Monday, 26 October 2009


Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we were at my mums place and her new little birma-cat Pocahontas is so beautiful:=) My son didnt wanna leave and now he wants hos own little cat, so I am on the hunt for a cat for him. We have been looking at ragdoll, does anyone have or know this breed? The say they are very lazy and calm, and after having Nightstar here who is totally on top of everything, we dont want another maine coon. One is enough to keep up with;)

I would love a sphynx-cat but my son says they are ugly. Well, naked cats can look a bit different so I understand him. But I think they look so cool;=)


  1. Good Morning Anette =)

    These cats are really beautiful.
    They have lovely blue eyes.
    Awwh... They are just so sweet.

    Enjoy the day!
    Hugs & Kisses from France <3

  2. Good morning Anette,

    I love it when you talk about cats haha

    Ragdoll cats are gorgeous & yes they are very calm & lazy kind of floppy like a "sloth" version of a cat, but very beautiful. haha =)

    I too have always wanted a Sphynx cat!! As far as i have read tho they dont get along with other cats, they become very attached to their owner & they do not deal with lonliness at all...i have read in some books that if left alone too long they can die of a broken heart!! how strange is that...!?! & when they are feeling low they mope around like dogs do when a dog is sulking they hang their heads low. Yes as far as i know there is alot towards looking after a Sphynx! I think they are beautiful =)I can however imagine that a child or a teenager might be a bit nervous of one they are so unique ;)

    Anyway have a great day =)


  3. Hello Anette =D.

    I love cats, here in Japan they mean money and lucky and because of it, every home has 2, 3 or 4 cats. They are very cool *-*.
    And about sphynx-cat..they are very very different hehe, I didnt really like..they look a little strange.



  4. Awww ^__^!
    Vilka sötnosar i korgen!
    Jag har själv haft katt tills jag blev 14 år, men vet dock inte om Ragadoll så mycket, eftersom min var en bondkatt ;=)
    Men bara man har en katt, så spelar saken ingen roll! :=)
    Sphynx är ju läskiga :P haha.. men rätt coola ja.
    Perserkatter är både söta och fula, men de hårar förfärligt....;=(

    Lycka till med kattsökandet! ;=)


  5. good morning anette !
    ragdoll and birma are quite similar and very very beautiful. what is true is that they are really calm and so... you can say lazy ;-)
    But they are also very nice cats with super temper ! they need a lot of hugs and love and they are not so wild. and of course, you'll have to brush them often. My sister who is totally fond of cats told me ragdoll were even cooler than birma for the temper and soooo soft :)
    Then, i think you already know them but i have to talk of them = norwegian forest cats are great ! the perfect middle between a very very nice cat and a crazy cat which likes to play :)
    i'm totally in love with them because of their amazing temper ! so for me it's the best cat ever you can have ! haha
    Then, the sphinx has a strange look but it implies some things to know... you should not let it outside if it's very cold but this cat is not that fragile as we could think because it has a thick skin. yet, you have to take care of its skin (the sun is quite bad for it) and it's recommanded to give it bath ! then, it's very very kind :) and they also love hugs. the bad point i'd say... is their price and the fact that many people are disgusted by them :/
    hope i say some true things (but i think i did since i love cats and already met all of these breeds :) )
    have a good day !

  6. Dear Anette,

    sweet cats there. Having worked at the veterinary for a long time I found my opinion that breeding animals is seldom good for them. There are very often made some breeding-faults which causes harm and pain to those animals not seldom. Well, I'd look for one out of the animal's home for they do REALLY need someone...
    But well, opinions are different.
    I wish you a nice day!
    yours, Lisa

  7. Good morning,

    oh ragdolls are soooo sweet. A friend of me has two of them. They are so gentle and social, they like cuddling and normally there are no problems with other cats. So, a ragdoll is a good choice.

    And about the sphynx-cat I really can understand your son. They look mh... special ;-)

    Have a nice day!
    Hugs from Germany

  8. Good morning, Anette. What beautiful cats! I don't know much about this breed, but if you would rather have a calmer cat than sweet little Nightstar, who I imagine can be quite wild (but gorgeous with it), than I suppose the rag doll is the one to go for.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. MY moms friend has 2 ragdoll is white/blue something like that --> I think it's called Bicolor ragdoll and one creamy/chocolate --> pointed ragdoll.
    They are really cute.
    They are calm and lovely.When you pick them up they are completely relaxed which is showing that they have confident in their owner.
    They will not jump around everything in apartment all the time but they are curious and interested in everything that is happening around them.They like to cuddle a lot maybe that's why people say they are lazy.
    I hope you got some info from me.
    I hope you will get one.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs :D

  10. Aaaw, good morning Netty!
    They are so damn cute! I wish I could have cats, mom's allergic...
    Have a nice day!

  11. Actually Ragdolls are the most 'doggish' cats. :-D They are a bit like dogs, like to hang-a-round with you all the time.. :)

  12. Sphinx's are nice, but I think in Sweden it can be to cold for them ;) You know, every little change of temperature in house and the cat becomes ill...
    I'm dreaming about main coon, but I've got one cat already. And I know how was it, when I bring him to home, little fluffy kitten, and my other adult cat was so angry about it that she (SHE! She was angry about HIM! I've never understood it.) moved to my neighbor and she's not mine cat anymore. ;<
    So that is why I can't buy a new one. Huh.

