Monday, 7 September 2009

Answer to the questions part 1;=)

How do you feel about the upcoming show at the Hartwall Arena, Anette? :)
Answer: It will be amazing and we have some nice things to surprise you all with;=) I am looking forward to it!

Hi, Anette! I have couple questions :-)
1) Where did you learn English language (at University, at school or somewhere else)?
2) How long did you learn it?
3) Can you describe each member of Nightwish (including you) with one word?
4) Probably, this question was asked you many times before, sorry if it was: What was the funniest thing which happened with you or with the boys on stage?
Sorry for my language))
Answer: 1: I studied english i school since 3rd grade and all the way up to university. Here in Sweden we have everything in english in most universities. 2: See above. 3: Tuomas: thinker, Emppu: clown, Marko: emotional, Jukka: structured, Anette: emotional 4: Oh, so many things...but when I dropped the microphone last gig in Moscow was for me funny;=)

Hey Anette, I have three questions to you.
1.Where can I send you a personal message?
2.You said on the MEra Luna Festival, that it would be our last festival show for "quite many years before you will come again". But I heard, that you will do rehearsals for the new album in spring 2010 as Tuomas said? =)
3. Are you very nervous or a little bit afraid of the last concert in Helsinki in two weeks?
Many hugs, Julia
Answer: 1: I dont know if you mean via internet or regular mail but if you send mail its to my management, Hagenburg. Otherwise if you want to leave a personal message here in the comment section, just write that its personal and I wont post it. 2: Well, even if the album would be recorded and ready next year, it takes time to do promotion tours and rehearse before any tour can be done again, so we are talking that touring will be in appr. 2 years from now. 3: No, I am not. Just happy to do it and that we will have a big great concert before the break:=)

1. Do you remember the first time using "Hep" chant, what concert and what song it was? How did the audience reacted this, what did you felt that time?
2. Did the band ever rehearsed the "Planet Hell" song from the "Once" album? I think it will sound great, there will be a beautiful duet of you and Marco.
3. Can you tell more about the presents you got in Moscow? What was it for guys, what was for you? I know exactly about the map and the ring from Lerren :=)
4. What was your expectations about Moscow concert, was it the same as the previous ones, or was it something special? Cause you never been here before.
Hugs, Alex from Moscow.
Answer: 1: No, I dont remember actually...its been so many shows but it was some of the first shows I think;=) It felt great that people followed "my command" and when the whole Hep hep army thingy came up I loved it and I think its fun that something so simple got so "big". We all love it when we see the arms up and the hep-heps so I hope people want to continue doing it next tour too;=) 2: No, it has never been played with me. 3: It was so many that I cant, but I got a ring, sushi plates and sticks, a little thing for my son, a russian head thing, a coffee plate, roses etc etc 4: I looked forward to it since I had never been there, so it was a pleasure to finally meet the audience and fans in Russia;=)

1) Is your real name 'Anette' or 'Nettan'?
2) Do you mind it if we call you 'Nettie'?
3) About your solo album: will you go on tour (if you know this already)?
4) Are you already selling some clothes from the past gigs? And were can we find them?
Answer: 1: Its Anette;=) 2: No, thats just fine;=) 3: I have no clue, its all just in the starters so I dont know any plans yet;=) 4: No, I am not. We are talking about how to do that and when we have gotten some plan I will let you know;=)

1:how was the gigs ? did you like it ?? it was enjoyable ??
2:Which kind of songs do you play in a gigs ??
3: What's your favourite piano songwriter??
of course mine is tuomas :P
4:Did you have a good day ?
Answer: 1: I guess you mean all the gigs on the tour? I have enjoyed most of them, but of course not everyone has been great, depending on if I have been ill. 2: We play both new and old songs in the gigs. 3: Tuomas is mine too;=) 4: Yes, I did;=)

1.What is your favorite colour and in which way does it respresent you?
2.If you would be God for 1 day,what will you do?
3.This might seem too personal(you can answer it or not,your decision)Why did you dyed your hair black when you joined Nightwish?
4.What is your most beautiful memory from Artmania Festival at Sibiu,Romania?
5.What do you think about this wallpaper I made for you?What do you like/dislike about it?
Answer: 1: Oh, I like fuchsia and black;=) 2: Make the world a pieceful place and give everyone eternal life;=) 3: It was something the boys asked me and I thought it would be nice to try it;=) 4: Walking in the city;=) 5: I think its perfect;=) Thanks!

