Sunday, 4 October 2009


Hi guys,

I cant answer the third part of the questions cause when I try and read that page, everything is messed up. Dont know what happened, but I am so sorry about this...


  1. Oooo, that sucks...

    I don't know how you try viewing the page
    or if you remember where you stopped-

    But I've never had a problem like
    that on my blog so I'm not sure.
    And you know that just creating another
    question post- you won't be sure which
    people you've already answered questions
    for...I don't know what you can do really.

    Well I'm sorry about that.
    Hope you figure it out.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  2. Hey

    Its not your fault, so dont worry ;)
    the internet can be a real bad ass from time to time ;) at least i think so.

    enjoy your day, and smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile :)
    a big hug
    lil Chris :)

  3. No problem, do not worry about it ;-)
    Unfortunately my question was also the third part but it's okay, I wait the next round of questions =)
    Actually there are many questions from people of various countries with different language styles, and many times this people, as I, use a translator to write the comments and since the translators often translate wrong is common the texts become nonsensical and sometimes impossible to read (this coment probably will be a bit nonsensical). ;-)
    Have a great day and do not worry, we'll wait patiently for the next round of questions =)
    Hugs from Brazil
    Peace =)

  4. Hi Anette,

    That´s a pitty...will be again "question time"?

    By the way, I heard your duet with The Rasmus, and it´ aweasome!

    Hugs Lukas

  5. Ah, that really sucks.
    But it's not your fault, i'm sure everyone understands =) (right guys!!!)
    Maybe you can ask them to post questions again?

    I hope it works out, gosh technology can suck sometimes!

    Lots of Looove, Lisa <3

  6. Awww.. We totally understand! Well.. Questions next time :PPPP hehe^^!
    Have a nice day! By the way, Congratulations For The A-W-E-S-O-M-E song October&April!!! It's just brilliant! <3333333

  7. It's OK dear Anette. I am sure that they will understand.



  8. dont worry about it, have a good day.

  9. Hi Nettan.. Don't publish this, okay?
    Did you try to get the questions from the comment page? Like, the page we all can see?
    I checked it and I think I could read all the ones you have published. If you want, I can send them to you.. You just figure out a way I can do it.. If you want, I can email it to you or to your management.. just tell me where can I send it to and I will.
    I saw the last question you answered on part too and copied every other questions.. Well.. If you want to, here's my email

    You can ask someone to send me an email or something so I can send you all the questions! I hope you know that if you decide to do this yourself, I will not give your email to anybody.. I will not even keep it myself because I dont want to feel tempted to write you hehehe So.. I know it's hard for you, but you can trust me because I wouldn't want you to get pissed at me :)

    Kisses to you..

  10. I don´t know how to ask,I have used just this comment thing so is here some special way to ask?


  11. No problem Anette. I hope now it's allright!

  12. Hi Anette! first at all, you're so cool, I always loved your voice, style and personality, and all the great influence that you have made on nw (one of my favorite bands). I just have a question =(, could be possible,just any possibility that you could made a concert on Venezuela??, all you guys only go to Mexico or my country!, and we love you here =D! would be like a dream...
    Take care, and keep rocking ;-)
    Alechandrina =)

