Monday, 7 September 2009

Moscow gig;=)

So, the trip to Moscow was long and a bit stressy but as I said, so worth it! The fans and people were all incredibly nice and the fanclub gave me and the boys such nice gifts that we all were overwhelmed! They had made a big map with all the names of Nightwish songs and Tuomas was so touched by it and I know he will hang it on a wall in his house;=) Thanks to everyone!!!!

I didnt see almost anything of Moscow this time due to the lack of time, but I know we will come back again and then I will see to that I can see the city. I did buy a nice babushka doll and I love it;=)

The gig was great and Pain-boys played as always, amazingly good;=) Then we took the stage and I was really really excited! Almost to "on" but I was so thrilled to be there and the audience was so on and sang the songs so loud that I could have given them the microphone the whole gig;=) And as some of you already know, I dropped the microphone too...hehe! I dont know what happened but it just slipped through my hands...haha!

After the gig I met some nice fans outside and took photos etc and the warmth from all of you made me feel so happy. We then had an afterparty at the hotel and I stayed up very late this time, I normally always go to bed first, but when the feeling is that good and Pain are with us, we all have nice parties;=)

So Moscow, I can assure you that I will be back!!! And I am already longing to see all of you again;=) SPASIBA!!!


  1. Anette, I'm so glad that you liked Moscow! Please come again! =)
    Did you really drop microphone? I didn't see that)). Everything was amazing!

  2. Wow,very nice pictures Anette!Pity you couldn't visit Moscow,but better luck next time:) And that map sounds really great,I bet russian fans were really kind and enthusiastic:D


  3. Dear Anette,
    From the bottom of my heart I want to say "Thank you" for the greatest show in my life so far. All the band made a great show, and now, at last, I heard live your voice, so strong and beautiful. Amazing moment is how you all feel yourself on the stage, it seems that it is a real pleasure for you to perform, and it is so great for us to feel it from the audience.
    You are doing a great job, keep it up) And come back soon, we love you, and looking forward to the next gigs in Russia :)

    Hugs, Alex from Moscow

  4. I am happy that the concert was good =)
    I got babushka doll as a gift. When you open it...there are more 10 smaller dols. So cute =)


  5. Hello, Anette, greetings from Russian Far East :)
    Unfortunately i didn't have an opportunity to get to that Moscow gig as our country is tooo big :)) But i'm looking forward to your future concerts ;)
    Anyway thank you! As far as i can judge from pics and your posts it was really great :)

    Russia (Vladivostok)

  6. I'm already waiting for you!and Emppu especially :D

  7. Aaw how wonderful that you had such a good time. Do you hppen to have a picture about this map..? I would love to see it =)

  8. Thank you one more time for the great show.
    There is a photo of Nightwish map with all the names of Nightwish songs, if anyone interested to see how it looks like.

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  10. oh, I'm happy. It was great show!!!
    We will wait for you!!!!!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  11. oh, I forgot. "Thank you" in russian writes "Spasibo" It was pleasantly to hear it from you at the consert!!

  12. Hey Anette :)

    Thank you for those nice pics :)
    So you had a great time and a super ;) gig?!
    Thats great^^
    Im happy for ya ;)

    enjoy your day
    a biiig huuug
    Love and Respect
    yours Chris :)

  13. Sounds awesome, I'm really glad the gig went so well and you guys had such nice and welcoming fans. It must be a wonderful feeling to see the joy and excitement on the faces of hundreds of people in front of you, hearing them cheer and yell and also see how proud and happy they look after they give you presents and getting to chat with their idols a little bit.
    You and the guys really are so lucky, Anette, for getting so much love and nice vibes and for managing to make people happy with a simple smile or look.
    The pictures look great as always, and that outfit you had was simply cute and so youthful.
    Thanks for sharing all this! :)

  14. Are you loosing your touch with the microphone?! ;) Just kidding =)

    I'm very glad you had fun in Moscow. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  15. hey anette,
    thank you very much for your wonderful show!!!
    i was there and i loved it and this was not my last nightwish gig for sure! you and the boys were great!!!
    greetings from germany

  16. Hii Anette =)

    Sounds like you guys had a great time there, and what you wrote about what the fans had made, it's so nice and very thoughtfull!

    lol, you dropped the mic heh?
    ah well, it happens to the best right ;p
    If it were me, i'd probably fell of the stage or something cause i'm really Yahoo at times ;p
    So it could be much worse.

    I really wish I could have been there, see the concert and take photos with you, that would be the most amazing thing ever, to take a picture with you!!! *dream*

    I hope you have many many more great gigs like this.
    And when you come to Holland some time, we'll make sure to make it a HUGE party, just for you guys ;p

    Well, you still rock as hard as ever =D
    You're an angel of inspiration Anette!

    Lots of love, Lisa

  17. anette thanks you very much=)

  18. Nice pics Anette!
    Glad we hear from you again! can't wait to see the whole droping-the-microphone thing!! hehe!!! you are just AWESOME!!
    love ya and keep ruling!!! :)

  19. From what I could see in youtube, I can tell the gig was amazing!!! Really rocked!

    I really hope you feel like you want to come back to brazil too! :) I know I do want you to come =]


  20. I saw the video with the dropped microphone and it made me smile - I think it was rather cute, you handled it very professional, I probably would have frowned it would have been me.

    Love the new haircut by the way! Suits you very well.

  21. Dear Anette,

    thanks for the nice pictures and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it a lot being there and that everything went great!

    Your outfit at the Moscow gig was absolutely perfect!!! You looked very very beautiful in it!!!
    Have a nice afternoon!


  22. I am so glad you had a good gig :=)
    White Lily.. that map is stunning.

    Anette have a good day and the same to all of you.