Hey,Anette! I'm really glad that i can talk somehow with you because you're my inspiration in life!I didn't had the opportunity to ask you if you liked Romania? I'm from Romania but I couldn't see you there...i was really sad and i cried! So now I want to ask you some questions:
1.What kind of books you enjoy to reed?
2.Who is your best friend from Nightwish?
3.What contry that you visited during the tour,you liked the most?
Hugs from Romania,
Answer: 1: I love vampire books;=) 2: They all are my friends but Emppu has been the closest one to me from the start and still is;=) 3: Oh, so many! But I did love Japan very very much;=)

I have a few questions for you!
1.: What comes in your mind when you say Paris?
2.: I just come to live in Stockholm with my Swedish boyfriend, what would you advice me to do, to visit...??
3.: Who is the nicest boy in Nightwih Crew??Why? and the last question, but not the least : If you were a Moomin Character, which one would it be??
Tack so mycket!
Answer: 1: Romance! 2: Oh, I have never lived there so I dont know so much, but I think there is everything you need;=) Music, shopping, beautiful water, beautiful houses, kings castle etc etc 3: I think they all are so nice;=) 4: I think filifjonkan;=)

Anette, will you share photos of presents with the followers of your blog? I mean, e.g., this hand-made kokoshnik from Tula and your new cross-ring ;)
Thank you very much for such a wonderful show, I'm still very amazed and overwhelmed, especially because of the meeting with you and guys before the show and all this presents-giving-situation %)))))
and my second question for today will be about the following: don't you know, how can this happen that on different unprofessional videos from shows your voice sounds veeeeeeery different from it's real full, rich, colorful and beautiful sound? I've been on the Moscow show, and now when I watch the vids....well, it sounds much differ
and the last question.... will you and the band come to Saint-Petersburg with a show? I myself live in Spb, and I know a lot of people who love NW and just couldn't afford themselves a trip to Moscow show.. and my grandmother would also like to visit Nightwish show, but it's a bit hard for her to travel for a show..
Once again, thank you very-very much for a wonderful show! Come again as soon as it will be possible :)))
And see you in Hartwall ))
Hugs and lots of love,
Lerren )
Answer. 1: Hi! No, I wont, it will be so hard to do that with every gift I get. But I am so grateful for everything I get;=) 2: I think the microphones in those small cell phones dont have a capacity to record music in its proper way. 3: I dont know, but who knows?;=)

1. Nightwish has never played Meadows of Heaven live before to my knowledge even though Toumas has said in interviews it is one of his favourites. Is there any reason for this that you know of?
2. I noticed in an old interview that you said you did not enjoy London that much when you first visited. I live in London and agree it is mostly a crap hole haha, but was just curious what you liked and did not like about it.
Answer: 1: No, I dont. 2: It was not so nice the first time, but I love it now;=)

Wishmaster har ju inte varit med i setlisten på ett tag väl.
Kommer ni att dra Wishmaster i Helsingfors?
Du gör den bra och den är total enegri live, borde alltid vara med :)
07 September 2009 12:43
Svar: Vi har kört den mest hela sommaren;=) Vet inte än om den kommer vara med i Helsingfors.

eskoplja said...
First of are you?
I hope that you will answer them.
1.When will you record your solo album?
2.Are you going to come to Croatia again???(Pleaseee)
3.When will you and the guys record the new album?
4.I tried to send you CD with wallpapers I made for you , but it returned to me.
Do you have any other adress?
Answer: 1: I will start working on it in the end of this month and hopefully it will be done in the beginning of next year, but since we are in the starters we have to see how everything flows;=) 2: I dont know, but I sure hope so;=) 3: I dont know yet. But hopefully end of next year. 4: No, the only address is the one to Hagenburg.