  13. Well, good thing I made a copy of mine, so I can just post it here ;)

    Hi Anette,

    I'm Mads, and I'm from Denmark, I didn't really want to write in Danish, cos, well, I prefer English ;) Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that you are such an incredible singer! I love listening to your early songs in Nightwish and Alyson Avenue, and then the new stuff, and the way your voice has evolved is fantastic! Your singing coach is Cathrine Sadolin, right? I remember having seen her on TV a bunch of times and I've always loved her :) I especially remember her from the show Popstars, which I'm sure you've also had in Sweden :P
    I've been listening to Meadows of Heaven - the live version - for like 10 times today, I'm so glad that you've started doing that one live, I've been waiting for that ever since I heard it the first time! You do an amazing job on it - I loved you singing with the Swedish Symphony Orchestra (I don't really know if that's actually what they're called, but I loved it nontheless) it was so beautiful and intense, can't wait to actually be there myself, listening to you sing it live!
    I also love that you've started singing Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan, which you also do SO beautifully! I remember having read once a long time ago that you would like to learn that song and sing it live, and I've been hoping you would ever since, so I was so overjoyed when I found it on YouTube!
    I hope you'll be coming to Denmark soon again, with Nightwish or your new solo album, which I will definitely be looking forward to :) The concert you gave in Denmark, in KB Hallen, back in November 2007, was absolutely fantastic! One of the best nights in my life, and when you started singing Eva, I shed a tear or two, I'm not ashamed to say, it was just so beautiful!

    I was wondering if Nightwish will be releasing a live dvd? Like a concert, like From Wishes to Eternity and End of an Era, from the DPP-tour? Because that would be so awesome - to be able to just pop in a dvd and have you come into my room anytime I want, would be so cool :)

    I want to wish you the best of luck on your solo album, I hope it all goes well and to your satisfaction :) I'll be first in line when it hits the stores!

    I'll attach a few links for some pictures I've made, some are "makeovers" of you ;) Others are photomanipulations that are inspired by NW-songs and yourself :) To me Nightwish and you are my biggest inspirations!

    Love, hugs and kisses from Mads!

    PS: I'm serious about treating you to a trip to Randers Regnskov ;) You can read about it at their website;

  14. No problems for me =)
    But next time I should wake up earlier to not comment so late, eheheh.
    Hmmm, I don't like the Time Zone at all. Sounds like you are in the future and I am belated, it is kind of this =)

    By the way, I would love to see you singing with The Rasmus lively someday. I love the song you sang with them, can't stop listening to it.

    Have a nice day, lot of hugs,

  15. Hello Anette! I'm so happy you gave us the chance to ask you once more time ;=)
    1. I don't know have you red this question before or not but since you didn't answer this i will write it again: what do you think of Oriflame cosmetics? I know it's from Sweden and has been speaded all over the world and in russia mostly. So did you try this? If yes,how do you find this?
    2. What do you think of long long nails? You have them so rarely but once in a while. Isn't it comfortable for you?
    3. Why do you have 2 pirciengs in the brow? Usually people do one there ..))) Don't you want to have some more pirciengs somewhere else? =)

  16. Oops, i'm sorry Anette...i was in a very big rush and didn't note it's not a round of questions this time ..It's only an announcment=( I'm sorry for writing questions now.

  17. I didn't post my questin =/

    Anette, fo you remember I asked a few days ago wether u could sing eva for us on a video? would u mind? u didn't answer =/.

    Hope everything's fine...and u hair is AAAWesome!

    u always look beautifull...

    kisses and hugs from Rj- Brazil

  18. Hey Anette!
    Does the page work if you go to the questions via this link? :)


  19. dont woeey anette, let me say that your hair is awezome also your glasses and like 5 minutes ago i just listened the song of the rasmus and you, its amazing and really you are very beautifuk i think that you look very nice when your hair is long and like you have it right now

  20. Hi Anette, my question diddnt get answered in the last round, I hope you answer this one ;)

    1) How do you cope with haters? It must be very hard.
    2) I was wondering how you got your hair from black to blonde again? Because when I try and dye it from black to blonde, my hair goes ginger?
    3) Your an amazing singer, so beautiful and I hope all goes well for you :)

    Thanks, Anette! <3

  21. Hej Anette,
    How are you today?
    About the questions it doesn't matter.
    I saw that there were alot of questions.
    And there were alot of the same questions.
    But take your time and I hope you'll have a relaxed evening.

    Lots of love,

  22. Hello, Anette :)

    The weather's been dreary here, too, which sucks, but all the more reason to burn my pumpkin pie candle(thing makes me drool)

    I love the hair, but think the new glasses are a little too big for your face. They don't suit your face-shape at all.

