Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Hi everyone and sorry for the long abscence, but I am unfortunately ill;=( But thanks so very very much for all the nice comments and today I read them all and you all warmed my heart so much;=)

When we left the boys yesterday, they were sad. It is hard to stop a so long tour and travelling that we all have done. And I know that it will take some time to get into the new lives we will have before the next album and tour;=) For me, I have dreamt only about NW these two nights and I can feel that I need some time off now to rest my body.

And my body got ill immediately after the big gig and I know I have pushed my body to be ready for that big last gig and now after it is done, the body gets a bit ill. I had to go the emergency yesterday to get some meds and I hope I soon feel better. I will just rest today and take it easy, which is truly well needed;=) Some of the boys are already off to vacations and they all need it too;=)

So, I took some nice photos in Helsinki the day after the show and I want to share it with you all. Have a nice day now!


  1. ouu.. :S
    well Anette, rest and have a nice time, you deserve it ^.^
    hope you get well soon
    thak you for the photos and thank you again for giving everything in that last gig =)

  2. Aww I am sorry Anette, hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the lovely images.

    Take care.

    Lisa x

  3. Thank you Anette so much, Hartwall gig was amazing! I cried so much, while you were playing Walking in the air. It was so emotional, touching. And everything else were also wonderful.

    Have a great time and also say thank you to the boys, when you see them!


  4. Heh, I fell ill after the show, too - too much exhaustion, I guess *g* Feel better soon, Anette! *hugs*

  5. Hi Anette

    haha, since I'm back from Helsinki I'm ill too :( But I hope you'll feel better soon!!

    On the gig I stood next to some girls who where crying all the time, but when you started to sing meadows of heaven and the rain came down I got tears in my eyes too, that was so beautifull!

    Dear Anette, take all the rest you need and have a nice vacation! Are you going away?


  6. I have seen some Videos from the Hartwall gig and it was so amazing ! I am so sad that i was too late to get some cards =(
    I hope that you feel better soon !!!

    Big hugs and many kisses from Austria,

  7. I hope you feel better soon! Time off is well deserved!

  8. Hi Anette =D
    I hope you feel better next days =). Good lucky.

    And so..I'm so happy that you played Meadows Of Heaven and Walking In The Air, I always thought that this song would be perfect in your voice and I was right =D. I'd give everything to have been there =/..but that's ok, I hope to see you in Japan in your next tour.
    By the way...Helsinki is sooooo beautiful, loved your pictures.

    Hope you feel better once again and hope you and the boys really enjoy your vacation now and start to work on a new album soon. I can't wait to hear your new songs and see you at the next tour.



  9. mmmmm
    I was lookig at the photos again, and I was thinking that I've been to all that places, I'm soo lucky becouse there are some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. When I went to Suomelinna it was amazing! *.* I though: "WOW! this a perfect place for a Nightwish's videoclip" haha I love Helsinki, and I would love to know more place from Finland =)

  10. Awwwww , I hope that you will feel better soon :(
    I will pray for you =)
    ♥Get well sweet Nettie♥



  11. Anette hope you feel better as soon as possible! love ya and have a good day! ;)

  12. Awwl, Anette, I really hope you get to feeling better.

    Thankfully, my sunburn has healed, now i have a slight tan, and wearing a shirt with sleeves isn't quite so painful, lol.

    I've been having dreams about NW, myself, but we probably aren't dreaming about the same things, lol, though I have had a few from the prospective of the stage, which is kinda wierd. I DO know that my own sleep-scedule is WAY out of whack, and nothing I do has fixed it, which is NOT good, been getting progressivly more night-owlish over then last several weeks.

    Anyways, you take all the time you need to get back healthy. Don't push yourself just to please us.

    Hugs, and all my love,

  13. Poor Nettie :(

    Take all the rest you need to feel better!
    I'm already thinkin about all the emotions I've felt Saturday evenening... I want to say Thank u another time =))

    Hope u'll feel better soon and also that you start relaxing :)

  14. I love you Anette!!!! You the best!!!!

  15. Välkommen hem till Sverige igen :)

  16. Hi Anette,
    Hope you feel better soon..That happens to me when I push myself...Your body is telling you to slow down.... :-)
    Thanks for the pics - Helsinki is beautiful!
    Take care!


