Thursday, 9 July 2009

Love this song...

so I need to share it with you;=)


  1. I love this song too! :) And I love The Ellen DeGeneres show.
    Have a nice day! :)
    Hugs, aveaurora.

  2. I don't like them at all!I can't stand them!
    But this song!!! <3 <3
    I love it ..especially the original one.
    And movie is amazing :D Totally deserves all those Oscars!
    Have a great day!

  3. Aw this song has some great memories for me!

    When we went to see Nightwish in Paris, this year, the first of the two days my friend and I were getting ready in the hotel with MTV on and this was playing. I did some pretty useless dancing along with it! :)

  4. I like how the 4 others got a mic, so they can lipsync "BAYABAYA!" at the end :-D

  5. Maybe you could go and sing it with PCD live ;) it would be really interesting :D

  6. I really do not like them , but this song is cool;)

  7. Haha actually I don't like the PCD, but this song is good =). They have a couple of nice songs.

  8. I always giggle at the tittle with my friend because his name is JaeHo so the title sounds so much like the song title hehe

    I think it's one of the best PCD songs. Very well made :D


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  10. Hello! I like that song!
    Here you get a youtube version of the same song sung in Spain by a group of people from a TV show (OT):

  11. Oh my gosh, I love Ellen!
    Actually lately I like Chelsea Handler
    better. She comes on E! at night
    and her show is called The Chelsea Lately Show
    and it is hilarious.
    You should watch it, she cracks me
    up everytime! I love it when they do the
    roundtable or skits, it's so funny!

    Here this video is the best Chelsea skit EVER!

    Anyway, good song, I never heard it before!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Thanks for posting this! This song is so much fun ;)
    - Suzy C. ♥

  13. Hey Anette!

    May I ask if you are a fan of the Pussycat Dolls or do you just happen to like that song?
    I am a fan and I love their album "PCD"!
    Have you listened to their latest album? If so what do you think of it?

  14. I so dislike this song and this group. They are so vulgar and slutty :P

  15. Hi!
    I love this song but I'm not really a fan of PCD's... Original version of this song is also great and I think that the movie was great... Everything was great... ;D

    Hugs and kisses from Ana

  16. I can't live without listening to this song at least once a day, it's good to know that you like it too :)

    Maybe one day we can dance it together, hahahaha
    Kisses from Brazil :3

  17. I am another one who don't like them at all.
    But, I love to hear every kind of (new/shared) song/music. Thanks for sharing this one.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  18. I'm going to see them next Friday (at my son's request, honestly!).

    Hope you are well Ani!

    Tom - UK fan club

  19. I can imagine you sing and dance this song Anette lmao!!! it's a very good music to dance!

  20. It's kind of sad that Nightwish singer likes this kind of music... Why not metal??

    But Anette still rocks, everybody have it's own musictaste or something(sorry for my bad english)!

  21. I don't like Anette because she not rock or metal singer. Anette are pop.

  22. It's amazing how small people's minds are, don't you think? :D It seems that to be a good musician you have to like just one kind of music, I thought it was just the opposite. Anyway... :P

  23. Anette can listen for what ever she likes!!

    Anette you are great!!

    If any of you up there ^^ don't like it dont listen to it! there are plenty of us who do like it!

  24. uhh i don't like them - sorry^^°

  25. I love this song, since I have seen the movie : Slumdog Millionnaire ! Did you seen it ?? You have to see it, really ;)

  26. Uuh pussycat dolls, but must say the song is OK.

    Here are the pussycat dolls from Sweden: ;)

  27. Hi ly dear Anette

    I'm sorry I don't like The Pussycat Dolls !



  28. Once I went to a workshop of Aquiles Priester (he's the drummer from the metal band Hangar) and he said the more music styles you listen to/play the best musician you will be. ;)

    Oh Nettan, have you ever watched Slumdog Millionare? It's a very nice movie and you can also see "the beauty and the beast" from India... ;p

    Many hugs from Brazil!

    P.S.: I love you so much!!! (L)

  29. Hi Anette
    I've read a lot of negative comment here about pussicat dolls.. I do think these are the kind of girls that send out he message: '' you have to look skinny''.
    But that doesn't stop me for loving there music. The songs are so great to sing a long and just dance and have fun :-)
    It makes me happy, but I do prefer Nightwish songs.. When I listen to that it gaves me the feeling that I'm free and immortal!!
    It's you're voice that gives Nightwish that extra touch! You are truely amazing!

    sweet kisses from Ann

  30. to tell the truth i hatee PCD..but this song is not so bad...and i don't like the main singer..:S melody has much better voice..

  31. Actually, Nicole is not the best singer in the world, I have to agree with Sweetie. But I still love to dance it.

    God, I'm making a record of comments today!

  32. American singers suck but these are the worst type =( I won't say "wtf are you listening to this shit?" because that'd be foolish and immature, knowledge on music diversity is very well needed for a musician to be a complete.

  33. I love "Jai Ho", I listen to it almost everyday, although I still think the original song from the soundtrack is way better than this version of Pussycat Dolls. However, it seems we have similar tastes, Anette. I've already seen here "over the rainbow" and "like a prayer", and they are both among my all time favorite songs. :) Cool stuff.

  34. Anette dont bother with these really imature and close-minded people bullshit. Inspiration and good music comes from everywhere, and stereotypes only holds people back.

    JAY-HO is great! People should listen what they feel to, and not take musical tastes so seriously ;)

  35. I love this song! I love the pussy cat dolls. I love anette. I love nightwish. i love all music and so do a lot of people. Just because anette sings in Nightwish that doesn't mean she can't like other types of music besides metal. Im sure its not possible to be so closed minded as a music artist. If Tuomas only liked metal then Nightwish would never have had the symphonic element to it.

  36. I really like pcd, and this song! =) Nicole is amazing singer!

  37. Just for the record: I just remember now, that once Marco ansewred an Nightmail and said that he really liked Backstreet Boys song "Imcomplete" xD

    Its was so funny! (you see, i was a huge fan of them since i was a teenager =x, and this confession made me love Marco even more #D)

    Thats all, you dance a lot hearing Pussycat Dolls ok? and good show today! ;)

  38. I love this song and the band even thought I'm not a PCD-fan :D I think it's great that some women are brave enough to show of their great bodys and femininity. There's nothing wrong to be a "hot stuff" :D

    And thanks to this video I'm going to my morning run and burn away those nasty chips-calories I got yesterday :D

  39. Also if aren't my cup of tea, I like so much this song!!

    Jai Ho, halla halla.

    It's like a torment in my head this song-.



  40. I love this song. It is so great for dancing to!

  41. i love too this song !! nd i love you

  42. Lucy, yes! And Tuomas said he liked "All the good things...", Tarja liked Madonna and Witney... Etc. I hate like this narrow-minded idiots (of course, I mean ones who posted some shit here, not Tuomas and Tarja))))