Monday, 19 October 2009

First day of songwriting;=)

Good evening dear ones;=)

I am at my hotel room in Stockholm after a day full of creating songs in the studio together with Stefan and Johan. Its been really nice and also fun to sit down and making songs together. We have one song that is ready to record some vocals on tomorrow and then 2 more ideas that we will work more with. Now I just need to write some more lyrics to them, in my own private space.

This will be so great and its so nice to have such great songwriters and musicians to help me with the songs. We work that way that we sit down by the piano and the guitar and just try melodies etc and then I write down lyrics and we try and test the structure of the song. Then Johan goes and puts drums, bass etc in the computer to get the music recorded for me to test-sing it. Then we work from there. It´s so nice to create songs like this, I havent done that since we started Alyson Avenue, so its been a while but I´ll soon get a hang of it again;=)

And I really like the sound of it already!

Now: time to write some lyrics writing before I fall head´s tired;=)

sleep well!


  1. Hei =]
    sounds like a great day
    hope tomorrow will be great to for you =]


  2. Good night for you too. ;-)
    I'm anxious to see how your album will be. Sure will be very good.
    Sleep well my dear
    Have a sweet dreams.
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  3. Hello dear Nettie! WOW! I am happy to hear that everything went well!
    Can't wait to hear the album! Wish you all the best!

    Good night , dear Anette , and have sweet dreams!

    Lots of hugs


  4. I'm so glad that you had a great day. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I'm currently writing some lyrics too.

    Sleep well!

  5. Well good evening to you and your voice of enchantment ;)

    Aww, that sounds very nice. Do you feel now different since you are creating your own music?

  6. Good evening Anette, nice to hear from! I'm happy to know that your work is going well! I can immagine that you are very tired. Good night dear Anette and sleep well! Hugs

  7. Nettei good luck of song=)

  8. Hi Anette,

    Awww bless your heart! It all sounds so exciting.

    Have a good sleep =)


  9. Hi Nettan!!!

    well that sound like you are having a lot of fun and work!!
    hope to hear your new solo album soon!!!
    It will be great!!!

    sleep well and dream with angels!!!

    hugs and love♥


    P.S. Ilove your new hair!!!

  10. Im going to try again...

    Åh vad spännande detta kommer bli!
    Har själv skrivit någon låt själv, fastän det inte blev så JÄTTEbra ;=)
    Kommer du lägga ut låtarna på MySpace eller hur får vi reda på den ;=)?
    Och jag är så avis på dig, att du får bo på Stockholms fina mysiga hotell.....lär väl bli ett besök på ett av dem i December då man ser Sonata Arctica! ;=) (Antar att du hört dem? Annars så lyssna på White Pearl, Black Oceans, den fastnar man för!)

    Kram, kul att höra att saker går bra för en annan i livet =)

  11. Good luck, Nettie! Wish you lots of inspiration and creativity!
    And we're always with you, remember that;)
    And now you must sleep well and see a beautiful fairytale to make lyrics out of it! Sweet dreams!

  12. Anette :)

    Wonderful news ! awesome :)
    its great that you have a nice time and enjoy the songwriting. Makes me happpy to hear/read :)

    So then, sleep well
    and have beautiful dreams :)

    Take care

  13. Kul att höra Att det går bra för er!
    Längtar Redan på Att Få höra låtarna ni kommer på =)!
    Ha det bra och lycka till med allt =)!
    Kram från Sofie

  14. Yay, more Anette-song *puts on a big smile :D*.

  15. Hi Anette!

    Sounds like a very exciting day! =) I'm so happy for you =) *yay*
    Good night and sweet dreams <3.


  16. good luck and i'm sure you'll get back in the swing of things soon! I can't wait for this album, I know it's going to be GREAT!

    Have fun and keep an open mind about things. It'll help lyrics flow better... or at least that has worked for me! haha

    Have a good sleep!

