Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Need to share my dinner recipe with you...

...since it was über-delicious according to me;=) hihi...

I first micro-waved a whole quite big sweet potato for 7 min on full speed. Then I took butter in the frying pan and fried quorn filé, shitake mushrooms, red chili in pieces and pumpkin seeds for some minutes till a nice brown colour. Took it off the pan and mixed it with a creme fraiche with chanterelle and cognac in it..

Then I put the whole mix into the potato and ate it with a salad of machete lettuce, small cucumbers, small tomatoes, lettuce onions and a vinaigrette based on ginger.

I tell you, it was incredibly delicious and I am happy to have made such a nice dish by myself;=)

Unfortunately I bite something hard and my cheek tooth has a big hole in it so need emergency dentist appointment before going to Moscow this weekend...and I am so afraid of dentists...yack;=(


  1. Låter mumsigt :) Det måste jag testa någongång. Min vegetarisa matlagningsfantasi börjar ta slut. Illa eftersom jag är vegetarian.

    Tandläkare är hemska :O

  2. Hey Nettan!
    I am really not a big fan of vegetables, but that looks delicious!!!

    I'm so sorry for your tooth. I hate going to the dentist too. It's really uncomfortable!
    Good luck at your appointment! I hope it doesn't hurt too bad!

    Have a great evening! (I wish it was evening here too but it's still 3.30 pm)

  3. maybe you can take some teddy bear like the kids, im affraid of dentists too i dont go to one several years ago...
    hope you'll get better!

  4. Jag lider med dig! Var själv hos tandläkaren igår och fick världens elakaste tandhygienist! Hon försökte avliva mig med ultraljudsmanicken!

    Ps- dina katter är jättesööööta :-)

  5. It looks soo tastyy!!!
    Sorry to hear from your teath..
    I hate dentest to!! But I think everyone does ^^ theres noting to like about all the drills and stuff.. grr only thinking about that sounds gives me chills...
    I know its hard but good teeth are very imortant.. I'm sure you wil survive! And we all think off you !!
    Hope afterwords you don't have to much pain.
    Keep us posted ;-)
    Good luck hé Nettie !!

  6. It looks so delicious =)

    And I'm so sorry for your tooth!
    I understand what you're feeling.
    I'm so afraid of dentist too...

    Have a lovely evening =)
    Love <3

  7. Sounds yummyyyy, but not so easy to make..
    I recognize the fair of dentists, actually I have a big fear for needles. But at the dentist there are also needles when they have to fill a hole in your tooth. Last time I got totally dizzy from that needle, I just didn't fainted, but that was because I was already lying down in that dentistchair. So I couldn't fall anymore.. Soo, maybe I gave you some mental support with this!

    Take care! Daphne

  8. Hey Anette^^

    It looks wonderful :) makes me feel hungry ;)

    God, the thing with your tooth is preety bad. im sorry for that :( hope it will get better soon, but i can understand that you are afraid of the dentist (im too afraid of them). the only thing i can say is: We share everything with you and we are always with you! So i hope we can take your fear away a little bit dont worry everything will be fine. Im(we are) with you!

    May one of those songs will take a bit of your fear away:

    I think of you for sure :)
    Dont be scared

    A biiiiig biiiiig huuuug
    and lots of
    Love and Respect
    yours Chris

  9. Owww, Anette, so sorry the hear about the tooth ;( I'm a dentist-hater myself ;( So I have biiigg probelms now and have to go soon too ;( So go now, when the problem is fresh and you'll have to spend less money plus I'm sure that there are anaesthetis that kill the pain!
    And the meal sounds and looks delicious.Here's something I wanted to ask you - when you became vegeterian did you had big problems while changing your ways of eating?Cos these days more and more often I feel so sick after eating meat even if it's chicken so I think my only way is vegetarianism.

  10. Thanks for the recepie. Ouch...the dentist! Do not be afraid , everything will be OK =)
    Good luck
    Lots of hugs and take care


  11. Wow, you are becoming quite a cook!
    You're food always looks amazing and so yummy!
    Plus it being healthy is a good thing!

    Oh, well I hope you aren't in too much pain
    and that goes well! Have a nice evening!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Sounds yummy. Never tried baked sweet potato before. If you need more vegetarian inspiration please check out my food blog

    How does being a vegetarian work while on tour?

