Saturday, 5 September 2009

Packed and ready for bed;=)

Hi all,

so, I have packed for Moscow and I have some nice clothes especially for Russia and Moscow of course...and a new shorter hair-do;=)

We leave by train very early tomorrow morning so I need to go to bed now to get some hours of sleep. I have a small cold and aching throat so have taken a nyquil to get a good sleep for those few hours. Normally I cant relax and sleep when I have an early flight. I am so afraid of missing it and not get to the gig....

Today I took Gremlins for a check-up at the veterinarian to see so she doesnt have any kidney failure coming like her sister Kulan had. And she was soooo brave!!! They took blood from her leg, put a big needle in her stomach to empty the urine bladder for urine, took a blood pressure, shaved her back and pulled her legs, checked her teeth etc.. and she only said: mjau...and just did everything so super! I am incredibly proud of how nice and calm she is. She never hits anyone or bites and I think she is the most kind cat. So she was healthy and just had some small things in the urine but we bought special food for her and omega 3 to put on the food so she will be fine. Great!!

And then tonight I left Stjärnan at my mums house to stay there during the weekend. Linda will go and check Gremlins here at home so they´ll both be just fine;=)

Ok, that was kinda most of my sleep...see ya tomorrow!!! Moscow, here I come!!


  1. WOW! New hair cut?? Good night Anette , I wish you sweet dreams and save flight.Do not worry about the cold.
    Good luck at the gig.


    hey anette nou now his song , tuomas use this melody on one of his keyboard solo lol

    kiss from france

  3. Hey Anette,

    Have a wonderful time in Moscow xxx

  4. hi darling...

    don't worry...
    you will be wonderfull in Moscow, as in all other places that you've sang.. and you no go lost the airplane...
    I really like to be in Moscow, to see your show, cause i don't have doubts: you would be wonderfull, and your voice will be better then ever, a voice of an angel...
    Greetings from Brazil...

  5. Hey nettan!!
    Glad to know Gremlins is ok! She's strong and brave but nice and sweet, isn't she? Just like her mama :P

    I hope you can get some sleep and have a nice trip!

    Kisses to you and hope you'll feel better tomorrow!!!

  6. Have a great time Anette!

    Can't wait to see your hair!!! I always looks forward to seeing your outfits and hair styles =)


  7. sleep well, have a good and invigorating sleep and good luck in the show tomorrow. Do not forget to take some photos of Moscow for us ;-)
    Sleep well dear Anette, have sweet dreams.
    Peace =)
    Sorry for my english ;-)

  8. Sounds like you have one busy day ahead of you :)

    I totally emphasize with you on the Nyquil thing.. I just got over a cold, seems like pretty much everyone was sick all at once, and thankfully, eveyone is fine now :) Hope you get to feeling better, it must suck to be sick when you have to travel to another country for a show :(

    Glad that Gremlins is mostly ok, our Lola is slightly depressed, she's missing her 'mommy' whos going to school to be a mortician, so she hangs out with me quite a lot, sleeping on my clothes.

    You have shorter hair, huh? Wow, I've been growing mine out and now it's about 2/3 of the way to my butt, which im soo happy about, and hopefully, when i get my hair done this month, the beautician doesnt have to lop off too much from the ends, since i know i have some spit-ends.

    Sleep well, and have fun in Moscow :)

  9. Great, I'm glad that Gremlins and Stjärna are fine :)
    Have a good night, Anette. Good luck and have a safe trip!

    Lot of hugs,

  10. Well, I can't wait to see your outfit,
    and new hair cut! :)

    I swear, you seem to have the nicest
    animals I have ever heard of!
    And I'm sure Stjarnan will be okay
    with staying with your mum.

    I'm sure you won't miss the flight,
    but have a good night's sleep,
    I hope you feel better, be safe, and have
    fun rocking in Moscow!

    Good night and sweet dreams!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  11. good to hear good news about your other cat ;)
    My fish's name is Gremlins too ^^

    hugs and kisses from Porto Alegre, Brazil

  12. Hola Nettie!!
    Hey I wonder about your feelings... about the end of the have a lot of ideas about this end, isn't it? Well If you have time you should post something about it, It's a really important thing :DD
    Have an awesome concert with the guys!!!!!

