Monday, 28 September 2009

Clothes of the day;=)

So, these clothes would suit me perfectly today in this sunny but windy swedish weather:=)

They are all from Monki;=)


  1. very nice
    you look amazing in everything
    anette do you mind me using your pictures from here for a facebook fan site?

  2. nice clothes , i just wear my HELLSINKI T-shirt , lol , i have a little video for you , from french fans after the show in hartwall arena , it's me and my brother ( i was with a flag anette je t'aime in paris marseille and in hartwall ) , we was a little drunk , but it was funny , ghost love score with your voice is my favourite song, in the final i try to sing like you but it's to hard for me lol , kisses from france , if you have time say me what you phink about our vidéo lol .thank you

  3. Nice clothes.=)
    That black dress looks cool



  4. Hey Anette ;)

    Very nice! indeed, i think too that these clothes would suit you perfectly.

    have a nice day
    a wonderful time to you
    big huuugs
    Chris :)

  5. Niiice outfit! If you wear it could you take a photo of you in the mirror? :)


  6. I love your outfit, it's gorgeous! xx

  7. Those clothes are beautiful; I especially like the undies. =P

    Speaking of clothes, you've mentioned before that you're thinking of selling old tour clothes at some point. I'm not sure if you remember the outfit or not, but back in 2007 at a show in Winnipeg, MB, Canada you were wearing a long tunic-style black t-shirt with a silver metallic skull and cross down the front.

    I would love to pick up something like that as a present for my twin sister. In her words that concert was 'her best day ever' and I'd love to get her a present to remind her of the day.

    Have a great day!

  8. The boots are soo awsome !!!
    The gloves are really cute :D
    I went shopping today and bought a nice skirt with pins :D also a bracelet :-)
    Thanks for posting this Anette !

    Love ya XxxX

  9. Haha, zebra shoes! =D Just kidding. Why all clothes are grey in autumn?

  10. The dress is awesome and the shoes really unique :D
    You would rock with that outfil =)

  11. oh-my-god

    i loved! specially the gloves - i can't find something like that in the sunny-hot-like-hell brazil...

  12. Those shoes are so funny! :) and I love the gloves!! They are so adorable, they would suit me perfecly. :) Too bad I live in Finland, we don't have those kind of gloves, Monki is apparently only in Sweden and Denmark.. Hey! You could buy me those (very small size, 6 or 7) and those to me, right!? *puppy eyes*
    And I'd love to go shopping with you, you know all the cool places! <3