Sunday, 6 September 2009


Hi everyone and good evening!

I have come home from Moscow and are sitting by the TV relaxing;=) It was an enchanted evening in Moscow, despite the lack of sleep and bad throat;=) The audience was sooooo good and I want to say Spasiba (dont know the spelling;=) THANK YOU Russia!!!! You rocked us all!!!

I have photos and more to tell but that have to wait till tomorrow...sleep well and hugs!!!


  1. Welcome home, I'm glad you
    had a safe trip and a good time!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  2. Thank you too for this awesome evening! You are GREAT!!!

  3. Hey ^^! Hope you had fun in Moscow. I watched on youtube some parts of the gig. I cant wait till tomorrow to see those pictures you were talking about! Good night , sleep well.
    Kisses and huge hugs!!!

  4. Good night, Anette! Good to "hear" from you!!!
    I saw some videos and you rocked, as always!!


  5. "Spasiba" for all of you nightwish people!!! you were awesome. totally. I've came home not a long time ago (I'm not from Moscow), and now I'm reading different posts, watch photos, videos... I've made some really great acquaintances (hope I wrote it correctly XDD... and that's an amazing feeling of being really united, really together (oh, this hep-heps made me crazy)!!!! And I want to thank you - you were like a rose from our tribune, you were so charming and so cute! in Wishmaster's episode with microphone you were so nice so ^_______^ kawaii (that's a Japanese word that means cute or sweey or nice - that came to us from anime XDDD)
    Now, after this greatest evening I love you and guys much more. And tell them, that they are greatest. Marco was a real viking and god!! and his lessons were something incredible!!! Tuomas was like a cat, really - and he looked so happy!!!! Emppu was so fast that I could not control where he was at the moment!!! Jukka was brilliant!!! And I still could not find words to express my admiration for you... so for now it's just - hugs and kisses!!!!
    God, I'm still crazy x_X goodnight for you)))

  6. Anette, thank you very much for the show!! It was awesome! You made happy everyone who came yesterday to Luzhniki :) Please, thank the guys, too)
    You all are the best!
    PS: by the way, the spelling of spasiba is спасибо :)(hope the keyboard will work)


  7. I just watched some videos of you on YouTube and you were awesome! I LOVE your versions of Romanticide, Ghost Love Score and Dead Boy's Poem!

    And now you've got a well-deserved rest until the 19th September :)

  8. Hey Nettie x
    take a very good sleep :-D
    and i'm looking forward to those pics!!!
    I'm glad you had a great time and the audience there was enthousiast :-D

    See you tommorow !
    Hugs and kisses

  9. Hey Anette, well come back at home! I've watched the video of wishmaster when you lost the microphone. It's was so funny! XD Take care and sleep well! Hugs

  10. Dear Anette,
    I have to say, that after this Moscow gig I don't LOVE you anymore... I ADORE you in every possible way! ^_^ you are really amazing, and charming, and very-very professional, and talanted, and beautiful! (BTW, great haircut! :)) you sound SO good live, I didn't even expected all this beauty and power (esp on "Ever Dream" :)) and I reeeeally loved "Wishmaster" too :))))

    You said "Spasiba" for the first time so good, without any accent, that I literally lost the power of speech for a minute! :))) that was very-very-very nice :))))

    I hope you all liked tha presents from the fan-club ;))) not a member, but I know a couple of people who are. they're great!

    and I saw that you dropped your microphone, I did!! :))) that was so funny, esp when you decided to hide behind Marco :)))) you are incredibly charming, but I've already said it ^_^

    Thank you so much for your voice and your energy! that was the best and the quickest hour in my life :)

    PS: you looked like a flower for me because of you dress :* please, come back!

  11. Thank you!!! It's cool that you liked us!!!

    We did our best to try to show how we like you ))

  12. sleep well dear Anette. I can't wait to read your blog tomorrow. I saw some videos of the show in moscow and you are great in the concert (Your haircut is beautiful).
    Have sweet dreams,
    Peace =)

  13. Awww Anette, I just watched another youtube video of you doing wishmaster in Moscow!!

    "You dropped your mic" I love it!! its soooo funny....your so charming, the little expression you did with your hands....Like arrgghhh i dropped my mic :oO...Sometimes when i hold my mic my hands get so sweaty its nearly happened to me haha!!

    Again i want to say...what a great performance

    Your the best thing to happen to NW xxx

    Sweet Dreams


  14. The only thing I wished was to be there!!! nevermind!! Anette you rock!Excellente voice and you are so beautiful and, God, so warm with the audience. Cant help but waiting till the morning to see the photos!! Also Im so happy you're back safe!

    Love ya!! :)

  15. Thanks so much for keeping us updated about the gigs and all, Anette!
    Sounds like it was a lovely concert, I'm glad you had so much fun. I watched some clips on the internet and the crowd seemed so happy and enthusiastic as well.
    I loved your outfit, so colorful and lively, and your haircut looks really nice as well. Anyhow, I couldn't find any pictures so far, so I'd be glad if you shared some when you have time. :)
    Have a great day and take care!