  13. Might be better to leave the two cats together, don't you? They could keep each other company, especially now since Gremlins no longer has Kulan O.O

  14. Hi Anette!!!

    It's very good to know that Gremlins is healthy... despite the little urine problems..

    Well, have a good gig today... I hope your throat gets better = )


  15. Why Anette? :( Why did you cut your hair? :_( You look very beautiful with long hair, it fits perfeclt the shape of yout face. Short hair makes you look a little... I don't know, older? Not a lot, but makes the difference :(

    Ok, you look pretty anyway and have a nice day there in the cold blue Russia :)

  16. Good Morning,Anette!

    I hope you've slept well and I just wish you a safe trip to Moscow,I'm sure it will be an amazing gig!
    It seems like Gremlins is a very brave cat,congratulations to her!

    Have a nice day,Nettan,and enjoy your trip!

    Lots Of love,
    Cris xx

  17. see you tonight, Anette! *happy*

  18. hey anette
    your cat seems to be a really tough one, mine is always screaming madly when being at the vet. it's good that your gremlins is alright
    well, i hope you have a good flight to moscow and good luck for the gig^^
    i'll b there, too^^ see you this evening
    greetings, carina

  19. hello :)

    that's always great when pets are healthy and so on ;) I was riding horses some time ago, and I know how it feels when your pet is sick, it's never nice. But luckily your cat is fine :)

    I wish you a great time and show in Moscow.

    lots of love

  20. Good morning Anette!
    really happy to have some good news about Gremlins !!and yes she's brave !!!big big hugs for her!!I hope you feel better this morning!
    take care!
    P.S: how is Mimi?

  21. now I'm going to my work and would to wish you a good concert with nightwish in Moscow today.
    All the best for you.
    Peace =)

  22. Good morning Anette!

    hope you slept well and that you're feeling fit for your concert in Moscow!

    Glad to hear that Gremlins is such a brave cat and that everything is fine with her and that both your kittys will be safe until you will be back home!

    Have a nice day!


  23. Dem här omega 3 du ger till katten, är det nå lite specialare? För kan inte tänka mig att det är dem här stora gula pillerna. Katten här hon trilskas bara man ska försöka få i henne p-piller haha.

  24. Hi my dear!

    I hope you would go better take care of you, and I love Russia (I origins of the side of my father) but unfortunately I never go.

    Good travel kiss to the boys!!



  25. What a lovely post, Nettan! I think you have the ability to choose the most cute and human-friendly cats. ;=) I can only imagine what my cats would have said or done if somebody had tried to take a blood test or something... They would probably have become crazy!

    I wish you got a nice and comfortable sleep and will enjoy tonights gig. Have a nice day. ;=)


  26. Hello Anette,
    Have a great gig in Moscow.
    It would be good now in Russia to be...
    Please take a pics for us;)
    seeya tomorrow when if you managed to have a rest a small one already
    love and hugs, Zina

  27. Hey Anette :)

    I hope you are doing fine^^
    Dont be afraid ;) you wont miss your flight, hope you will have a great time in moscow, and lots of fun :)

    Great to hear that Gremlins is doing well :)
    gosh she´s really a brave girl WOW
    My cat (mucki) would have killed me or the doc ;) I love her but she can be pretty nasty, maybe its because she´s 16 years already ^^ dont know?!? but ok^^ cool both of your kitty´s are fine, thtas great :)

    So! have a great time, smile a lot, enjoy russia
    and most important: take good care ok? ;)

    A biiiig huuuuug
    and lots of
    yours Chris :)

  28. I'm glad Gremlins was healthy :)
    Good luck in Moscow, can't wait to see the new hair!

  29. Have fun in Moscow =)
    Hugs & Kisses from France

  30. Dear Anette:)I'm frist time on your blog and I must say that I'm pleasantlied surprise :)At the beginning I wasn't very fond of you but now I gained the respect to you.You're Ok.
    PS.Sorry for mistakes:)
    Justyna from Poland

  31. That's very nice to hear that Gremlis gonna be ok. =) She sounds like a very kind cat.

    By the way, I saw dream of Nightwish gig last night. It was really weird, not sense at all, but you were playing somewhere and I was there too. There was just few people in the audience. You had this monster-like dress (don't ask =D). Since there was so few people to watch you, you all came down from the stage after the gig and just talked with people. I had very weird talk with Tuomas. Of course I don't remember what we talked... And that's all I remember about the dream. =D It was weird dream but nice.

