Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Todays thoughts

Some days life is harder than others
How come some days are so full of joy, positive thoughts and light
Then others are so dark, so hard and so sad that nothing seems to ever look bright again

Why is it so hard to talk to each other without hard words
without pride, anger and power

Why is it that we need to fight over who is the strongest, who can scream the loudest, who can "win" the battle?

How come there needs to be conflicts all the time
Why cant people try to get along and see things through a loving perspective instead of pain and anger?
When will it stop hurting from people you think are friends, but turn out to be your enemies?

When will the world be more in peace?
When will love win over hatred?
When will we stop being so egoistic?
When can all days be full of light?
When will darkness be less powerful?

No matter how old I get, these questions still arise now and then... and the powerless feeling those bad days never get easier. But of course I know, its just one bad day and tomorrow will be filled with sun again. But in the dark day it never seem to come soon enough.


  1. Good morning,

    I really understand this thoughts. I also think about these things sometimes.
    And if I feel a bit down, I just watch Monty Python's Life of Brian. This kind of movie makes me happy almost always. Especially the final song "Always look on the bright side of life". And it really helps, not always but mostly. And then I can't stop whistle that song.

  2. Positive and negative experiences belong in life and one cannot exist without the other. Without the bad things in life we would never be able to enjoy the good things because they would become too common and we would probably not treasure them anymore.

    And yes, if you are going through a bad time in your life everything seems to go wrong and the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. I had a string of bad luck a few years back when everything seemed to happen at once. First my brother passed away, then I went through a divorce and on top if that I got cancer (probably also stress-related), all in a matter of 2 years. It is very hard not to feel sorry for yourself in such circumstances.

    I personally believe that eveything that does not kill you makes you stronger and in my case it did. I changed my way of life, cut out people and issues that drained energy from me and now I am happily married again, healthy and full jou of life. Because of what I went through I can value the good stuff much more.

    Live from day to day and live as intensly as if it would be your last, every night you should be able to tell yourself, if I would not wake up tomorrow I can honestly tell myself I have made the best out of it.

    Every disadvantage has its advantage. If you try to find something good in every bad thing it will be much easier to bear, for instance when I was ill in hospital I found it really nice that I had finally time to read all the books I always wanted to read but could not because of my hectic work schedule. It was awesome, I never read so many books before =)

    You also said "Why is it so hard to talk to each other without hard words
    without pride, anger and power"

    Humans act on their emotions and not always think before they speak which is why we hurt the people we love so quickly because we open our mouth and everything comes out before we can put the lid on =) As long as we are aware what we are doing it is OK I guess, we also should not become calculating humans who never say what they think.

    Quote: "When will it stop hurting from people you think are friends, but turn out to be your enemies?"

    I guess never. There is nothing worse than betrayal, it hurts a lot! But we should not close our hearts from pain because that what makes us bitter.

    Love like you have never been hurt, live like there is no tomorrow and dance like no-one is watching =)

    Take care x

  3. Hey there!
    Yeah I know what you mean, I think about that also quiet some times.. I never get it why people have to be like this. And those light and dark days... When those dark days are there the only thing you can try to do is do something fun, like watching a funny movie, playing a funny game, listen to happy music (altought that can reaalllyy annoy you when you're in a bad mood xD) And sometimes just going for a walk helps...but it's just so hard, I really hope there will be a time where all the wars are over and that people HELP eachother than just thikning about themselves..

    Meh, life is difficult ;)
    But I hope you'll have a nice day, try to think about the nice things :)

  4. ~Night*Star~: at first I read "that people HEP each other" (instead of HELP)


    Well thanks to Anette, HEP-ping is also a great way to feel better =)

  5. Hi there :)
    Just remember the Dark Passion Play philosophy "even in the bleakest of times there is hope"
    I send you kisses and support :)
    Take care <3

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  7. I agree with Julie, 'even in the bleakest of times there is hope' ;).
    Take Care Nettan and think about good things, have a nice sunny day.


  8. I feel these feelings almost every day. I wonder why somebody who you used to love turns into person you don't recognize. I try to be strong, don't look at it, but it's hard and strange. Only other people who understand you can you help.

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  10. I really understand those thoughts.
    Expecially now, when I feel little bit down..

