Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Thanks to all of you for your comments on my last post. I have read them all and I feel that evecn if we are only a few, we can do good deeds together and I thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts with me;=)

Katrin said:

What amazes me most is how badly Michael Jackson was trashed by the media in the last few years before his death and how suddenly everything seems to be forgotten by the media and he is this saint again - this hypocrisy really angers me.

I couldnt have agreed more, Katrin. Media has had and has a very big impact and what they do and write can make a good person look so bad. And yes, it is hypocrisy that when the person leaves to soon, they change their bad mouthing and make the person a saint...

Karolina said:
You celebrities do have influence on people and I think its great when it is used in right way. Thats why I have always admired artists who are brave enough to make a statement, to try and change peoples attitudes.

Oh yes, I agree with you Karolina. Its so true and even, as I wrote, its hard and takes a lot of courage to go out there and do and say the good things, because there will always be those darker people trying to bring you down, it is something that is truly the biggest of missions. Because, who can make a difference if not the people who are in the public, artists, actors, politicians etc..?

Babsy_NW said;
Michael was a wonderful human being, the world was not ready for him ... and I do believe, he was a gift from God.

This is exactly what I feel and what I meant... the world is still not ready for the truly good and wonderful spirits..

Tonto said:
Very often those good and caring people you mentioned are also very lonely, maybe even one of the loneliest persons in the world..why is that?!?. Does having a big heart mean that you feel emotions a little bigger than those "normal" persons.

I agree with you, I do believe this is how it is and do you know what I think? Being hurt and tormented and disappointed with people over and over again, makes you feel that its better to protect yourself by being more alone. If you get hurt it is better to withdraw and not be around those people who are harder and darker that can make you break. Having a sensitive heart, being a helping and caring person makes you more vulnerable and many times the hope of humans being good but then proving themselves being mean etc, can make a person turn their true spirits inside and shelter their hearts where it can not be broken again...


  1. But withdrawing your heart and hide is something you (not you as Anette but a general "you") should not do. I know that it takes a lot of courage not to hide behind a mask or close your heart to everyone after you have been badly hurt in the past because the people of the present in the future should not be the ones paying for the mistakes of those in our past. It takes a lot of courage, yes, and strength but it is worthwile.

  2. I agree with you Anette and the others =)

    It seems like all the good people die first.
    Ohh I wasn't looking to Micheal Jackson, but I was turning the tv on and I heard little Paris talking about her father and it brought tears in my eyes, even I didn't have that much with MJ.

    In 1,5 year two lovely, caring and warm men died.. :( But they'll live on in our hearts.


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  4. I do not believe in God, I am an Agnostic. And maybe you'll say that's the reason why I posted this comment.

    But, proportionnally, there are as many "bad"* people as "good"* people that died, and the number of "good" and "bad" people that are still alive is also proportionally equal.

    (* When I say "good" or "bad" I mean "more or less good" and "more or less bad", we're not in a tale, here, it's not all black and white.)

    The only thing is that we notice it more when a "good" person dies.

    Michael is a good example: people who are convinced that he hurt some kids, convinced that he is a "bad" person, they don't care about his death. On the other hand, people (like me) who liked him, are touched by his death.

    I also cried a lot last night, watching his funerals.
    I do think his kids shouldn't have been onstage though, but well...

    We are the world/Heal the World was beautiful.

    I still don't really "believe" he's dead. It's strange but it feels like it's someone else's funerals. Because MJ was already such a star that he was and is immortal, wheather you like it or not.

  5. I agree with you all, and like Elise said, I also can't really believe he's not here anymore... Even tought I didn't grew up with his music but still he is such an icon and I mean, everyone will know something about Michael Jackson.
    Monday I've seen his concert in 1992 which was on tv and yesterday a part of one in 1997. It was really nice but on the same time I was thinking "How can it be that he's dead...? It's just so weird.." I couldn't see his funeral but I think it was very beautiful :)

    Those bad and good people, of course we need both in this world. If there weren't any bad people here we wouldn't even know what "good people" would be and from bad things we can also learn. I know, those terrosists etc who kill people are just sick but on the other hand, because that happened you know how bad and sad it is. I don't mean it like "oh those other innocent people have died so we can learn" no, I think it's sad innocent people always have to be victims, but I hope you all get my point.