    I hope your cold and aching throat will be better today! Have fun at Moscow!

  32. Hi Anette, have nice day today and let know us how was the gig in Moscow! Hugs

  33. Hi Anette

    Sorry to hear about your cold and aching throat - hope you feel better for the gig. I've had this terrible cold for a few days now and haven't been sleeping at all well. As a singer, I hate having colds as I'm meant to be practicing some new songs and haven't been able to do anything for days. But that's nothing, at least I don't have any gigs.

    So pleased that Gremlins is OK. Usually older cats have problems with their urine but it sounds like she's been well looked after with her special food and vitamins.

    Have a great time in Russia!

  34. Hey Anette!
    Have much fun in Moscow!!


  35. Hi Nettie,

    Oh I'm sorry about your cold. It's great that Gremlins is healthy. And she was so calm. :)

    Have a great gig.


  36. Sleep well and enjoy the show!

  37. Anette I just love you :(
    I'm so sad right now but if I read your blog through then on some posts you wrote such beautiful words and it makes me feel good.

    I thank you so much that I "know" you, not personal but like that you are a part of Nightwish. And I thank god for that.
    I love you <3

    I really cant live without you anymore.. I don't know, if I could never ever read your blog or could never ever see you life I wouldn't know what I shall do... maybe my life would be only more worse...

    Thank you Anette <3

  38. Hello Nettie x
    I'm glad the kittens are doing so well :-D
    I hope you had a good night even when it was a short one :p Have fun at the gig!! I know you're gonna rock the place !!! :-)
    Can you post some photos of you later..
    I would really like to see your new haircut :-D


  39. Hej Anette!
    iIhope you will show as many pics of the show in Moscow as it's possible)))) i'm so sad sitting at home((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( You cannot imagine...
    All my love,

  40. Bon voyage, Netty! <3 Hugs for you, kisses: Agnes

  41. Have a safe trip to Moscow!!

    I would love to go there, hopefully someday :).

    Of all the places you've traveled, are there still places you want to go and where?

    <3 Lauren

  42. It's nice to hear that your lovely cats are doing well. :) And obviously you, too! I can't wait to see pics from your new hair, I'm sure it's amazing. And at least I'll see it in Hartwall! Can't wait for that, either.

    Well, anyway, have a great time in Moscow and kick ass! ;)

  43. Håller tummarna för att det blir ett kanongig i Moskva.

  44. Good evening Anette!

    Great to hear that Gremlins is doing fine! It's really awesome that she took the testing so nicely :D

    Hope Your throat will be better for the Moscow gig!

    Have a safe trip and have fun :D

    Karo E.

  45. Unfortunatelly I couldn't come to the concert because prices were too high, and that makes me sad, quite sad.... but the one thing that I know, we all are glad that you came here, we really are. Please dont forget about us. :P
    Love you!, your little girlie fan from Russia :D

  46. anette hello how are you well I hope you wrote that only to wish you luck for the concert in Moscow and you have good dreams and you do not have nightmares at night so you can sleep all night agusto bye bye beautiful.
    Atte. Ramses
    Post. eternal night you want to play and compose some songs with the group.

  47. so glad to hear the kitty its just fine!!

    regards from Chile

    we miis you a lot

  48. Have a wonderful show! I'm sure you will. =) Do you ever feel anxious or sad at first when you have to leave home? I always struggle with that when I go back to school after the holidays, but I come home every other weekend, so that is good.

    I am glad your cat is healthy! =) It must be a relief to know that. Have a good night sleep.