    "Every cloud has a silver lining" :)

    Take care!

  11. Hey~ my name is Sam Ching.
    I come across your blog and read this post.......

    Recently I am seeking for job (actually I wanna be a teacher).

    I am really upset......there are no school wants me to teach their children just because I used to be a naughty boy......haha.....

    um......I can't explain my situation simply but I can say I am really upset to the world.

    After reading your post, I am not that upset, because I know that this world still has good-guy.

    Sometimes, the world……other people are not kind to me…..

    What I can do is to make sure that I do not do anything wrong.

    I tell myself to be a good-guy even others are suck.

    And, I also remind myself to think of how much I have gotten, not the stuff I lost.

    -_-“| my English is poor and I have no idea why I said the above words to someone I don’t know.

    Good day.

  12. I know what you mean, I think about that too (little to much sometimes..), and it can get you pretty down for a while..
    But in the end I think it's true, this world isn't nice, and after all you'll find that many people who you thought you could trust are your enemies, and they'll try to use you..

    Hope you cheer up soon

  13. Eh, Anette, that's a bunch of VERY good questions you've wrote there.

    And I don't really wanna sound pessimistic, but if you look at the world population as a whole, the most probable answer is "never".

    But that's not really as negative as it sounds: I strongly feel that the most important thing is not to have the "perfect" environment around ourselves, but to find our perfect spot in it, regardless of how people act around us.

    If you think about it, pain (not the band, the feeling :D) is probably the most effective teacher in our lives: we learn most of what we know through pain, and in this we're not very different from animals, even though the pain we feel is NOT physical most of the times. Anyway, those "strong" or "smart" enough usually learn sooner than others, learn what they can expect by other people, learn how to live life so that it hurts as less as possible. Eventually most of the people (or those who deserve it, at least) find their own ways and learn how to treat people so that they can get what they need (I'm not talking about "using" people, I mean in general). When you DO learn, most of the pain goes away, leaving just some thoughts like "God, it would be SO much better if only the world was different"... And that bring us back at the beginning :)

  14. Great post Anette..

    I think about those questions myself and wonder..

    Why people so stubborn about their rights in everything, meaning they are eagerly want to always have right and don't want to learn about different things and opinions.

    Why people are so deaf to compassion and compromise.

    Why can't we just start listen to eachother and just stop getting angry without a reason and keep holding onto it for a long time.

    Why we have this strong feeling of vengance or revenge when something goes wrong and we prefer to blame it to others then ourselves.

    Sigh. Negative emotions are such a waste of life force. I'm not perfect and I am angry sometimes but I try to let it go as soon as possible because dewlling on hatred or sadness is self-destructing.

    It's okay that world isn't good rigth now but it will be one day and it starts from people who believe in love, peace, compassion, truth and brotherhood. Their is always hope.. even in the darkest hour.. even though sometimes it's SO hard to believe it, there's always light waiting out there, for everyone.

    *sends hugs to everyone*



    WOW IT´S SO CRAZY! HOW YOU THERE IN SWEDEN CAN THINK THE SAME THAN ME! HERE IN ARGENTINA! All of my friends an I think that! when this S++ty way of live of the whole world people it´s going to stop?

    Did you read "the secret" of rhonda bhyrne?
    If you didn´t you have to!
    It´s sad to realize of it, and into a certain way it´s a little bit selfish but try to take care of your loved ones around you, and live in your own world! bad things and bad feelings have to stop one day! you have to do what you do! just smile arska and show to all those bad people your internal light!

    I send you all my light and good feelings for you and a very very big hugh from this argentinian new friend you made!

    god bless you!

  16. Hej Anette,
    I so understand and share your feelings. When the clouds seem to cover the sun, just take a breath and look inside yourself. There is light there, always. Our inner source of light and love is always there for us to tap into, even though sometimes we feel overwhelmed by negativity surrounding us. Just stay strong and know that inside yourself there is a burning fire that can make the world better. Nothing, and no one, can steal it away from you. So allow yourself to be warmed by the light inside yourself. Let your feelings of love, worry, sadness, joy, whatever, flow through you and find their way to build something positive in this world. I am sure you can make it, 'cause you're a wise woman with a big heart and a great spirit.
    And remember... you are never alone! =)
    Much love and hugs,

  17. I was thinking what I have to write. SOmething worth to read, but nothing came. We people are strange forms of being. We declare that we have feelings, we cross the boundaries of many possiblities, but ... sometimes we are crueller than animals. What we can do to our humankind, just because of profit, Money, money and again money.We don't look at these who we love.

