Wednesday, 14 October 2009


You have all written so nice things about yourself and I know how hard it is when someone says: what is so good about you?

Because we are so very good at hearing and seeing the negative things about us instead of seeing all those good things we have. I am the same but I have tried to change that and one good thing is to do this now and then;=) Tell yourself how beautiful you are etc.. its sure helps to go against the negative and hard voice we all have from time to time in our head.

So thanks, it was great to read all the comments and I think you all are beautiful and strong persons;=)

Here´s a song just about this;=) Enjoy!


  1. Tack, Anette!!! I really apreciate your words...

    That video is from 2004? Has it been that long?? Man! I remember watching that live :|

    I guess time really flies, huh? I'm a bit "melacolich" because I'm turning 24 this saturday and I think I'm in the beginning of a middle-20's crisis hehehe

    hugs to you, sweetie, and good night!

  2. Anette: Thank you from the dephts of my heart. you´re a truly angel. :)

    ChriS :)

  3. Thanks Nettan. You really save my day.
    I'm going to sleep so good night to you :)

  4. =D yes is a nice song..^^
    Yes you have all right and you have experience on that.. =(..

    All the people that compares you with Tarja and all the vs stuffs...

    I don't have to much self-esteem, and if i don't love my self who is gonna love me.. no one...

    So i tell my self.. all the time.. i look grate today.. =).. and if i look ugly i said.. mmm lets go and do something about it..

    Take care anette good night..

    Here is 12:41pm =D bye

    With love

  5. sorry,its me again.

    You did it, dont know how, but you did it. i wrote down those things wich where fighting within me. if i bored you with my very long writing (sooooorry :)) but now im feeling better.
    I feel a bit lighter now.
    Thanks to you :)

    hope you will have a good sleep
    dream something nice :)

    good night
    Chris :)

  6. I 'missed' the previous post but still it made me think about things i like about myself.. it's something we don't do very often, but we definitely should :) so thank you for that :)

    And I loove this song! Christina has such a strong voice :D

  7. Thank you =) I had already done something similar a long time on a course of preparation for the labor market, but a long time since I did not take time to see my qualities. I still have a lot to develop, after all I only have 19 years and a lot of life ahead. A talent that I'm trying to develop is the art of music, including me and some friends are planning to form a band next year. Perhaps here a 5 to 10 years if we're lucky, we'll touch along with nightwish. It's a chance huh? hehe, I think I'm dreaming too high =)
    All the best, have a great evening.
    hugs from Brazil

  8. Thank you for the words Anette :)
    You are such a positive person, I can't be like that...people are always discriminating each other due to the way they are. It's a sad thing...I hate living with this!
    I don't have a lot of self-esteem because I alreay heard bad things about me and about other people. I don't even know what to say about this, makes me sad =(
    I wish we could live in a free world where people could just be skinny, fat, black, white, dumb or nerd without hearing bad names :/

    Thank you so much!!! You made me feel good with this post ^^
    Love you! You are very beautiful and very very strong, too =D

  9. Hi Anette,

    Thanks for all your kind words & thoughts today!!

    I love this song by Christina & her voice is so strong like yours 2 strong ladies with strong voices! Brilliant i say!!

    Kelly xxx

  10. Thanks to you Anette to give to us a chance to get in touch with you! Big hugs

  11. Dear Anette,

    Thank YOU!! I'm feeling so much better now.. I wrote a long comment before, and sorry for that but I just wanted to share it with someone ;) I don't get much support here from my bf, so I really needed to write it down :)

    I feel so much better now, I only wish that my bf would understand me.

    Good evening and night and sleep well!


  12. oh, Christina's voice always gives me chills. it's marvellous.
    and here she's surprisingly dressed :D

  13. Good evening Nettan. Everything you said is true!
    I agree with you. Thank you for writing those sweet words to us ♥
    The song is really good. She has a great voice.

    Lots of love

    Ena :* ♥

  14. You are so right, Anette.

    I'm usually focusing on the negative and being too hard on myself. For years I thought I was nothing and my self-esteem was really low. But now I'm older and wiser I've learned to like myself, to appreciate my good points, and to believe in myself more.

    Thanks for your wonderful posts. You're an inspiration.

    Have a good night!


  15. Thank you Anette..Now i really feel better because i finally found my good assets!!And this song is soooo nice!!!
    Goodnight and sweet dreams!!!

