Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday and Idols;=)

So, we are back and we had a great day! My son danced with all the girls tonight, they all asked him to dance;=) He is popular, I am proud;=)

I got some nice nice things for us all today and now its TV time and the very first semi finals in Idols. Of course I am checking them out and enjoy to see dear Anders in action;=)

enjoy the evening!


  1. Ohh!! How nice! So your boy must be really cute!! And girls are no longer like we used to be.. hahaha In my days, I was soooo shy.. Well.. I still am.. I often turn red when more the 5 people are looking at me when I'm talking and stuff ahahah so silly!!

    I dont want to be a pain.. but.. do you think you could tell me what you think about what I've asked you? about portuguese teachers in sweden?

    So.. good night and sleep well, dear :*

  2. Eeeeah, Idols;)
    We don't have them in Russia, but I sometimes watch YouTube videos)))
    I see, your boy already rocks))))) Watch out, too much popularity isn't very good for a young man)))) But anyway congratulations;)
    Lots of love and sweet dreams to you!

  3. Awww your son sounds so cute XD

    Sounds like you're having a good day, gotta be better than mine. I had that cervical cancer jab today and I'm in paiinn XD

    Enjoy your evening too! =]

  4. Aw, how sweet! I'm sure your son will keep is popularity and keep on dancing with lots of girls :)

    I'm wathing Talent 2009 - everyone is really good! You should check it out on YouTube - just search for DK Talent 2009 - I promise you'll be amazed!

    Have a great evening Nettie.

    Love, Mads

  5. Oh so cute ^.^ I wish I was there to see your son kicking ass =P

    Thanks and enjoy the evening too =)

  6. Glad to hear that his son had fun today. Much success to him =)
    Enjoy the Idols on TV today, have a good evening ;-)
    hugs from Brazil
    Peace =)

  7. Hello Anette!
    Isn't motherhood great? I mean wo all the crying, changing and other horrid stuff we go through all in the name of love.

    I really enjoy reading your words about your son because it makes me look forward to seeing all these little memories you have now with my own. I never understood that love one has for their offspring until now having my own. I hear your pride, love and admiration for him.

    oh my, I just realized I put this under the wrong post! I was thinking I was in the disco thing. Sorry!

    Have a good weekend:)


  8. Hey Anette!
    I'm happy for your son. I wish I had his luck with girls.. I'm a real disaster xD

    And here in Brazil, yesterday was the end of semi finals in Idols. Women are way better than men this year. How is it in Sweden?

    Kisses õ/

  9. Aww, that's so cute =)

    What do you think of the fact that Barack Obama got a Noble?

  10. Hii Anette =)

    Soooo cute from your son, I would have died to see that!
    You should be proud indeed, but aye, what else could he be but great with a mum like you?

    Ah, there is a sort of Idols here too, one of many, this one's called Popstars.
    But were still in auditions, so funny to see some of the people there ;p

    Have a great evening all of you and your company!

    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  11. That's great ^ ^
    your son did very well; =)

    And you should as a mother is super happy.

    Enjoy the night you too!

    Kisses and hugs!

  12. It's good to hear that your son had a great time! And that you had a fun time today too! :)
    I was wondering if you could answer a question I was always wondering about... Who does the little child's voice in the Poet and Pendulum???
    Just a random question... :) And I think someone may have asked this already, but is the tour going to be made into a dvd? And if so, is there a chance that who ever is making it will include footage from the May 1 2009, Webster Theater, Hartford Conneticut, USA show???
    Anyway, enough of my pestering questions... Good night! (It isn't actually night time here in the US...)

  13. Dear Anette.

    I was always useless at dances. Your son has more bottle then I ever did. I never had the nerve to ask anyone to dance.

    Dan xx

  14. Awww! Congrats to him!
    I watched idols tonight and they weren't bad at all. Some danced on Planet Hell =)

    Wish you a nice evening



  15. Hey Anette,

    have a nice weekend, first of all! Cool to read your son had so many girls to dance with ;)

    My evening started with eating a microwave macaroni meal at the music school which was really tasty, then band rehearsal. Then my mom was so nice to pick me up and take me home by car. Then a shower, and now I'm watching Popstars, which is similar to Idols. They've been broadcasting auditions for weeks now, I'm getting bored by it. What do you think of all those audition rounds in talent shows?


