Monday, 22 November 2010


Ok, some more answers:

Do you ever visit Copenhagen or anywhere else in Denmark, as it's your neighbour-country? If so, where? :b
- Oh yes, I do go to Copenhagen very often. I will go there next week for instance;=) And when I was around 17-20 I took singing lessons in Helsingör and Copenhagen. We also played with Nightwish both in Copenhagen and in Skanderborg festival in the DPP tour.

Have you ever met someone who went straight up to you, and was directly mean to you?
- If you mean since I joined NW? No, I haven´t.

Do you have a Twitter?
- No, I dont. And no facebook, no myspace either.

As a teacher, I am wondering if Nemo is raised with 2 languages, because you speak Swedish, and your bf Finnish?
- We speak swedish both of us, but when he meets Johans parents they speak finnish with him. I dont know if he will talk both languages or not, but if he learns finnish its of course good to have two languages in the future.

Have you done a special diet after Nemo´s birth? because on the picture, it looks like you are thiner than ever!
- I dont follow any specific diet, just try to not eat so much sugar and bad carbs. I run on the tread mill and cross trainer 3-4 times a week. I also took long walks the whole pregnancy and still do so that helps.

And finally I would like to know if you have a tip to face winter in Sweden?hehe
- Yeah, the winter isnt fun here;=( use UGG boots to keep the feet warm; a warm and cosy long coat or fur; a nice cup of green tea with milk and honey after being in the cold and if possible - take a sauna now and then;=)

-How do you look at the next NWalbum right now?
- I am exited and just wishing for march to come so I can do my vocals again;=) It´s so fun! And to listen to the whole thing after all the instruments are recorded, mixed and mastered. To see the album cover and hold the album in my hand for the first time. As with DPP I know it will be amazing;=)

-Did you get our card for the birth of Nemo? It's a card from: Wish Upon A Star - Nightwish Belgium. It's with a drawn picture on the front of you and your baby.
And if so, did you like it? :-)
- yes, I have! Thanks so very very much;=) So sweet of you. I am gonna take a photo of all the cards and gifts and put out here, just havent had the time to do so yet.

-Do you have any idea when NW is going to tour again. There is actually a rumour that NW will play on Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium next year. But that festival is already in october.. It's oké if you can't say anything about it. Then we will have to wait :-)
- No, I don´t know when we´ll start touring since nothing is planned yet. We dont have any gigs booked so that rumour is a false one.

-Are you looking forward to tour again or is it something you look at with mixed feelings (like having to leave your family and home for a while)?
- Yeah, it´s a mixed feeling. I do love to go and play with the boys and meet the fans and see all the different areas of the world. But I really hate leaving my family and friends for so long. I cant even describe how my heart aches when I need to say goodbye and know I will be far far away from them. Luckily there are some things to help us interact, such as Skype, so we can see each other and talk to each other even when I am in Asia or the US.

-I thought you started to study something a few months ago. Is that correct or am I imagining things? If yes, how is that going and do you still have time to focus on it?
- Hmm...I must admit I havent had the time or focus to do it as I should;=( Things just came in between (the pregnancy and birth) and now my time goes to take care of Nemo and Seth. But I will start and do it for sure!

So, yesterady I watched 'The Pianist" and I want to ask you: have you ever been in Oświęcim? I've heard some rumors that in 2008 when NW where in Cracow, you also visit Oświęcim, is it true?
- The guys went there but I didnt.

I know Nightwish came to Switzerland a few times... Unfortunately I never saw Nightwish in live... So, what do you think about Switzerland ? Was it great or nothing special ?
- Oh yes, it has been so special! The gigs have been amazing with the biggest crowds for us in Europe. And I just love that we played in a festival up in the alps so that we could go up and walk there. I must say that Switzerland is so beautiful that I could move there;=)

Can you understand and speak fluent Finnish ? Or do you speak with the guys in "Finnenglish" ?
- No, I dont speak finnish at all, so we speak english all the time.

1. Are you religiuos in any way?
- Yes, I am a christian.

2. What do you think about a relationship between a girl who is e.g. 19 years younger than her boyfriend? In your opinion, does age matter in a relationship?
- I dont think age is important if you love each other, so 19 years between can work just fine.