  17. Hey Anette

    Dear! you will feel better very soon. dont worry ;) your body just needs a time out to regain power. its good that you take your time to rest now ;)

    Thank you so much for those nice photos :)

    Take good care of you ok?!
    be happy and the sun will shine :)

    Get well very very soon ;)
    yours Chris :)

  18. Hi Anette,

    Awww, I'm the same... if my body gets too tired it gets ill as well. Pretty quickly :S
    I really hope you'll get better very very soon ;)
    I send you a BIIIIIG healing hug!

    Finally you'll have some quality time to get a proper rest and you can care about your soul and body a bit more than usual.
    When something comes to the end something new begins ;) So don't be sad about the end of the DPP tour. "New day, new destiny"
    I'm 100% sure that you guys will come back with a kickass new album! :)
    But now you have to concentrate on yourself and on yourself and on yourself ;)

    Have a lovely, great, amazing, nice, peaceful time! :)

    BIG-BIG hugs,



  19. Dear Anette,so sorry to hear you got ill, but it´s so understandable after such an effort and all the emotions. I got ill too after the gig and I was just in the audience:)Were you able to attend your afterparty? The weather was so beautiful on sunday after the gig, glad you had the chance to walk in the city then. Get well soon and thank you again for all the unforgettable DPP tour gigs, especially this last one. Take care, lots of hugs:)

  20. Hi Nettan!

    Ohhhh! I'm so sorry that you're feeling ill again =(. Take good care and enjoy your time off =).

    All my love and respect,

    ps- Thanks for the gorgeous photos =):

  21. Wonderful! Wonderful*--*

    Kisses from Brazil.


  22. Hi Anette, I saw the vids from the last gig. They were just amazing! You sang so heavenly. Enjoy well your vacations. We will be waiting for you next time! :D
    Best wishes for you!

  23. Thanks are more for all
    Thanks for a fine round
    Sadly, fantastic round has ended
    Already I wait for the new
    I wish to have a rest well


  24. Anette, you are trully an amazing and lovely person =) Congratulation for your great job and yout sincerity! =***

  25. Krya på dig Anette!
    Du har gjort ett så otroligt bra jobb under hela turnen av det jag sett. Beundrar dig starkt! Längtar tills nästa skiva och turne.

    Så många år av beundran till Nightwish och du har stärkt det ännu mer. Jag tappade aldrig hoppet för NWs framtid, men jag visste inte att den skulle se ut så här. Med dig längst fram, en sån värme, en otrolig röst sån ger mig gåshud.

    Tusen tack Anette! För att du är du och ingen annan.

  26. Rest, you really need it and deserve it ... have a good vacations, and hopefully you will better soon!!!

    thanks for the nice photos, looks like Helsinki is a nice place to visit!! n_n

    hugs and love


  27. Oh no! I hope you feel better! :(

    At least now you have plenty of time off to relax before the next album and crazy tour :D.

    So, in my last comment I mentioned there's a lot of new music coming out (or just came out) this year...anything you're looking forward to? Or is already out and am really enjoying?

    <3 Lauren

  28. Aaw get well soon Anette!
    My head is still on clouds because of the concert! =)
    I want to add that the heart asks pleasures first was amazingly beautiful. Ive been now listening to it on you tube and gosh, I want that song to be my wedding waltz, if I'll ever get married!haha.. =)
    Your voice sounds absolutely angelic in it and I cant imagine anyone elses voice to fit better than yours.

    Its such a shame you never could record it! =(
    Would it be possible for us to get the lyrics?

  29. Us is that we are happy for you ^ ^

    Beautiful Work,anette

    Nightwish Forever ever ever ever

    and that soon you are back on tour

    I hope that is already much better

    Beautiful Photos ^^

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  31. hi Anette

    will you compose new songs?
    can you tell me how are emppu and tuomas?

    Bravo for your work. You are wonderful.


  32. Beautiful photos. Again the show was great, good work. Have a very good day, I hope you get well soon, you deserve.
    Peace =)

  33. I hope you feel better--- it seems as if everyone everywhere is getting sick! Enjoy your well deserved rest and sleep lots!


    I wish I could have been at the Hartwall gig, it looked amazing! =]

  34. ooh!! i've seen some videos!! i'm so envy to live so far away!!

    so, take care and now enjoy your time... we will miss you all, but we'll be waiting...

    regards from chile :3

  35. Welcome back Anette!

    You deserve some rest BIT TIME! Hope You will feel much much better very soon!

