Monday, 14 September 2009

What were Kanye thinking?

Ok guys, the MTV Video Music awards yesterday...Taylor Swift wins the best music female video and look at what Kanye does during her much alcohol???


  1. Hahahaha Kanye West really drunk, poor Taylor!

    Miriam xx

  2. jeez... I just saw that on Yahoo! when I was checking my emails... such a shame.

    Hugs, and love,

  3. OMG, poor Taylor!!
    that must be very embarassing :/

  4. Håller med ovanstående-stackars Taylor. Dåligt gjort.

  5. I feel sorry for Taylor =\.
    I really don't like Kanye West ... I don't like his attitude most of the time. He is even now proclaiming himself to be the new King Of Pop ... yeah, right. --'
    Watched the show at 1am and loved it! Did you see Janet's tribute to MJ? And Madonna's very touching speech? It made me cry ...

    Have a nice day Anette =).

    Hugs <3

  6. Oh Poor Taylor:(.Kayne seems really drunk or he is just disrespectful.That must've been really embarrising...

  7. To be honest Anette i think he (Kanye) is a talentless twit!!!! The poor girl :(

    Iam not really into Taylor Swift music but she is so young & what he did was arrogant & horrible... i should imagine Beyonce was embarrassed too!!

    Hey Anette what would you have done in this situation?? I would like to think you would kick his ass haha

    Have a good week my dear


    kelly xxx

  8. WOW ô.O
    OH MY GOD! OUCH! West seems to be quiet brainless, How dare you mr. West!?

    really, poor taylor :(

    Anette! Thank you for posting ;)

  9. Yeah...toooo much alcohol.
    Poor Taylor...well..I am happy for her. *congrats Tay*

    Love xxx

    Ena ♥

  10. That is really bad, the poor girl looks like she is completely lost after he run up stage.

    The video link you posted does not work anymore but if you look for "kanye west mtv awards" on YouTube you can find it again, along with other videos from several months ago where he does the same thing, always when he did not win anything he crashes someone elses show.

    A very sad man ...

  11. Hi Ane,

    I watched VMA last night
    and i thinked a absurd what Kanye West made
    KW is a idiot..
    He could respect Taylor Swift
    She was choose for the audience
    Viva Taylor ^_^

    Godbless Ane
    Have a nice day
    Kisses from Brasil

  12. sorry but kanye is an @$$ ... taylor didnot deserve that!!!!!! i saw that last night! what an idiot ... Taylor is a great singer, she didnt deserve that... look how iritated she looks after that... poor taylor :) anyways enjoy copenhagen!

  13. Hey Anette!
    I also saw this video and was a bit shocked.
    Poor Taylor :(

    Hugs <3

  14. He is an inconsiderate jerk who deserves none of his fame. I cannot believe he did that to her, it is a TOTAL disgrace, a complete embarrassment, and I am APPALLED that he will continue to have fans, even after that. There is NO excuse for treating another human being like that, let alone a young girl who has MUCH more talent than he does.

    Sorry for the rant. It's just that I'm used to respectful bands like you guys, and complete asshole-ery like this pisses me off.

  15. Hey Nettan.. That video you posted is no longer available... So here's one I found on YouTube.

    I think that guy is a really jackass! Why the fuck would he do that to that girl??? Such a jerk!!

    In this link I posted here to you there's Beyonce calling Taylor back to the stage.. Really beautiful gesture!!

    And I don't think Kanye had too much alcohol... I think it's just lack of education...

    Kisses to you!

  16. That was SOOO uncalled for! I was so angry at Kanye when he did that. Poor Taylor deserved her moment and he totally stole it from her. :(

    <3 Lauren

  17. That is really too bad that he had to do that...And then him saying he was sorry after just doesn't make up for the moment.
    At least the media has something to talk about!
    Did you see Janet Jackson's performance with the video behind her of Michael - it was something...very emotional. I still can't hear one of his songs without being sad.

  18. Poor Taylor!I think she deserved her moment. What was he thinking! Beyonce won an award that she deserved and she was that kind to give Taylor her moment, quite a beautiful thing, good for her. Have a nice day, Anette!

    Love, Fly..

  19. Kayne West is a dork. ˇ_ˇ Poor Taylor. :(

  20. Oh oh, crazy guy.
    Well, he apologized after all :)

    Aww, I didn't watch VMA :(

    Take care, Anette.
    Hugs <3

  21. I was left speechless.... What a total lack of respect... I really miss musicians... Musicianship, talent, respect, manners, message (one that makes sense and betters people as humans and is not about hoes and bling)... With that said, thank you Anette, Nightwish.

  22. Nothing strange, unfortunately. Kanye West is well known for being a son of a bitch with a god complex. He's so full of himself he's actually 100% convinced he's the best artist of all time, and truly thinks Europe loves him (while, on this side of the ocean, 80% of the people have barely heard his name).

    I say, someone who behave like this shouldn't be able to sell a single record.

  23. Well that was nice of him...=( That was Taylor's happy moment and then someone comes there to spoil it. I imagine how she must have felt.

  24. That's so bad. I feel sorry for Taylor, poor girl.

  25. This guy is an asshole. Fortunately, Beyoncé made it up for her later (:

  26. Kanye has kind of made a reputation for himself for being a total dick. I'm not at all a fan of Taylor Swift or MTV, but still, he has no respect for other people it seems......

  27. More of a very over-grown ego I'd say. It's not the first stunt he pulled off. Why do peopl even tolerate him anyway? He should be banned from any award show forever. What a disgrace!

  28. Urgh, I actually cannot stand that man for his attitude. Now Taylor Swifts memory of her first award for the video awards will just be tainted.

    Taylor's amazing. I'm seeing her live in November. First gig since Nightwish came to London in March :) good times


  29. Hi Anette, just read that US President Obama commented this with the words "He's a jackass". ;)

  30. he is such an idiot
    the poor girl
    she looks so upset

  31. how would you react if something like that happen to you?

    (sorry for my bad english xD)