Wow, the shoes are nice... if your into heels(i'm not...) I actually debated the merits of a pair of boots on which were marked down BIG time($12.99 from $49.99)but decided not to get them, because as it is, I have 1 pair of boots that's never been worn(really crappy bottom) and 2 pairs that are nearly identical, one has a lower heel..., both black, both lace-ups :)

    My dad had the same problem with a blood-pressure medication he was taking, he decided to quit taking it due to the fact that it kept throwing his equalibruim off.

    It depends on you. Can you deal with the pain of the soreness? Or are you willing to risk possibly damaging your voice by taking it? That's something that I wouldn't decide to do on the drop of a hat, if it has serious side effects that could possibly damage what your lively hood is, then it really needs some careful thought and possibly a second opinion.(my dad went to 3 different doctors before admitting he needed back surgery.)


  48. Hi my dear Anette,

    How are you?

    have a nice evening and sleep well



  49. Hey Nettan! =D

    About the shoes, I think the 1st one fits better to you.
    About the astma medicine, you really should ask to the band what they think about you taking that, though you'll probably get some problems with the voice (I hope not), it may be better for you in future shows...

    I wish you a very good night
    and hugs from Brazil!

  50. hello anette is the first time I write, I am from argentina, and just say you wanted to use what you use, always ers perfect, I love you very much and enjoy your voice, hear me and makes me feel better when I'm sad really just wanted you to know ^ ^

    PD: Sorry my English is terrible jaja xD

  51. Hej

    take the first pair of shoes - the are fucking amazing!! *.*

    Hope you don't get problems with your beautiful voice!!

    Take care

  52. Hellu Anette!
    I just thought to write a thing for you that would maybe make you smile =) It' a video i want you to watch)_ it's very small. Here's a cat i got yesterdayas a gift from my friend)_ Her name is Sonya and she is totally sweet)_ The thing i was surprised of is that she has not an ordinary cat tail but one from a rabit =) That was totally shocking to see but here she is)_
    SO here is the link:
    Hope you like it :)

  53. Those shoes are awesome, Anette! =)
    I like the first pair, they look pretty cool =).


  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. My favorite is the first pair but maybe my opinion isn't so good because I prefer silver to gold. I'm sure whichever one you pick will be fabulous.

  56. hi Anette,

    i guess i see some things different as some here.
    but i feel that heatlh and taking care of yourself is very important!

    sining is your passion, and it is a hard descion.
    but suffering and not taking care of you healthproblems is nor good for your sining, your futur, your son,... it might effect everyone and eveything.

    that was also a decion a had to make, and still have to make now and then.
    but it is worth it.
    (my pers. opion)

    hope you'll get to read my view of it and helps you makeing the good decion for you.


  57. Hi Anette!!!

    In my opinion ... I liked so much the first pair.

    Kisses ;******

    Heloísa :)

  58. I just appreciate de first model. The second one is ok, but I wouldn't choose these ones. And I must say, I hate the lasts haha XD

  59. Hi there :)

    This isn't an easy decision that's for sure...if i were you i will try this treatment and see what happens, if it's too hard for your voice forget it a little.
    My fav shoes are the first one :)
    Good night and take care <3

  60. Hi Anette,

    I totally love the first one! It looks awesome =D

    Hmm.. Hard decision indeed, but I'd try the better medicines and pray that they won't affect your throath. Because it sucks so bad when you're having trouble with breathing (I know it myself too..), that's just something you'll notice all day long..

    Good luck


  61. Dear Anette,

    Think you might know me, I wrote to you a couple of times in the past, gave you a smal present @ the meet and greet in Germany and I lighted you candles for luck :)

    I read that you have to make a difficult decision, in taking medication or not. I had lots off alergic problems, also swollen eyes. I went to visit some doctors who gave me medication. It didn´t feel good and as soon as I stopped medication, the problems were back. So I went to a classical homeopathist. With his homeopathy he brought back the balance in my body, and that cured at the same time all the problems I had. Within 4 weeks I had no allergical problems anymore. It sounds amazing but it´s true. Dear Anette, because I like you a lot, both as a singer an as a person, I really wish you the best. My advice to you is go and see a homeopathist (a good one) and see what he can offer you. Wishing you the best!