    Sending You tons of hugs and healthy thoughts!

    Much love,
    Karo E.

  36. Take care ;)
    Have rest, so you can all come back in 2011 completely in good shape! But for the time being... Happy holidays! :)


  37. Hey Anette!

    Big thanks for you and also for the boys for the Hartwall gig! It was so fabulous and I'm still feeling touched! You all did so well and the most important: you all also looked happy! Btw, You did Meadows of heaven so beutifully that I'm still almost crying when thinking about that!

    I'm going to miss Nightwish a lot during your vacation but I understand that you really need and DESERVE time off. Just hope and also believe that when you'll be back, you'll be even better and greater than now! And again full of power to play and sing in Nightwish with your full hearts :)

    Get well soon! And rememeber to drink enough, that's important for the healing. ;)

  38. Krya på dig!!! =)
    Kram från Sofie

  39. Hi Anette,
    I hope you feel better now, rest a lot, and take care!

  40. Omg i hope you get better! im glad you are finally on vacation because you deserve and need some rest :)
    btw i was thinking the other day. and i wondered if you liked editing photos :) mabye not but if you to you should try picnik ... just go to picnik.com and try it out if you want

    well get better anette :) (mabye you could spend your sick itme editting photos :B)
    get better
    hugs and kisses

  41. Thanks for the pictures of Helsinki, Anette. I was there several years ago but didn't get many good pictures because, well, I was sick...Unfortunately, because of that, I have few memories of the city, so your pictures are really nice to see!

  42. get better soon! and enjoy the vacation, you deserved it ^^

  43. Hey Nettan!
    I'm so sorry you dont feel so good. I hope you feel better very soon!

    Thank you for the pictures!!! Helsinki must be a beautiful city.. Hopefully someday I can se it with my own eyes hehe

    So.. I just have to say.. Eat well, drink a lot of water and take a niiiice and loong rest now so you can feel better again!!!

    Did you do some plans for your vacation already like a trip or something? Or you're going to stay home enjoying Sweden and working on your album??

    Kisses and take care!!!

  44. Hei Anette =[

    I hope you get soon better :(
    That's too bad :/

    But the show was awesome =]

    love you<3

  45. aww take some good rest, you deserve it! You did a great job in Hartwall!!!

  46. Anette! I'm sorry but they are cured of it ;-) Thanks for the nice photos from Helsinki ;-) Rest deserve full Nightwish and you! I wish speedy recovery! Sharrie: -*

  47. I am sorry to hear that you are ill. I do hope you will get better soon!
    Well, I will feel a bit empty from now on since Nightwish is now on vacation. But I wish you all have really nice vacations. We will be waiting anxiously for the next album and tour. Also for you solo album!
    By the way, how is your songs going?

    Get better soon, Anette :)
    Have a nice evening. Have nice days as well.
    Take care <3

  48. Hey Nettie :-)
    such a cool photo !! YOU ROCK!
    sorry to hear that your ill my dear!
    It's normal after so many efforts your body gets a bit tired. touring can be realy exhausting hé! So just listen to your body and rest :-) RELAXX :D spend some time with Seth and enjoy that beautiful sun!

    Love you honey and get well soon!!!
    Hugs xxx

  49. Very nice pictures! Looks nice. Well enjoy your resting and vacation! Sorry you're sick, as am I.

    Get better! and Hope things are well!


  50. I hope you feel better soon, beautiful Anette! <3


  51. It's good to have you back, Anette! Welcome back! :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your illness. The anxiousness before the final show, the rehearsals and traveling have probably taken a toll on you. Anyhow, I hope the sickness goes away really soon and I'm sure it will, because now you have quite a long while to recover, relax and refill your batteries. No more concerts or scheduled events, so you can spend your days at home and rest. :)
    It's good to hear the guys have gone to vacation already. The tour must have been just as tiresome for them as well and they probably needed to just escape somewhere away from home for a while. Maybe you could go on a little vacation or a trip too, after you feel better. Autumn weather is here already and it won't be long till it starts getting really cold. :(
    Thanks for the pics, they look lovely, and again, I hope you get better soon and have a good good night!

  52. Dear Anette,

    so sad to hear that you're ill! Rest as much as you need and get well very very soon!
    You and the boys really deserve a nice vacation!

    I can understand that they were sad when you left ........and I think you were sad too, because it's normal to happen this way when you are so close to each other and you've been trough so many things together!