  13. Good evening!

    Mmh sounds delicious..I'm going to try it tomorrow :)

    Ouch..poor you, Anette!
    I'm also afraid of dentists..I will think of you ;)


  14. Im a professional chef and I have to say this looks delicious!
    I work in a fine dinging restaurant and Im more used to cooking gourmet food than home food,I just dont have the energy to cook at home often. So Im not that good as you would imagine because of my profession. The truth is that restaurant food is so different than home food.
    But you Anette seem like such a great home cook =)

  15. sorry for not having commented before. I arrived to my house now and only now had time to read your blog (was working). Here in Brazil there are many people who have blog, are generally artists who use the blog to publicize shows, television programs, etc., but normal people also has blog. I also have a blog if you want to check the address is:
    The photos you posted were great, parabens.
    Actually going to the dentist is not good, I also do not like.
    Now I take a bath and relax watching TV (here in Brazil is 4:01 PM). I'm exhausted.
    Have a nice day. Good luck at the dentist ;-)

  16. Hej Anette!
    Det där ser gott ut!
    Får testa och Göra det någon dag här hemma.
    Kul att Få lite tips på recept, det är alltid bra =) (det hoppas jag på fler)!
    Ursh nä det låter Inte kul att behöva laga tanden = (.
    Hoppas allt går bra!
    Med varma hälsningar från Sofie!

  17. That looks WONDERFUL! I am hungry!
    Good luck on your solo album endeavors! I never got a chance to comment until now on it! I really hope it goes well, I'm sure it will, and I'm very interested in hearing it.
    A side note/question: How do you feel about Gwen Stefani and No Doubt? When you mentioned the idea of a solo album, I feared the worst being a big No Doubt fan, and after seeing how long it took Gwen to get that solo stuff going and everything. But then you assured everyone that it was not the same. :) Do you like the Sounds also from Sweden? No Doubt took them on tour with them this summer and anything Swedish reminds me of you! :P Good shows! Anyway, my point is: Are No Doubt a big thing in Sweden? or no?
    Can't wait to see you all again on stage!
    -Desi from MO(USA)

  18. Autch! I don´t afraid dentists, but I don´t like it! Its yack than you said and I had braces in my teeths MANY years and I totally went spare and dislike it :S

  19. that has an absolutely good look, and it contains ingredients I like a lot, I'm gonna try it =)
    Eluveitie has really good music, I don't understand the song either =D!! but the music is still good.
    I'm so sorry about your tooth, hope is nothing too serious and that the dentist can fix it. I don't like dentists too, whenever I have to go I close my eyes and think 'it's almost over, it's almost over'.
    Well, take care!!

  20. Wow! That sounds amazing. I'm gonna have to try making it one of the days :)

    Oh no :( I'm so afraid of dentists too. They're horrible. I'm sure you'll be ok though and it'll be better to fix it than suffer with the pain.

    Hope you'll be ok :)

    All my love and support.

    Love Kellie xxx

  21. Ahhh, looks awesome :x And I`m sure it`s delicious. Now, off topic: remember Artmania Festival? Those ducks and Marco singing Poker Face? I recently found on youtube the video with this and I was so excited that my friends and I [yeah, those screaming girls] appear there. I have to tell you: the ducks represented a FRIENDLY gift from some die-hard fans. Now, I have to tell you that we really really enjoyed the show and we`re looking forward to seeing you again, because we support you and Nightwish. Here you can find the video:

  22. Hi Anette,
    You dinner sounds delicious, I think I will try it sometime. Today I also improvised in the kitchen with some risotto. SInce I love garlic and tomatoes I put a lot of them in it and it tasted really nice :D.
    So I hope your dentist appointment is not that bad. I'm really feeling for you, I am very afraid of the dentist and didn't go there for I guess 4 years now...Since I moved in april and have now a dentist living in the same street I think I cannot ignore it anymore and have to make an appointment...somewhere in the near future. Good luck to you and hope you ahve fun in Moscow!

  23. Oh my, this looks so delicious! Have you ever thought to be a cook?! :)
    By the way, I love pumpkin seeds...hmm, so good.

    And sorry about your tooth, hope is nothing serious. And don't be afraid of dentists, they are cool, hehehe :DDD

    Take care, have a great evening,

  24. Oh, that looks yummy :D I think I should try the recipe once ;)
    I'm sorry to hear about your tooth though, I'm scared of dentists as well :( Good luck, I'm sure it'll go fine :)

    I'll be flying from Croatia to Moscow on Friday and I can't tell you how excited I am for the gig :D I'm sure you guys are gonna be amazing as always, I can't wait!! :)

    So,see you in 3 days, dear Anette! :) Lots of hugs and love from Croatia :)

  25. I understand how you feel with the dentist-- I hate them too! It's scary. I know you'll be brave though. Good luck!

  26. Your dish looks really tasty and healthful :)

    I got the same problem as you -> Toothache. And I am such a big whimp when it comes to every kind of doctors, that is why I never go there :( But now, I have to, and I have to wait till next week to see my dentist, and I think I will go crazy while waiting and thinking and thinking of horrorful stories about dentists and dental treatment and what it could be with my tooth :(

    What do you do not to feel afraid anymore except of being brave and just going there? Any meditation things or something?

