Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Todays lunch...

...was at the nice Möllebackens restaurant which I have shown you once before;=) I ate their wonderful salads and the vegetarian dish today was pasta with fennel...yummie!!

The cats at home are getting along really well now. They are chasing each other and are friends and that´s nice;=) Yesterday they sat by the balcony gate and were luring on a pigeon who was picking at the roof outside...Stjärnan even climbed the whole gate net and hanged there so I had to get her down...haha! She is a great persona;=)

Today I am getting a massage again at Njuta and I am looking forward to it. Exercising takes it turns on the muscles so the massage is always so nice;=)


  1. Hey hey^^

    Hmm, looks preety tasty^^ nice pics, the restaurant looks like a very nice place to be :)
    Cute pic of your Kitty babys :)
    So Stjärnan is very active, thats a good thing. a little pet like that makes the sun always shine.

    Sorry but: You look very very good as always :)and Yeah! your sunglases rock! Great :) like them^^

    Thank you for those nice pics
    keep on smiling ;)

    biiiig huuuugs
    Love and Respect
    your´s Chris^^

  2. Hey its me again, i alomst forgot to
    wish you a wonderful massage :) have a great time there, enjoy it ;)

    Again Love and Respect
    and a biig huug to you

  3. Have a great massage. Your cat's sound adorable.

    Have a lovely day, I'm off to the hospital now. Possibility of broken waters so they want to check. Scary stuff

    Take care

    Carol x

  4. I'm the first??? What a honnor! Nice pictures Anette. Greetings from Brasov (RO)

    A Nightwish fan

  5. It looks like a nice place. I can imagine two little cats staring at the pigeon. Stjärnan is a playful cat , isn't she ;)?
    Have a nice day



  6. Hi again Anette =)

    Thank you for taking some photos =)
    You look so pretty with your sun-glasses =)

    Kisses <3

  7. Your cats look so cute :D My cats no longer jump about a play, they eat, eat and..Oh what a supprise: Eat XD

    Ohh I feel very un healthy now, I just stuffed sensations crisps and chocolate down my throat (Maybe I'm comfort eating because I have to go back to school tomorrow and I left all my coursework till the last minuet? xD)

    Have a good day =D

  8. Hej Anette!

    Det verkar som att du har haft en trevlig dag. Min har varit hemsk... man går upp kl 6 på morgonen, åker till skolan och kommer hem halv 5:( Varje dag... plus att jag har några känslomässiga problem så jag vill bara gråta hela tiden... men så är livet och man får lära sig att leva med det.

    Ha det så bra!


    Ps. dina katter är jättesöta!

  9. Anette,
    You do make me giggle...i just looked at your photo and the plate with some food left on i am hungry for some salad and warm fish...i have to eat now...its your fault :P :P

    Its really cool the way you do those pictures....glad your kitty,s are getting along.

    Lots of people have blogs but not many famous artists have blogs that they themselves write on (at least i don't think) Most people have their own blogs on myspace...especially singers & musicians

    Either way its fantastic that you have one.. so really i don't care about who else has one haha :)


    kelly xoxox

  10. Hi Anete!
    Are you now fully vegetarian? Don't you eat some meat every now and then? O.o

  11. It is so great to hear that the cats are getting along so well and Stjärnan climbing the net is so typical kitten behaviour. They can be so energetic at times but you surely always have a laugh with cats in the house, especially young ones.

    I love your hair colour on the picture above, mine is the exact same =)

  12. That's so good to hear that the cats are getting along now! I'm getting a kitten in 6 weeks (he was just born 5 days ago, so I have to wait) and I'm really scared of how my sister's cat will get along with him. Did you do anything special to "introduce" them to each other, or simply let them get used to each other on their own? Earl (my sister's cat) can be quite mean sometimes, and I'm terrified he's going to attack Oreo (my kitten.) =(

    Also, I love all the photos you post, thank you for giving us a small, visual glimpse into your daily life! You look beautiful, as always.

