Sunday, 13 September 2009

Another good song;=)

Well, since it´s sunday and cleaning evening, lets listen to one more fabulous song;=) This is Lisa Miskovsky and the song is Another shape of my heart, which Backstreet boys have done too;=) This is her original version;=)


  1. Another great song!
    Thank you Anette for sharing it with us. =)


  2. Good song :-)

    I remember her, her song was in Mirrors Edge ;-)

    Hugs Lukas (Humr)

  3. I love her Mirror's edge theme, Still Alive.

  4. Good evening Anette :)

    Thats a really nice song. :)
    Have a nice evening.

    Lots of respect and Hugs

  5. Liked this music. I thought it better than the previous one, it fits more on day, already Opera It has a certain time to listen, for example when we need to clean the house or when want to relax. Of course this depends on each one, there are people who like to listen to opera all the time, this is more a matter of taste is not it ;-)
    The important thing is that everything is music the same way and even if someone do not like, I think that all the music adds something and should be respected, Do you agree? =)
    Have a good evening. ;-)
    Sorry if you don't understand something, this translator sometimes do not translate correctly ;-)
    Peace =)

  6. Great song :)
    Until now, I have never heard this song.
    I love women singing, it can lead me to a high place. I think it is an expression of her power.
    Oh, damn. It's so difficult to me to express in English. So, sorry if someone misunderstood me.

    Have a great evening!
    Evening is my favorite time of the day. Time to take shower, have dinner, read a book, watch TV, play videogame, listen to music...time to relax :)
    Take care,

  7. Dear Anette,

    it was so incredibly nice for me to start this last day of summer break reading your answer to my big big THANKS for the opportunity to ask you questions and for taking your time to answer!

    Tomorrow I will be back at school in the 12th grade (last high-school year) and I am very nervous already, cause there will come the final exams and we will have lots of subjects to study at .......and I'm really not in the mood for anything!
    But I am also excited, cause I'm meeting all my classmates tomorrow and usually we get along very well! (haven't seen most of them for 12 weeks!)

    I wish you a very nice time in Copenhagen and then in Helsinki too and lots of fun at everything!

    Thanks for today's songs!
    Have a nice evening and sweet dreams!
    Lots of hugs and kisses!


  8. Hy Anette! I know everyone here asks you some questions and now i want that too ...You have such a melodic voice,it goes straight to your heart :* ...What i want to know is what you do for mentaining your voice,what do you drink or what vocal exercises you do? i mean after awhile your throat starts hurting,specially after so many concerts...It's really expensive a canto class here and i'm learning different stufs by myself,that's why i'm asking you,maybe you could give a piece of advice ...I hope you never give up singing 'cause you're really wonderful,as an artist and a woman ...Good luck and lots and lots of kisses :*:*:* (and keep posting your outfits because they're great :D and that oopsies recipe,yummmy :D )

  9. Hey hey^^

    :) also a great song. i must admit: your music taste is awesome. you always come up with something new. thank you for sharing :)

    aaaaah, do you know the in flames song "Dead End" where Lisa did some vocals? its a very good song :)

    A beautiful evening to you
    biiig huuugs :)


  10. Good evening!

    Yeah, these are really nice songs. But when I have cleaning day I prefer to listen musicals (I think it's more fun when you can sing and dance while cleaning). My absolute favourite musical is "Dance of the Vampires" based on the movie by Roman Polanski. I think, that would also be something for you as a vampire-fan ;-)I can recommend it!

    Tomorrow I leave for a trip to Italy, and there will be no internet :-(
    So, I wish you a nice evening, a nice week and of course lots of fun next saturday in Helsinki :-)

  11. lovely song :D
    wow your going to helsinki tommorrow!!!! good luck!!!
    enjoy the rest of the evening :)

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  13. nice song the ones you are posting!

    love it!

    can't wait to seethe bathroom...hahaha bye!!

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  15. Hi, Anette=)
    Thank you for a wonderfull concert in Moscow! Can I ask you? What is tour favourite song of Nightwish? And what song are you enjoy singing most of all?

  16. hI Netti
    Good song :-)
    i like)
    love women singing))
    But you the best singer in the world)))

  17. Hi Anette, is a beautiful song but i prefer the version of Backstreet Boys. Have a nice evening!

  18. Hello Ane,

    I would like to thank for answer my question.
    But you dont understant my first question.
    anyway, i liked what you do ^_^
    thanks one more time.

