Thursday, 21 January 2010


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Today has been a nice day and like I have told you before I took a decision a while ago about something. I hoped for a good reaction to my decision and today the reaction came and it was, like I hoped for, good;=)

So now I need to think a couple of days about the next step and take a decision again about what to do and how to move forward.

Life is, like I said, full of road blocks and new turns and we never know what will happen...its interesting to live life;=)

And for you who wants a new question round: I will do another one very soon, so just hang on for a while more. I´ll let you know when you can post questions for me.


  1. That's great, I've been planning some questions for a while, it will be great =)
    Glad to know that what you had planned worked out, I hope that the next step that you take will be successful too ;-)
    Have a amazing night =)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  2. Hey Anette :D

    If you want you can check out my new blog

    Love your blog :D

  3. Wow, i'm really happy for you, Anette! :)

    And it's always interesting to live life. You'll never now if it will turn good or bad, but still..... As one of my cousin say in french, "on est jamais à l'abri d'une bonne surprise".

    And for the last part of your post, WOW.... I'll wait! If i could wait 18 years to have The Black Cauldron soundtrack (yes, 18 years!) i could wait a bit more before asking you some questions. Again, WOW!!!!! Tomorrow, i'll post my prawns recipe, just to thank you for your kindness. :)


  4. I'm glad things are turning out great for you, I wish you also the best with your next step.
    You rock Anette!

  5. I hope that your decisions work
    out well for you, whatever they are.

    Enjoy your night!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  6. Dear Anette tomorrow i will go to the hospital.I'm sick and i need a blood transfusion.Things these days made me take some decisions on my own.So if u go for a new round of questions i hope i have internet in the hospital so i can make mine!Have a nice night!

  7. You are making us curious about all these changes and decisions hehe but i'm glad it turn out to something good :)

    I was reading about Thailand these days and I thought of you, since you seem to have enjoyed a lot your time there :) Have you heard about Andaman Discoveries? It's a project that started after Tsunami in Thailand to help the country with a different kind of tourism, it seems to be really cool :) you can read more about it here
    I'm not from Thailand, i just thought you would like to now about this project, it's nice to see that we still have people out there trying to help others :)


  8. My blog is
    but I write in Swedish becorse I'm from Åland (Aland Island)
    Love your blog, checkit all the time

  9. yay it is always good to get a positive reaction hope you had a good day just talked to my brother in munich so it is pretty late have a good night

  10. Have you looked into formspring for your Q&A events? Might be easier.

  11. Hii Anette =)

    I'm glad the thing worked out good =)
    You are so right, you just never know what comes up ahead.
    I am currently in my last year of school and I still have absolutely no idea what i want to do after that.
    But in the end i'll probably find something, as always the solution will come ;p.

    Can't wait for the question round, you're always replying to everyone!

    Have a nice evening =)
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  12. Hey Anette... Good evening... I was wondering if you could write post about your tattoos?? I know you like tattoos very much... and maybe you could take a pictures of your tattos and post them here...
    Are you planning to do more???
    Kisses from Croatia
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Dear Anette, I wish you all the best with these decisions. And thank you once again for this blog. You´re the best:) God natt, kram!

  14. Hi Anette, thank you for the chance to keep in touch with you! I hope you took a right decision. I wish you all the best... you deserve it!! Have nice evening dear! Big hugs

  15. Hey Nettie,
    Good luck with your next steps , decisions =)
    I will support you in everything =)
    Wish you a good luck

    Good night & sweet dreams



  16. Kul att höra! :}

    Ja, livet är fullt av vägar där den ena leder åt helvetet eller den andra till något bra....och man fastnar oftast i mitten av dem.
    Jag mådde rätt bra förra veckan, men nu har det skitit sig igen, jag håller på att förgöra mig själv med depression, men jag vill inte ta piller o bli beroende av de!
    Jag har bara dålig självkänsla tack vare andra och vill bli av med åtminstonde en del av den, och sluta tänka negativt.
    Har du några tips? Jag behöver all hjälp jag kan få och vill helst inte träffa en kurator eller ngt likande.
    För jag har just lagt mina tankar om att jag är "Nemo" på mig själv, fysiskt.


  17. Hi Anette!
    So…It is the first time I comment here, so do not mind if I ask or talk something silly… ;)
    So ... I'm very curious to know how well your solo album ... I was listening to Omega I really liked the cd, but there are two songs that caught my attention and Perfect Love One Life One Show, are very good songs remind me of old songs, this like the soundtrack to the early 90’s,(please do not be offended) I really liked.
    I hope your new album has a sound as cool as those of Alyson A. and NW.

  18. Hi Anette. I'm happy your decision had a good result! =)

    Another round of question and answer? Great!!! =)

  19. Hi Anette,

    I glad things are working out for you and you got the reaction you were hoping for.
    I too reached a road block which i am working my way to finding an alternate route around, and i hope the new road will help me find happyness in a part of my life that is lacking, and which i can channel my energies.

