Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lying down...

..being ill boring... but I guess its just to take its time and rest as much as possible. But I do need to get and buy cat food and pick my son up so will take a little bit of air in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I want to feel better since we are going to a concert in the evening. Keep your fingers crossed;=)

Regarding the Nyman song, the story is so that we sent him the song in our version and he didnt like it at all;=( So that is why its not released...hopefully he can change his mind in the future though. I really love the song and we all do and are sad that it cant be released.

Now, tea time;=) enjoy the day!


  1. Oh which concert? =]

    That's not a good way of Mr. Nyman.. really .. -.- xD

    I hope we all can hear the song sooon =] Because it sounded soooo awesome on the concert in Helsinki x3

    Did Tuomas wrote the lyrics?

    Love you<3

  2. And I hope you get soon better <3

  3. Hey Anette :)

    Hope you had a nice tea time ;)
    Its the best way to rest as much as possible, you will feel better very soon, dont worry dear :)

    I keep my fingers crossed, so you will feel much better tomorrow ;)

    have a nice time, enjoy your day ;)
    Thank you very much :)

    Biiig warming huuugs and all luck in the world :)
    your´s Chris :)

  4. I'm ill too:( had a singing lesson aswell which wasnt very good.

    Watch your favourite film in bed with your favourite food and I'm sure you'll be better for the concert :)

    Thats my plan for when I'm home from college

    Hope your having a nice day:)



  5. Dear Anette,

    I hope that you feel a little bit better indeed! I can believe it's boring but you have to's the best thing to do to get well soon!
    I just came home from school was my short day....and it was over really early...yuppiiiiiiii!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to feel a lot better tomorrow and I'm sending you kisses and hugs!

    Enjoy the tea and the rest of the day!


  6. Hi my dear, so sad you still ill.
    Hope that tomorrow you feel better.

    Miriam xx

  7. Hej Anette!! least you'll take a deeper breath today in the air outside;=)

    walking in the air...yeah

  8. This song is so beatiful in your performance! I can't find the right words to say how I love this song! Such amazing!
    I hope that Mr. Nyman will change his decision and we will hear it on next Nightwish album or a single CD.

    I'm so sorry that you don't feel better. :(
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope you soon get better.

    Have a nice tea time! I wan't to ask what type of tea you like the most? Green, red or something else...?

    Much of love!

  9. You poor girl.
    It isn't that unusual you got sick after such heavy effort. Especially when you have so much stress in advance. (I think you had stress, with so many expectations)
    I have it all the time after a test at school or a 14 hours day working with 30 degrees (okay.. last time that happened was 2 months ago, it's still not nice though)

    I hope you feel better in a while.
    Being ill is the worst thing.
    Take good care of yourself :)

    love, Saskia

  10. How I would want still to be at home yeah, but I must go to school :( Hold on Anette!

  11. Beatufil and lovely Anette,

    Hope you get better!! All positive vibrations from my heart to you!

    Kisses and good vibrations from Brazil!

    With love & respect from a great fan of your music and your soul,


  12. Hi dear Anette! I hope that you will fell better. Too bad that you still have fever.
    (I am sending you BIG hugs! ♥)
    That's not nice of Mr.Nyman. A metal style is bad for him?Oh well...wish you all the best!
    Have fun at the concert!


  13. Hi Anette =).

    Ok, it's official: I hate Mr. Nyman -.-. I will change my mind when he decides to give permission so you can release the song xD.
    Seriously, it's a real shame since the song is so beautiful and magical.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you, hope you feel a lot better =D.

    Enjoy the tea and the rest of the day =).
    Lots of big hugs xxx

  14. i always find a 'wee dram' of good Scottish Single Malt whisky an excellent cure for a fever.
    Try some Lagavoulin 16year old, very nice and smooth - doesnt burn like some whiskys

    Get well soon, and enjoy the concert

  15. Hi Anette..
    I am hoping that you can feel better tomorrow and I will keep my fingers crossed for you =D.

    I'd like so much to hear Nyman Song and I really hope he can change his mind in the near future. I still have the hope to hear this song in your next album =).