  17. :) I am so happy things have gone well with this. I really cant wait for your new material. Seriously, along with Within Temptation, yours is the album I'm looking forward to the most :)

    Just wondering, will you be getting any of your Nightwish bandmates to help at all with this project or is this soely an Anette thing?

    Loadsa love, sweet dreams
    Dan xxxx

  18. So exciting! Is the studio in Stockholm archipelago? That´s so beautiful:) Sleep well dear Anette and have a great tuesday!Hugs.

  19. Thank You for the update Anette! Good to hear You're having a good time in the studio!

    Sleep tight!

    Karo E.

  20. I am really excited to here your new stuff.

    Hope everything goes well for you.

    Lisa x

  21. OMG!
    I cant wait to listen to your songs :)
    I'm sure they're beautiful nice songs!
    Sweet Dreams.
    And good luck in your life!

  22. All that sounds so nice. I am glad that everything is going well =)

    I hope you are sleeping very well right now =)

    Smile a while and while you smile, smile another smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smile just because you smiled, I wish you have another day full of smile.


  23. This is so cool! I always wondered what went in to making songs. It seems like something that would be so simple, but then when you sit down and try to write your own, you find out that it's actually quite hard!

    I hope this continues to go well for you, Anette, and I can't wait until you're done. I'll be scrambling to get a copy of your new album! :D

  24. I'm so happy to read it's all going fine. I'm sure all the songs are going to be just great!

    So, what's your inspiration now? What are you thinking about when you're writing these days?

    Take care, lots of hugs ^^

  25. Heey! I'm waiting soo much for this! =)

    Love ya!

  26. Hi Anette, im very proud of u, doing your own album. i think u deserve that, i like your voice, i really do. im anxious to heard your songs, go ahead and surprise us!
    kisses from brazil.


  27. Hi Anette!
    Oh I bet your songs are going to be awsome!

    Please Nettie, I have a question ¿You dont know if Nightwish is going to record the song "Finlandia"? Cuz Nightwish and Troy's version of that song its just beautiful!

    If you answer my question i would be so happy XD

    Thanxs in advance!
    Hugs and kisses

  28. Hi Nettie =D.

    Last sunday you came into my mind when I saw Dead By April in Tokyo *-*..their show was very great!!

    And about your post..I loved what I read! I'm very very excited to hear the songs and I want to read your lyrics, I think they will be very nice ^^.
    Do you have plans to make a tour for your solo album?? If you have, please, think about Japan =DD.



  29. So I've just copied and pasted my comment from another post, just in case you haven't seen it ;-)
    Have you ever heard of the Canadian metal band 'Borealis' ?? They're fairly new, and young (like me ;-) hehe , but pretty dang amazing - you can find their CD title track 'World of Silence' on Youtube - plus the guys in the band love Nightwish and I'm sure they'd appreciate SO much if you listened to their music :-)
    (More!) Good night kisses from Canada, I'm glad your day was so good ♥
    God bless,
    Love , Suzy C. ♥

  30. have fun writing lyrics, dear :)

    Hugs, and all my love,

  31. Hi Anette
    It's great to hear you telling us about your own songs. I'm sure that they are gonna sound great, and that you will have a lot of fun during all the process.

    Have a great tuesday =]
    Kisses from Brazil

  32. Hi Nettie, have fan and can't wait to read more news!!!

    Miriam xxxx

  33. Oh, Nettie i just say Wow! And i belive, that you are going to do great songs!

    I have a question: Are you going to propose your own ideas for the next Nw album? I know it's early, and you guys are resting now, but just asking. :-)

    Have a good day! :-)

  34. Hi Anette

    This is for your album solo?



  35. Wow, things are really moving fast. I thought You're keeping even a small vacation after touring so long.. but no, You are working hard again :D

    Long way till album is out in stores, but You are going there. Have fun in a studio and enjoy!!

  36. Woohoo, amazing new dear <3

    I look forward, of course. Tell us as soon as possible :**

  37. Hi Annete!
    Glad to hear that you are writing! =]
    Can't wait to hear your solo project!
    You're a great singer!