    I wish you luck with your teeth. I really feel with you!

  27. O_O you should become a chef :)
    i have a little question for you:
    i have lots of respect for vegetarians.
    but wy did you became a vegetarian ?


  28. Dear Anette,

    the reciep sounds and looks great! Thanks for sharing!

    And I'm feeling sorry for you because going to the dentist is always terrifying and very unpleasant!
    I've been only once in my life and it wasn't a very big problem but I'm sure that I never wanna go again! I'm soooooooooo afraid of dentists and doctors!!!!!!

    Hope you will be over it soon and it won't be too dreadful!
    Good night and sweet dreams!


  29. Anette, it'll be ok! Good dentist can turn this thing to be even nice! No pain at all!

    We can't wait to meet you in Moscow! How do ypu feel about going to Russia?))

  30. Hi Anette =)

    Your dinner sounds great!
    I only had some chicken madras rice, out of a package ;p.

    Sorry to hear about your tooth!, I really hope it's better soon, and good luck at the dentist!

    Hugs, Lisa

  31. It looks delicious ... =), thanks for the recipe Nettan =).
    Oh sorry to know about your tooth, I also hate dentists ... it sucks. Bah.

    Hugs <3

  32. Dear Anette,

    Good luck at the dentist. I have an appointment with one tomorrow after school and am afraid of dentists as well. :-( On top of that I need to give a small introduction / presentation in front of a bunch new students, so I have a quite nervous feeling ever since the beginning of this week. :-( But, the dentist will do just fine and fix your tooth without hurting you. ;-)

    Take care!
    Have a good night and nice dreams!


  33. I've already copied the recipe down!

    I love it when you post food ideas Anette.

    It lets me try the kinds of things you like to eat.

    Have a great day!

  34. That sounds like a delicious recipe. =) You are very creative! I tried to become a vegetarian a few months ago, but unfortunately it did not last. I found it really hard not to eat meat, and it was expensive for me. It sounds like you are doing very well though! Do you ever find it difficult to not eat meat?

  35. hi anette! i wanted to ask you something, i would want you to take a photo of yourself dedicated to my cousin for her to draw you in a picture. You have to be "cool dressed" as you always are in that photo :P Just if you want it. Greetings from Spain
    ( love that photo, that has to be delicious)

  36. it looks extremely good! it seems like a restaurant's dish. also the recipe sounds a bit complicated and it must have taken some time to prepare... sth similar happened to me a month ago. i am 18 and my teeth have no problem except one cheek teeth that broke after chewing sth hard. now it needs fixing...

  37. Haha, at least your dentist isn't your own mother!!

    Try that for torture =P

  38. Hello Ane,

    Don't be afraid!! ^_^
    You can girl! hahaha...

    Don't worry.. Think in good things.
    Just a moment. Ready, it's over!! ^_^

    Good night
    Kisses and hugs from brazil

  39. Hey Anette!

    Wow, that does sound delicious! Even though I'm not a great cook, I'll HAVE to try that recipe! It just sounds so scrumptious.
    And I'm completely sorry about your tooth (especially the dentist part of the incident!) :( And don't worry, I don't even know one person that isn't afraid of dentists! I hope it went well anyways.

    Big hugs,

  40. looks yummy anette i will try it :)

    Oh i have another question actually its a problem i need to draw you too...

    My friend and I joined the Nightwish UK fanclub and we sent off our £15 to join and everything we had the money taken from our accounts but the stuff we were suppose to get NEVER arrived.....i was wondering if it was a scam? if so please was please draw some attention to it i really don't want other Nightwish fans geting scamed. And if it isn't a scam what can we do?

    Thank you :)

    xxxx *hugs and bunnies*

  41. And really sorry to bother you about this. But this is the only way i know someone from Nightwish will be able to answer my question :( and i know £15 isn't much but to student's thats like quite alot

    Thank you so much Anette you are a star ^_^


  42. Hiya

    Is it a swedish thing? my friend is swedish and loves cooking meals and baking alot (and I mean alot). She eats things I have never tried or heared of.

    Yours sounds nice.

    Lisa x

  43. It looks delicious!! The picture is so mouthwatering by itself...

    I don't know if in Switzerland some do this but I'll tell you anyway because it's tasty for me: try to fill the potato with little bits of corn, a bit of mayonnaise, bits of carrot, some olives, a bit of tomato sauce and if you want you cand add something more like cut up pickles. All of that plus the potato original content makes a good mix for a dinner or just an afternoon snack. In Spain it's becoming quite popular.

