Saturday, 6 November 2010

All saints day

Good morning!

Today we have our All saints day (dont know if the translation is correct?) where we remember our lost ones and put candles on their graves.

My beloved grandmothers and grandfathers are not buried where I live so I cant go and put the candles on their graves but I am sure lighting some candles in here also counts;=)

So today, dear Svea, Sanda, Ivan and Evert - I miss you and I wish you could had been here to see your beautiful grand children. I will always love you!


  1. I don't think we have this day in England but we should! I'm sure today can be quite sad to remember all your loved ones so I hope you don't get too sad and here is a cuddle *hug*

    But I'd also like to say to Granddad, Lilly and Nan I miss you so much and it makes me sad to think you won't be around to see my singing and help me with life. I love you so much.

  2. Hi Anette

    Here in Mexico, we use to celeb November 2nd as 'Dead's day', where we do the same, we make an altar with photos of our loved ones that are gone and cook their favorite food hehe, the legend says that their spirits come to visit us that day, so we try to visit their graves and light a candle in our house

    Besides, we use to eat sugar candies with the shape of a skull hehe, like this:

    I don't know if you like candies hehe, but if someday you visit my country by these days of the year, it would be nice to try them :)

    Take care Anette!

  3. thank you for that. This is exactly what I was waiting for from you!!!! Do you remember? I told you about this celebrations in my last post;=)
    Here in italy this is not exactly the same day, don't know the reason why, but this is the same period anyway..

    So, I also pray for your dear ones! May they rest in Heaven!


  4. We call it All Saints Day also, but I think we celebrate it on November the 1st.
    It's a special time, I always visit the resting place of my grandparents. They were very close to me and very special people in my life. It makes me so sad that they never got to see my son.
    It's such a shame I appreciate everything they did for me more now they are gone, than when they were here now that I'm older and understand the way the "real world" works.

    Have yourself a great day, surprised I can type after 2 hours sleep.

    Love to all your family

  5. Hi.
    In the German Evangelical Church we know this day, too. But it's not the same date. It's the last Sunday before Advent commemorating the dead. We call it "Totensonntag".
    I'm not religious but I noticed that especially those days (including also All Saints' Day and nearly the whole month of November) make me think of the ones in my family who had died like my grandfather and my uncle who had taken his own life.
    I remember my mother who was so gloomy when losing her brother and her father.
    I'm not sad anyway. I didn't really know these people.
    Take care.

  6. Here (Switzerland), we also have All Saints Day, but it's on November 1st.
    But we don't celebrate a lot, we just go on the grave of my grandmother and my parents pray (I don't do this 'cause I'm not religious, but I keep the silence) and we put yellow flowers on her grave, it's the tradition.

    Have a great day !

    Best wishes

  7. Hi Anette, All saints we celebrate the first day of the month and the Dead day the second day. I lost only my grand mothers six years ago. I had great-grandparents and some of them i remember very well, it seems to could be yesterday. They will always live in my heart! I'm sure for you grand father and mother also Anette! Don't be sad!!!

    Big hugs

  8. Hej Anette!

    Here in Denmark I think we call it Allehelgenes aften.
    Tonight I'm visiting the place where my uncle and grandparents are buried. I love you, and miss you. Hope it is better where you are now.


  9. Hej Anette
    In France we celebrate all sain'ts day on november one, and we usually put some flowers on the graves. For some Bretons, it's the only time of the year they're coming back to their native "country". But the young people tend to not do this anymore...

    I hope you're ok (as well as everyone here)


  10. Hey,
    we celebrate it on November the 1st.

  11. Hei Anette!

    We have the same day here in Finland too. I visited to my parents house on this week's thursday and at the same time we put candles on my grandfather's grave.
    I'm sure that lighting candles works as well :)
    And today we also have here Svenska dagen!

