Monday, 20 July 2009

Re-release of my albums with Alyson Avenue

The 2 albums with my former band Alyson Avenue has been re-released again and if anyone is interested here´s some info:

Yesterrock Re-Releases Alyson Avenues two first Albums!

Fans all over the world has asked us where they could buy the two first Alyson Avenue Albums, "Presence of Mind" and "Omega". The original print of these two albums has been sold out for quite some time now but we are now extremly happy to announce that Alyson Avenue has teamed up with Yesterrock to re-release Alyson Avenues two first albums!

The re-release "Presence Of Mind" compilation is a copy of the initial album released in 2000. The new "Omega" compilation is a totally reworked album where a lot of tracks has been re-recorded to better be in line with how the band wants the album to sound like compared to the original 2004 release of Omega. The new "Omega" compilation also has added material in the form of 5 demo songs that did not make it in to the original release for different reasons.

The albums will be released 2009-06-05

Find the albums here:


  1. Already bought them :) and I had the originals too :)

  2. Thank you soooo much for posting this!!!!
    I was searching thoose albums!
    Thank you!

    This is for you

  3. I very like the albums...the songs are great!!!!


  4. I heard some songs on youtube and liked the sound of them. Good to know that they are selling old albums again. Once I have the opportunity I will buy one.

  5. My angel, I have a question to do! Every gig when you play Sahara, in the end of the music Marco always say something to you, but I can't understand! What he say?!?!?!?!


  6. I wanna buy them.....but I don't know wether they delyver these albuns here in brazil...Let's try!

    kisses from a fan!

  7. That's such a great news!!!! Both albums are so great, finally I'll have the chance to listen to them in nice quality not the ones that are in youtube. Anette, I wanted to ask if you have re-recorded some of the vocals for 'Omega'? There were some discussions about it in the Nightwish forum if I recall correctly.Or just the instruments were recorded again?

  8. Thank you so much for all these links

    I was searching for a long time where I can buy Presence of Mind for less money :)

    So, thank you again and again and again
    Many kisses for you

  9. WOW thanks Nettie have a nice day
    *Hugs and Bunnies*

  10. I like both albums a lot! Really! 'All This Time' and 'Another Night' are probably my favourite tracks =).

  11. That's great news...!!!I am sorry to say it but I find your voice so much more awesome there than in Nightwish.Don't get the wrong idea,your work in Nightwish is also admirable but in AA the songs were written for your voice so it truly shines!

  12. Anette, what was that The Siren at thw Sibiu gig? U sound just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

    congratulations...We see you are more incredible at each gig!!!!!!

  13. This is great news! Jippii!!
    Now I can buy them for myself :) I only am listened them from youtube etc. :(
    But hey.. Can I buy Alyson Avenue DVD somewhere? That DVD, which you sended for Nightwish guys in 2005 or 2006. Is this DVD on sale somewhere or is it sold out?

    Thank you if you can answer me :)

  14. Oh good, now i can complete my AO collection.

    Btw, i have seen a video from Alyson Avenues new singer, performing with her old band, doing a Bye Bye Beautiful cover. Sometimes funny things happen. :)

    Best regards

  15. That fantastic news! I also stumbled about the problem that I could not get these albums anywhere so I will definitely get my copy. Thanks for the update!

  16. Cool! ive been looking for these!

    cant wait to see what u bought!


  17. I will buy these. I have the download. Now I will have the official one. Finally!! I just think it´s sad the Omega album will not be the original mix. I love this album!

  18. Oh great! I really have to check out these albums.^^


  19. Thanks a lot for posting the link,Anette=)

    I can't wait to buy them!

    With Love,

  20. Thanks for the news, Anette!
    I already have "Omega", love it.
    I will get as a gift from my sister living in Japan some others CDs, I will ask her to buy "Presence Of Mind" and the re-realease albums =D

    Greetings from Brazil,

    Sorry for my terrible English. I also would like to sorry for the delay in commenting.
    I love to comment in your blog and I don't want to give you work, reading and accepting the delay comments.
    I hate timezone differences, eh eh.

  21. Just ordered my copies from Amazon, they also sell it now.

  22. YES!!!! Great news! Thank You, Anette :)

    I have the 2nd album but I couldn't buy the 1st one anywhere! Can't wait for the release :D

    Karo E.

  23. I have listened Alyson Avenue on their website and I will buy their album too. I just have to get some money ;)

  24. That's wonderful news! I've been looking for these for a while, so as soon as I'm back from my holiday I'll order them.

    Thanks for letting us know! :=)

  25. I already have all the songs
    you did with them and I want to tell you
    I really really love "Another Night"!
    I listen to it all the time!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  26. Ysy!!!! Thank you for posting this :) I now have more stuff to track down and import :P


  27. Wow this is nice! I love Alyson Avenue music! By the way, can you tell us about the live DVD of Alyson Avenue?? I would love to watch it!

  28. Alyson Avenue is very good band and when you was there, it's sound wonderful!
    Thanks for posting and take care!

    @eskoplja: ova slika i ona prošla su mi prezakon, al stvarno predobro!

  29. Well they could start here in brazil!

    I love you!


    Carlos M.

  30. Received my copies today. Has been a long time since i bought a AOR record, but i like it. :)

    At the moment i am falling in love with "Fight with your heart", such a great song.

    And somehow strange to see pictures from you without tattoo or piercings.

    Best regards

  31. Oh, perfect!!!
    I have been trying to find those albums so long...
    Thank you, that saved my day! :)


  32. Must buy it, I have written in my very long long list!!!!

    Thanks for the infos

    Miriam xx