    I'm happy there are still good people in the world, and Michael was one of them and can now finally have his rest after all that media thingy...

  6. Good morning Anette! =)

    The tabloids just suck. The media said horrifying things about him, pictured him as a monster and suddenly Michael's now a Saint. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    And do you know what angers me the most? All those people who accused him of really bad things in the past, now decided to come to the press and tell to the whole world that the allegations were fake and all they wanted was money! Some people are really sick.
    I still wonder why they did this to Michael. He didn't deserve that =(.

    Like Tonto said, most of the times the good and caring people are very lonely. That's true. Michael once said that he was a very lonely and unhappy =(.
    Here's a video where he talks about the tabloids and all the rumours.

    I'm sorry about the big post =).
    Have a nice day!


  7. Hey!

    I dont understand that so many people belive that good people die first. Thats so untrue. The most positv and kind people stay out of more trouble. And actually alot of survey shows that positiv people live many years longer then negative people.

  8. I was in front of the TV too yesterday... I was crying because I love Michael Jackson's music and my singing-school always chose some of his song for our ending-term concert! This year's concert was so sad because we dedicated all the song we sang to M.Jackson :(

    It was a terrible thing the death of the king of the pop, rest in peace Michael Jackson :(

  9. Hi there :)
    I spent my evening watching his funeral yesterday, and i even watched the concert during the night which was on french tv.
    I was sooooooo tired but it was worth it! i'm so amazed by him especially when he dance, he was made for this!
    I can't speak about him in the past cause for me he is immortal throught his songs and career.
    God bless the King of pop!

    Have a nice day, take care ;) <3

  10. Truly great post Anette. Keep on at it.

    The best from Brazil.

  11. Good morning Anette and everyone :)

    If someone, like me, missed the Michael Jackson memorial. Sky News shows bits of the coverage:

    It sometimes gets stuck because of thousands of people watching it..


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  13. I'm do sorry for a double post but I found a full show on this nice blog:

    Courtesy of

  14. "Media has had and has a very big impact and what they do and write can make a good person look so bad"

    That's so true Anette! Look at what a certain band (with a certain sensitive leader) did to their ex-singer and friend using the power of media. Sad indeed.
    Yes, the world is sadly full of hypocrisy.

  15. Soon after Michael's death, here in Russia great Russian folk singer Lyudmila Zykina passed away. She was 80 already, but still it's very sad. She had an incredible voice, given to her by nature. She was (and is) known all over the world for her talent. If you haven't heard her yet, you can listen to:

    So many great people left us... But this is life. I believe that new ones will be born, maybe these are some of us...

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  17. And to all of you you can also watch the show from you tube, but its in clips.
    I cried the morning as I was watching them. Brooke Shields did a great speech.

  18. Hi Anette!!!! I think that people dont' really dies. Both body and spirit get separated, but only for a little time. When we have thoughts, or when we remember something of that person, that's what makes him not dead. He's on our heart...and forever. Sorry for my English, and hope that you dont' get mad. I'm a LDS Member, and so, I think MJ is OK now...far away from the problems in the Earth.

    Take care Anette! Hugs from Argentina

  19. I agree with everything you all said. Michael was judged by media, he was accused of being a monster and now that he died probably thinking that people thought of him as a monster, well now he is suddenly a saint... Media messes with people too much...

  20. hi dear anette :D

    i am a brazilian-22-old-girl; i´m learning classical singing there is about 6 months.
    i would like u could post a comment there or here, i will see!
    my dream is meeting u someday, somewhere :)
    i´m a big fan of u and of ur work! the link is:

    my e-mail is:
    kisses, i wish u all the best!