  12. Hello Nettan! In Russia we do not use to celebrate this day, now we have 4 days off in case of the holiday named "The day of national unity". Actually this is quite a new holiday, so most people just have rest without any celebration. It's a big profanation, in my opinion, because it's extremely hard to talk about any national unity in our country. And I don't like all this nationalists marching with their slogans all these days - and there are many of them, it's quite scary, actually. And the government does nothing to cool their heat.
    I've also noticed: is Ivan a Swedish name? Or has your granddad had roots in me country?=)

  13. Hej,
    in Germany we have "Allerheiligen" - All Saints Day on November 1st,
    and Allerseelen- All Souls Day on Nov 2nd. This is the day dedicated to our lost ones.

  14. Here in Spain we also have All Saint's Day but it's on November 1st and we don´t bring candles but flowers to the graves of our dead relatives. It isn't a very widespread habit, though.

  15. Yes, I know which holiday it is. I had it here in Portugal at November 1st ;)

    Peace to your grandparents.

    And kisses for you and your family.

  16. Tomorrow is our dear dad's memorial - 40 days after his death. It's a Greek Orthodox tradition during mourning. We have to go and visit his grave and light candles at church and there is a some sort of special service. We don't really know much about it because neither of us is religious, but we have to go for our dad. We still love and miss him, but we're sure that he is in a better place right now.

  17. Hii Nettie, in Belgium we have that kinda day on november the 2nd. It's called: Allerzielen. All saints day is the 1st of november and it's called: Allerheiligen. So I think the translation 'All Saints day" isn't completely correct. But we know what you mean.
    And in Belgium we (or most of the people) put flowers on the graves.

  18. Hello Anette !!
    In Portugal we celebrate all saint's day in november one,but kids usually go to other people's house asking for candys,only in the morning !! This year i was about to go,but i was sleeping in my friend's house and we were with sleep so we didnt go xD
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  19. Hi Anette,
    We have All Saints Day here in US on Nov 1. But it's one of those holidays that's not recognized more and should be, probably because of Halloween being the day before. It's so important to light a candle for your loved ones that have moved on...I miss my Nana everyday...
    They are always looking over us...


  20. Hi Anette,

    It looks like that your "All Saints Day" kind of compares to our "Day of the Dead" which is around November 1 & 2. In Latin America they celebrate this day in honor of their loved ones or deceased. Every moment should be cherished, remember sister your grandparents are always with you but from the other side. They are the angels that protect you and the boys. They will guide and watch over you through the stages of your life with unconditional love. To me there is nothing more precious than your true guardian angels protecting you at all moments. Bright blessings to you and the family....

    Hugs Zulma:)

  21. Here we celebrate this day on November 2nd.

    It was on Tuesday and I visited my great-grandparent's graves and my uncle's one. I don't go every year but my mother wanted to, so I went with her.

    I miss them all but I know they had to go. But I feel sorry for my uncle 'cause he died young from a heart illness.. he had a lot to live and couldn't see his children grow up. He lives now only in their heart. I would like to see them from above, he'd be proud. Maybe he does..who knows..

    A month ago the father of a friend of mine
    died before time too..
    It is being very hard, mainly for him and his sister to go on.. Sometimes I just can't understand why these things have to happen and is frightning to think that it can happen at anytime with our beloved ones..

  22. Hey Anette,

    Here in the US, our All Saint's Day or Day of the Dead (as its usually called) is on Nov. 1st.
    I think its really cool that you guys have the same customs sometimes but just on different days!
    RIP to all your loved ones! :)

  23. Hi, dear Anette!
    Here in Croatia, All Saint's Day is on 1st November! It was week ago and we didn't have a school! I go on my grandma's grave every year! In December will be 3 years since my grandma died. I remember her every day and I miss she...:( But, we must go on! They left us only memories.
    Here, in my place, in almost two years have died three young people! It' very sad! :(
    O.K., I don't want to bother you with this!
    Sleep well! ;)

  24. I think it is a day to reflect
    a day to miss
    a day to remember smiles
    day to remember the best moments

    Moment to remember that one day we will say goodbye
    So today we live with joy and simplicity.



  25. Way back in history in England, Halloween was our day for doing this - but with the changing times it has been forgotten. It's lovely that Sweden has still retained its traditions.