    So, that's enough for today.

    Enjoy the concert tomorrow and enjoy your tea time.



  16. Good luck with the Nyman song! Michael Nyman is one of my favorite film composers -- I'm in love with the British director Peter Greenaway's works and Nyman has composed music for many of those films :)

    I know what you mean with how boring it is to be ill... I've been ill for the whole week too -- not so feverish that it'd just knock me out and force to sleep all the time but just enough that can't concentrate on anything work- or otherwise :/ In addition to that, should fly to a conference trip abroad next week and I just got to know I have at least one "surprise" speech there O__O Heheh... nice to give a speech when you don't have voice at all! Hmh... wonder if you singers have some magical trick how to get a raspy, non-existent voice working... ? ;)

    Ah well... wishing you a speedy recovery and don't exhaust yourself too much if still feverish! :)

  17. Hey Nettan :3

    I hope you feel heaps better real soon. I hope you enjoy the concert you are going to as well :)

    Love Nolla

  18. Espero que amanhã você já está se sentindo bem para ir para o concerto. Estou torcendo por você. =)
    Uma coisa que pode lhe ajudar é ingerir bastante "vitamina C", em outras palavras, beber muito suco de laranja e suco de limão. Certamente que amanhã você estará melhor ;-)
    Have a nice day
    Peace =

  19. I feel bad for you Nettan, but I agree that you have to rest now and then something funny to get you out of this boring morning hehe!!

    About Mr. Nyman, Oh my God is he deaf? To don't hear what a beautiful cover you did??(no offence but...)
    I mean C'mon he has to change his mind, we beg him!!

    And Nettan A question Did Tuomas Write the lyrics?

    Hope you feel better soon

    Hugs and Love


  20. hi anette
    corentin my name I'm French and I'm going to helsinki concert I wanted to tell you that was very nice evening was like every day and killed a beautiful voice
    I think you have your place in ery nightwish
    sella will be hard to expect 2011 to see you live
    You see my big dream you'll be met you and jukka
    I missed your little since I walked in the street or you WAS
    I want to know if you can write me a note at this address with photo

    It would be very nice of your firewall and also lied I would address mail to Tuomas mercie

    Here is the photo of you

    I hope you didn't have too fear the dentist

    anette rest as you it is perfect I love t

    thank you again this magnificent concert

    good bye

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  22. Hi Anette! Guess What! I'm ill too :(

    I'm so sad that Nyman didn't accept your version of the song, cause I really love it <3

    Enjoy your evening Nettie :)

    kisses and hugs


  23. Hej!
    I hope you'll get better very soon!
    Im friends with Zachary Hietala on Facebook and he had a picture of you and him. You were wearing a black dress and a green corset, it had different shades of green with some pattern. So I just want to say that it looked gorgeous! =)

  24. Yep, being ill... I hate it too. Though I don't think there is anyone who would like being ill :)
    I just hope I won't become ill, because there are so many exams at school, I don't wan't to miss them... so that they'd be over as soon as possible ;)
    Now listening to your Finlandia intro, it's so beautiful and makes me feel calm... Sibelius was a wonderful composer and your version of Finlandia makes it even better :)
    Take care and have a nice evening ;)

    -Dismal Wings-

  25. Hi Anette!
    I really hope that you will feel better tomorrow! You just have to rest a lot.

    It`s really a sad thing that they didn`t like the song. :( It is so beautiful and all my friends who were in concert liked it also. I really hope that you can release it at least sometimes!
    Get well soon!
    With love,
    Sara Sofia

  26. Such a great song! uhmm.. too bad...

    Just take your time and rest... is the best you can do to get better...

    love u!

  27. How was your day my favorite Swedish singer? I hope it was very good.
    Peace =)

  28. I feel with you ... I am ill too !
    I have some tips for you: try to lay down for some hours and ware warm socks, trink a lot of tea and read a good book ! Than you can go to the concert for 100 %
    I tested it yesterday and it really works !!!