  16. Jag har två orsaker att säga tack för idag:
    TACK för det här som du skrev. Jag har själv problem, jag tycker väldigt illa om så gott som allt om mig själv, och jag mår så dåligt av det. Inte ens då min pojkvän säger att han tycker att jag är perfekt hjälper, fastän han har sagt det hur många gånger som helst.. Men vissa saker vill bara inte lossna.
    Och TACK Nessi, för att hon bad dig om en autograf åt mig och min syster, jag blev överlycklig då den kom i posten idag.
    Ni är bäst<3

  17. I say how great I am every day, so I say to you: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, GREAT PERSON! You mean for me very lot, as NW and other music.

    When we speaking of music, please listen this:

    Have a good times, Nettie!

  18. Jag har försökt att stå framför spegeln och säga; Du är fin, du är verkligen fin, osv.....
    Men nej, det funkar bara inte :(
    Jag är LIVRÄDD ibland för att fastna på foton, och sedan visas dem fotonen för annat folk, utan att man vet hur det blev.
    Jag förstår att du inte känner negativt sådär om dig själv, du har mer att vara stolt över, tex din son.
    Jag har nog inget att vara stolt över tror jag.
    Kanske att jag är mig själv, och jag hittat Nightwish....
    Men annars nej...

    Men dina ord rör en verkligen, önskar man kunde fått träffat dig nångång, för du är djup av dig och jag behöver fler personer av sådant folk att prata med/träffa.
    Men det lär väl aldrig hända, för turen finns aldrig här nästan ;=(



  19. OMG, I didn't hear this song for ages:). Christina has so beautiful and powerful voice. Thank you, that you made us all think about our positives.

    I mean, famous people we see on stage and in TV and they seem to be so far away, like someone from another space. And here are you, great and famous singer and you're here, sharing moments from your life, talking with us like with friends and you really are interested in our problems. And that's just wonderful. It makes you so close:)
    So, thank you for it:)

    Good night and have lovely dreams:)

  20. Dear Anette,

    thanks to you for everything!!!
    You are wonderful and we love you!!!
    I also love the song so much and I haven't listened to it for so long!

    Hugs & sweet dreams!

  21. That really helped me. I agree with is normal to focus on the negative side of us, people and things, but we should look for the positive aspects, this is really important.
    You have such a good heart. You are a light for everyone.
    You shall live forever =)

    Thank you for all, you are a really, really beautiful and strong person too.
    Love you.


  22. thanks Nettan!!!

    You're so beautiful too!!!!


    I love this song!!!

    We love you!!!

    hugs and love♥


  23. Thank YOU Anette.
    You are an inspiration and you're right: I may not like myself much but I need to focus on what good there is in me and work on changing what I don't like. I am in control of my life, not a group of cruel people from years ago.
    You are such a kind, positive person. *hugs*

    There is beauty in the pathway of the tear-
    A poignant hope that shows us that we’re still alive.
    And though all strength is dead and gone,
    From the ashes, all that was may be once more.

  24. a little late, but still, here's 10 things that I can stnad up and feel proud for.

  25. You are totally right Anette. I immediately thought of the things I do not like about myself, but we also have good parts.

    And the most important thing is (that I think) to just be yourself. There will always be people who appreciate you for that, and there will also always be people who don't like you that much. But if they don't like me, then I think they can kiss my ass ;)

    Hugs Daphne
    (I'm feeling better right now, yes I'm confused, but I'll have to wait and see what time will tell :) Thx for your help!)

  26. Our anette is really a lot of people who never speaks our strengths always speaks ill oou like that.
    or else I'll call this sort of thing ^ ^

    Hunn, I loved the piercing you put another right
    was beautiful *---*

    I hope you are well.

    Kisses and Hugs!

    \ õ - --

  27. thanks to you anette!
    you dont know how much your this comment made my day :) i had a stressed day at school but seeing everything beatifull about myself really cleared up my day :D thanks for the song, and enjoy your day to
    with love