  20. Hey Anette ^.^ Glad to hear that things are going well and that your decision was a good one.

    Can't wait for the next question round. I've unfortunately missed all the other ones *head desk* so I'll try to keep a closer eye on the blog to maybe catch it this time around.

    Have a good night, hun.

  21. Hey Anette :)

    I remember that you wrote about that a while ago, and its great to hear that the first reactions where positive :)
    Whatever you plan to do, you will do the right thing and im sure everything will turn about wonderful :)

    Now, have a good sleep
    and some nice dreams
    with all my heart im sending
    happy hugs to you!
    yours smiling Chris :)

  22. Changes...
    Major or minor changes, it doesn't matter, as long as it makes you happy. That's how i think it is.
    By now I'm considering to change my hair, I want to dye it, I just don't know what color yet. Actually I know, I want a red color, but I'm afraid it doesn't fit me well, and the red tones are the worst to repair later ;=(
    There is something I admire in you, you don't have afraid to change, you don't have afraid of what people may think of you.
    Keep doing that great work, conquering new fans each and every day, you deserve it!

    Oh, by the way, I was lookin' some old photos of yours, I loved that look you had before, with long hair. I love long hair although they are difficult to treat ;=/

    Kisses from Brazil!

  23. Dear Anette,

    that's good, that the decision you did was right. Happy for you!
    I am curious for this question round :)
    Have a nice day!

  24. Hej Anette, i wish you a good day :)

    Yestereday, i promised my prawns recipe, here it is:
    For 4/5 persons, you'll need
    *500 gr of prawns (more or less, depending how hungry you rare), fresh or frozen. If you use frozen prawns, keep them out of the freezer a few hours before.
    *A big spoon of olive oil, 2 if you want more sauce
    *fresh coriander (a big cup full of cutten leaves)
    *A spoon of 2 of balsamic vineagar
    Take a pan and put the olive oil in it. Wait about a minute or so, and then put the prawns. With a wooden spoon, mix them with the oil. When it's done, add the coriander. Cook everything for 4/5 minutes, and mix everything from time to time. After this, add your balsamic vineagar, and cook everything for a minute only. It's ready! :)
    You could eat it as an entrée, or as a main meal with pasta or rice. On my own, i use pink rice from Thailand (it look lovely with the prawns, the coriander and the balsamic vineagar), but a white rice (still from Thailand) could do the same...
    Note: you could change the recipe by taking Szechuan pepper or curry powder instead of fresh coriander. And you could also change the prawns with chicken breasts that you will cut in little piece (this way the chicken is more tasty, and it could be cooked easily).
    Enjoy! :)


  25. Hello Anette!
    I'm glad that you received good feedback after the decision you've taken. Some think that, whenever you send good vibes and really hope for something nice to happen to you, it eventually comes to happen. It's good that it happened so fast in your case. :) Can't wait for the question/answer round, too. Take your time, though, and only let us know when you truly have time to answer. Have a nice day and hope the next decision that you take will be just as successful as this one. :)

    @Helena: I'm sorry you're not feeling good, hope you'll get so much better after the transfusion, get well soon!

  26. Well I just became more curious about what you have decided.. Don't tease us like that :D I'm just kidding. Of course you have every right to keep things to yourself ;)
    I'm glad that your decision received good reaction! =)

  27. Hello Anette,

    How was your day? ^_^

    Well.. only simple question.

    What's your next step/decision?

    So much kisses and hugs from


  28. Hi Anette,

    You just posted this on the day I decided to go look for a new temp job and apply to a uni in England (I live in holland now). So there will be new roads ahead for me and what you said was a good insperation to go for it. :)

    Thanx loads for that :)

    Greetz and hugz
    Kya :)

  29. Hi again Anette!
    I'm one of them, who cant make decisions. I know changes are good for all in our lives, but I'm always the same. That's really boring.
    I hope you take a good decision and now you're very happy.
    Have a lot of next steps. ; )

  30. Ok, so one question, maybe lots of people asked it before: will you perform your own songs on stage during 2010?

  31. I so hope that you are not leaving Nightwish!

  32. Dear Anette,

    I'm glad that things worked out in a good way with the decision you've mentioned a while ago and lots of good luck for all your upcoming decisions must be a very important thing for you!

    And you are right we must be ready for smaller or bigger changes in our lives every day.....

    Good night and sleep well!


  33. Hi Nettan!
    I think, you are on right way :=)
    So, I wish you to do that you planed)))
    I will wait for question time and news from you))
    From Russia with love))

  34. JennJ: Just because I am talking about changes, it doesnt have to do with NW;=) My life in NW is true and strong and I wont leave. Changes in my life has to do with other things;=) Take care!

  35. Lucinda: I cant answer that yet cause I have still not decided about my solo album. But as soon as I know what will happen, I will for sure write more here about it. Take care;=)

  36. Hi Anette and Congrats for THE BIG NEWS about the baby! I just knew!!! :) I had to seek this older post, because i remembered, when you wrote about your "changes" i said "she is pregnant" and my husband said "its only about her solo album" ;)
    Women knows these things better, don't you think ;)
    All the best to you and your family, a new baby is always a gift. Big Hug, Mia