    Big hugs and many kisses from Austria,

  29. Hi Anette,
    I hope you will get better. I'm not okay too, so I left school at the morning and went home. Now I'm maybe better but who knows. Rest as much as possible, me too.
    Can you please sometime write me back (when you will better) to talk about your present I want to make for you? =) Thank you.
    So, I send you lots of strenght and every other thing what can make you feel better!

    Love and Hugs,

  30. Finns det något sätt man kan få se texten till den?

  31. I wish you get better soon... Maybe it's not too late to congratulate you for your amazing performance at the last concert of DPP tour! I would have loved to be there... Walking in the air was even more perfect in your voice!
    Bye bye.

  32. The fact Mr. Nyman didn't allow this song to get released is a huge, huge pity indeed. I'm personally a fan of his work, I think he's composed really good songs and he's a great pianist, he's got a very emotional, "human" touch at all that he has written, but still, I have to wonder what's his reason of not wanting this cover released. I mean, it's not THAT heavy, it's not like some sort of hardcore song that doesn't keep any of the original's beauty, and it doesn't lack originality either. For example, those inter-chorus parts, those are Tuomas' composition, I think, and they sound absolutely beautiful without having anything to do with Nyman's version. When I heard it had been played as an outro and listened to it, I was really blown away, 'cause it's so full of energy and soul. It would be really great if he changed his mind, especially since the song has had so much success between the fans and Nightwish are not a small band at all. I think he might have gained some popularity because of this cover, and he should be grateful for it.

    Anyhow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to feel better and go to the concert. :) Who is playing?
    Have a nice, warm, cosy evening so you can be in perfect shape tomorrow! Hugsies!

  33. Dear Anette,hope you feel better soon.
    Have you posted a picture of your cat in your blog?
    Here's a link to a small video of my 2 cats
    They are called ,Kimi and Jenni they are Norwegian Forest Cats.
    Get well soon!!

  34. I hope you get your strength back soon...
    Too bad Mr. Nyman did not like your version of the song. Clearly a tasteless person :P (joke) I hope you feel better soon.

  35. hello anette , i'm the french boy with the flag anette je t'aime , it was a wonderfull concert , the better of my life , the better of the history of nightwish , you make me cry , all was perfect , you was just amazingly beautifull and you sing perfectly , you can't imagine what i feel in this concert it was the better moment in my life , your dresses was very nice and your leopard boots to , thank you to be my Anette , i hope that you feel very good tomorow, je t'aime and i'm waiting the new album , i just want to show you a little vidéo of french fans waiting in hartwall ( i'm the one who sing with the flag ) it was nightwish first part lol , enjoy
    and i phink that the heart ask pleasure first is a traditional song , michael nyman just adapt this song for piano ( but with your voyce and tuomas genius it's a wonderfull song )

  36. Hope you keep feeling better and I hope he changes he's mind about the song , Id love to hear it :)


  37. What concert are you going to?? It's not of my business, but I'm very curious !! hehehe

    Hope you're feeling a bit better after getting some air!!!

  38. Dear Anette,

    Get well soon! Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow when going to the concert. And hopefully you will enjoy the concert and manage to get yourself a good place in the crowd.

    Take it easy and enjoy your evening.


  39. Hey Nettie!
    I still hope the song can be released cuz I know I will like it!

    I'm so sorry you still feel ill!!!!
    laying in bed can be so boring eh ^^
    Enjoy that thea :-) Let it flow into your body.
    Taking a long warm shower can always help to feel better !!
    Is what always helps me :-)

    Take care of yourself he !!!
    We all love you ♥ ♥ ♥
    Sweet hugs and kisses

  40. Hi!!! I feel so sorry... I don't like to read that you're still ill... I read in your previous post about the dentist, so I comment it here too: I don't like dentists either, but I think in my case it's not fear, I just don't like the smell and sound which fill the room when the dentist begins his/her work. And also, each time they're done with your mouth and you have to go home: either a strange feeling stays in your mouth because of the anesthesia or the instrument used in your mouth leave a disgusting taste on the tongue (no matter if they offer you a glass of water). That's my experience so far.