  28. Thank you for doing that Anette. It really
    helps me. I'm going through a lot right now,
    not only am I switching schools and moving,
    but I'm going through a lot of personal
    issues at home. My parents are pretty much
    verbally abusing me everyday because they're
    stressed about the move and the real reason
    of why we're moving- and we can't tell anyone
    what the reason is. Which in turn stresses
    out me and makes me upset so then I tend to
    not pay attention to what I'm doing and if I
    do more things wrong I tend to get more
    abuse, sometimes physical, but usually it's
    verbal...a lot of yelling...Plus I have a lot
    of pressure on me from not only the school
    counselors but my parents also, about me
    going to college. I haven't told them yet
    that I want to be a singer. I don't want to
    deal with the disappointment just yet.
    My mum knows I love to sing, I've been
    in choirs and talent shows all my life. But
    I really don't think she'll accept that as
    my decision for a career. On top of that
    one of my best friends is pregnant. She'll
    be due in March and we're only juniors in high school. But I'm moving and I want to
    be there for her and I know she will really need her friends right now. But my
    parents have me do a lot at home- I've pretty
    much raised both my brothers for the past
    10 years. I need to be there for her,
    but I'm moving and my parents force a lot of
    responsibility on me and I don't want to
    think about consequences of not getting all
    done what I need to...

    But you are a wonderful person, and reading
    your blog does help sometimes when I can't
    stand my own reality and I'd rather be sucked
    into yours.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  29. I've always loved this song :)

    but do love You more, Anette ;))

    Have a lovely night!

    Karo E.

  30. Fasen människa. Varför har du dina frågestunder till oss när vi kl08/09-17/18-människor är på jobbet och inte kan svara? *morr* Vi (för jag kan ju inte vara den enda?!) känner oss utelämnade. *gråta* Eller så är jag bara för gammal för det här bloggföljandet. *snörvel*

    Nu ska jag lyssna på MaryJet samt förbereda mig för morgonsdagens, ack så spännande, arbetsdag.

    PS- vad fin du blev med den nya frillan!

  31. Haha Christina Aquilera, the queen of over singing. Gotta love her though, such powerful raspy wonderful belting. =)

    And this topic sure was a succes.

  32. Maybe its not to late for positive thoughts---it's my turn hihihii...i came back home right now...

    I like that I am creative and like to risk with creations sometimes, for example I gave birth to new Nightwish singer first fansite from the moment that media have announced her name (such a cutie!;o)), for the trust I put in the Nightwish boys;=) I knew they had chosen well and so the site choice went well too for more than 2 years so far and I feel proud now and thankful for the collaborators I found, such as: Lisa, Christian, Arianna, RaxNW, Bonome, Nessì, Pinksootydog, Sylvera, Lily, Pavone Alfonso, Carla Navarrete, LaLuna and so many more I may forget;=)
    Day by day, the fact I owned this site led me to learn more about you, Anette, and to like you in a more mature way, time after time.
    In the beginning it all was a bit immature and like "Ok, Nightwish have a new baby on board, let's create that fansite, that girl might have something special if they have chosen her!" (sorry, dont wanna sound unkind or smth..I am sure you can understand since you have passion for computer, websites, writing, design, music and stuff as well;=))
    Yeah I know people can bring you down even when you have a site because of envy or betrayl :=( and sometimes they suggest to quit.
    But time after time, things have open your doors to us every day through your blog and I dont think its stupid, but it' serious if the person who reads it is serious too, because then he/she can interpretate in a good way then;--)
    It feels good to have your company during the day somehow and I think you are generous in a way. It is natural for me now to read your blog whenever I can, its a pleasant "journey"!:=) you encourage me to keep the site-work up :)

    Yes I do think you are a great listener..friendship has no borders here, no matter where you come position etc...
    And SURE you have beautiful perfect legs, congrats:=) You never answered to my question -"How can you keep them so in shape?"
    Also I noticed your skin improved a lot, it looks so brilliant, clean, young,soft..:=D

  33. Hi Nettie.

    First of all...I LOOOOOOVED your new hair *-*. You are so beautiful with this new look. Congratulations!!

    And now, I really think that is so difficult to every single person in this world see the qualities of themselves. I'm a prove of that, because everytime I only can see my worst side and so many people say to me just my negative side, so I dont have hope on myself sometimes =/.
    But 2 years ago I met a girl who was very cool I thought, and after Nightwish's show in Japan (I came in Tokyo and she in Osaka) we started to talk everyday about what we felt seeing you for the first time, and some months later my parents started a war inside home and I saw my life drowing into pieces..
    I thought I couldn't take that, but she made me feel strong and she helped me a lot, like no one never before helped and since then I started to see my good side.