    Good days come and they pass away. I sometimes think, that we hardly can remember these great days and we prefer to see darknes in our lives. We are little bit sadist, when we count all bad thing that happen to us. But for me just one look through the window make me happy ( even the view from these which I have at work)

    I always say: I am too young, but I have experience of old woman... I know what bad days mean. My live went to ruin many years ago and the last break came, when my mother died because of cancer. I left school and started to live like a big girl. And I know, no metter what happen, if people are staring at you and think that you are idiot and you are smiling at them, just keep it doing...And don't forget to keep working on your dreams, maybe one day will come true and maybe this dream, the dream of peace and love and respect will be fulfill just because you want to.

  18. Energy derives from both the plus and negative.. (c) Metallica

    These bad things will never change, because that's the way god made us. Life is not about being happy all the time, it's about living. But we can find our safespot, filled with friends who think as we do. And try to understand the others, they also have their reasons for being like they are.
    And if peace and love is what we are longing for, well, all we can do is to set a good example.

    Best wishes

  19. I have suffered from depression since the age of 12 and those quetions have been my almost constant companions. I just try to remember that there is good in the world and I think that sadness can make us appreciate happiness all the more.
    I don't know if you'd be interested, but my thoughts often work better in poetry.

    Have you ever listened to the trees lament
    As the North wind strips them bare?
    For as winter leaves her breath upon the waters
    And ice begins to claw at daylight’s heart,
    Beauty hones the hard frost to a sparkle;
    Mastering the majesty
    Of silent scenery.
    Have you ever left behind the weight of unheld dreams,
    And let your tears melt back the snow under the stars?
    For in the night you’ll find no judgement
    And sorrow, too, deserves its place in time:
    So like winter at its bleakest;
    Capturing the solitude

  20. *hugs*

    I'm really sorry that your having a bad day, I hope that you get to feeling better, I had a pretty nasty argument with one of my closest friends due to the fact that he doesn't want to accept that I have a LD(learning disability) and I won't talk to him again until he apologies for the accusations he made.

    Anyhow, I truly do hope that you get to feeling better.


  21. well I have the same feelings...but in the end, for me the reason is always money. it´s like: the kids in africa are dying ´cos of the people in the past who got there and stole all their riches...before that, we don´t know how they lived, but for sure it wasn´t like it is today, it was probably in peace and with harmony to what they were and had. and now look what our greed did to of course, it´s just one thought from a little girl, but everytime I think about this, it comes to money and greed...people can´t live like they were brought to this world..naked, moneyless and with all the riches nature gave to us and we threw away...

    well that´s only my reading your thoughts, I thought I could share mine with you


  22. You have such a big heart and you want love ruling the world. I’m the same. I hate wearing masks and people coaching me to enforce my things, for example at work. But people are most successful (in their meaning) when they are cold and strong and they do not care about you as a person.

    My grandma always says to me, I’m too good for the world. But to be honest, I then prefer to not be successful but true to myself.

    It’s sad but realize that this your character and it is what makes you such a wonderful and unique human being :-).
    I wish you lots of lovely people around you who see you like that!

    Take care & hugs,

  23. Hie dear Anette,
    positives are a part of life, they make it complete and enjoyable!
    how ever,I do my best to enjoy it,hard,sad or happy, is not important! Because life is too short!Just enjoy it!

  24. It's life, and without complications,
    it'd be too easy.

    Seriously though, I get what you
    mean and I'm all for it,
    but think about that...
    if every thing was easy all the time-
    where would you learn life lessons?
    Like the fact that even you can't trust
    your own best friends.
    I'm at that point now in my life.
    Where the people I always thought would
    be there, never are anymore.
    And that's a problem because I'm a
    person who loves friends and closeness.