  49. Hey Anette! Early greetings from Moscow. Have you already left?=)
    I can't wait till your next post. I didn't sleep the whole night long. I have such an ocean of emotions and impressions that the sleep runs from me in scare. =)
    This was really, ReallY, REALLY fantastic. Last year I was enormously disappointed and sad about the cancelled show. Yesterday I couldn't believe that this will happen until I saw Marco coming out of the limousine. Then - Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka.. They disappeared so fast, but they were in front of me! And then we greeted you - remember?)))
    I made really a hard way to the scene, it could even worth me a feet, but, thanks God, I survived and stood just in front of Tuomas, putting out my head and a part of Pink Floyd shirt as a carrot between two friendly shoulders (free pillows in the pauses), almost all the concert on my toes, but singing and so happy! Guys, you're the best!!!
    I thought I will die when you said that the next song will be the last ;)
    You sang greatly, I was quite surprised that I could hear your every word when all the fan-zone was screaming the lyrics with you)))
    I can hardly explain all my feelings, but thank you very much for that unforgettable night. And - if to you it is not very difficult - please, tell Tuomas my warm and sincere "THANK YOU". Especially for the little piano solo in the end of "The Islander". I would like so much to hear it again, even in record. And thank him, please, for that "Ghost love score" (I cried. This was the first time I heard this song played with such passion and feeling. The tears just fell and fell, and I could do nothing with it=)) and "Wish I had an Angel". Fantastic.
    And then you disappeared just like ghosts. Beautiful visions)))) And my only thoughts were "Dontgodontgopleasedontgo" and "Dontleavepleasedontleavedontleave". You all were quite scared of russian fans as I noticed - you didn't even come close to the stairs)))) And no hand shakes, I was upset))) As I noticed, most russian fans are very adequate guys, the problem is in the crowd. Lots of people, and everybody wants to see you))) But, of course, there were some crazy exceptions)))))
    5 minutes after you left there was a big struggle for set-lists like "Hei!! Man on the stage! Give me this, please-please-please!!!" (one girl) and "Please, can you give me the bottle? No, no, the BOTTLE! Wine!! On the synth!!!" (another girl) - of course, the bottle was taken by the technicians))))
    And then - fresh night air, bright full moon and a lonely star on the right... Thank you one more time.
    Lots of love,

  50. Anette Hello! I hope you pass it very well in moscow .. I hope that shorter hair will be great jeje (such insurance) good all your fans expect Nigthwish pictures and hearing from you. kisses from Spain.

  51. My lovely Anette! :*
    I wonder how You look now with shorter hair and can't wait until see You.
    Have a very nice day and of course gig
    and prepare to the last gig on this Dark Passion Play Tour.
    And I'm very glad that Your cat Gremlins is healthy. Beacause health is the most important
    Much love
    Your the biggest Polish fan Mateusz :*

  52. Awww.. "mjau" ^^
    Nog önskar man att man hade en katt när man läser om dina sötnosar ;3

  53. Anette, hope you had a good day in Moscow.

    Just watched a few videos of Wishmaster and noticed you dropped the mic, wish made me laugh loads. Nice to see you just take it in your stride and having a laugh. :)

    Now, thought I'd ask what everyone is wondering. Do you have any more details about your upcoming solo album? I can't wait for it already!

    Hope you're having a great day! x

  54. Hi, Annete! My name is Ivan, i'm from Russia. My girlfriend Kristina and me couldn't come to your concert in Moscow and We are very upset. Despite on this, we want to thank you very much! Thank you for all that you're doing! You are so astound in vocal and just nice maid. I wish we wouldn't miss next Nightwish concert in Moscow!
    Good luck! Sorry, my English is very-very bad! ;-)))

  55. OMG Anette, Your a "Flamming Fire Cracker"!!

    I just watched the youtube video's of you in Moscow (Anette Olzon Daily facebook)

    You totally look so cool & relaxed, like you were really enjoying yourself...your outfit was gorgeous & the little performed & sang brilliantly....I wish i could have been there..i saw you in Birmingham in 2008...I cant wait to see you guys again!!!!

    Totally the best band ever whoop! whoop! Hep! Hep!




  56. Good luck in Moscow Anette! I'm sure your new clothes look great. I'm a huge fan of your style and you've given me the confidence to wear what I like, thank you so much. And your voice? Beautiful, you're doing such a wonderful job. Keep it up and keep inspiring. Love always, Hayley (Wales, UK)

  57. Have a nice weekend ;=)
    Kiss and Love from France

  58. Good Luck!!
    wish you have a great day!
    hey i have this new kitty! and she looks just like kulan! well she has the same colours and all the stuff!!
    she is so nice! :D
    i need ideas for her name! :D lol
    well have an amazing day
    anne v.


  60. I was on your concert!!!!!!!IT was so great!!!!!!!I Love your voice!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  61. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!! You're amazing :)