    I hope that you come back to brazil
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Good Morning

    Thanks for another great song Anette.Hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday, it's always nice to be able to wind down and start a fresh for the new week ahead.I've already started my week(it's 6:45 here in Tasmania).
    Hope you have a great day


  20. Hi Nettan :)

    I really liked the questions and answers post, thanks for being so caring with us. And that video of you singing that lovely lulliby *___* you could tell us the translation ;)

    I´m so exicited about the Hartwall show, and i really think you should dress a stunning gown, it would be the perfect choice for such special day!

    And here is a nice tip video to you; is a swedish singer called Jens Lekman, he wrote this beautiful song about Sweden that i felt i had to share with you:

    I hope the song inspires in your song writing,i would love to see you singing these kind of acoustic-folk stuff in your solo album ;)

    Well, thats all

    love you Nettan ;***

  21. Dear Anette,
    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart ! i'm a great fan of nightwish and i love your voice, and when i saw you in Paris I also realised that you were a wonderful person.
    I love singing, it's my hobby, i do that all day... and of course i want to progress more and more all the time. Then, i realise so much things thanks to you, and especially this blog. As a "music student" i learn things and want to imitate the singers i listen to in fact... so i tried to be as good as my favourite singers and you are part of it you know. But i realise that you cannot be someone you are not. And now i know that music implies to be yourself and accept your voice with its faults etc, i finally take so much pleasure right now ! just "stealing" some good technics and way of singing some stuffs from singers(and of course from you ;-) ) but in order to use my voice with its good and bad points and dont listen to people who want me to be different as you say for you and the fact that people wanted you to be a lyrical singer.
    Thank you so much Anette ! i have confidence in my voice at last ! you're the best teacher i have even though you dont even know it =D
    (sorry for this loooong post !)
    have a good night !

  22. Hi Nett!!


    Really nice song! I like the BSB´s song too!! ^^ cute..

    I saw your favourite song of Kamelot!!! Mouring Star!! ^^ *.* I love Kamelot!!!! I love Roy Khan´s voice!! Nightwish & Kam are my favourite bands!! I did a question to you about them ^^ hehe.. well Nett ^^ I hope you enjoy your week!! I am waiting for the end of the Dark Passion Tour!! is incredible!!! ^^ EXIT!!!

    Love you Princess =*

    VivKhan ^^

  23. Both songs are great, anette. But I like to listen to some more rock'n'roll when I'm cleaning.. otherwise I'll just get annoyed and give up!

    Kisses and good night!

  24. I did the majority of my cleaning yesterday, and I usually have metal on, to keep me upbeat and moving along :)

    I've decided to make Oopsies for my brothers birthday tomorrow, which I'm sure he'll enjoy :P

    I had a good pot-roast and veggies dinner, so great to have an aspiring chef as an uncle, hehe.

    Well, I'll stop my random rambling.
    Hugs, and all my love

  25. Anette, could you possibly tell me where the comma and apostrophe on the Finnish/Swedish keyboard layout is? I switched my keyboard from US to Finnish/Swedish and cant find anything...

  26. Hii Anette =D

    It's such a nice song, I remember always listening to the one of the backstreet boys when I was younger ;p
    Now images of me and my sister dancing around the house jump into my mind =)
    Thanks for the great song, you rock!

    Love, Lisa <3

  27. Hi Anette,

    Good Morning from Italy!
    Thanks for posting this fantastic song!!!


  28. Nice song. She has a hippie outfit=)
    Tnx for the video



  29. Well this sounds familiar to me ;) I did listen to Backstreet Boys (and of course Spice Girls ;)) when they were big. I was something like 12 years old then. Nowadays I don't listen them anymore, but hearing this brought some good memories back to my mind.

  30. Hi Anette!
    I love Lisa Miskovsky's's very gentle and sweet. ^_^ It's awesome to learn that you're a fan!
    I hope Copenhagen is fun...I've been there once, and it was very awesome. In fact, I met Jason Mraz there. ^_^ The Tivoli Gardens are especially awesome...and the big red rollercoaster called Demonen isn't a violent, jerky one. It's quite fun. :) Of course, the actual garden part is so very beautiful. It's a wonderful place.
    I shall probably say this multiple times, but GOOD LUCK AT HARTWALL!!!!!!! I know you'll be amazing--and try to convince Tuomas that you should play Meadows of Heaven. ;) You sound INCREDIBLE on that! (And Eva. :D)
    Hope all is wondiferous on your end!
    -Allie. :)