  16. Glad to hear that you made it back safely :)

    Been browsing all fricken day long for a new hairstyle, and have yet to find anything other than bangs or a emo-style cut(would not work for my face, too sharp...) and I reeeally don't want to cut it, not when trying to headbang with short hair is no fun(yes, i have the neck for headbanging, but the thickness of my hair gives me a bit of a headache...)

    I really am glad that you made it home, I was dorky enough to check my cellphones 'world-clock' application every 2 hours(it's has Moscow, and Helsinki, but no Stolckhom :( ) just goes to show how bored I am between concerts. Nothing to do but sit around and twiddle my thumbs, especally in the heat of the day before 'my shows' start :P

    Any ways, hope you sleep well, and I look forwards to reading your blog and seeing the pictures in the morning :)

    Hugs and love from Texas,

  17. I just watched a video of EverDream from Moscow and OH MY GOD. You sounded AMAZING. I was sitting here with chills! I am so happy for you, because I know how hard it has been for you to grow into the voice you now have. (I hope this is coming out the way I want it to, and that it is taken in the way I mean it.) I have admired you from the beginning of your time with Nightwish, but I also love that you always strive to better yourself and never stop learning and growing. The difference from just a short two years ago to now is nothing short of inspiring! I look forward to what you hope to accomplish with your solo work and of course your future with Nightwish. <3

  18. I'm glad you had fun :D
    Can't wait to see the photos! :P

  19. Welcome back, Anette :)
    I watched some videos, and you were awesome, as always! I wish I was there, well, actually at all concerts, hehe.
    Glad that you are safely home, sleep well and good night!


  20. Hi, Anette! Thanks for keeping uns updated about the gig! I've seen some pictures of that that gig, and I really really liked your make up! Can you tell me how you did ? Please! I think that I will try to do!

    Love you, kisses!

  21. Hello Anette. I am happy that you had a good time.I saw the videos and you were awesome! I hope that I will see you in Croatia again.


  22. Anette, hi! It was so cool!!!! I was very happy to see you and guys! Come back to Russia again and again!!! We love you = Mi lubim tebya!!!
    And Nightwish, of course
    Thank you very very much for the show!!!

  23. Hej =D

    I want to see the pictures...

    Anette, I've just watched you playing Nemo at Savonlinna and it made me feel sad... cause that's my favorite song...and I wanted to have listened to it in live... Why didn't you play it in Brazil??? Although I thought I would only like it in Tarja's voice(cause I was close minded) after watching some videos, I DID LIKE very much.. and I was expecting you to play it here =(

    =* KYSSAR for you

    ps: you were so pretty saying "obrigada" and "boa noite" heh

  24. Anette, thanks for great show! It was ine of the best moments in my life... standin' for 1.5 hrs in the front row exactly between you and Marco - wow!- it was smth blow-minded :))) great respect for "ever dream" & "poet and the pendulum"...
    hope one day you'll come to Moscow again & may be ven visit my native Belarus, from where specially I come to see Nightwish gig!
    Take care :)

  25. Privet, Anette!
    Thank you very much for unforgettable evening.
    Thanks a lot to all of you for finally coming to Russia. Marco was so fun when he was singing barge haulers' song "Eh uhnem" during his vocal lesson.
    Thank you one more time.


  26. Hello Anette!
    I'm happy that you liked Moscow =) And i hope that you and guys will come back one day =)Take care, dear Nettie =)
    hugs and kisses from Russia =*

  27. And thank YOU Anette from all russian fans! Please, come back to us! We will wait for you. And we will alwais love you and guys))
    I was so sad 'coz I couldn't come to Moscow and I was crying all night Т_Т But next time... ^^

    Hep-hep! :D

  28. Sounds like you had wonderfull time in Moscow. Your colorfull and stylish outfit and new hairstyle suits you enourmously.You´ve come a long way from that first gig you did with NW. This long tour surely has been a lot of work but the end result is amazing. You no own the stage and you sing beautifully in your own style. I wish you all the best for your last gig in this tour here in Finland!!

  29. Good morning Anette!
    Nice to know that you and the boys had a great time in Russia =). I had the chance to watch 'Ever Dream' on youtube ... and ... it was simply beautiful =D.
    I couldn't find any pictures so it would be nice if you could share some with us =).

    Big hugs <3

  30. Thank you for the great show! It was very nice! =) I hope you liked it too =) And liked people there =)
    Hope to see you in our country again =)

  31. Good Morning Anette!

    The gig at Mocow was really great!I hadn't been there but I've watched the videos from it and you did excellent.It was really cute when you've dropped your microphone:)And the most interesting thing was that the gig was in the same day as in the Moscow's day!Nice way to celebrate:)
    Can't wait to see pictures!

    Greetings from the autumnatic Romania,
    Cris xx

  32. Anette!SPASIBA!!!Thank you!It was an amazing show!We want more!;)


  33. Welcome home, Anette. Glad you had a great time in Moscow. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  34. Hey Anette^^

    Great that you are back :)
    nice to hear, you had a great time :)

    Have a great day
    Love and Respect
    Chris :)

  35. It was fantastic! Thank you all Nightwish for these incredible emotions!
    I came to this gig from another side of Russia and i will do this again when you will come to us next time :) I just wish it would be very very very very very soon.
    Love you
    And spasiba ;)))