    I won't be getting a dog after all, and my brother has to get rid of his cat, due to the landlord having a 'no pets not even goldfish' policy. Got a cute costume from Walmart for halloween(no, I have no plan's to go tr-ck-or-treating) and was happy that it wasn't too small as feared, since the biggest they had in that style was a medium.

    I've recovered quite a bit from tuesdays metallica show, but my allergies have started acting up from the crappy weather, so my singing voice still isn't back to normal yet, and I have my first lesson on Wednsday.

    Did you ever check out the youtube link I posted?? I was wanting to know what you thought...

    Hugs, and love,


  23. Hi Anette! CNFC (Croatian Nightwish Fan Club) got an idea to make "virtual interview" with you. We collected few questions posted by members on our forum, hoping you can answer them.

    1. What are your favourite Nightwish songs?
    2. Which metal bands do you like?
    3. If you can wish 3 wishes, what would it be?
    4. Do you have any friends from "Celebrity World" (Metal or not metal friends - doesn't matter)?
    5. If you could choose to meet any person on the world, dead or alive, celebrity or anybody else, who would you choose? And why?
    6. Hartwall Areena concert just finished. How was the concert? Any DVD release about to come out?
    7. Is the solo album in working process?
    8. Any message for your Croatian fans?

    We really hope you'll get time to answer these questions...
    We love you,
    CNFC crew <3 <3 <3

  24. awww how sad!!!
    anyways it doesent really matter :D

  25. Please, don't worry Anette! As other people have commented here, informatic and technology can be problematic and may have failures when you most need to use them.

    Oh I forgot in the previous post, I'll try to find and buy the first book of House of the Night, but I think they're not available here in Spain yet, so I may buy them in English, hehe!

    Have nice dreams and sleep well! ^^

  26. anette it's so NOT your fault! (thank u so much cause u had answered me, i felt so honored :D) this whole internet thing sometimes fails! we love you so much 'cause you give us strength every single day, with your angel voice and your beautiful smile!!
    you rule woman ! (and i feel so lucky that you're gonna see my post! ;=) )

  27. Anette, I am back!
    I had to leave for the week-end, so i tried to check your blog by my nokia mobile phone, but could not post comment from it ..... ;=(

    I could read fortunately...its nice to see you are so in shape again, and superwow glasses! heheheh
    I'm not sure about the 'swedish people like happiest in the world part', because i' ve always told the contrary in GENERAL:=(...
    but I am happy if this was a false myth.

    I read this article by Åke Daun, Professor of European Ethnology, he talks abouth Swedish:

    Hope you have an exciting week!!!!


  28. Sorry, I meant " I WAS told the contrary in general (so, not me, but media or people :) )

  29. Oh and by the way...I have no words for October & April...I almost cry, so beautiful!=)

  30. Hi Anette!

    Well, It's sad to hear that =(, but I understand,
    I hope to be faster next time, hehe =)

    Anyway, Thank you very much for your time ;)
    Take Care a lot!!


  31. Oh...well if you want to answer some questions, here are some from me =)

    1. I have had the pleasure of viewing Made In Hong Kong: And Various Other Places and I giggled when the boys taught you how to call someone a hobo in Finnish. I was wondering if you'd learned any amusing Finnish phrases since then that you'd like to share?

    2. Have you participated in Drunken Uno yet? {Which, by the way, looks like a lot of fun :P}

    3. How does it feel being on a nice long break where you can have a little free reign concerning your little project and how excited are you to get into the studio for your own personal project and for Nightwish's new album?