  13. Good morning!
    Yes, those cats are very calm and lovable,
    so I think one would be great for your son.

    I know! The Sphinx cat's are really cool
    looking. I think Egyptian Mau's are beautiful
    too though, I love their markings.

    Everyone I know is getting new animals.
    We have two Chihuahua's(plus the two
    bigger dogs we have),
    and now my uncle and grandma have each
    gotten a Chihuahua mix.

    Well, I'm off for my first day at a new school!

    Hope you have a nice day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  14. Good morning Anette (checks clock, yep, still morning =p),

    are those your mum's cats on the picture? They look really cute - all of them together in a basket =) I so want to hug them now =)

    Your little blog really cheered me up as I'm really tensed about exams in uni for no actual reason as I'm up to date with everything.

    I really hope you'll find a nice cute cat for your son. Have a good day!


  15. Hi Anette,
    How exciting!! I looked in my Cat reference book and they say:
    Moderate grooming - fur prone to matting
    Not as interested in hunting as other cats
    They love family life and get along well with children.
    There are many color varieties - like the Siamese...
    Here's a website I found....

    When I rescued my Norwegian Forest cat I did so much research...It's a lot of fun to learn about the breeds....
    Hope this helps!!! Can't wait to see pics!!
    Have a great day!!


  16. Ragdoll cats are great, but you have to be very careful to keep them inside as they have lost alot of their "fight or flight" instincts. They are very lazy cats!

    Otherwise, I would suggest a Burmese: they are VERY affectionate and loving cats. Mine follows me around the house and misses me when I'm not around! They're not as relaxed as ragdolls but they adore cuddles and love to sit on your lap, purr and headbutt you.

    I hope you post pictures if/when you get your son a cat!

    Smiles and hugs from Australia, :)

  17. Hii Anette =)

    ooh, those little cats are so adorable!
    I wish we still had cats too, but people here are alergic and all that ='( .

    I totally get your thing with sphynx cats, I think they're gorgeous even though they look a bit strange. They're just so cool!
    Well, I hope you find a good cat for you and your son soon, and post lots of pictures =).

    Have a great day,
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  18. Hello ! Those cats are adorable! Sooooooo sweet picture!



  19. Åh, jag älskar ragdoll katter. De är underbara :)
    Men birma katter är jättefina. Jag känner en som har tre stycken, och de är otroligt lugna och fina allihopa. De har till och med anammat regler (inte så konstigt kanske men det finns ju katter som man inte kan lära saker):P

  20. Hey Anette :)

    how are you? hope everything works fine^^
    Nice picture^^ Lovely kittys :)
    I agree with you a sphynx-cat looks cool, like them, a diffrent looks. but sweet :)

    so, hope you get the right cat for your son
    have fun on the hunt :)

    Love and Respect

  21. Hahaa, I so burst out to laugh when I read these lines "I would love a sphynx-cat but my son says they are ugly. Well, naked cats can look a bit different so I understand him. But I think they look so cool;=)".
    "Naked cats"! :D

  22. Aww, what cute little kittens you have there! ^__^

    Heheh... I adore sphynxes too -- exactly because they're so ugly they're actually cute! Just like those hairless dogs -- can't remember the name of the breed but they have hair only on their heads and some on the legs. What's funny in these hairless pets is that their body temperature feels much warmer than yours -- dunno if it really _is_ warmer or does it just feel so because there's no fur layer to block the heat but anyways, they are very nice to hold on your lap on cold Winter evenings :) A bit like a living hot water bottle ;)

    Hmm-hmm... can't comment anything on the cat breed issue since I know next to nothing about those -- of Norwegian forest cats I've gotten the impression though that they are maybe not the best option for an apt located in the city. I've known a few cats of this breed and they never wanted to stay inside but ran away and spent days wandering in people's yards and nearby bushes...

    Anyways, good luck with the "hunt" and hope your son is happy with whatever you decide! :)

  23. oh my god they ares so cute i thinkk they call them "chat siamois" in french . i have a cat my self , a male i'm in love with him espacially whezn he's asleep his so incredibly cute.
    cats are more sweet than dogs .

  24. I undestand your son, Like Joey in friends said about bold cat "That is not a cat" :--D They look little too scary to me who is already scared of cats.


  25. Last summer I got to have my friend's ragdoll for a few days and I totally fell in love with it! Fluffy, companionable and not too active. I don't like cats jumping on tables and shelving all the time.

    This certain ragdoll liked to sleep a lot (maybe mainly 'cause he was still a baby), but he also liked to taste my plants every now and then and spent one evening prowling a rabbit through my balcony window :D<3

  26. Anette... but that beautiful cats! :D I want one too! XD I don't like sphynx cat and i can understand your son. I hope you will find a cat for him! Good luck! Have a nice evening! Hugs

  27. woww i love cats :)
    I love animals :)
    i have 4 dogs, 1 cat and 3 horses, i love them all so dearly :)
    Im alergic to them though :'( but i dont care... i believe that love will always beat alergies. and nothing, not even alergies will seperate me from my animals :)
    anyways good luck with the kitty hunt :)

  28. Hi anette. The cats are very beautiful. ^^