Monday, 14 September 2009

Sun is shining...;=)

And I am up! Little bit tired cause I watched a good movie yesterday in the dark...all alone...and I got a little bit afraid had to watch some episodes of Friends to be able to sleep... the movie I watched was Haunting in Connecticut and it was really good;=) And to know that its based on true events makes it even more horrifying...brrr...

I can also recommend another one of my favourite movies in the same genre, The Exorcism of Emily Rose... incredibly good even after having seen it 5 times now....


  1. What on earth are you doing awake this early on a day off?! I get scared after horror movies too, but I still keep watching them, lol.
    Hope you have a good day.

  2. Hi Sari;=) Well, I am a mum who needs to get up every morning and drive her son to no off days here;=)

  3. Hi Nettan,

    me too yesterday I went to bed so late, not because I have watched horror films, but I have watched an Italian beauty competition.
    But I'll surely watch those two films that you have adviced.

    Kiss, Miriam

  4. Wow... you are braver than I am... you would literally have to tie me down to get me to watch a horror film, I have the bad tendency to bolt during the scary scenes.

    You know, I've been wondering, did Tuomas show you the Garfield candle I gave him in Oklahoma City? I know it's an odd thing to ask, but I was just curious :)

    Hugs, and love,

  5. You're a total hero to watch Haunting in Connecticut in the night, all alone.It's relly scary.And I watched it during the day plus I wasn't alone at home and still had to put it on pause a few times :D

  6. Hey Anette :)

    Hope your day started good ;)
    hm i dont know Haunting in Connecticut, but i think i should give it a round. thanks :)

    But i know The Exorcism of Emily Rose. this is a awesome horror trip :) very nice^^

    Hey, another movie thats preety scary is REC.
    its a spanish movie from 2007. Do you know this one already?

    This is what Wikipedia has to say:

    and here´s a little nasty Trailer:

    tale a look if you like :)

    so have a great day in copenhagen
    hope you get your mumin plates ;)

    shine on :)
    a biiig huuuuuug and lots of

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Haunting in Connecticut!
    A few people I know said
    they didn't like it, but the effects
    were pretty cool and it's based off a true
    story so I think all that
    makes it even scarier!

    Never seen Exorcism of Emily Rose,
    but I've heard of it...

    Disturbia and The Uninvited are good movies,
    not really scary but
    suspenseful, like psychological thrillers.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  8. I love horror movies, and can watch them all alone. The only ones that really scare me are the Poltergeist films. They are just too realistic for me. I haven't seen the two you mention in your post, but they sound good so I'll definitely look out for them.

    Hope you have a lovely day.


  9. The Exorcism is a great movie but quite scary...brrrrrr
    Have a lovely day!
    Btw. Have you watched the movie "Mirrors"? It's also a horror=)



  10. Hii Anette =D

    Brrr, I can't believe you actually watch those movies voluntairily XD
    I'm such a chicken when it comes to these films, but I always want to see them ;p
    I also did with 'The Grudge' (freaky japanese girl...) and I seriously couldn't sleep for the next month ;p
    But I do like ghost stories and stuff ;p
    ah well, glad you can handle them better than my cowardy self ;p

    Love, Lisa

  11. I also need to watch something light like comedies after a horror movie, otherwise I am scared to go to bed. Stupid really =) haha

  12. Those are some of my favortive horror movies! You have good taste in movies. haha Friends is good too! :P

    Hope all is well!

  13. Are you afraid of all kinds of horror movies? That's so cute! hehe
    I love horror movies, I'm only afraid of Chuky's =( My brother used to scare the shit out of me when I was a little girl by making me watch these movies... Until nowdays, I really HATE dolls =/

    hugs to you and don't be afraid, nettie :*

  14. Heh, you are so brave. Even if I should have to wake up early and go to school... I still can't open my eyes every morning and I sleep too long. I really should have to take hold of myself.

    Hope you had a great day in Copenhagen! And sleep well ;=)


  15. I've watched Haunting in Connecticut!
    Oh i was so scared.. I even screamed in the cinema and everybody was looking ^^
    I think its a very good story.. and the best is that everyone stil lives at the end :-)


  16. Hey Anette :)

    The scaries movies are the ones that make you imagine the fear inside you. I like to watch them at night with the lights off...most of the times I get all scared, but it's so nice...feel fear without being "in danger", haha. :)

    The Exorcism Of Emily Rose is an interesting movie. I watched once some time ago and I can say that it is a really good movie indeed.
    The other movie, Haunting in Connecticut, seems to be cool too. I will look for it next time!


  17. Oh my goodness!!! This is hilarious!!! My sister and I always watch Friends after a horror movie hehe =) and we've watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose many time... it's so good. The Haunting In Conneticut was weird... haha this just made me laugh because we do the same thing =)

  18. You know, when I watch some creepy movie and feel afterwards a bit scared, I watch couple episodes of Friends too to be able to sleep :D
    I watched today the first episode of Harper's Island (don't know if you know it) and even though it's forbidden under 15 years-old viewers I still got a bit scared (and I'm 22..). I get easily scared :D

  19. My god, the Exorcism of Emily Rose scared the crap out of me!! It was one of the few horror movies that left me without sleep for a night! (The Ring was pretty scary too!)

  20. MY GOOOOOD !!!!!
    Emily Rose Nooooooooooo....

    I spent over 6 months to sleep after watching this movie ...
    Never been so scared with a movie as I got this ....
    And to think that had watched several movies from The Exorcist ... But that's Emily ...
    I never wanna to watch a horror movie in my life !!!!!!!

    Never again will watch!! NeeeVeeeRrrr :( :( :( :(

  21. Ohhh Anette The Exorcism of Emily Rose is one of my favourite movies!! It is incredible, and really makes you think. It's funny because I've also put on Friends after watching something scary.
    I also watched the Haunting in Connecticut, which is a good movie. However when I was looking it up online, it says that it is not absolute that everything that happened was truth, because the couple who lived in the house may have exaggerated many details in order to make money.
    Emily Rose is most definitely true though. They never really knew if she was truly possessed or mentally ill. I like how it leaves that open in the film too.

  22. Horror Movies Rox!
    My favorites are in the "The Ring" or "The Grudge" style, The new "Drag Me To Hell" one was kinda disappointing i think, but it made me scared for a while too. :)

    Good Night :)

  23. Exorcism of Emily Rose is awesome! I particularly like the music.

  24. Hu för skräckfilmer :P
    Men Friends är bäst! Det tog mig och min syster ett par år att samla ihop alla tio år, men till slut blev det gjort (julen 2006, tror jag).
    Men skräckfilmer kan vara bra! En värd att rekommendera är Halloween (JAG avskydde den, eftersom jag knappt vågade blunda då jag skulle sova efter det.. nänä, den var helt okej :) och IT (gammal, men bra!). An American Haunting är också riktigt okej, men den är inte så värst skrämmande (särskilt inte om man tittar den kl. 3 på eftermiddagen och ens kompis säger vad som händer till näst :DD).
    Vi ses! Eller jag ser DIG i alla fall :)