    4. I recall you asking if I liked the Twilight Saga and telling me that you did. Yes, I do like the series and have read all the books and own the movie {so far}. I was wondering who is your favourite Twilight character and why? {I have a feeling it's Alice *laughs*}

    5. I noticed you got more piercings. Pretty soon they'll be all over you and you'll end up with a body suit tattoo. Is that what you are aiming for? :P

    6. Oh and though this is kind of cliched, do you think Nightwish {or you perhaps?} would ever consider recording a Christmas album seeing as you all seem to be quite passionate about the holiday and the spirit it conveys? You could even have something like "Happy Birthday Tuomas" on it? :D

    7. And finally, before I forget, how are you today? =)

  32. Ok so,if is not too late to ask..
    1. There is probably many places on the world which you like the most but what is example one of them and why ?
    2. Is some place or city where you would like to go to see because you possibly haven´t been there yet ?
    3. Have you saw Niagaras falls ?

  33. wuou! but most interesting blog I've found jejeje, Anette, luck with everything especially with Nightwish :D!

    well, i don't understand about the questions D:

    (my english sucks xD)

    bye bye ^^!

  34. Oh, Anette...
    we understand what happened's strange, cause here, they're appearing O.o I was so happy when I knew that I could make questions directly for you.. and then I was wondering why you haven't answered mine and the others wich were on the third part...

    well, I would suggest you to tell those whose questions were on the third part to ask again, but there would be another people making a lot of new ones... I don't know...

    I'm still enchanted for the dedication you give to your fans...before finding your blog, I didn't use to think about you as so lovable person you are..for me, you were only THE SINGER... well, I was wrong.

    I know that the more we write, the harder is for you to read so many and big comments but I wanted to tell you another thing that I've noticed[and I guess I'm not wrong]: YOU SING WITH YOUR HEART

    kisses =*

  35. awww that is too bad!!! I am so disappointed =(

    Maybe if you tried again in a couple of days... hmm it may work! Could you try again??? Pweeze?

    xoxoxo lots of love! (love the new hair)

  36. Hello lovely Anette,

    Your voice is just getting more beautiful all of the time!!

    Just listened to GLS song from Hartwall, sounds like an Angel singing & WOW WOW WOW Your song with the Rasmus your voice is sooo wonderful & angelic

    When you sing soft like that i think of Fairies dancing on their tip toes =) =) =)

    haha you stopped at my questions at the end of your 2nd round, i don't mind at all it is enough for me that you share this blog with us...i am happy for that ;)

    Have a great fun filled week

    Kelly xxx

  37. When you are dealing with computers there's always something that can go wrong. Computers can work like magic - or not. :D
    It's a shame that you can't answer but then again I think you have answered into so many questions.

  38. hey Anette!
    hope that you answer my questions (=

    what do you think about the Olimpic Games in Rio de Janeiro?

    do you have plans to see the games live in 2016 on Rio?

    what do you know about the brazilian music and what do you like more?

    how do you meet your voice coach Cathrine and how are your classes with her? *she is really an amazing voice coach ah min Gud and seems to be a very nice, lovely and funy woman*

    what are your favorite perfumes and what you use most?

    which part of your body you would change os correct and why?

    do you think about make some kind of plastic surgery or procedures as Botox or lifting one day or already made some?
    if yes, tell me what (:
    *you are a beautiful woman but only by being a woman always want to change something in your body, very understandable*

    write a little summary of how your life has changed in the past twenty years and what do you plan for your future as person and as artist:

    their parents and grandparents still alive?how is your relationship with them?

    how is your relationship with your child?

    do you want to have one or more childrem in the future?

    how you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful with so many changes and what are your care with it?
    *lines how Resistance by Kérastase, all products Joico and Absolute Repair of Serie Expert by L'oréal Professionnel are simply perfect for keeping your hair healthy, beautiful and strong for future changes that certainly you will do!
    maybe you already know these products because they are easy to be found in Europe
    I know you Nettan...
    just a hint for you continue more and more beautiful as you are and always will be!
    I know that you can not keep your hair in the same way for so long! hehe*

    and to finish:

    tell me about one important vacation trip for you:

    one wisdom phrase for your life and the life we live nowadays:

    thank you so much Nettan!
    and I'm sorry for so many questions =D

    I love you <33


  39. anette!

    how you doin?

    do you like ice cream? or you prefer muffins? maybe waffles, cookies '-'