Hi Anette, as I have already said last time, I would like to know if you kept Jacques (the little teddy bear from Nightwish France fan club during your gig in Paris this year)
Answer: Yes, he is here somewhere;=)

Hej Nettan! =)
1 A question about your singing: Im wondering about this raspy sound that you sometimes have in your voice.. Im really interested in singing and many other singers who sing with belting style have this same sound. And I think it sounds really cool! So Im just wondering how do singers make the sound, is it just natural or can you control it? =)
2.You said that you are afraid of being at the center of attention. How do you feel when you are surrounded by hysterical or not so hysterical fans? btw I understand you completely, Im like this too.
Kram! -Karoliina
Answer: 1: For me its natural. I dont do anything special to do it. 2: It has been very hard for me to cope with that since I do easily get stressed when many people look at me if I enter a room for instance. But I have done things to try and handle it easier and today its working much better for me;=)

Hello, Anette! You write quite a lot about outfits and other stuff like that, but I'm curious about your tastes in perfume. What perfume do you usually use? What is your favorite "notes" in perfume?
Answer: Hi, I like lighter perfumes. Not to heavy scents. I love Lolita Lempicka, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and many more.

Hi Nettie.
I wasn't here for 2 month.I was on vacation and didnt have internet so sorry if questions already have anwers before.
About your album..what kind of music it will you have any idea already or something?
Did you like Zagreb(Croatia) when you were here in April?
How is guitar learning going?
Answer: 1: I dont know exactly about the music yet, since it is still under works, but it will be in the rocky way. Not metal though;=) 2: Yes, I did! 3: So and so...havent had any time to practise it since I do songs for the album now and that fills my time.

Hello, Anette :) Hope you are safe and sound after the last gig. Thank you for giving us such a perfect opportunity to ask you :)
My question is connected with your childhood. It is early September now and many schoolchildren have already returned to their studies from holydays. What do you feel about your school time? Did you enjoy attending to classes, your classmates, were you a good girl then? ;) What was your favourite subject? Would you be so kind to tell us if you don't mind :)
Answer: Hi! I liked school the first six years, then I was so tired of it;=) My favourite subjects have been languages, music and religion. I was that girl who was with the boys and made crazy things;=)

Now my question:
I want to go to Sweden next year and I don't know where is a good place to spent holidays and I really would like to know from a Swedish person where's a good place to go :)
Answer: Well, there are so many nice places and not even I have been all over the country;=) But Stockholm is nice, the west coast like Fjällbacka and Smögen is nice if you like fishing towns and lots of ocean.

Hey,Anette!I'm relly glad that i can talk to you somehow because you're my inspiration in life,and thanks to you i finished my book.I'm from Romania,but i couldn't see you here and i was very sad and i cried...Did you like my country? Now i have some questions for you if you want to answer :D
1.What is your favourite colour?
2.What kind of books you enjoy to reed?
3.What country from hthi tour you liked the most?
4.What is your motto in life?
And finaly:
5.Who is you best friend from Nightwish?
Thank you fo the good thigs that you share with us and for the good tips that you post here for us!
Hugs from Romania,
Answer: 1: I like black and fuchsia 2: Vampire books, biographies, new age books 3: many! But Tokyo was great, New York, Paris, Zagreb and many many more;=) 4: Live life easy! 5: They are all my friends but Emppu has always been the closest friend of mine;=)

07 September 2009 13:04
Maiane said...
Hi Anette !
Can you tell us a guarded secret for a "beauty recipe" ?
Thanks in advance !
Answer: Hmm... sleep at least 8 hours every night, not so much alcohol, good food, exercising and living a positive life;=)
Which "Friends" character would you be and why?
Answer: I think Phoebe;=) I am quite crazy just like her;=) hehe!

Do you have a horse or do you "rent" one when you want to go riding or what? :)
I dont have a horse anymore, I had before. But if I wanna ride one, I go to outdoor riding in the forest;=)

07 September 2009 13:08
Babsy_NW said...
Hi Anette! =)
Did you have the chance to visit Porto and Lisbon while you were in Portugal? Walk the streets, see the stores, take lots of photos ... =). Did you like it? =D.
Answer: yes, I did. I loved it, but unfortunately it rained like hell..but I met one nice fan in Porto who helped me by walking me under his umbrella;=)

07 September 2009 13:08
tarja said...
Hei Anette,
My question is do you have some projects with other bands (like featuring) at the time?
and can you tell me with wich band you'd like to have a collaboration?
Thanks a lot, take care ^^
Answer: I have the duet with The Rasmus and there will be some TV things etc in the autumn with that song. Then I have one band which I am gonna do one duet with too in their fortcoming album but secret still;=) I would love to sing with some old band I listened to before like Europe;=)

