Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I hate packing...;=(

I just hate packing...I get such hard times every single time...what to wear, what to bring....what shoes is good for that and that....what dress to that and that... what accessories to that and that...what is comfortable to walk in....bla bla bla....

Its much easier when I only am going away for one gig, now its several days away and then it takes more thinking... And I am just tired and want to sleep...;=)

But ok, no more wining...Anette- go pack!!!!!! Now!!!!

See you all tomorrow, sleep well;=) And for those of you also going to Helsinki, pack fast cause its so boring;=)



  1. Sleep well my dear. Collect enough forces for the show in Helsinki. I think this show will been recorded in the history of nightwish, because first, it was said the site will be one of the biggest metal shows so far,second because it is the show completion of the tour of the first album with you as their new singer. Store on your memory this show because this is a great time. Again have a good night's sleep, sleep with the angels and have sweet dreams.
    All the best to you
    much peace =)

  2. I KNOW! I think that's one thing
    I hate about traveling-
    I never know what to bring!
    Especially if I am not totally sure
    about the weather or something.

    But I hope you get organized and everything
    where you want it to be!

    Sleep well and have a safe trip!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  3. I hate packing, too.
    But well, it will be a fantastic show :)
    All my love and support fo the last gig!!!
    This was a really long and exhaustive tour.
    But it was beautiful and full of emotions.
    wasn't it?
    You must to know better than me :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    That's all I can say!
    Love you :)

  4. i hate packing to!
    good luck with packing all your stuff
    i wish i was in Helsinki soon :(


  5. Hi Anette, i really hope you will read my e-mail. Good luck with the concert! Good night! Hugs

  6. yep,the question of packing if veeery tough %)))
    I myself will be in Helsinki for 5 days, and it's sooo hard to understand what will suit during these 5 days. It's hard to foresee what would the weather be, would it be cold in sneakers or hot in high-boots ...And it's, of course, hard to choose(( I know I feel more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt but at the same time my bf want me to wear skirt and high-heels far more often than I do it.. oh, dilemma %))

    anyway, I wish you a fast packing and a good sleep)
    see you tomorrow, Princess!
    Sweet dreams!


  7. Goodnight Anette.
    Have a safe journey and have a fantastic show- enjoy enjoy much Finnish vodka after :P



  8. Hey Anette :)

    Thank you
    Have a wonderful night and sleep well too :)
    a awesome time for you in Helsinki ;)

    shine on little Star :)
    be happy, and dont worry ;)

    biiig biiig huuugs
    Love and Respect
    your´s Chris :)

  9. I'M anxious, and I won't even be there... reeeally weird...

    Yes, I feel ya on the packing, of course, when there's a major event(concert in my case) I decide what I'm going to wear MONTHS ahead of time, but that's just me and my weirdness... still trying to decide if I'm gonna be taking my laptop with me when I go see Metallica, just to load pictures onto after the concert...

    Hopefully, you sleep better than I did... I woke up clutching my chest after a nasty, bloody nightmare... do NOT want a repeat of that again *shudders* I have to write down the directions to that hair salon I'll be going to on the 24th... if I do it while i'm thinking about it, it'll get done...

    Hugs, and love

  10. Yeah...I really should start packing for this weekend! Oh well, my flight is on Friday so I'll do it tomorrow night!

    Have a safe flight and see ya on Saturday night!

    Holly xxx

  11. I've to pack tomorrow for Helsinki. So much to do, so little time... Cant wait for Saturday night :) Hope the boots make an appearance. They rock!


  12. Oh my dear!!
    i hate to pack too, its so dificult for me what i have to bring to travel!!! :((
    thank you because all of these good shows you guys gave to us!!!
    Nightwish the best band!!!

    wish you luck ang good dreams Nettan!!!

  13. Hey Anette!
    You should put loud music on and pack while singing loudly! I hope you can fit it all in including your boots. Best wishes and best of luck for the gig in Hartwall, Good luck to the rest of Nightwish too.
    I will send you happy thoughts and I hope it is the perfect show.
    Love and hugs from England.

  14. Helsinki..
    Uff!! It's so close and I'd never thought it will came up so soon.. It's been so long and so many important things in this tour.. for you guys and for sure, for us.. well you know, a little bit sad since it will be the last gig but I'm soo illusioned too!!

    Hope you have a really good night :)

    Hugs and Love


  15. Yea packing sucks!
    Although it means great times ahead!!!

    Helsinki Rox!!!