    Love and respect

  23. We all love you!
    Come back again as fast as it possible :)
    Russia is waiting for you again!

  24. HEP-HEP! =)
    That was sooooo great)))
    You`re so awesome... Your voice is amazing! Your energy is contagious.... I screamd so much that I lost my voice)))) But it worth it!! You looked so.... real on the stage... That is wonderful... We love you for that!!
    Will be waitin for you!
    Warmth ПРИВЕТ(Hello) from Moscow)
    And SPASIBO!!!!!!
    Love ya

  25. Aww I saw the microphone thing on youtube, it made me giggle x3
    Glad ya had a good time ^^

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  27. anett it was amazing show))
    thenks you!!!!
    You the best!!!!!

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  29. Hi, dear Anette!
    I'm sooo grateful to you all for coming to Moscow! For many of us it was their first Nightwish consert in general. It was like a dream, a fairytale... espesially because the stage was so close to us! I also want to say "spasibo" to you for showing all your love to us, for your incredibly beautiful strong voice, blowing me away, for your charming smile and greetings. Very big thank you for Ghost Love Score, it was unbelievably touching and grandiose. I stood at the second and then at the first row close to Marco and Tuomas, and I could see everything. You were so cute and embarrassed while you dropped the microphone, but that case doesn't matter at all! ;=)
    Our fanclub wanted to thank you all by singing ABBA song "Thank You For The Music" after Pendulum, but the crowd was so noisy that you couldn't hear anything :-(
    But now I can say it to you: Thank you for the music, my dear friends!
    We're all so happy that you liked our presents, espesially the Map we prepared together. I'm proud that my idea came true :-)

    Thank you again, Nettie, I love you soo much!

    Kisses from Anna, St. Petersburg. Bye!

  30. Great to hear you had such a good time there.
    The microphone part was pretty funny, hehehe, but I'm glad everything went so well.
    Thanks for the photos, you are awesome :)


  31. I watched parts of the concert..IT WAS AWESOME!!! but i couldn't see when you dropped that mic =.= . Anyone can help me or give me some hints bcs i really wanna see :o !!!

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  33. Spasiba tebe Anette = (thank you Anette) ;=)
    I'm so happy you loved the city itself even not seeing it too much)) And of course we're so looking forward to see you here again)))

  34. Wow, it seems Moscow was a blast! I get so happy when I read you and the guys had so much fun!
    I've seen some videos in Youtube, and could see you dropping the mic. haha
    Your face was lovely. But don't worry it happens to everyone.
    All the best, and keep the good work. :D

  35. Dear Anette, the show was sooooo great! Even now I can't believe that my dream became true! Everything was amazing, your voice is really beautiful and guys are so cool, yeah!
    I'm the one from the fan-club and I took part (a little) in "Nightwish-map"-making, so I and everyone of us are very-very glad that you and boys like all our presents! :)))
    We're waiting for Nightwish again in Moscow! And maybe, you would like to come to Kiev(Ukraine), heh? ;)

    Many kisses and hugs, Tanya 'Passion&TheOpera' from Kiev, Ukraine

  36. Hey Nettie x
    Sorry I post so late.. It has been a long day at school. I'm so glad everyone was so kind in Moskow! It must be such a good feeling to get personal stuff that fans made :-D

    I saw on the wishmaster video your microphone dropping ^^ your eyes where just saying; Oops!
    really sweet and funny! Stuff like that can happen :p

    staying up long to party is good once in a while.. just enjoy :-D must been extra fun with the Pain boys!
    I would love to have seen you all party :p

    Thank you for telling us your amazing gig!!
    Love ya !!! XxxX

  37. So glad to hear the Moscow show was a blast! ;) From what I heard, you had some problems last time you should've played there -- great that everything went smoothly this time!

    That map with NW song titles is simply awesome. So beautiful, both the idea and the realization -- I'm sure Tuomas was moved when he got it :)

    And your outfit was great! Just nicely 'slavic', that dress and the boots ;)

    D'oh... I wasn't originally planning to come to Hartwall -- no tickets (hardly a problem though since I just got offered one :p) and I'm more a 'club' person than a huge fan of massive arena gigs but now I suddenly started to miss you guys... ;) I enjoy gazillion of bands, even know/used to know guys from some but you just have managed to occupy some especially soft spot in my heart ;)

    (Sorry for getting uber-emotional -- just a surprisingly good day in general today I guess... :p)

    *hugs*, M.

  38. I'm glad you had a good time at the concert,
    I saw that video where you dropped your mic.
    But I think your reaction
    to it(like the face you jokingly made)
    was funny and cute! But I saw
    some videos and I think you were pretty
    amazing for someone who hasn't been feeling
    well! I'm glad you made it home
    safe and I bet you're probably nervous
    and excited about the next concert!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  39. Good evening Anette!

    I'm happy to hear the gig went so well1 Had no doubt about it :D It's awesome that the fans were so nice and you received lovely gifts!

    Have a lovely night!

    Karo E.

  40. Thank you, Annet. You were really wonderful at Moscow gig. I see that you're working with your voice and the results are perfect. You can be proud of yourself now.
    It's very pleasent for me that you like Moscow and russian fans.
    Good luck at the last show in your tour.
    Anna, from Moscow.

  41. Thanks Anette!
    ur great ;)

    I wanna be your photographer :)

  42. Dear Nettie, thanks for your positive mood on Moscow concert! I couldn't go to this great Nightwish show anyway but I've seen some videos... all of you was soooo great! Love you, love Tuomas, love Marco! Sing, create anything you can with your brilliant voice and come back to us!
    With all my love, Alina aka Sacramenti.

  43. I don't have any was the greatest show that Russia had ever seen! ....

    PS I hope my banner that I presented you is in Finland now=)