Friday, 12 November 2010


Got the newsletter from Topshop and I really liked these outfits!

And hey - never eat a small piece of cake before going on the tread mill for the morning exercise;=) My God! It was soooo hard today!


  1. Hey, go ahead with the exercises! It's hard, but it's also very healthy!
    About the outfits: they are really awesome!

    Enjoy your day ;)

  2. Hej Anette
    He he, you made me laugh with the end of your post. ;) Yeah, better to eat a nice piece of cake AFTER the morning excercise... :p
    And nice outfits, it would look lovely on you.



  3. Wanted Anette, Please it reads this Please! I have 1 question for you: Which its preferred music of the Alyson Avenue? Already IT THOUGHT about singing some muisca of the Alyson Avenue in 1 show of the Nightwish? Kisses and abraços for you! I love you very!

  4. I like the first one! Maybe you should try it out!

  5. Hej Anette!
    How are you?

    I like the outfits too ;)
    hope you have a nice day!

    xx & hugs

  6. Hej Anette ;=)
    The over-knees on the last photo are GREAT ! Buy them ! Yeaah, I remember TOP SHOP when I was in Gallerian in Stockholm.. maybe you know it? but some things were really expensive.. but they have cool things, for sure.
    So, my advice.. the black overknees.
    And here I wanna show you my dream over- knees( but I'm so sad that my size is sold out)
    I believe you would like them.

    Now cinema- eat pray love

    Laura ;=)

  7. Hi Anette,

    I don't know if you saw this video, but it's amazing. Do you believe in magic? Do you think it's a holographic inserted image? Or do you think this guy has an amazing talent? Kind of resembles to me an anti-gravity system that they're displaying, but who knows. You be the judge.

    (Courtesy video from Peter Arthur)

    "Brain Crusher"

    Best wishes....
    yours Fernando

  8. Hi Nettie!
    nice clothes! -;)
    Two questions with a little bit on delay,but I want to confirm you own a Twitter and a Facebook account? -;)
    I was wondering,so I decided to ask!
    enjoy your friday and a lovely weekend for you and family!
    love & hugs from Brazil,
    Bru -;)

  9. Hahah I'll remember not to eat cake before exercising... Sounds very hard indeed! Hihi!

  10. Hi Anette, I think you could love this french brand called Lollipops ( , it's my favorite one for handbags :)

    Have a great day!

  11. Good evening Anette:)
    Yep, very nice outfits Anette. You would look just awesome in any one of them.

    Ha it sounds like your finding out about the Do(s) and Don't(s) of exercising!.....:)
    enjoy the evening!
    lots of love,

  12. Hello Anette !!
    The clothes are beautiful !! If you buy them,im sure that you will look beautiful on them :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  13. Love the pants in the last pic! Great choices! :D


  14. Hi dear Anette!
    I love new Nemo's clothes, especially that one with guitars. He is so lucky with his beautiful mum and dad! :)
    Johan, happy birthday! I wish you all the best in your life! :) Hope you have a nice day!
    Good night and sweet dreams to you all! Kiss and big hug! :*

  15. Heh, I know, sometimes I've eaten so much before exercising that I almost threw up...

    Very nice clothes, and I took a look at a website and found many things I could have! - And faux fur. ;))) *thumbs up*

  16. Hi,

    Speaking about fashion i'm more into Burberry collection, even if can't afford it now;)
    Their new black coats in military style just rock,love them all. Look elegant and stylish. I have one from ZARA and i wear it all the time.:)

    This one has Victoria Beckham: blue&lastcategoryurl=true

  17. I like the colors in these outfits. Black and red together is a good combination.

  18. The last outfit is such a precious one, and those boots...perfect ones!. Will you buy them?. I have seen you wearing such beautiful shoes, for example the black boots you had in the show NW gave in Buenos Aires, an amazing concert actually.
    Best wishes from Buenos Aires.