    The best we can do is set the example.
    Yes, there's going to be bad days.
    But I personally learn more about
    life through the bad ones
    then the good ones. I think the good
    days show who we are,
    but the bad days change us.
    Either for the better- because then we
    see all the hatred, or for the worse- because
    then some may see no point in trying.
    But like I said, show every emotion-
    love, passion, caring- and I think it
    opens people up, and that's
    the best we can do sometimes.
    Live life to the fullest,
    and hope it turns out for the better.

    I'm only 16, and I know some people
    tend to be close minded
    about young people's ideas about life-
    but I have research into this kind of thing,
    I've had times where I have
    wanted to be a life coach-
    because I don't believe in therapy really.

    Hugs andlove, Katie T.

  25. This is a very good post, Anette! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    I think everything bad in the world is because of humans' will of power. If everyone were satisfied with what they had already or if they only aimed for what they could get without harming the others, nothing bad would happen and everybody would feel happy and relaxed. There would be no wars, no fights, no need to push the others away so that only one individual would make it to the top. But nowadays, everyone tries to achieve the highest position, to earn best, to be admired and looked up to most and they only manage this by harming the weaker ones, the ones who cannot stand up for themselves or fight back.

    It's really nice of you to remind us about these issues now and then. It is said that ignorance brings happiness, but I think it's only a veil so that we can pretend we're not seeing all the pain and injustice in the world.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much an individual can do to fix the situation. We can only try to be as fair as we can with the ones around us and try to build ourselves a nice and fulfilling life without taking anything from others.

    Also, there is this documentary and book called "THE SECRET". I don't know if you watched/read it, but if you ever find the time, you should. It's about how thoughts affect everyone and the happenings that occur in our lives. To put it shortly, it says how someone creates good or bad vibes and transmits them to the universe and the universe transmits everything back in the same form. That is, if we only think good and positive things, everything that happens to us and the ones we direct those thoughts to is good as well. I think it's a really positive and optimistic thing to do; try to control our thoughts so that we don't let bad things come to surface.

  26. This may be a little bit of a gloomy answer, but I believe all this will never stop. Really, it's all human psychology. Everyone always wants to be on top, and that's how conflicts arise. The truth is that humans are very rarely satisfied with what they have. They usually want more or something else completely. So say a King has a lot of land. No matter how much land he has, he will probably want more and more until he either takes over the world or he is overthrown.

    It's very gloomy to think this, yes, but we have to remember there are always exceptions to the rule. It's people like that that should be in power, but that never happens because they never want to be in power.

    Ultimately, every human being has to learn how they deal with having power. We need some sort of test. And then those who deal with it well will be given the power. But, inevitably, someone will find a way around it because of greed or corruption or something else.

    Humans also need a leader, in general, so that's why we even need someone in power. That's also why so many people have their religions to look to (not that I'm saying any of them are wrong or that god doesn't exist) because they need to feel that there is a higher power looking over them.

    A struggle for power is the cause of all the conflicts in the world. Unfortunately, struggles for power will go on until the end of time, so no end to conflict.

    Hope that helps Anette, as gloomy as it is.

  27. Katrin! After reading your post..I dont have much to say about this matter.

    "Love like you have never been hurt, live like there is no tomorrow and dance like no-one is watching =)"

    This is so true, some people will never change, and pain, betrayal.etc..they will never disappear from this world.
    But you should never stop caring because of this. I believe that if you keep your faith in compassion and love, it will come back to you at some point..

    "The truth at the end of time losing faith makes a crime" =)

  28. Very good post Nettie, I really agree with you!
    Every day is not the same the yesterday's day.

    it's a period that in my life the things going so not very well!

    I really hope the best and positive thoughts really!!

    Kiss, Miriam

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  30. I ask myself these kind of questions all the time.
    There's no reason for us to be fighting.

    Can I share one of my favorite thoughts with you?