    A big hug, Will Therèse

  62. Hey Anette :)

    I like the heels better. Just another thought!

    <3 -'Lena

  63. I hope your voice go well, but remember, health is the most important!

    hope to see you soon again in Spain.
    (it was AMAZING the first time!)

  64. Well, high-heels look nice! But low are nice too. :)
    Whatever you like most. :D


  65. I don't like none of these shoes.. sorry

  66. Hello Anette,
    I have allergy induced asthma, and pretty bad one too. Of course I have no idea what medication you're going to be taking. But I have found that a hoarse voice is a side effect but can be highly reduced by drinking tons of water and specially right after each inhalation. Otherwise the bad thing I hate about mine is that i has cortisone and it can make you either quite hungry or it swells you up (puffy eyes and cheeks). Hope this helps.
    Sonia from Switzerland

  67. Hello Anette! Is so nice to have this opportunity to know you better. Thanks for sharing your days with us!
    wow! the Heels are really high!!! I loved all the boots but I would choose the low one.
    Ellie From Brazil

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  69. Hello Anette. =] First time commenting here, and I just wanted to let you know it's awesome that you keep a blog like this. You're my inspiration in many ways, so...

    For the shoes, I really like the first pair the best-- the brass buckles on the other two just don't seem to match to me. =P

    About your asthma, if it were me I'd wait until you didn't have to be vocally busy for some time. I had to take asthma medication once a few months ago, and I also sing and it killed my vocal chords. I'd test it out and if it hurts your voice maybe try something else?

    Hope it helps and that you have a nice day/evening. =]

    Irena from New York

  70. The first pair of shoes was the coolest :] buy them :D

  71. The first pair! Those are the greatest! :-)

    Do you need to take the astma medicine all the time? I can tell you a trick if you have a lighter astma. My youngest brother has some kind of astma. There was a time when he didn't have his medicine and had an attack. What he did was breath in hot steam, and it helped him. ??? I don't know if this workes for everyone with astma, but it saved him.

    Good luck with the astma medicine, and I hope that you will not need it in the future!

  72. OH MY GOD!!!!
    Those shoes are to die for!!!
    Buy them Anette!!!
    And I hope all will be better with your astma, we can't have you all soar and stuff!!
    By the way, will you be stopping by in Holland any time soon??
    We'd really like to have you here again =D

    Lots of Love, Lisa

  73. Ohh, I´m really sorry for you from astma medicines :,( It surely is very hard!

    What problems is with voice, if it effect to your voice? :/

    Very big HUG for you with lots of love <3

    PS. Shoes I like first ones most :)

  74. Hi!
    About you dilema with astma medicine. I have astma too and I sugest that you try that medicine and if you voice changes don't worry because WE your loyal fans will support you and remember you health and your family comes first. We fans are second... :D

    And about the shoes I think you should buy the ones with high heel. They look sexier... :D

    Hugs and kisses from Ana

  75. Wow, you like haloumni too? Most of my friends turn their noses up at it!
    Hope you feel better soon :)

    Oh and the first pair of shoes are fantastic. I LOVE them


  76. Definitely the first pair, although I wouldn't be able to walk on such thin and high heels, no idea how you walk without falling over? :s lol

  77. Hi,
    I hope you gonna feel better, you must...=)
    The first shoes look cool!
    Hugs from Croatia!

  78. Hi An,

    I'm a fashion critic writer so hope I can help. The current wave in fashion forbids the 1st and 3rd like swine flu, the second is the best choice, although is not a good one either. The leather is good but those clasps are horrible, maybe it'd work if it'd be only one, and the thing hanging in the point, that grey "mustache" looks horrible too.
    So yeah, the 2nd are the best but then again they are not what is on in the current fall/winter wave. Try some Dolce & Gabbana, I know you like their designs and they are releasing some lovely products. Nina Ricci is also having a good strike this season and Gucci, but they again, they always. And Jean-Paul Gaultier is also letting his imagination create amazing designs in shoes.

    Good luck.