  21. our dear Anette :) At first, hi :)
    I'm from Russia. 5 of September I will be at Nightwish's concert in Moscow with my boyfriend :) I'm so happy :) I will wave to you with a hand from the fan-zone first rows
    I will dream for your letter to
    kiss you :*

  22. You don't have to thank us. I think it's us who need to thank you for, besides doing your work really well, being so special and amazing as a person. I'm really proud of being your fan, Anette ^^

  23. Hi my angel!!

    We have to thank you, to be alive!! You are a awesome person and an admirable woman!
    Day by day I admire you more and more.

    Take care my angel!

  24. I love the way you treat the fans. Whenever you have time you communicate with us, asking what we believe and tells us how was your day. The most interesting of all is that you have no obligation to do so. You do because you like, because this is you want to do. Rare are the singers who make it. For that and more of us, fans of nightwish and you, admire you. Greetings from Brazil.

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  26. @Vikki, do you think it's possible that she wrote that? Of course not .

  27. Vikki- of course thats not Anette!! Don't believe much you read online.....

  28. I didn't believe it.

    I wanted to sure it.

    Uffff... thanks.

  29. Anette, I hope you never withdraw b/c of how mean and unaccepting people can be. I know the stress and pressure you have been through the last two years, and I have nothing but respect for you for being so strong through all of it.

    You are a very kind, sweet person who takes her free time ( what very little you have) to connect with her fans. That is a quality rarely seen in modern celebrity's, and something I absolutely adore about you.

    Never change, b/c you are a wonderful person. Never stop being a sweetheart.

    <3 from North Carolina, America


  30. This is truly why I live in relationship with the God of the Bible - you wrote
    'Having a sensitive heart, being a helping and caring person makes you more vulnerable and many times the hope of humans being good but then proving themselves being mean etc, can make a person turn their true spirits inside and shelter their hearts where it can not be broken again...'
    He's brought me through SO much :) and one thing I've learned is that the TRUTH is very , very important ... so yes, people who want to make a good influence in the world NEED to make themselves vulnerable in order to truly help as many as they can - and it is going to break you! Time and time again! And it's going to hurt! But God lets me cry it all out to HIM and be strong in HIS name, building me back up each time I am broken and healing me - I love Him so much =) and He has so much Love for each one of us! He takes us above the problems of the world , so that we can be more deeply involved in helping others with those problems! :) He is truly, truly wonderful :)
    I love your caring heart Anette ♥
    - Suzy C. ♥
    P.S. Vikki - are you honestly questioning whether or not she wrote that or are you just trying to make her angry? That really wasn't the best thing to post.

  31. Vikki.

    People are always using Anette's and Tarja's (and other famous peoples names)as their usernames. It's just sad that these people with their nasty and childish comments are degrading the very names of people they are using. By now you should know that Anette or Tarja (or the others mentioned) would never ever lower their moral standards and comment in such a manner in public and I am sure in private as well. Just trust what Anette says 'only' on this blog, then you will know that it is her speaking and not someone else.

    As for Michael Jackson.. I saw his little daughter on a review of the events this morning and I had tears rolling down my face. I feel very sorry for everyone and I agree that this world just wasn't capable of giving Michael the love and support he needed. Rest in Peace Michael and that peace comes to the hearts of those who knew him.

  32. Hey Anette,
    I just wanted to say that this
    is the first time I've seen your blog and
    you are such an amazing person and your posts
    are so open and emotional and I'm sure that takes a great deal for you to be like
    that towards us. And thank you for that.

    By the way, I see this picture
    on the internet and I was wondering if you
    could tell me about that...

    Anyway, I love your blog and you
    have the most amazing voice in the world!!!
    Love and respect, Kiley

  33. Some comments reminded me of the news, which was saying that Jordan Chandler, the boy who accused M.J. of molesting him, lied about the indecency.
    After M.J.'s death, Jordan Chandler admitted he lied, he poped up and said that he made up the story just to insult the King of Pop for the money.