  16. When it comes to packing, sometimes I just don't know where to start nor when it will end.
    And then...I can imagine when the person who is packing is a woman :)

    Good night, have a safe trip, good luck and all the best!
    Love you <3

  17. Packing really can suck. It's worse when you think you've forgotten something. Hope you got everything

  18. Anette , I've got a question . I was wondering if it would be okay if I posted a prayer for you every so often - you've said that you are 'spiritual' - that can mean so many things - but this is something I'd really like to do for you - I believe everyday everyone needs prayer for something or another , even if it's just asking to keep the good times rolling! ;-) You don't have to let it through to the comments board - or you could - I don't mind either way :-) You are so wonderful , and have been through so much. God is using you as a wonderful inspiration to so many people , including myself. :-) Hope your packing's done by now ;-) Have a good and safe trip!
    Love and blessings from Canada,
    Suzy C. ♥


  20. I'm the same way. I find ir much easier to pack for gigs. haha. even then I sometimes get overwhelmed, but it al turns out good. :)

    Hope everything goes well and you and your family and friends are well!

    with love,

  21. Good Luck Nettie , wish you all the best


  22. Hey Nettie x
    Somethimes packing can be so boring!
    But I have to say when I have to pick outfits; that I love :-)
    Trying things on and stuff. But I don't choose my jewerly, I take them all, so i can dicide when I'm there what I'm gonna pick.

    I know your trip is gonna be fun!
    Everyone is going to be very emotional at the end I think.. knowing that it is gonna be a while that we see you perform again.
    I'm so glad that you have this blog!!!!

    Have a good trip my dear :-)
    xx Hugs xx

  23. Have a safe trip to Helsinki!! I got permission to photograph, it's just that one song, but try to get something out of it :)

    Hope You've great time here in Helsinki. See You!

  24. Nettan Hello!
    I am so sad with the death of Patrick.
    It was a fantastic actor, now an angel!
    Anette, always so beautiful!

    All my love!

  25. Welcome to Helsingfors Anette and fans!

    We used to have such a good weather until now. But today it is raining and temperature is only +12 C.

  26. Good Morning Anette,
    sounds really familiar, it does not matter how well I think about what do bring and what to wear, I always end up packing more than I need and what is worse: I constantly forget the important things! You do not want to know how many toothbrushes, haircombs and make-up I have bought already on my holiday / business trip destinations - I could open a shop! =)
    I will be packing my things for Helsinki tonight and then tomorrow I am off - YAY! Going to meet lovely Karoliina who I met here on your blog and Saturday the big show. I am really looking forward to all of it.
    Have a great and safe trip,

  27. Hi Anette !

    Before you go away, I would like to tell you something : " How we look and talk to someone has an impact on him ". In this sentence I just think that, your kindness, your blog (and all you do for fans...) are important for your fans.

    I wish you good luck for the last show, I won't be here :(. But I will think to you and the guys ;)

    Have a nice day !

  28. God morgon! =)

    I know the feeling. I never know what to pack.
    For example, when I go to my homevillage for the weekends (I study in a city, so I have moved from my homevillage) I have so much trouble what to pack.
    I don't know if I go to jogging, don't know if I go to bar, or do some work in our yard or what.
    The more activities I will do during the weekend the more clothes I need and the more bags I need. And I'm trying to pack just one bag because I hate carrying several bags... Difficult :D

    This weekend I stay here in the city so no packing difficulties ;)

    I hope you have great time here in Finland!

  29. Kommer inte till Helsingfors tyvärr-men jag tycker det är ganska kul och packa så hade gärna hjälpt dig om jag varit i krokarna.
    Break a leg in Helsinki;)

  30. I love packing! I live in the UK, but home is near Vancouver, Canada, so I regularly make long trips... but for some odd reason, I tend to just do it the night before I go :/ This causes trouble when I realise I need to go and buy something, I have no time!

    In other comments...

    I was a bit annoyed to read that the boys wanted you to dye your hair black - although it did look very cool on you. There's always such pressure on women in metal to look how they 'should' rather than how they want to, and I am slightly disappointed NW fell into that. Marco wasn't asked to die his hair dark when he joined NW, was he?! Oh well... you look gorgeous, and very at ease, with your current style, so it has all ended well :)

    Love the Zara boots!

    And a cheeky request - could we see a recent pic of your beautiful foot tattoo? We haven't seen it since it was brand new and still quite red... But no worries if you want to keep it to yourself :)

    Good luck in Helsinki!

    Anna & the cats

  31. I love to pack up. and to travel into the unknown... Of nice performance, napewno will be wonderful! (with you are always wonderful)
    From Poland -

  32. I love to pack up. and to travel into the unknown... Of nice performance, napewno will be wonderful! (with you are always wonderful)
    From Poland -

  33. I hate packing too. I'm going to Sweden next week to visit my brother and I've already started thinking about what I should pack. And I don't know what type of clothes to take with me because the weather keeps changing lately (both in England and in Sweden). Warm one minute, cold the next!

