Friday, 11 September 2009

Listening and thinking...

Since I am gonna do an album with Anders and the guys, I need to not only try and do songs but also give them some music I like, sounds, feelings etc. Its not so easy, cause I like so much. But I have gotten together some great sounds now and will send it over today so they can start thinking of songs too;=)

I am eager to get started recording and trying out stuff now;=)


  1. I'm glad you found some stuff :-) Have a wonderful time 'getting started' ... we're eager to hear the finished product! God bless this day for you, Anette :-)
    - Suzy C. ♥

  2. Lycka till! :D
    Förståeligt att du väntar, spela in (särskilt sång ;) är hur roligt som helst!! :)

    Och jag måste bara säga att min sånglärare låter mig sjunga Eva Hon frågade vad jag tycker om att lyssna på, så sa jag "Nighwish" och så sa hon att jag kan sjunga den ;) Så nu har jag lyssnar en massa på den och dess instrumentala version :)

  3. I'm so excited about this,
    I'm sure it will turn out amazing!

    Well I'm off to school now,
    I hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  4. HEy Anette:)

    You are gifted with a great creativity :)
    i cant wait to hear some tunes ;)
    give it time my dear, everything will be wonderful. im still soooooo happy to know you will do a solo record :)

    Thank you so much Anette:)
    have a awesome day
    aaaaaaaa biiiiig biiiiiiig huuuuuug for you

    yours truly Chris

  5. Hi, Anette!

    Hope, that your album'll be awesome, cause you're so talanted person;)

    Have a nice day and greetings from Russia again;)


  6. Netti,I sincerely wish good luck and successes in it)))

  7. Wish you all the best with that =)
    Good luck!

    Love from Croatia


  8. wowww i cant wait for your album!!!! sounds like its going to be awesome, even though rock isnt my cup of tea...
    but i cant wait for your album
    im anxious too!!!
    keep up the good work
    peace :)

  9. Hejsan Anette! Tack så mycket från ditt härligt blog, jag kom att se dina kläder nästan varje dag. Min svenska är dåligt, jag vet! :D Har du check out Joliet One, kläder designed by finska Sveta Planman? One can wear it 56 different ways, would imagine it to be handy for someone who travels lot. ;)
    Lycka till med recordings, ursäkta igen min Svenska! :P

    Hälsningar från Finland,

  10. I wish you all my luck!I'm sure the album is going to be great =)


  11. Good luck, Anette! ^^
    Can't wait to hear the new musics! : )
    I'm sure these projects will be awesome! ;D

    The best of wishes from Brazil

  12. I can´t wait to hear and buy your Album !
    All songs that you sing are amazing !!!

    a lot of hugs and i big kiss
    Laura from Austria

  13. Lycka till med albumet Anette och ha en trevlig dag!


  14. hi anette!
    I'm sure that you will make great songs and very nice album with the guys....
    greetings from Croatia :))

  15. Hi Anette

    I can imagine that you want to start ;)
    What kind of music will it be? Or will it be a mix of everything?

    Have a nice day!


  16. Really can't wait to buy and listen your album!

    So happy that you found some stuff!

    talk to you soon.

    Miriam xx

  17. I hope you enjoy the whole recording process =)

  18. Heyy Anette :)
    May I ask a question?
    Will your CD be released all over the world? Or only in Sweden, or Europe?
    I can't wait to hear and buy your album!

    I sincerely wish good luck and lot of ideas and inspiration!

    Take care and greetings from Brazil,

  19. Hey Nettie !
    I'm so excited :-D
    I can imagine its difficult to chose out of so manny sounds.. You like so manny styles which I think its great! I'm so looking forward to hear your album!!
    You are a very creative person and I know everything you mix togheter is gonna sound awsome!!!
    Have a nice evening hé Nettie :-)

  20. Good thing you're already "building" the basic things for your album. I hope that more good sounds and inspiration come to you :)

  21. I'm very curious to listen to the album you didnt even started yet! hhehehe I'm pretty sure its going to be great!

  22. Good luck, Anette! ^^
    Can't wait to hear the new musics! : )
    I'm sure these projects will be awesome! ;D

    Kisses !

  23. I can't wait to hear some stuff. If you ever feel the urge to give an opportunity to a newcomer to mix some of the material please do consider me.

    Would love to work with you in the future!