Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stars and guitars

Good evening everyone!

My b-day shopping went well and I´ll show you what I got tomorrow after he has opened them;=)

I found some cool clothes for Nemo too and here they are;

A cool guitar body from Mini Rodini and it was half price so perfect!

Another one from Mini Rodini also half price;=) Cool robots.

I love stars on everything so I just had to get these for him, they are from Molo. With these on he will match my cardigan I had on today.

Here´s the arm on my cardigan and the front. It also have a big star on the back.

But I have one more dream-cardigan and that is this one from Rika but they dont sell it here so that´ll still be a little dream;=)

If you, just like me, love Mumin I found the best muffin cutters (I dont know if this is the correct translation but I hope so;=) So cute, aren´t they??


  1. Hi Anette! ^^

    Cool ^^
    The clothes are great! have a good taste ^^

  2. Hi Anette !!

    I love the body so much with the guitars !!! So rock'n'roll !! Either way, i really think that this little boy will be a rock star baby !! As Seth ! =)

    The things with Mumin on are soooo cute !! I really love that !! Really really cute !!

    I wish you a good evening Anette !!

    Lots of hugs !

  3. I don't even know what we calls those things. Muffin cutters works... haha

    Great clothes. So cute that you'll match! :D

  4. Good evening Anette :)
    Wow, you found cute clothes for Nemo! And the Moomin things are nice too. But i absolutely adore your cardigan! <3 The color, the stars, and it seems it give you a thin waist. I'm (almost) jealous... Great found, and it look lovely on you.
    Last but not least, please wish Johan a happy bday from me. :)



  5. Hi Anette, you are so nice to post tomorrow the Johan's gift. That nice Nemo's clothes! Thanks for the pics! I've looked for in in google to check it what are mumins but i don't know them. My friend told that the are a finland and swedish cartoons. Do you like japan cartoons? When i was a child i loved and i still love them. They remind me my childhood. Unfortunately they don't be transmited anymore on tv. The current cartoons i don't like them.

    Have a nice evening!

    Big hugs

  6. Oh my goodness! Moomin cupcake cases! I LOVE!
    I could quite happily spend a fortune on Moomin products. :D
    I hope Johan has a lovely birthday, and that you and the family have an enjoyable day together.

  7. Hi Nettie,good night! How are things?
    Oh such cute clothes you bought for Nemo! I loved the guitar body and the star pants,so lovely!
    Your star cardigan is also lovely! And those muffins cutters are adorable!-;)
    and how's the weather there? Today is very cold and windy here,but I'm hoping for warm and sunny days soon! :)
    Oh and I'm so curious to see what you bought to Johan for his birthday! Let's wait until tomorrow to know that! -;)
    So,a lovely friday and weekend to you and family!
    Good night to you all!!
    love & hugs from Brazil,
    Bru :)

  8. Hello Anette !!
    I cant wait to see Johan's gift !! Thanks a lot for sharing with us :D
    The clothes are lovely !! I love the pics,adorable !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  9. Wow that guitar outfit’s a win for me =) let’s hope he inherits a genuine love for music too. And happy birthday to Johan!

    I don't think there’s a uniform term for those - I call them baking or cupcake/muffin cups. In fact that reminds me to start looking for some Christmas-y ones.


  10. Hi Nettan, we are very proud of your clothes taste and we decided to find an online shope for you to buy your fav cardigan. They have Rika stuff such as jackets sweaters skirts pants belts....they are really good.

    They can send your package to Sweden so maybe you'll like to buy online there!

    good luck!

  11. Good morning Anette:)
    First of all I would like to wish Johan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with many more to follow! SALUTE!!!

    Yaaaaaa Nemo new cool clothes for Nemo Yaaaaaa!!!

    When you Wish upon a Star............:)

    I like muffins, blueberry, cranberry, toasted with butter and yes with coffee. Yeah their called paper baking cups and yes they be adorable:)
    Have a great day!
    take care, God bless,
    lots of Love,

  12. Hey Anette!

    I so LOVE that guitar onsie! So totally adorable! :D
    Cool pics! ^_^


  13. Hello Anette, I am glad you had a sucessful shopping trip today; I love the clothes you got Nemo, they are gorgeous, =). I think it's really cute you match with the stars theme.

    Speaking of cute, we call then muffin cases here in England, they are awesome!!

    Happy Birthday to Johan, I hope you all have a lovely day, take care! -hugs-

  14. Good morning and happy birthday to Johan!

    Ohhh those Moomin muffin cups are adorable! I also love muffins, so I got to get some of those. My brother and his gf also love the Moomins so maybe I should arrange a small Moomin party for us... ;)
    Were there any Snusmumriken cups?

  15. Hi Poochie;=) And thanks for the help. I already have found it in that site and also in La Garconne but the thing is that I need to order from US and then it gets so expensive with the toll and taxes so that´s why I dont get it from there. I am going to Copenhagen in 2 weeks and hope I can find it there instead. But lots of thanks for helping me;=) Have a great day!

  16. Hi! Yeah, we also had checked La Garconne but we thought it was to expensive:

    Rika /
    Granny Cardigan
    $415.00 (Oh my God!)
    Granny Cardigan by Rika. Wool & angora blend cardigan with button down front & faux leather star elbow patch detail.

    By Elizabeth Charles they have lesser price instead:
    Granny cardigan
    70% lambs wool 20% angora wool 10% nylon
    Runs true to size.
    Price (USD): $379.00(we go a little better here!)

    Well, they are both expensive prices I know, but by E. Charles you would eventually save $36!!!
    To me, you need to give yourself a little bonus as a mum and as a singer;=) You always take care about Nemo, Seth, Johan and cats all the time, but you deserve to hug yourself from time to time!!

    It made me so happy to read your reply!! It's my pleasure to help;=) (If I find smth interesting, I'll mail you)


  17. Åh vilka underbart fina muffinsformar! :D Måste absolut ha dem, vart hittade du dem?

    Kläderna till Nemo var också jättesöta :)

  18. hej Anette,

    cute things for Nemo..

    but who is Mumin? Can you explain me that? I heard that so often but I really dont know who mumin is ?

    Thank you for the photos, but its sad that we cannot see your face on it ;=(


  19. I didn't know you liked stars... Good to know! =D

  20. Hi Anette !

    I love the body with guitars :)
    And I also love Mumin, they're so cute ! I really love them !

    And Happy birthday to Johan =)

    Take care,


  21. Yeah in Copenhagen in Birger Christensen, Moshi Moshi boutique you should find the cardigan you want:) or try in Stockholm: Skindeep, Sara Clausin, Riddargatan boutique.


  23. an oldie but goldie
    Its @ Elizabeth Charles, don't get angora or should I say angry with me if I indulge...please. Granny....? :/

  24. Aww, super cute baby clothes! :)
    I like stars too but I prefer skulls! :D