    This year, she lost her job here in Japan and came back to Brazil, and 10 days after her b-day her mother passed away by a illness that she was fighting for through 10 years.
    I couldn't say goodbye to my friend, I never saw her personally, but I love her and thanks by Nightwish I was saved. And when her mother passed away, I felt the pain too, I cried too, and I tried to help her as she's done to me.
    Now she's pregnant and her daughter (and my niece of course) will born in January.
    Then, I felt good and useful for the first time in 17 years of life.

    So, sorry for take your time with this looong history, but you made me feel happier today and I had the will to open my heart about all these things.

    Thank you so much for your help, Nettie. You have a beautiful ligation with your fans, even you're in Sweden and we are worldwide. I cannot wait to see you on the stage again and I really hope to meet you someday.

    I love you!


  34. I never used to feel good about my self, I used to have major self loathing cry fests a couple of months ago. I decided to look in the mirror naked and take a notebook and fill one page with the positives and one with the negatives. I then began what I call "MeSelf time" I began a huge overhall of my diet and began going to the gym daily. I am making very good progress thus far.

    I see so many girls, women and even the males look at the media, celebs, or other real people and just hate themselves for no real reason. We need to teach our children, younger siblings, or whomever that being content with yourself is the best thing ever.

    I feel really strongly against parents sending their kids to a fat camp, diet program, or the like because the parent has THE REAL PROBLEM, they can not love their child for who they really are..hey this kid one day may be the next presiddent, rocket scientist, or the next Einstein! I was one of those kids and I am now 36 and it took me 30ish years to make the changes for me not anyone else around me.

    One last comment, Anette thank you for never being shy for what you wear, dealing with horrible comments, and never allowing them to get the best of you, you are a role model for all women out there! Trust me, I have learned so much from you and I THANK YOU for showing me to look in the mirror and laugh and smile instead of crying.

  35. Hi Anette, so nice that you got everyone to portray their virtues here in the comments. Also I wanted to say sorry if I bothered you in some way with the long post I sent you 2 weeks ago about a personal problem I had with myself in my relationship, I know you must be very busy and you don't have to answer to me, that's your choice :-)

    I imagine you read it since I didn't see my comment anyway, but no problem, at least you read it. All is ok with my girlfriend I just had an episode of doubt, and self doubt and fear, but I know I love her and I'm happy with her. So thanks for being nice as always, may your life be very blessed.

    Big hello from Puerto Rico,


  36. Good morning my angel!

    Sometimes I can't believe that you are a real person. You're unbelievable, an angel that brightens my days. It is very easy to find thousands of qualities in you and that makes me admire you more each day.
    I hope you keep it up, never get tired of this blog and continue sharing your life with us, with fans who love you so much.

    You made me think about my qualities, because sometimes we think only in the bad things we do and forget that we have many good things.

    Have a wonderful day and again, thanks for being that person so special. I love you!


  37. Aww what a beautiful song :( It reminds me that everyone has a beautiful rose within, not matter what the cruel world says :) thanks!
    Oh, I wanted to tell you something about The Hearts Asks pleasure first.
    Did you know that Sarah Brightman asked the permission for turning the instumental piece Enniuo Morricone's "Gabriel's Oboe" soundtrack of the movie "The mission" some 10 times? Morricone always rejected it, every 2 months Sarah wrote a begging letter to him :) But after a while, he accepted her version! :D
    So, we just can't surrender, you are a brave person, I've learnt that from you :) so, why not send again he song and again and again to Neyman until he changes his mind :D you could publish the song as a download-only single (If he asked not to be published on any album) or as a gift to the afsn :) Really, the wait is too long, and we loved the song, if you -just imaginig- cuold give us the song for download (Obviously Legally ;) ) or whatever way to have it, we couldn't be happier until next NW album - Ot yours! :D -
    Thanks for reading this stupid comment :) - I'm just in love of your voice, I just want to hear more and more from you :D -

    Have a good day!

  38. Here in Brazil is 01:28 AM and I'm going to sleep now. Probably You must agree to a few hours, then I wish you a great day, full of joy ;-)
    Hugs from Brazil =)

    Bonome =D

  39. You have the beauty of the heart and physical beauty is so rare!
    Thank you Anette :=)

  40. Hi Ane,

    beautiful for me?
    I believe in simple things as smile,
    child's innoncence, to help people,
    to be a better person each day
    and to make good things too

    I believe in God and i feel good things Him
    and I share what I recieve Him with my parents,
    friends, other person

    I'm human and I have fails
    and i try been better person all the day

    Thanks for you words, Ane

    kisses from brazil