    Well, I just hope you get really well as soon as possible, take care!!! Lots of hugs :)

  41. I hope you will feel beter soon Anette!And good luck at the concert!

    Pity he didn't like the song;/.I''m sure he will like the others though;)


  42. I'm so sorry you're still ill :(
    And that's not nice or Mr. Nyman. He has no taste in music. That's it.
    I hope he'll change his mind, 'cause we're all DYING to hear it.
    HUGE hug from Croatia. <3
    I hope you'll feel better soon. :)

  43. :( I hope you feel better soon Anette!

    And I'm sorry to hear he didn't like the song. I heard it on YouTube from your show and it was nice! So I hope one day we can hear your version (actually, I don't even know the original version lol :-/ )

    <3 Lauren

  44. Oww, I hope you get better soon! It's not a wonderfull feeling being ill..
    Maybe this is a stupid question, but what do you mean about the 'Nyman Song'? Have I missed something? Humm, clearly I have..
    Get well soon!

  45. I will keep my fingers turnup for you all the time that you will be healthy tomorrow! :)
    And lots of hugs <3
    I think I will be sick soon.. Today morning I got the sniffles from somewhere and now I have almost fever. Not fever yet, but little bit warmth (I don´t know what this is in English, but I mean really near temperature, but not it yet). I really hope I don´t be sick tomorrow, I want to be healthy in weekend :D Have been so tired the whole week after YOUR gig and travelling after that :/

    For this Michael Nyman song thing : I really love that song and when you played it on saturday, it was sooo nice. I didn´t instantly realize what song there is sounding, because of so much screaming and I screamed too :D It´s a little bit sad thing that all the people screamed in that and didn´t heard the song at all. Okey, it was of course really really fun and nice that all screamed and me too, but the song :D Luckily I have heard it better from videos :,)
    Thank you those people who filmed it! :)

    Hey, there bouncers said that this camera ban was from the band, but once your manager said for me that ALWAYS in Nightwish show you can take pictures and it´s not banned. So, was this ban from Nightwish or was it only from organizer?

  46. Sometimes, sleeping and resting
    are the bests things to do.
    I've been sick for about three weeks now,
    but I don't really have time to just lay down.

    I really hope you feel better tomorrow!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  47. OK, I get the 'Nyman song'-thing now :)
    Damn, I felt retarded ;)

  48. Rest and fresh air are the key to recovery. Take plenty of those fizzy vitamin C tablests in water and maybe a tonic with iron and vitamins.
    You will soon be back to normal.
    Its not surprising after the amazing Hartwall show.
    You peaked at just the right time.

    Anette you are a star!

  49. Look at all the people here who are caring about you. We are all keeping the fingers crossed <3
    I really hope you get better. Tomorrow you will be feeling much better :)

    About the song...why the hell he didn't like the Nightwish version?
    I hope he changes his mind because it will be really great if Nightwish record or release the song. I loved you singing it.

    Take care, lot of hugs to you,

  50. Hi Anette, this is my first time writing here even though I've been reading your blog for quite a while and I wanted to say two things; first
    I hope you feel better and have fun at the concert. Second I want to say something about the situation with Mr. Nyman. I think that being persistent will help, here is an example; Sarah Brightman wanted to turn the instrumental "Gabriel's Obeo" the theme from the film The Mission into a song, she wrote to Ennio Marricone (the composer) asking for permission and I quote what she said "he flatly refused", after that she would sent him a letter every two months asking him for permission until he gave in and said yes, she thinks is because he got sick of her :p, she talked about this on the live DVD "One Night in Eden" (I have it). So my point is you guys in the band need to be persistent :) it's a beautiful song and you guys deserve to be able to put it out there for everyone to hear.

  51. Hejssan Arska

    I remember that you said that you tried that needle mat thing a while ago. I recently read an article of that kind of mat (though not from so reliable source..). It said that using it would be good but some doctors still doubt the mat. I could try the mat too. Did it work with you? Do you use it often?