Hi Anette!
1)I would like to know more about your collaboration with this swedish songwriter you mentioned. Do you already know which kind of music you will do ? :)
2)What do you think about all the rumours surrounding the band? They annoy you or the guys?
For example, there are often rumours about Tuomas sexuality , people who call him gay or bisexual. Isn't that annoying for a famous person?
Answer: 1: He and his team and me will do the album together and exactly how it will look like we wont know until after we have started;=) And we start in the beginning of october. 2: Of course its irritating all the things people talk about etc but as a person in the spotlight you just have to not care about it;=)

07 September 2009 13:11
Lisa said...
Do you like the show Nip/tuck? I read somewhere you did but wasn't sure.
Ever seen the show charmed? (about 3 witches
If you could be an animal what one would you be?
Do you like Rollercoasters?
Are you scared of spid
If you have seen Nip/tuck do you think christian from it is a hottie?
Answer: 1. yes, i love it!!! 2: Yepps, love that one too;=) have boxes with the show;=) 3: A cat;=) 4: Yepps! 5: No, I am not. 6: Yeah, he looks good. but his character is a bit to much for me;=)

07 September 2009 13:17
Midnight_Guest said...
Hello Anette! How are you? =)
What's your favorite place in your hometown?
Hi, I am just fine thank you! Hope you too;=)
I love the forest called Pålsjö skog and Landborgspromenaden;=)

07 September 2009 13:22
Jolie said...
I have now a question: You once mentioned that you like vampire stories and I was wondering if you know the Finnish band The 69 Eyes? If so, do you like them? They are playing Gothic Rock and their music (especially their latest CD) is inspired by vampires. Here is one of their songs:
Answer: yes, I like them;=) I have met the singer and he was very nice;=)

07 September 2009 13:26
AnetteFan94 said...
Hi Anette,
How many hours do you train singing every day? Because i wanna sing so nice as well but I not have a good voice! I want take classical singing lessons but you always say don't need classical singing because rock can be just as good.
How many metalbands do you know? Because I'm metal head, but people here say I'm not because I only know your band and one more called HIM :( should I know more so I can be a metal head? which ones do you like?
I would wanted to get your cotton bag and take it as school bag as you said in your shop, but my mom did not want me to do that as my back will be broken by that because the weight is just on one shoulder and my books are so heavy. what do you think about it?
Answer: I dont "practise" every day, but I do sing every day;=) Just sing to the singers you like and try and use the voice in different ways;=) Oh, not so many but I learn more and more bands since I hear more and more when we are in festivals. Your mum is nice to think of your back, but I am sure you would be just fine carrying it;=)


  1. Wow,thank you so much for the answers Anette!I really love black and fuchisia too:)And I'm really happy you like the wallpaper,hehe:)

    Thank you so much!!

    All of my love,
    Cris xxx

  2. Thank you Anette, i'm so happy you answered my question =) !!
    Hugs & kisses

  3. Hello Nettie xx
    It sure are a lot of questions!!
    I've notest people somethimes ask the same questions; like your favorite coulour...
    Also like fushia btw ;-)

    I'm not gonna ask more questions since you already have so much of them.
    Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and sharing private stuff with us :-D

    Lots of hugs and kisses !!

  4. Hey Anette!
    Thank you very much for the answer :)

    Have a nice day <3

  5. Hello Anette,

    that's a whole lot of work answering all this questions. Maybe it's time for a FAQs (frequently asked questions) section. This way you don't need to answer the same questions again and again.

    I wish you and your family a nice weekend. Take care.

  6. I'm happy you liked Portugal, though that question was not mine =)

  7. Those arew a lot of questions O,o Thanks for taking your time :)

  8. Ooooh thanks for answering my questions!!! YAY!!! :D Thanks! :)

  9. If you enjoyed Japan and Tokyo, I hope you can have a look at Nara or Kyoto next time. Those cities are 1000 times more interesting (especially Nara city center and the free deers is really awesome).

  10. please the link to part 2 please, somebody post it thanks

  11. Hi Anette,

    thank you for the answer! :=D
    I have seen the 69 Eyes live and they seem to be really nice people ;=)

    Have a nice weekend and hugs!