Thursday, 10 September 2009

Stjärnans day....

...yesterday was almost like any other day...BUT she got her first shower and cleaning session and she was in shock all evening;=)

Poor kittie.....;=)


  1. hahahahahhahah!|!!!!!! ;=D
    poor her! but how nice!!!!!

    thank you anette<3

  2. Hi Anette

    Stjärnan looks soo sweet.
    Have a nice day.

    Lots of Hugs

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  4. And she is damn right, she looks terrible all wet ;)

  5. Aww poor kittie haha.

    Bet you can't stop hugging her now, she will smell so fresh :)

    Love Carol &38+5 bump

  6. Hey Anette :)

    yes, poor kittie^^ i remember the first time my kittie needed a shower...she almost killed me ;) i love those photos^^ Stjärnan looks so sweet :) and also a bit shocked like you said :)

    but shes a sweety :)
    and so are you of course ;)

    have a wonderful time^^
    let the sun shine

    a biiig biiig huuuug
    yours Chris :)

  7. uuuu, pussycat! nice kitten! as it's mistress ;=)

  8. oooooh my god

    how cute <3]

  9. hahahahahahahah!

    My cat [Sophia] hates showers as well!
    But sometimes, it's necessary... =/
    Poor kitties hahaha. =)

    Hugs! <3

  10. Ohhh, that poor little kitty!!!
    I would feel bad, I'd be hugging her all
    night and giving her treats!

    I guess with long hair,
    they actually HAVE to have a bath a lot,
    but I have a short-haired cat
    and we don't have to bathe him as much...
    But my cat Mulder is psycho,
    so maybe he'd be nicer if I gave him a lot
    of torture when he's bad.
    Not that it will make a difference
    because when he was bad I used
    to squirt him with water and he just
    tried catching it with his paws...
    had no effect on him.

    Okay, off to school for me,
    have a good day!!!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  11. Hi Anette!

    Awww, poor kitty =D.
    Stjärnan looks adorable =).
    Have a nice day! =)

    Hugs <3

  12. Ahahahahahah i suppose the she doesn't like water. XD Have a nice day dear Anette!

  13. Awwww! How cute!
    She looks soooo adorable!



  14. She must have been feeling so silly thinking why "mommy" don´t believe that she can wash herself properly.

  15. En blöt liten misse =) Fast hon är väldigt söt endå, säg det till henne =D

    Min birma har sluppit bad, (än så länge, shh...)
    Jag har tänkt vänja henne lite i helgen.

    Kram Eilenna

  16. hei netti)
    hahahahah cat very nice)

  17. hehehe ... Generally cats do not like to take shower, my sister give a bathing in a cat one time, he was sad for a whole week. But after they recover ;-)
    Have a nice day
    Peace =)

  18. Poor little thing! She's so adorable, and growing very fast!

  19. Very nice!!! *-*
    I love cats and she is so beautiful as her mother =DD.

    Love you


  20. OOHH!!!
    she's soooo cute!!
    I want to have a kittie like her!!!
    poor of Stjärnan!!! hehe

    Hugs and Love!!!

  21. Oh! She seems to me very cool, even with the water!! Really nice!!
    Hope she's smelling terrific!! :D

    Hve a nice day Anette!!

  22. Hii Anette =D

    Aww, she looks sooo cute !!!
    I wish we could have cats again, but my stepdad's alergic :|

    Ah, well its always nice to see and hear from your cute cats =) (and you of course ;p)

    Have a great day!

    Love, Lisa

  23. Hello Nettie :-)
    Poor kitty,.. cats and water just don't mix togheter. But she's clean and fresh now and that's also important! She looks cute in a way ^^
    Thanks for posting this photos!!!
    and I wish you a very nice evening :-)

    Love x

  24. How many scratches did that cost you? :P
    Poor kitty!

  25. Awww, look at the poor little kitty, all soaked =(

    Why do you wash your cats actually? Is it because of the long fur? I only have shorthaired cats and I never wash them, so I am just asking purely out of curiosity.

  26. Söt hon är lilla Stjärna =) !!!

  27. Poor Stjärnan, hehe. She's so cute, even all wet.

    I have two dogs, and they hate showers. It is always a nightmare for them :D

    Take care!

  28. Oh what a lovely little kittie! I think you should stop posting these pics since I'll lose my heart to this supersweet kitten, haha. ;=) Just joking.

    Have a nice day (or maybe I should say evening).

  29. Stjärnan looks so soft now and I'm sure she has a nice sampoo-smell. : ]
    If I take a look to the first photoes you send of Stjärnan I will be able to tell she has grown! : ]

  30. Good afternoon Anette!

    Thank You for the pictures! Aww, look at the little girl! She looks so funny wet! I know how cars hate washing but at least she was brave! Hopefully she won't be too shocked next time ;)

    Have a great day! :D

    Karo E.

  31. I really don't want to offend you, but cats don't need to be washed. It's important she does it herself. That's how nature intended it to be. I mean, there's a reason while they are shocked by such procedures. Of course they survive it, but from their point of view it's still horrible.
    I hope I don't sound too crazy right now ;) I just don't like things like that.

    Ha en bra kväll!

  32. Awwwww what cute pictures

    Enjoy your nice clean kittie :)


  33. hahaha poor poor Stjärnan...
    She looks better when she's dry! hahaha

    But I bet she smells good and she's really "fluffy" now, right?

  34. aaaaaw she is soooo cute :)

    Hugs <3

  35. Oh poor kitten!Hope she feels better now!:)


  36. You gave your cat a shower? I never give my cat a shower. I thought all cats hated water. And like 'lysanca' said: Cats have to wash themselves.
    But I see here that more people give their cat a shower. I think it's strange to do that. But okay, that's my opinion.
    Hugs Christian

  37. Awwww... cute cat, indeed <3 We also have a cat and a dog too, and our dog truly hates getting wet. He always starts extremely loud barking when it starts to rain. Poor animals :)
    Hope you and your cat have had a nice day ;)

    -Dismal Wings-

  38. Hi Anette !

    She's so cute ! Poor Stjärnan !
    I think her first bath must have been sportive for you ! ^^

    Kisses !


  39. Aww how precious!! She is so adorable. Makes me miss my two kitties.

  40. Anette can I ask you how you bath your cats? I want to bath mine but they will scratch me soo bad. I had to bath a cat of mine once and I still have scars from where his claws got my hands.

    People all say cats don't like water but here is proof they can like water if they are brought up with it:

  41. Hi, Nettie!
    I had a cat too, his name was Tisha (Russian name, Russian ginger cat=)) and he was my best friend, just like own son. Unfortunately, he died last year at the age of 5... It was the wosrt day of my life. But now you remembered me how we washed him at first time when we just have taken him, and it was awful! He was so thin, unprotected and wet, but he liked washing! My Tishka played with the water stream and looked very lovely. :)
    I'm so glag that you like cats too. They're my greatest obsession.
    Thanks for posting, love to read you. Hug your kittie from me! ;)

  42. Oh, poor Stäjrnan :-) Well, i think she will forgive you that you put her in to bath! ;-)

    You're sweet little kitty reminds me of time when my own cat was little as she is now.. Long time ago. :-) Time goes so fast that i almoust don't realise that he is 11-years old. For me, he is alway my little baby. :-)

    Hugs and kisses

  43. Oh she is so cute! Give her a hug from me pls = '.' = !!!!!<33

  44. my kitten(odin) support stjârnan!!
    kittens power!