    Enjoy your time in Helsinki, Anette.


  34. Packing gives me hard times too...i hate it. I do hesitate to much..what to pack, what not to pack and eventually i forget something important and bring some useless things :P
    Anyway, you all must be soooo excited about this last gig :D It will be a blast, that's for sure!
    Have fun and live every moment of the concert cause you won't be feeling that for a while now.
    Wish i could be there too....:( But in spirit i will be singing along in the first row :)

  35. Hope you get finish to pack soon!!!
    And hope you the best for the gig!

    Miriam xx

  36. I'm packing tonight. I'm ok but my son makes me wait til the last minute before telling me what he wants! I think the Dark Passion Play hoodie is a safe call though!!

  37. Have a safe trip,Anette!:)

    And by the way your new boots are lovely!:)


  38. Hej Anette!
    Hoppas du får en alldeles underbar sista konsert för denna turnen!
    När det gäller packning så är det alltid svårt, jag brukar packa på mig mer än vad jag behöver utifall jag skulle behöva just den grejen :) Därför har jag börjat rulla mina kläder när jag packar, då får jag plats med mer!

    Ha det helt underbart nu till helgen! Hartwall-Arena väntar på dig :)

    Kramar/ Eliza

  39. Hii Anette ^^

    Ah, poor you, packing is just a real pain in the ass ;p
    And with all the awesome stuff you have...I feel for you my dear !!!
    I'm just glad I dont have to be packing today, I just had a vaccination against some form of cancer and it really hurts the arm!!

    Ah well, I hope you have an amazing time in Helsinki, but I know you will cause Helsinki is THE most awesome place ;p

    Have a safe trip!

    Lots of Love, Lisa <3

  40. Have fun in Helsinki! My mate is going there to see your gig and I wished I could be there too ;)

    -Dismal Wings-

  41. Jag hatar att packa också.....ALLTID nånting man glömmer!
    Måste själv packa för båten på fredag, åååh kan inte fatta att jag ser er igen!
    Vore kul ifall du sa något på svenska, så man kan ropa tillbaka ;)

    kram Elle~

  42. Well,usually packing might be nice but in your case,it´s understanding that you can feel boring.I wish a good gig to everybody who are going to Hartwall,to band too - of course.

  43. Haha, I know that feeling. It's so hard to know what you'll need in this and that situation. I always get too much or too less stuff with me when I'm going somewhere, never suitably. ;=)

    I wish you a veeeery nice and safe trip to Helsinki. See you there. ;=)


  44. Hello Anette

    It must be very boring packing so many times... you travel a lot..

    I'd realy like to be in Helsinki to wacth you sing unfortunately i can't, but i'm sure you'll rock as always.
    Have a nice trip =D

  45. Hey nettan!
    I really hate packing too. Luckily, I only travel to go to my mum's house in the beach.. so I just have to take a bikini and a few t shirts, light skirts and shorts! hehe so much easier =)
    Good luck in Helsinki! I bet the gig will rock sooo much it will make all of us who cant go really jealousy! hehehe

    Kisses to you

  46. Jag behöver inte packa :)
    Bara tre dagar kvar...!!! :D
    Ni är så otroligt bra! Jag orkar inte vänta :)

  47. Oh, I wanna see the show on Helsinki, but I'm in Brasil....

    I will listen to DPP during the gig...

    Kisses Anette, good luck at the last DPP Tour's Show!!!!


  48. Hey Anette!

    I agree..packing is sooooo boring and I hate it, too!

    Have a good and safe trip and a great show :)

    Hugs and love <3

  49. Ohh poor you, but someone has to do it :S
    And think about the trip, you will have fun like you always seem to :)

    Have a great night sweetie ^^

  50. Good evening Nettan =)
    I hope that you had a save flight.
    Wish you all the best
    Good Night , sleep well and have sweet dreams ♥


  51. I have an idea!

    Just wear Your PJs, Anette! It doesn't matter matter what You wear, You always look good :D
    No stress about accessories, light to wear and comfortable to add, a bright smile with it, will do just fine :D

    Sleep well Anette!

    Karo E.

  52. Good luck with the last show!!!! Everything is going to be ok.... Have a nice vacation after all this hard work, girl!!!! You deserve it!!!

  53. Dear anette :) I wish you all the best for the show in helsinki, unfortunately I won't be there, didn't got any tickets anymore, so I will do some babysitting that evening and hope that you alle have a great gig there :)

    lots of love