Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bought some new albums today...

Just woke up from a long nap;=) I was sooo tired after getting up so early this morning that I passed out in front of my computer, watching True Blood...i slept so deep;=)

Today we passed the record store and it was a long time since I bought some new nice music to listen to so I stood and listened to some different artists and found 3 good albums which I liked.

One was with Muse, which I have liked but never owned an album with.

The second was Alison Krauss collection.

You know her since I have played her in the blog.

The last one was a totally new band for me. They are called "Noah and the whale" and so nice and relaxing music. I really liked it and now I am sitting here just enjoying the atmospheric melodies;=)


  1. Hello Anette;=)

    I hope you feel better now;=)
    Muse is an awesome group! I love their songs.

    Have a lovely evening;=)
    Hugs & Kisses from France.

  2. Hey Anette! How are you?
    Did you watch the 2nd season of True Blood or....? Is it good? I can not wait for it. It didn't come in Croatia yet :(
    That's a really nice song. It's so relaxing.
    Have a lovely evening



  3. Nothing like a nap in the afternoon, agree? When I was studying in the morning the thing I liked most was to get home and take a long deserved nap. Of course, sometimes not enough time because of homework that the teacher passed, but when I was was very good =)
    This music is very relaxing even, i liked. I like of the majority of the songs you post here on the blog, it must be because I'm your fan, the brain is enigmatic, not the same =)
    Have a great evening.
    Peace =)

  4. Oh my Gosh! :D
    i absolutely LOVE noah and the whale. <3

    i've seen them live twice now.
    they're probably my 2nd favourite band next to nightwish :)

    haha, that has made my day knowing that you like them too anette =)

    Muse are also pretty awesome.

    hope you're having a lovely night anette!

    Jon xxx

  5. Alison Krauss has a very natural soft voice: it's rare...;=)

  6. good evening Miss Nettie,
    thanks for the Noah an the whale clip. Sounds really nice, I think I have to check these band out. The new Muse record is really good too.
    Today I bought the new "Gregorian" record. Those "monks" who cover famous pop/rock tunes. They did a cover of "meadows of heaven", which is the opening track of their new album. Really nice to see Nightwish next to famous names like U2, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode... Haven't heard it yet, but will do later when I go to bed. I expect some nice chill out stuff as always.
    Hope you're feeling better!

  7. Not sure if You like Megadeth but their new album Endgame is fantastic! I highly recommend it :D

  8. I know all those, and I love Muse!
    They always put one of their songs in
    with the Twilight soundtrack.
    Are you excited that you get your break
    and then will be working on the solo album?

    A nap...sounds really good right now!
    I got back from the game fell
    asleep at 10:30, got up at 2:15,
    then went to bed at 4:30 and got up at
    10 this morning. Now it's my
    brother's birthday party I'm getting
    ready for, but I need more sleep!
    HaHa, but the shower did wake me up.

    Yey True Blood!!! You know these books
    called The Vampire Diaries have a show,
    and it's pretty good.
    How far are you in the House of Night series?
    The new one will be out in October!

    Hope you have a nice evening!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  9. Is that the latest Muse album Anette? They've done some good stuff!


  10. You bought nice albums :)
    I have never listen Noah And The Whale before. I liked the song you posted, it has lot of energy and it is pretty relaxing.
    This one is on my list now!

    Maybe next month I will buy the new Breaking Benjamin album "Dear Agony". If you have the chance to listen to this band, I am sure you will like it. It is one of my favs.
    "I Will Not Bow" is the first single and it will also be featured on the new Bruce Willis film "Surrogates".

    Thank you, take care,

  11. Oh Anette the Muse are great band! You a have a really good musical tastes! Have a nice evening!

  12. Hey Anette :)

    How are things? do you feel better? i hope so ;)

    Thank you very much for posting :)
    i really lik that song :)

    Hope you have a great evening ;)
    biiiig huuuugs
    your´s Chris :)

  13. All great artists!!
    Great taste in music! ;)
    Have a good one!

  14. That Noah thing sounds ok. I would prefer that kind of music totally instrumental. I like that scenery picture though :D

  15. I've been meaning to buy a Muse album ever since I saw them on Jools Holland (a music programme we have in England)

  16. Hi Nettie :)

    I also love Alison Krauss =)

    U've really done good choises ^_^

    Have a nice evening :)



  17. Muse is sooo good !!!!
    I like them to :D

    I don't know Noah and the whale...
    They have a really special sound !!
    It's different but I like it :-)
    But that is music you can't play all the time.. At least not for me.. I have to be in the mood for that. I'm glad you posted this new band :-)

    Know that I really adore you!
    you're not just someone Anette..
    You really are special dear !!
    Keep on going :D

    Sweet kiss

  18. True Blood is an excellent show. I watch it religiously :P The new Muse album is one of the best things I have bought recently. They are part of my list alongside Peter Gabriel, Nightwish and some other artists that I want to work with as my career takes off.... Any tips or help you can offer? (wink wink nudge nudge)

  19. Hia Anette, hope you feel good now! :-)

    Nice to heare that you like Muse! I love that band, and they are coming to Finland! Jeij!! I hope that i can go to the concert...

    Have a great day and let the sun warm in to your heart! :-)

    With warm thougts,