    Well, I think this is an example of how Michael Jackson was trashed by the media, how hypocrites they are and how The Chandlers acted in bad faith.

    I'm so sorry for my English, sorry for the difficulty for conveying my thoughts.
    Have a nice day, Anette.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  34. Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to say that I agree with the people here.
    Anette, you are a wonderful person in this world, a unique one.
    You have all my respect and admiration.

    Greetings from a fan from Brazil.
    Take care.

  35. Hi Anette
    I'm really glad you brought up the subject of Michael, and its so true what you said, everybody was always trashing on him for everything, and now that he's gone suddenly he's a saint and everybody loves him!.
    Personally I was never like a huge fan of him but I really liked his older music and videos such as Thriller and Ghost.
    It's sad that a person so talented has ended up in the position of being banged on by the media, its horrible what they said about him and what they made people believe.
    The media made him this way!
    He didn't deserve what he was put through.
    Well, sorry if i sound very mad or make no sense but its just the way i feel about it.

    Greetings and Hugs from Holland, Lisa <3

  36. Good morning, I watched the ceremony
    and I cried, especially when
    his daughter was talking.
    His kids were old enough and they knew
    what was going on,
    but they never let that effect
    what they thought of him.
    It really does get to you that all
    these people probably were mean to him
    but the moment he dies they want
    in on the publicity. And that's what's
    sad and makes me think
    less of the people in the world.

    But, all we can really do
    is try to make the world change and hope
    it does. But remember that
    people don't like change...
    which is also a disappointment.

    Anyway, I think we also need to
    remember Farrah Fawcett.
    Because she was an amazing person also
    and her loss is also sad.
    I think with everything going on with
    Michael people have
    forgotten about her and that's a shame.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  37. To sparkyfan : what she should comment about that? It's a pic taken during a show , Anette is hugging and giving Tuomas a kiss on the cheek. Do you find it weird? I don't, she always hug the NW guys after the concert.
    What do you expect? lol

  38. CrimsonDawn- I'm sorry if what I asked
    was offending. I'm actually not a "long term"
    Nightwish fan. One of my best friends got me
    into it about two weeks ago and I didn't know
    that "she always hug the NW guys after the
    concert". So I apologize, but like I said,
    I am new to listening to the band and I haven't
    got around to watching any videos or anything.


  39. Well, I was never a fan of Michael Jackson. But what happens at the moment makes me really angry. He is dead, and yeah, I think he is in heaven. And it's really tragical that such a great musician died so soon. But I can't understand what happens now. They follow the car with his coffin to find out where he will be buried, why? Everyday there are new frenzied speculations. There is so much hypocrisy. Should we rather let him rest in peace? I think it would be the best, if never be known, where the King of Pop will be buried, so he can really rest in peace! Otherwise I think his grave will be pilgrimage site!

    Sorry, but I had to get rid of it now.

  40. Hi Anette,

    your story about you crying for MJ made it into German Meta Hammer:

    I am sure you are aware that discussing topics like "why have the good ones to go first" is a dangerous mine field. Take care.

    All my love

  41. Oh yeah, I just translated that page-

    In my eyes, Anette,
    I think what you said was sweet and 100% true.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  42. Hi Anette!
    about your last paragraph, I do agree with you, but also I think that the answer of 'why the most caring people die first?' is there: it's true that humans can survive on their own because it's phisically able to do so, but if we talk about the emotional part, humans can't be alone, people are always seeking for something that they only can find in other person.
    So, when you've been hurt so many times (in the same or different ways) and you're forced to be alone, it's more what a sensitive heart could deal with, so soon or later all of this kills.
    'The closer you're to the light, the bigger the shadow will be'
    But I still have faith, I believe that there are more good and caring people out there that we think, but they are hidden, and even if it's not the mayor part, I do believe one day they/we'll make a better world =)

    Take care!!

  43. Vikki:

    This is an obviously a couple of very bored and immature pseudo-fans having 'fun'. I left them a proper comment in Polish. How embarrassing... I'm so sorry everyone who had to read it and especially, my apologies goes to You Anette and the band.