    Your pictures are very nice! Thanks!
    Thanks for writing to us!
    Have a nice evening and a restful night with sweet dreams!!!
    Kisses and hugs!


  53. Hey Anette!
    Don't say sorry honeypie, you deserve your rest, so if you don't blog for like 2 days, aww, don't worry. First things first! ;) I found this rhyme, and I thought it might make you happy! :D

    The best six doctors anywhere
    And no one can deny it
    Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
    Exercise and diet.
    These six will gladly you attend
    If only you are willing
    Your mind they'll ease
    Your will they'll mend
    And charge you not a shilling.
    (~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990)

    So I wish you lots of rest, fresh air, and everything in the world that makes you feel better!
    Bless you!

  54. Hello.
    I just wanted to thank you (and the guys) for the wonderful evening at Hartwall Areena. I came all the way from Croatia but it was totally worth it.
    Have a great vacation, you totally deserve it.


  55. watch out ! you're sitting on a ninja turttle ! XD

  56. and take very good care of you ;)

  57. wow ! very nice photos o_o ! One of my biggest dreams is to go to Helsinki

  58. I want so much to live in this city

  59. Hälsningar från Helsingfors!
    Vad tråkigt att du blev sjuk. Krya på dig, och hoppas att det inte är något långvarigt!

    Ah, my beautiful hometown. Jag hade så gärna viljat träffa er före/efter keikkan ute på stan, men nähä. Kanske en annan gång :) Men jag bifogar en hälsning från mig och alla andra Nightwishfans i Östra Helsingfors: det finns mer av staden än centrum! Besök någon gång de östra delarna och se lite mer av Helsingfors. Östra Centrum är ju t.ex. ett utmärkt shoppingscentrum ;)

    Njut av ledigheten, vi längtar redan till nästa album och därpåföljande tour!


  60. Take care of Yourself now, rest, rest, rest :)

  61. Hello Anette! : ]
    ouch, I'm sorry for the ill but I'm sure after the lot of practicing and preparing a rest will be good. Unfortunately I wasn't at the concert but I watched some videos on YouTube and I have to say you improved ages since April when I saw you in Debrecen. Your voice is so great and it's noticeable that you are using your head-voice too. : ]
    Beautiful photoes you did seems like Helsinki is a nice place to go I hope once I can get there. : ]
    Now bye and enjoy your rest though it really could be interesting to know it's over now. : ]

  62. Hey Anette,

    I'm sorry to hear you're ill now. I know the problem of getting sick in stressful periods and I think it's a normal human reaction to those. Also, it's autumn again - the time of the year when the immune system gets weaker, especially after such a long and exhausting tour. Forgive me for my clumsy comment, I've been sort of ill for about two weeks now but it doesn't get bad enough to see the doctor, so I just struggle on, running after myself for a while. Hope you'll feel better soon. Please, do use this break to charge your batteries and take good care of yourself. Can't wait to hear some song with you again.

    Wish the best for you and the boys and beautiful pictures of Helsinki :D


  63. I do hope you feel better Anette.
    It is understandable that you are ill after the show.

    I will see if there are youtube videos :)

    Love and hugs from england

  64. Hii dear Anette =)

    I'm glad you're back again!, I missed reading your blog before going to school alot!!
    I am sad though to hear that you are sick, and I can tell you I feel the same way, already for 5 days I have been ill too =(
    I can just say drink alot of tea and water and have lots of bedrest!
    (sorry for getting all 'mom' on you ;p, just worried)

    WOW, those photos of Helsinki are amazing!
    Now you just got me more eager to go there!
    I am going there with christmas holidays to visit some family there whom ive never met (and didn't know i had until late XD)
    But it is a GREAT excuse to visit the country of my dreams =D

    I can understand why the guys were sad to leave you, you seem like such an energetic person always =)

    I really really hope you get well soon!
    Have a great evening =D

    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  65. Ouch! if you had to go to emergency means it was something quite serious =S I hope you're feeling better by now (I send you hugs anyway)
    so, rest well, because after all time of touring you really really deserve it.
    oh, and the pic where you're sitting on the turtle made me smile, it's cute =)

    So, take care and rest well!!

  66. Personal note to Anette: Is there anyway I could get hold of the lyrics to the "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" outro used in the Finland gig?