    Enjoy your massage...that sounds lovely right now.



  13. Hej Anette!
    Vilket gulligt foto på dina katter!
    Lunch stället ser väldigt mysigt ut på dina bilder =)
    Ursäktar frågan om du har skrivit det innan. Men jag bara undrar hur många gånger i veckan du träna?
    Ha det toppen Mvh från Sofie

  14. Hi Anette.

    You looks great at this photo. Now I have to go to Hockey training. Thanks for this photos.
    Have a very great massage and a nice evening.

    Big Hugs :)

  15. You look great, Anette. Those sunglasses really suit you. And your cats are so cute. I love the back of cats heads and the way their little ears stick out. I always feel like I want to kiss them. I know, sorry for this mad post, but I am a cat lover and I just adore them. To me they are like little babies, and as I don't have a cat of my own, I go crazy when I see pictures of cats.

  16. heiho

    thanks for the nice pics - you look so good ;)
    and Stjärnan is such a sweet little cat >.<


  17. Hej Nettan!
    I wanted to tell you that Finnish news paper was writing about your solo album, they had quoted your blog about it, isnt it great?!
    I posted this to you already yesterday but I dont know if it got through cause I cant see the post.
    But anyway, just to let you know =)
    Its so nice to know that you are relaxing. Sometimes I feel that it would be wonderful to be out of work for few months, just concentrate on excersising, relaxing and maybe studying something, but yeah I know I can dream on.. =)

  18. I think it's easier to introduce cats to each other when one is a kitten, like in your situation. My roommate and I have tried integrating adult cats in our house for two years now and they still don't get along!

  19. Hi nettan!

    your 'babies' are so cute looking outside the balcony! hihihi and now I can see that Gremlins is IN FACT much fatter than Stjärnan! hahaha she looks really big!!!

    and you look really pretty in that picture too!! ;)


  20. Hellu Anette!
    So nice to hear funny news of Stjärnan :) I love her since you got this little angel.
    Lots of love,
    Inga :)

  21. Hello :-)
    You look very good on that picture!
    such a sunny day out there :-D
    I'm happy that all the cats getting along!
    It's always difficult when they fight with each-other so I think thats very good news Anette :-)

    Enjoy your massage girl!!
    Love ya ;-)

  22. Your cats are so cute! =) I'm glad you were able to get a new one after Kulan passed away. That story almost made me cry, I know how sad it is to lose a pet!
    It's such fun to have a playful cat. Our cat Peach is so hyper even though he is a year old now. He never stops trying to play fight with us! We also might adopt a poor kitty that has been in our yard since winter time. We think he was abandoned, and we have been feeding him all the time. He tries to come inside so we are going to take him to the vet so that we can keep him. =)

  23. Oh, the cats are so cute!
    Is the restaurant in Denmark? Isn't that the country's flag..? =D

  24. I thought Stjärnan had grown a lot since the time I saw the first pictures of her in your blog, but she looks so small compared to Gremlins. Anyway, they are so cute :)

    The salad looks good!
    There are ONLY ONE restaurant which serves only vegetarian dish here where I live. This is so bad because I don't like to look people eating meat or smell this kind of food. So, I always end up eating only at home.
    You are luck :P

    Thanks for the photos, You look beautiful :)

  25. Aww, such cute little kitties!
    And you look beautiful in your picture!
    I have glasses like those!
    Your lunch looks really good too!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  26. Aw, cute pic of your cats =). Nice to know they're getting along every well.
    Oh and that sallad ... it's just yummie!
    You look great as usual he he =).

    Hugs <3

  27. Very nice pics,Nettan,I'm glad you had a good day:)

    With <3,

  28. Oh my! The picutre of Stjärnan and Gremlins made my day! They look so cute and hilarious in the shot!

    Thank YOU for sharing the pictures with us Anette! hope You had a great massage :D

    Karo E.