    I watched the whole memorial service for MJ and it was really well done. I liked Brooke Shields talking the most because it just seemed so very genuine and put a smile on me face, a big one!

    I'm not sure about Paris' talking in front of the camera. Not sure if she was the one who wanted to talk and I have a feeling that she was suggested to do so which I think it was a publicity stunt, unfortunately, hopefully I'm wrong.

    Hope You're having a wonderful day, Anette :)


  44. Hi Anette! I know I´m totally offside here but I have question for you. I´ve been reading about your preparations for your gigs and all the cardrivings, trains, flights and stuff. Are you still looking forward to the gig when you arrive? You must be exhausted! Travelling is pretty boring.

  45. Hello Anette this is not about Michael Jackson at all..just i wanted to say that i was one of the people that think that you suck but thanks to this blog i can see that i was complete wrong and actually i am a big fan of yours now you are so great and sweet and you really have improve i hope you guys come to Venezuela someday that is my dream! so..i am sorry about talking crap about you i said it cuz i was shock! so...Keep rocking cuz you really know how to do it. Oh and by the way i love your clothing style ;)


  46. What amazes me is the respect and adoration our culture gives to pop stars. How about we give that attention to people who really deserve it? Doctors? Teachers? Scientists? This obsession with actors and pop idols is the reason our youth is growing up conflicted. How many people watched MJ's memorial? And how many less people watched..oh I don't know, news coverage of the elections? The wars? And people wonder why no one takes the time to help one another. They are only encouraged to idolize people who by definition, have done nothing to further our society?

  47. Hej Nettan,

    First I really don't understand what the media are making of Michael Jackson, as they do so often. He was no subject for them for such a long time, and all over sudden they decide to make his death their tragedy of the year to get attention, to distract people from much more important topics they don't even mention. Things like this are the reason I keep away from the media. (That doesn't mean that his death is not sad, like everybody else's would be, or that it shouldn't be mentioned).

    Second, I don't know how people like you or me or anyone who wasn't close to him should know whether he was a lovely person, whether he did anything for other people or not. I'm not saying that agains Michael... I just don't understand how everyone can be convinced of things they hear and see on the media. If it is possible to build your own picture of such Celebrities like him, without being manipulated at all.
    But I do somehow understand that he was special to you and other people, even if you didn't know him.

    To everything else you wrote here and in your last entry, I totally agree and I think it's really brave to share your thoughts like this, because being open hearted is something you find so rarely these days.
    I already asked myself those questions many times.
    I don't believe in God, but in nature. I know it's a sad answer, but I think it's just the way the world works best, that only the toughest persons who only think of themselves survive, and people who are so caring and always think of others first only get hurt by "stronger" people. That's why you don't find a lot of the good persons. I think, what makes the humans different in the creation is that we need other people, and that stands in contrast to our animalistic root, so we will always be in conflict with ourselves.
    Like you (I think) I know how it is to get hurt by other people, even over and over again. But I will always try to stay open hearted, emotional and caring for others, no matter what happens. You described all of this really beautifully, and it's people like you and many others who can give me hope to stick to what I am and what I do. So thank you.
    We should believe in each other and be supportive for each other. So it sort of doesn't matter anymore what the rest of the world does.

    I hope this wasn't too long ;)

    Ha en bra kväll,

  48. By the way, I just read that article on the website of german MetalHammer, and I really don't understand why they had to write about your personal thoughts this way, only so that random people can slander in the comment section of without knowing the background facts. That's horrible, even if MetalHammer didn't make any comments on your writings. So if you read a translation of that article, I just wanted you to know there are still people who can distinguish between your job as Nightwish's singer and your personal thoughts.
    This just proves what you wrote about people in general...