    "On October 13, 1994, the famous astronomer Carl Sagan was delivering a public lecture at his own university of Cornell. During that lecture, he presented a photo.
    The photo was taken by Voyager I in 1990 as it sailed away from Earth, more than 4 billion miles in the distance. Having completed its primary mission, Voyager at that time was on its way out of the Solar System, on a trajectory of approximately 32 degrees above the plane of the Solar System. Ground Control issued commands for the distant space craft to turn around and, looking back, take photos of each of the planets it had visited. From Voyager's vast distance, the Earth was captured as a infinitesimal point of light, actually smaller than a single pixel of the photo. The image was taken with a narrow angle camera lens, with the Sun quite close to the field of view. Quite by accident, the Earth was captured in one of the scattered light rays caused by taking the image at an angle so close to the Sun. Dr. Sagan was quite moved by this image of our tiny world. Here is an enlargement of the area around our Pale Blue Dot and an excerpt from the late Dr. Sagan's talk:"

    "We succeeded in taking that picture, and, if you look at it, you see a dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever lived, lived out their lives. The aggregate of all our joys and sufferings, thousands of confident religions, ideologies and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilizations, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every hopeful child, every mother and father, every inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every superstar, every supreme leader, every saint and sinner in the history of our species, lived there on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.

    The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of the dot on scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner of the dot. How frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity -- in all this vastness -- there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. It is up to us. It's been said that astronomy is a humbling, and I might add, a character-building experience. To my mind, there is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and to preserve and cherish that Pale Blue Dot, the only home we've ever known."

    (Carl Sagan)

    The photo:
    Text borrowed from:

    Thanks for reading this long text, thanks for posting your thoughts and sorry for my English grammar mistakes.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  31. First of all : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    We all have these bad days and low points but we always have to remember that these clouds will not stay here forever.

    Maybe it sounds silly and you may not even read all these but I tell you my own philosophy about my bad days.
    I define it with the weather, since I love nature and it has so much resemblance with human life.
    The darker days are just as much a part of life as the shiny ones.We need them, so we get different perspectives of life and they help us appreciate the sunshine and those wonderful moments that eventually follow.
    And for instance a rainy and cloudy day clears the air, washing away all the dust.
    Still we can feel gloomy but deep down we know that the shades inevitably clear away, so we just must survive these moments till a better day comes. The sky is always blue even though we can't see it. ;)

    Maybe it's just some bla-bla but it works for me pretty well most of the time.

    Much love:

  32. Hi Anette!
    I think love and hate always come in pairs. Whenever life seems perfect, there will always be some dark undertone, and in the darkest of days, there's still a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. Greed can be part of the human nature... I wish it wasn't but it probably is. Sometimes I feel sick at the state of the world... what with corrupt politicians and such. I still pray that one day, we can turn it around, although every day that glimmer of hope grows smaller and smaller. But without the hope, we would be nothing, and have no incentive to try and change the world. It's fantastic to know that there are like minded people out there though, very comforting. Thank you for making this post, your a huge inspiration in my life and I can't thank you enough.
    Best wishes from England

  33. really deep thoughts, but I understand.
    Almost every week I ask myself why some things happen in the world, why do some people die, why do some things happen. But no-one can give us the answere. It seems like we live in a secret. I respect people who believe in god, but I just can't.. I'm only 22 and I've seen so much angry and sadness in this world, and have felt a lot of pain inside of me..

    I think it's good to think about these stuff, but maybe we all can find the answers on the day we die.

    I hope your eye is better and you're feeling better! The bread on the photo of your other blog looks delicious =)


  34. Great post, Anette, and sorry you are having a bad day. I truly relate to your feelings and ask myself the same questions every day. I suffer from depression and so there are more dark days for me than light, but sometimes I do get a little glimpse of light and hope. Life isn't always bad. There are nice things too. Hope you feel better soon.

  35. Hellu Anette!
    I didn't excpect you having thoughts like that. Cloudy days caused this or there is something more deep inside?...
    I think everyone has that thoughts but some people just stay in it and some people try to get out for more sunny days or moments in their life...I see you are a positive one))
    Don't worry)_ That will go away as i always does<
    I wanna share some positive with you so hope you will recieve that little from me =)
    Good day Anette!
    P.S. sorry for a lond message and one more thing: things are not gonna change so that questions you asked are worldwide and will be answered only when the whole world changes once.

  36. Anette i understand what you mean. I have had such good days and sad days lately. I used to have not so many sad days but now it seems like everyday at least has a sad point. I have been having these sad days a lot ever since the day i found out my mom has cancer. Its hard. To top it off today my good friends mom died so sad. we will miss her.

