Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Football evening...

So, I am sitting with my son watching the football game between Sweden and Malta and its still 0-0... we really need to win this but it doesnt looks so good... hopefully dear Zlatan can do a nice goal as we know he can do;=)

Thanks for the name-day greetings;=) i didnt even know it was "my" day today...hehe!

NOW they just did a goal!!!! Markus Berg kicked the ball on a maltese knee who did a backward goal!!!! We are sooooo happy!!!! Thanks!!

heja Sverige!!!!



  1. heeeeeeeeeeey congratulations to Sweden!!! )))))

  2. cool ^^
    goodnight? Anette, I'm falling asleep... *snore*

  3. Hi Nett!! =)

    I see you enjoy the Football!!.. today there is a football game at night, between my country Chile v/s Brasil!!.. I really thing that Brasil will win hehe =P

    By the way, How is Seth??? I hope very fine! you too.. just enjoy that moment with your son, its so sweet =) =D

    Well Anette, we are waiting the answers!!!!! yeah!! =)

    Hugs Princess!! From Chile!!! =) =D

  4. Hello Anette =) I hope that you liked the design of the dress.
    I am sure that Sweden is going to win =)
    Have a good night.


  5. Netherlands is playing against Scotland right now, too =)
    Looks we all watch Football tonight, haha

  6. Hey Nettan! Didn't know you like football.. Tonight we're going to have a Brazil x Chile game but }I} have nothing to worry about... Brazil is already assured to the World cup 2010! hehehe Good luck to the swedish!!!!

    I didn't know there's a 'name-day'... I think I'll look up for my name now..

    Kiss and good night!

    PS: What did you write in the end of your post? :P

  7. Good luck for the Swedish football team. I'm rooting for Sweden to classify for the World Cup and are the vice-champion (Becouse the champion is Brazil, of course. Brazil running for the Hexa hehe ;-)) All the best to you and good luck for the selection of football your country=)
    Have a great evening.

  8. Well good luck to Sweden then!

    I'll be singing at this Friday's football game-
    "America the Beautiful", "The National Anthem",
    and our school's song...
    I'm kinda nervous but excited too!
    That's a lot of people compared to the
    amount that come to our choir
    concerts so it's kinda nerve-wrecking...

    I hope you have a nice
    evening with your family!!!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  9. Go Sweden! =)
    I didn't know it was your nameday today either! Have a nice one! :D
    Also, hope the match ends nicely and I wish both you and your son a good night, sleep well!

  10. Dear Anette,

    I'm glad to hear that Sweden shot a goal and that you and your son are so excited ..........right now I am watching the Romania-Austria match with my dad and the romanians also just did a goal we are happy too!

    Have a great evening with your son!
    I also wanted to say Happy name-day! to you!


  11. Hei.
    I'm watching football too.It's England vs.Croatia and it's 1:0.
    My country is loosing but there are 80 min more so I hope we will win.
    Have a great evening Nettie.
    Good night.

  12. England are playing Croatia at the moment too.

    Good luck to Sweden!!!

    Best wishes, Ryan.

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  14. Hey Nettie !
    well I'm glad they made a goal!!!
    I don't watch sports ectualy but its lovely to hear that you enjoy it so much!!
    I diddn't know it was your name day :0
    Anette is a very beautiful name!
    Just find another question ^^
    Do you like your name?

    have a nice evening and sleep well tonight!!
    Love ya <3

  15. Hi, Anette!

    Russia's playing against Wales now too :)

    Gl to Sweden :)

    From Russia with love. Ivan

  16. Hi Nett...
    I had football evening too...It was "Czech republic vs. San Marino" (and btw. I'm from Czechia ;=)) And we won 7-0 and I'm soo happy too :)) My dad don't know, why I like football, because I'm girl :)) He was talking about something boring and I wasn't hearing or watching match...Grrr :)

    So, good night and congratulation for your goal :) bye

  17. Hi Nettie!!

    So this is my first time comment here so I'm very glad.

    I'm happy too, because you like football just like me!!! hehe, so good luck for Sweden and hope they win!!!

    right now I'm waiting for Mexico-Honduras match to see in the TV 'cause i dont find tickets :((

    hope Mexico win coz they need to win or they will be out of the world cup!!! hehe

    and another thing...
    happy day-name to you!!!

    Greetings from Mexico!!! :)

  18. I didn't know it was your nameday, Anette. I have a very nice calendar from Sweden on my wall above my desk and I normally make a point of checking the namedays, but I forgot to check these last few days. Anyway, happy name day! And good luck, Sweden!

