Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Angels calendar

I love angels and everything with angels so today I went to our new age store and found the most beautiful calendar. Its called "Messages from your angels, perpetual flip calendar". It has every day of the year in it with different beautiful angel motives and I will cherish this every day;=)


  1. So cute ones....;)
    Who knows, will these words on each page of the calendar come true? =) I always believe in such things...or try to believe,since we make our life by our desires and ideas =)All the thoughts in our heads are material ;=)

  2. just lovely :D
    if you have time, please check my blog!
    have a great time!

  3. Oh, it's so beautiful!
    "If there is smth that you desire, you have the means to attain it".
    This is the second time I see this proverb, and I hope it is true. Hope so much.
    Thank you! ;)

  4. Glad to hear that you are religious. In this world full of violence, disasters and calamities is that only God can give some comfort. That's why when I watch some bands that are openly and avowedly satanic I think: How did these singers find peace and happiness in something so despicable that it is the devil? It really is hard to understand.
    Keep it Anette, God in the heart, music in the vein and passion for their work
    Have a good night
    Hugs from Brazil
    Peace =)

  5. ohh that's so pretty ^^

    angels are cute... though I prefer dark fallen angels better ;)

  6. I love angels too, and how you have to remember, I always call you how "my angel"...

    The time to bed is coming , and how we say here in Brazil, sleep with angels! Angel like you!!

    Good night my dear!!

  7. As you sleep away tonight Anette, I will tell you a angel story from my grammie years ago gave me a blessed medallian for my baptism and wore it all my life, then one day it was suddenly missing from my neck! I tore away my entire house, turning over every pillow, leaf, object imaginable. Even made my husband search the grass outside inch by inch. Back tracked everything I did that day but to no avail. It was lost! I was so devistated, I went to bed without eating crying myself to sleep feeling so lost without it. I prayed to her and god asking them to please help me find it, please, please...and the next day I was walking up to my late micro bio lab class in university and sparkling in the evening sun shined my very necklace. We had even checked there the day before.

    Do I believe? Always...means more to me than anything. Well, accept for my son and husband, but angels come in many forms.

    Cheers sweet angel

  8. Oh, those are beautiful.

    I don't know so much about this new age thing or what it is but that calendar sounds good!

    God natt! (or something like that)

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  10. This is an issue that generated so much controversy in the scenery of rock and metal that I forgot to say good night again. I do not want my possible last comment of today is about something so terrible that it is the devil.
    So have a sweet dreams Anette
    Sleep with the angels ;-)
    Peace =)

  11. It's so lovely! I'm sure it would be a nice gift =).
    Sleep well <3.


  12. Beautiful calendar!
    Really nice photos. Bonome said it right , keep God in your heart and the music in your veins.
    Have a good night and wish you sweet dreams♥


  13. I'm glad that you enjoy your day!!

    My house is full of angels thats one of the things my mother taught us, love the angels because they protect us from evil things!!!

    Every single piece of angels we see, we inmediately buy, porcelain, photo, calendars, dolls, I mean everything!!!When I meet with my friends in my home they always say: these looks like I'm in heaven right now!!! hehe ;-D

    So sleep well Nettie!!

    hugs and love


  14. Mmm...angel calendars,looks so cute and is appropriately artistique.

  15. wow those pictures are pretty amazing:)

    I'm gettin the nightwish one for my birthday:D

    Can't wait for the next year I have a great feeling about it:D

    love :)



  16. Beautiful calendar, so lovely =)

    "We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other." - Luciano de Crescenzo

    Sleep well, have a good night.

  17. Hello Anette!
    Nice Calendar!, I like angels too, since i was a child and bought a movie called 'Angels in the team' or something like that, i fell in love with them =P, and those positive phrases on it are pretty good, they make you feel like 'Yes, you can do it!'

    By the way, I know in the last round of questions they were so many and you were busy, and some of them left without an answer (including mines =P), There will be an "Answers to the questions part 3"? or should we wait for the next round?

    It's just a question, I know there are more important things to do =)

    Have a nice day and Take Care a lot!


  18. Wow, didn't know you loved angels so much. When are you going to get a big angel tattoo ? :) cheers, love ya!

    C + C + .5

  19. What a beautiful calendar! Angels are a symbol of beauty and peace for me, their white light and beautiful faces make my soul happier and joyful.

    If you don't mind, could you tell me what the calendar says on August 15th? (my birthday)
    Thanks so much!

    Have a good night and dreams full of angels :)

  20. Hej Anette!
    It's been a while since I last posted, but I always check your blog and I love that you keep in touch with us =)
    I want to thank you for the magical night at Hartwall. The feeling and energy running through us all, band and audience, was so powerful! =)
    Tonight I am calling for angels to give me a nice sleep and dreams, and I send you angels too, to watch over you every day! =)
    Love and hugs,

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    the other blogs about fashion i'll send you after,if you like this one!
    Have a nice day!
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    Sarah Lugon

  22. That's very nice.

    Sorry for my absense, but yesterday was 'my' concert, and I am still worn-out from the screaming and such. The show itself was great, and the rest of the crowd was loud as hell. I have a stiff neck from the headbanging( which is something required at metal shows, I think, at least) and an agravated pinched nerve in my lower back(owww)

    I know how you feel with the bad PMS... Some months are so bad I can't make it out of bed at all. Do they sell Midol there in Sweden? I get that here in the US, and the stuff is absolutly wonderful.

    Now I'm looking at halloween decorations and stuff for a dog I want to get(rescueing a Pekeingnese from a shelter in Fort Worth) who seems like a good match for me, and my house.

    Sorry for the rambelieness of my post, lol.

    Hugs, and love,
    A sore-and-tired Metallica and Nightwish fan

  23. Very nice calendar! It's good to start the day with a message from a angel. ^^

    Take care, honey! *-*

    You're a angel for all of us.
    Kisses from Brazil!

  24. You know... Sometimes I wish I had an angel... Life is not being smooth sailing right now... Actually, maybe not the right place to share... One day if I can message you privately I'll ask for your advice. Anyway the calendars look beautiful. Have a great one.

  25. Anette, "You are an Angel" =) HEP HEP

    We want a DVD of Harwall Areana Last Concert!


    Kisses Angel Face

    Kelly :P xxx

  26. Nuno: I am sorry for you. Life can be very hard at times and thats the best time to ask the angels for guidance. My mum tought me that alreade when I was younger and I feel it helps and relieves me when I have the worst of times. Lots of comforting hugs to you!

  27. César: It says this for your birthday: You are already in the midst of God´s blissful reality, and you need not seek it a moment longer. Hugs, Anette

  28. Sarah Ponzo: I will definitely check that blog;=) Thanks so much! Hugs;=)

  29. Hey Nettie, i love too the pictures of angels.
    Shall you can read my birthday want it says.
    My BDay is on the 29th November.

    Kiss, Miriam

  30. Hi Anette!
    Wow...beautiful calendar!!I read somewhere(correct me if i'm wrong)that you like Paulo Coelho books,so i just wanted to suggest you to read The valkyries,if you haven't done yet :).It's about his encounter with his guardian angel ;)
    Lots of love,xxx

  31. Hey Nettan^^

    Yes indeed, looks beautiful. those colours and motives are very warming :)

    smile a lot, ok? ;)
    biiiig huuuugs
    yours Chris :)

  32. I love angels and I think Doreen Virtue has one of the best materials on connecting with them. Do You have any of her card decks, Anette? I'm going to buy her Archangel Oracle Cards with a guidebook. I heard they are very very good :)

    Karo E.

  33. this is very nice but I prefer stuffs wich are in keeping with Satan XP