  49. Hey Anette. My personal thought is that MJ's is definitely a legend who'll never be forgotten by hs dancing, music and ¿why not? even his scandals. But over these stuff, he was a person, a real soul. He was such and inspiration for me, as I'm a dancer (I dance flamenco and I also did hip hop) and I respect him. I watched the complete funeral yesterday, I didn't moved from my bedroom until it was over. My mom cried when Jermaine sang, I always thought crying for that stuff was a little over the top.... Until I listened to Paris. The words of that hurted little girl, crying for her dad really touched my heart. And reminded me of myself when my grandpa died (I was in 1st grade of primary, so it was really a big smash for me at the time). I never thought i'd live to see this coming. The music world has now a big loss. I agree with Katrin, though. Hipocrisy is a really big deal, in my school, for example, people that constantly bashed him now claims to adore him. Its simply so annoying when people is two-faced. We'll I think this is all i've got to say. Hope you come to Venezuela soon with Nightwish

  50. Hey Anette!

    First I must say, that this Michael Jackson video you linked last post (Earth Song) is very good. I haven´t listen Michael Jackson ever (maybe I have heard this music, but not listen myself), but when Michael died and I heared it from radio, they played this song and I was touched even if I have never listened Michael Jackson. This is very good song and so emotional and singing is so emotive too. I´m near to cry when I listen it :,(

    And I agree with you that medias impact to many people. It piss off me so much that many people believe ALL what tabloid say. If some tabloid say something bad from some people, it´s of course true, but if this the same people tell something yourself to some other magazine (maybe a little bit more trustworthy than tabloid) that person of course lie! I don´t want to hear when someone say me that they´ll lie, because I believe what my idols say, if I hear it till exempel in video interview or something. Or some trustworthy magazine.
    I hope you don´t get hurt from that or don´t think that too much. But I want to tell...
    In the last summer one person said for me that she has so disdainful image from Tuomas Holopainen (she reads "Iltalehti" and other tabloids) and I couldn´t believe how someone can have disdainful image from TUOMAS!
    And now.. she always try to annoy me all that. I know she do that only want hurt me, because she know that I like Nightwish so much. I don´t take it too seriously, but it still hurts if someone talk some bad from my big idol ALL THE TIME.
    She always say how Nightwish is touring only because of money (and I really don´t believe that) and now she said Tuomas will fire you too from band soon (and I REALLY don´t believe that). And always she argue all the things and don´t believe me. She only believe tabloids. It´s not nice that I know almost all what I being the fan can know from Nightwish and she really don´t know anything about tabloids storys, and then she come to tell me "truths" and I of course have wrong information :D

    Sorry from that outpouring, but I felt I someday must say this. I know persons who do that things and they don´t be Nightwish fan, they NEVER haven´t listen Nightwish, they only want tease me with this.
    Even if I myself told this, I hope and want that you don´t get hurt from that. But I have tought if I get hurt from all this sometimes, how you feel from this kind of case?! :/
    It must be so hard.

    Hugs a lot for my lovely Anette <3

  51. The Little Mermaid- Everyone listens
    to the media and that's
    where it all goes downhill, you know?
    I mean, people start to hate celebrities once
    the tiniest negative comment is made.
    And people who aren't openminded only
    listen to, what they see as a more
    informed figure, tells them to.
    And I'm not just talking
    about Micheal Jackson. People in general
    will turn against anyone just because of one
    comment.You can really only
    wish for the best for someone and hope
    that they are the good person you
    believe them to be. And everyone is going
    to try and tell you otherwise,
    but if it's your intuition, listen to it,
    because you're probably right.

    And about your scenario with your friend
    and Nightwish, you listen to the music.
    You see how they appear to be
    while in public. And you've observed some
    of their personality.
    If it's something that you, as a
    Nightwish fan, can't see being true.
    Then it probably isn't.
    Most liars, work in the media, and if that's
    where your friend gets her information, well
    then it's not very valid.

    I hope that helped

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  52. Vikki: No, of course I didnt write that... its some bored kids or adults with nothing else to do than sit and make up stupid not believe in everything that is in in the internet. Take good care! Hugs, Anette

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