  19. Yes! vi vann ^^

    Grattis på namnsdan =P

  20. Hei Nettan
    I didnot know you like footbal!
    sweden very good footbal team)))
    good luck to sweden

  21. Everyday is your day... =)

    Pliss, everybody at the NW brazilian community is dying for Meadows of Heaven, wouldn't be hard because you already played it at Suomi Saffari, so realise our dream plis...

    Sorry for bady english ever.

  22. Hey dear, just another question, who nicknamed you of "Nettan".

    2000 of Hughs from Brazil

  23. Congrats to Sweden!

    Poland totally blew today. We lost with Slovenia 2:0. I seriously don't know why do they even bother to go out to the field. We used to be 3rd the best soccer team in Europe! And now.. eh! O.O

  24. Wow.. I love football!!
    I played football
    And I will be sport journalist
    Love sports...

    That's good!! Sport is life ^_^

    Kisses Ane ^_^

  25. Hey Anette!
    Congratulations to Sweden!!
    I also had a football evening..I watched the game Germany : Azerbaidzhan (I don't know how to spell it in English^^) and Germany won 4:0 and now I'm so happy :D

    Good night!

    Hugs <3

  26. Looks like you had fun watching football.
    They won, didn't they?
    1-0 to Sweden. Congrats to them! :D
    And my late congratulations to your name-day!
    I dindn't know too.

    Take care!

  27. Dear Anette,

    Congratulations on Sweden and I just see that they are second of the group, with a difference of three points from the number one, Denmark. If Sweden wins the match from Denmark on 10 October, they can be equal to them or perhaps end up on the first place. Not sure about your goal difference. But may they keep their heads up, because there is still hope. :-)

    The Netherlands has also won their match against Scotland with a 1-0 difference and that means they have won all eight matches played! I am very proud and have good faith for next year! ;-) We are, like England and Spain, qualified for the World Cup 2010. Yay!

    Have a good Thursday!


  28. Hi Anette!!! I'm watching football too.....Argentina vs Paraguay, and I hope that we win too.....hahahahhah....soooo do you like playing or watching football??
    You're so amazing, and I cannot go to the Hartwall Arena, but my soul will be in there!! Regards from Argentina!!!

  29. Oh, Was it your day today?
    I didnt know it!
    But of course... Congratulations, dear.
    You're great!
    The best wishes for you and your beloved ones :)

  30. Hi Anette, how are you doing??
    Hope ur great.

    Uau, I didnt know that you like football know, in Brasil (my country) people really enjoy it. I think you liked there hehe.

    So, hope you rest till Helsinki show and hope to see you with Nightwish in Japan on your next tour.
    By the way..did you like Japan?? How did you feel at Tokyo's show??
    That day was the best day of my life till now. Tack!!!

    Love you,


    PS: I looooooooved SO much the way you sang Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan. You should convince the boys to play this song in Helsinki =).

  31. Brazil just won =D


    How's sweden going??

  32. Nett!
    Compartit's wonderful moments with our children!
    I too am a breast.
    My daughter is called SOFIA!
    Barby also share GAMES!
    Suiecia cool!!

    Kiss! Nett!

  33. I was also watching the football, England vs Croatia. We (England) won 5-1 :D Hope the Sweden game worked out fine :D

    (I don't usually watch football but I had to for my media studies homework, but it turned out it was an important match!)

  34. Riktig dålig insats av svenskarna igår. Men det jag mest saknar är hängivna kommentatorer, då tänker jag naturligtvis mig i banor som speglar på spanska/mexikanska kommentatorer. Där är det drag vill jag lova.
    Den dagen då någon stel svensk brister ut i "GOOOOAAAL" i 7 sekunder sväljer jag min egen näve haha.

  35. I was also watching football, Netherlands-Scotland (and of course we won!! (Netherlands..) ) Lol, seems like everybody around the world watched football last night. Congrats about Sweden ;)

  36. Hello Nettie!

    Oh i watced pics you have taken in moscov and they look just fabilous! The outfit, dress and the boots, new hear, wow you look gorgeous!

    I feel little down for missing the question round.. :-/ But maybe next time!

    Have a great time with football and you're son! :-) greetins for him too!

  37. Hey Dear :)

    lovely! you are a little soccer junkie from time to time huh? thats cool :)
    makes me smile^^

    have a awesome day
    and smile a lot

    biiiig biiiig huuuuugs
    Love and Respect
    yours Chris

  38. Yes, yes!!! HEJA SVERIGE!!! <3 <3 <3 I really look forward to WC2010.