  37. Light can not exist without darkness, and darkness can not exist without light. In the end not a lot of things we do will matter so all that truly matters is what we do. The world will be united, that is a given, it may not be in your lifetime or even mine but it will happen, and the kindness people like you and your fans(myself included) show to others is what is going to be the catalyst. So don't worry you are making a better future just by being who you are.:)

  38. I know how you feel, Anette. It really all comes down to what we can do in our world that surrounds us directly. We can't stop other people from making hurtful decisions that will harm themselves or others, but we can try to be the very best that we can be. You have a big heart and a very empathetic soul. When the world weighs heavy on your shoulders just think of how much light you are trying to bring in your music. How much love you give to your friends, your family, your band, and your fans. You are not alone in your thoughts. I wish that everyone could just get along also. I try my best to be very vocal about how I feel about my world perspective. Sometimes this is negative because I am not a good person all of the time. I make sure that when I say harsh words to someone or hurt someone that I am also very vocal with a heartfelt apology. Do not be so discouraged. You are not the only one who is trying so hard to change the world.

  39. Wow Anette :) You're a very deep person.
    I know what you mean, with some sad days. They just happen and there is not much to do about it. All we can do is try to make the best of it and do something that we know will make ourselves feel better. Myself and a few friends have been sponsering a child in India for over a year now. And it seems that you sponser some kids as well. That is very good of you. Sometimes that is all we really can do, at the time. Our world cannot really change overnight, but what we can do is to try and be the best person we want to be and hope and pray for the best. Hopefully one day in the future either us (or people of future) can wake up one day and say, I love our peaceful world.

    God Bless you Anette :) You're a wonderful person. <3

    xoxoxo (lots of love from Canada!)

    -'Lena <3

  40. Thanks for sharing that, Anette. I have been going through many of these questions lately. Wondering what kinds of conflict are healthy and necessary (and the right thing is to stand up for yourself, or for a person you're defending) and which ones are just pointless cycles of pain (and the only right thing to do is to step away). How much life do we have to live before we have the wisdom to know what is what? And does it help if we finally learn when others do not? (Or vice versa, to be less egoistic.) So many arguments have been tiring me out lately... I have to tell myself that real freedom means there will sometimes be conflict. But when conflict so often hurts people, this is hard! I do believe, though, that people creating moments of light, like you just did, can help to patch things up. :-)

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  42. Hi Anette...
    I hope I will not be repetitive here, but I know this feeling very well and thought I should say something (don't know if you'll read anyway...).
    A couple of months ago, my grandmother died after spending a month in coma. It was a really hard time for all of us (and still has been) She was very, very close to me and now I am feeling like sun is not so bright anymore.
    When everything was happening, many things about life came to my mind, and it made me see them clearer. I used to talk about this thing to a friend of mine who was very close to me and my family. She knew my grandma as well, and it seemed to me that she could be the only one to call for a help. I understand that everybody has their own lives, and I don't want to moan at all, but when I needed her for the most, she turned me down. She sent me an email telling me how many things should be done instead of calling me and giving a word of comfort. I felt so sad about this that I could trust no one anymore.
    I could've thought it's a bad side of life, but I don't think so. It made me think without that pink glasses that everything can't touch me. There are people who think nothing can't break them because everything is always all right, and I think it's an innocent and dangerous way of living. Being so egoist, you ended up hurting people around you by the negligence.
    What happened between me and my friend is not a bad thing at all. It's good. When such thing happens, you start being more alert to the others behaviours.

    Whatever happened to you, don't think that must be always good things on your road, but that you will be wise enough to get a positive lesson of it, whether its a good or bad thing.

    Anyway, sorry for my bad english hehe
    Take care!

    (I saw some pictures of your last concert and I must say I LOVED your clothing! LOL!)

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  44. För att vi är människor?

  45. Anette,
    I cried when I read that. Life exist in good times and in bad. Everyone feels down somethimes.Like the bad things always seem to win.When I feel down I think about what I have in life.. Friends, family...
    There's always someone there who loves you.
    You have also a lot of fans, including me :)
    People who bring you down, and say offensive things to you.. Those are people that don't know what's life about; giving love, making others happy and respect everyone the way they are. Don't feel sad about those people who can't give you respect, cuz they don't deserve it. Know that all of you're fans will always be there for you!!