    Lots of hugs, take care Anette! :)

  44. That actually looks kinda yummy and awwwwwww, you'll be okay Nettan <3 Though I've heard vocalists are always afraid for people to be too close to their throat, seeing as it is their primary instrument <3

  45. Hello!
    Hmmmm, thanks for the recipe, it seems to be delicious.... well, I think I don't know or I don't remember what's a quorn filé....
    Anyway, I'll try to make the recipe when I have some free time in the kitchen and I'll use my favorite spices.
    oh, good luck with the dentist. :=)

    Bye Bye

  46. hey anette, that does look like a tasty dish! sorry to hear about your tooth, im sure everything will go just fine at the dentist. good luck!
    on another note.. i was shopping today and came across a pair of shoes i think you might really like. have a look and let me know what you think :D

  47. Don't be afraid. It will be fine. :)

  48. Did you invent the dish? O.o Oh my God! Anette! You are not only an outstanding singer but also a n excellent chef :D It's very nice that you always like what you do and feel little things like a personal achievement! God I love the way you are :D If there were more people like you, this world would be very different :( .
    BTW, did you already listened to the new Leaves' Eyes album Njord? it's a great album! I recommend you to listen to it, their sound is pretty good now (I didn't like it very much before xD) Have a really nice day! :D

  49. That sounds very tasty. I am going to have to try to cook something like that.Have a great day Anette.


  50. Hi Anette

    Looking at this picture made me feel hungry now haha

    Did you create this recipe by yourself??

    I'm also vegetarian but unfortunatelly I'm nor as creative as you are, neither have too much ability in cooking =/

    have a great and nice day

    *1000 KISSES*

  51. Good Morning Anette,

    aren't you quite the chef! Thanks for the recipe, it looks really good!

    Sorry to hear about the broken molar, that really sucks =( Make sure to go to the dentist as soon as possible so you do not get a nasty infection in there. I hate going to the dentist, too. I have recently changed mine because the old one was always heavily flirting with his assistant and did not pay attention what he was doing in my mouth at the same time which resulted in my having even more pain and the job not properly done.

    I hope that you have a better, less flirtatious dentist =)

    All my love,

  52. Hello ;)
    Don't be afraid of dentists - they are everywhere to help you! And the best way is to repair tooth quickly, because it might become worst ;< I know sth about it unfortunately...
    But for example me, I was searching for some nice dentist's place and after few years I found a nice one in my city (in Poland of course). This is a cool place, really cosy, where everyone is smiling to you and from these time I love to go there.
    And I know that in that place, they have enormous number of foreign ppl (German, Czech, and so one...).
    I think you can easy find place like this in Sweden ;)

  53. Wow Anette! you are already a chef!! That sounds and looks yummy!
    You know sometimes you may think that vegetarian food is boring but your dish totally works trying!
    Thanks for sharing your reciepe!

    Many Hugs!

  54. Morning sunshine!

    This meal looks delicious! :)

    As for the dentist...fingers crossed for you! I know what you feel. I've been going to my dentist for more than a month now because I have a big problem...I go there every second day...and the worse is still coming.I really hope I'll survive.

    But a hole is not that bad at all...don't worry! :)

  55. Anette i just have to say thankyou for giving Nightwish another chance =) You've done an absolute amazing job...DPP in my eyes is the best album yet and i was a die hard Tarja fan >_< Keep going Anette! Your bloody fantastic!! =D

    Also...i tried that recipe you last posted, it wasn't my favourite dish but it was nice ;-)

    Much love,
    Adam x x x

  56. oh, dear, i don't like dantists too ;((( what about Moscow, i will be at this concert!!! i'm so happy!

  57. Hi, Anette. I'm terribly afraid of dentists too. I can even faint right there, in dentist's cheer! But I make myself to go there when I feel I really need.

    Now I'm packing my suitcase, because my train to Moscow is after 7 hours. I'm looking foward to the show, it will be my the first ever Nightwish concert! I'm so wxcited!!!
    See you in Moscow!!!

  58. That sounds delicious^^Thanks for sharing with us:)

    Hugs And Kisses,

  59. Ooh, i'm sory about the hole. Hope that will be okay soon ;)
    So you come to Moscow very soon...Hard desicion for me to stay as i am atm since i said it here before that i cannot go there...I wish you to have wonderfull time here with the guys of Nightwish and hope you will like the audience. Are you excited? As many artists do when they come to here for some playing they say some russian words on the stage(like
    privet = hellu
    Kak dela? = how are you?
    Ya lublu vas = I love you...
    bla bla bla and some others ;)
    in a talking time between the songs sometimes ;) Hope you will do some too. I will watch all the show by the internet so it's okay...Maybe next time will be able to see it all alive...[almost crying] ;)
    All the best to you Anette, i wish that show to be perfomed in the highest emotinal way and to make you never ever forget this moment ;)