    It might be best not to publish this comment since it doesn't really relate to your blog post ;)

  67. Good evening,
    I hope that you feel better...
    Good holidays ! I invite you in France if you want ;) I can be your guide :p

    Good night !

  68. Hi, Anette!

    Feel so sorry about your health! Hope you'll feel good soon:). Enjoy your time off, you truly deserve it! I just want to say, you and guys all did great job. All tour was wonderful, I was watching youtube videos and it's just WOW!:)

    Really looking forward for the new album and tour but before it, take a rest:).

    And sometimes, please let us know about your life a little bit;).

    Have a great time, many thanks for singing!

  69. Nice rest!
    Beauty pictures...
    Kisses ;**

  70. oh take c vitamin 1000 and drink tea and sleep a lot..:D
    cure yourself!:D i am ill too..:S and i do these things..okay..i'm not better..:Sbut i know i will be better..:D
    get better!:D

  71. Hi my sweet Anette *.*

    I wish that you feel better soon and I wish a good vacation :)

    I love you! take care!!

    by: Augusto, from Brazil

  72. I’m sure that it probably was really hard to leave
    after a long tour, but at least you know you’ve all come together
    this long and made it so the next round will be easier.
    But like I said, we all are really grateful for the long tour,
    and we thank you all for being willing to go
    through everything you went through for us to be able to see you perform.

    Well, I hope you feel better, and you look pretty cool in your picture!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  73. Hi Anette, sorry for your illness. I'm sure that you will feel better soon! All that you need now it's a little of relax that you deserve. Take care! Hugs

  74. Must be almost time to go to sleep here in Sweden, I hope you have a good night of sleep. Take good care of your health, something unusual do not hesitate to go through a doctor. We have to take good care of our life after all is the only one we have, do you agree =)
    Have a good night of sleep, sleep well and until tomorrow.
    Peace =)

  75. Anette I hope you get better, and rest is the best thing in the world I love it xD

    kisses from Chile!

  76. I'm so sorry to hear that you're ill (everyone seems to be a bit ill these days, I have some throat ache for example).You will be healthy in a couple of days for sure. So... now your next project is the solo album! We're all excited about it. Anyway, you and the guys need to get some rest, you won it :) Have a good night and get well very soon ^^

  77. Anette!
    Oh, you're ill...I hope you get better soon (:
    Enjoy your vacation, everyone of NW deserves it, after such a long tour.
    Kises :*

  78. Hi Anette!! I hopee you get better :D
    Hey Nettie talk us more about the gig, please!
    We can't wait for the next album and tour! :DD
    Have an awesome day!

  79. Hello Anette =D

    I hope you enjoy your vacations you realy deserve it. =D

    Anette, now that Dark Passion Play World Tour is ended i wanna say something to you. My name is Cáimi and i'm from Brazi. I read about what happend in Belo Horizonte, i got very angry with that audience, i can imagine how hard is to travel, sing, and do so many things smiling facing diferent time zones, diferent languages, food, temperature (Sweden is very cold and Brazil is extremely hot.)
    So Anette the point is i want to say i`m sorry for the horrible behavior of that people who were calling Tarja's name and bla bla bla, they are idiots. I have many friend in my town who realy love your voice and work. So thanks once more for the great job singing for this great band that Nighwish is.. i hope i can wacth the next tour.

    Have a nice week Anette =D
    Hugs from Brazil

  80. I'm sorry that you are sick! =( It must be the stress on your body from so much work. Now it is nice that you can rest!
    That's sad that the boys were sad saying goodbye. I'm sure its hard to leave people whom you have worked so closely with for over 2 years. It must be nice to have a break though!
    I saw videos from the Hartwell gig and the performances I saw were magically beautiful!! Walking in the Air blew me away. It was so haunting! I wish there was a recording with you singing it. =)

  81. I feel ill too, I have a sore throat which is annoying because it means I can't sing properly :( hope you feel better soon, there seems to be some kind of universal cold going round! I'm glad you enjoyed Helsinki, I'd love to go there one day. Anyhow, peace & love xx

  82. You know what Anette, I'm so proud to say I have been cheering for you all along. You proved why you are the best singer for nightwish at Hartwall. You have the voice of an angel, and the way you sing "the siren". I don't even how words!

    Love, Elisabeth :)

  83. Hi Anette, so sorry that you are ill!
    get well soon!

    Miriam xxx

    Thanks for the photos!!!!