  16. Good for your son! ;-) He sounds like quite the little ladies man ♥
    I'm happy it's Friday because here in Canada it's the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend - and I am thankful for your lovely voice, Anette, and this wonderful blog that you take the time to write for us! :-)
    Hugs from Canada, and God bless
    - Suzy C. ♥

  17. Good news! I am happy for your son. He is luckier than me, I wish I had all that luck. eheheh.
    I am glad that you had a great day =)

    Have a reallly nice evening.


  18. Hehe he danced with all the girls=.=
    How cute!^^
    Hope you had a nice friday(<33) and enjoy the rest of it!
    Huge hugs =^.^=

  19. Aww, that's so sweet!
    Man he's a womanizer, you go boy!
    HaHa, just kidding, but I bet
    that would have been soo cute to see.

    We have American Idol but I don't watch it
    too often, I have all my other
    favorite shows on so I always miss it.

    I was going to go to the Homecoming game
    tonight and the dance tomorrow,
    but I don't think I will do either.
    Tonight my friend and I are going to go
    see Harry Potter 6, again! Haha!
    Then I think tomorrow I need to stay home
    and pack. We're moving in two weeks
    and I'll be at a new school,
    and I have a lot I'm thinking about
    at the moment...

    Hope you have a nice evening!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  20. God afton. Mariette var bäst. Som vanligt. ;-)

  21. That's great about your son. I'm so glad he had a nice time.

    I watched Idol when I was in Sweden recently. Now I'm back in the UK I'll be watching The X Factor, which is our version.

    Have a good night!

  22. Hi Anette, i suppose your son is very popular! I wanna see him to dance! XD Have a nice evening! Big hugs

  23. LOL, I'm glad that you had a fun day :)

    It's been chaotic weather-wise this week. Wednsday, it was about 16C(63F) Thursday it was around 31C(88F) and now its 12C(54F)and lots of rain with it all(urgh)

    I sang Dead Boy's Poem for my dad and brought him to tears, and I start full voice lessons Tuesday, which I'm sooo excited about :)

    Hugs, and love

  24. Jag hoppas du inte menar att han är populär på det onda viset ;=) men han har ju en snygg mamma, så han har väl gener från att folk dras till han kanske! ;=)
    Första discot är alltid läskigt, han är väl 7-8 år nu eller? Äldre? :P
    Haha jag avskyr IDOL men kollade liiiite ikväll, Carolina eller vad hon hette lät väl helt okej, men annars låter ALLA likadant X)
    Du är iaf för bra för att va med i de där programmet (;

    kram Elle :}

    Sakta ner lite med bloggen! Man hinner ju inte med....;=)

  25. Good evening Anette!

    I'm glad to see that Your son had such a lovely fun at the dance party! I'm sure he is a very handsome indeed, having such a gorgeous mother, it simply has to be a fact ;)

    Have a beautiful night!

    Karo E.

  26. simply have to agree with the ones above giving you credits for your boy's success with the girls. "Sådan mor, sådan son" ;-)

  27. I was, and never will be, brave enough to ask anyone.... he seems to be doing WAY better than I am..
    I refuse to dance with the guys... especially ones i know... XD

    but at 4H dances... (tons of fun) i dance with all my friends..

  28. Anette, it's really cool that he was sooo popular at the disco!! But he is Anette's son, And he is same good and lovely, as his mummy!!

  29. Naw, låter gulligt med din son och så :)

    Och det är verkligen jättekul att titta på Anders Bagge. Hans ansikts reaktioner är obetalbara och särskilt under uttagningarna till idol.
    Som till denna videon:
    Det är lite taskigt att skratta men... :P

  30. Oh, ofc your son is popular, because he's probably very beautiful how his mother and because you are popular....;)
    Here in Croatia we have also show, it's called Super Talent and every friday is very interesting and funny...:) Some dancers were dance on Planet Hell, but just the beginning.
    So, have a nice day!

  31. Hey Anette :)

    Your son is popular with the girls :) cool thats sweet :)

    how are you by the way? everything ok this far?
    have a great day
    smile on

    Love and respect
    Chris :)

  32. Of course you son is popular, He's cute, nice and (...his mom is a rockstar ;D...) I guess he has as warm heart as you :)

    xoxx ~

  33. As I said in previous posts, he really was a charming little gentleman, I'm happy to hear it all went perfect for him :)

    Lots of hugs ^^