3. How do you think, is there life after a death?
- I really do hope so. I wish for a paradise where I can meet my loved and lost ones after I am gone from the earth. But since noone knows what happens after we are gone, we just have to wait and see until we are there.

4. Did you hear Tarja solo album? If you did, what do you think about it?
- I have her first solo album and listen to it now and then and I like it. Her own song she wrote are just so beautiful.

5. What is your shoe number? (I know, it's a stupid question, but I'm always curious about it.. :p)
- I have 38 or 39 depending on the shoes. I have quite wide feet so if it´s a very narrow shoe I need a bigger size.

6. How tall are you? (you are lower than Tuomas and higher than Emppu and I was just wondering.. :p)
- I am 1,69 m.

And the last one.. Do you think is it possible to love a person which you never met? Like you just read what this person wrote (e.g. poems, songs etc.) and fell that he or she is just like you, your soulmate.
- I dont know. I have never been that myself so hard to answer, but I am sure that is possible.


  1. Hi Anette!

    Thank you so much for the answers! They are very interesting to read =)
    I never knew you were a Christian (well I guessed but..) are you specifically any Christian, like Catholic, Orthodox, etc? Because I remember reading your post about All Saints Day, and I was quite surprised, because I'm Russian Orthodox Christian, and we have that day on the exact same day as you said, and I am curious because I have never seen anyone have this day outside of my religion..
    I agree with you completely about the age thing. I think that if two people love each other, age shouldn't matter, as long as it is love, and not something else..
    It's good to know that you do not have facebook and all the other sites, because there are quite a lot of people with profiles with your name:)

    About soulmates, do you believe in them? Just in general like..

    Thank you very much again for these answers! They're quite wonderful!

    Have a good night!


  2. Hej Anette~!
    Really enjoy reading your blog every time. And just like always i was reading the post with spelling the text with my voice. I have some kind of a same english spelling as you have cause it's not my native language and i noticed that some russians and swedes do it kinda alike. A special type of pronouncing. So i read this and myself more like being close to all this and like it's something from my own. I don't really know how to explain it clearly but this is how i did ;)
    And i must also say every things you put here like couches, dresses, lamps, flowers, pillows or curtains - this is really what I would choose in the store. I find it so suiting me and so comfortable for me so i really feel good here. Thank you for that ;)
    Cosy atmosphere is being spreaded from you to here as well and i feel it.
    Inga (Russia)

  3. Thank You for answering more questions. It would be hard leaving family for a long time but keep in mind you are supporting your family and like I said before eveything works out. Have a great night, thanks again.

  4. Thank you for the answers Anette.

    As for touring, I understand the mixed feelings. The DPP tour was so intense. I doubt booking will be as intense this tour as many said was a mistake. I'm sure that makes you feel a bit better knowing that.

    Take care

  5. Hey girl!

    I agree, you are so thin already!
    But you still look healthy and that's
    important. I meant to say that
    I loved the last picture of yourself
    you posted the other day.

    I agree, Tarja's pretty amazing solo.
    You should hear her new album,
    "What Lies Beneath", it's sooo beautiful.
    I love it, definitely one of my
    favorite albums ever.
    You would like it, I bet;=)

    I'm as tall as you are, Anette!;=)

    Have a good night!
    Hope you and the family are well.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  6. Well...I dunno if it's too late to ask a question, but Id like to..hope you still answer me!!

    First- Have you been ok? We've loved your recebnt posts!

    Second- I remember you said you were in 2 musical projectis- One with martjin and onther with Niclas... Are they still gonna be released this year?

  7. Good morning Anette:)
    Another real nice job of answering questions, if you have more please continue when its convenient.
    Have the best day possible, and enjoy!
    take care, God bless,
    lots of love

  8. 1.To the last question. Yes it really is possible.
    2. I am glad that you haven´t got Facebook. I hate Fakebook.
    3. Now you say that you are christian. OK, but in some interwiev i read that you are spiritual person and you believe in something but don´t necessarily in man in heaven. What does it mean? You changed your mind?

  9. Matotu: Morning! I am baptised into the swedish church and therefore are a christian. And I am spiritual too;=)

  10. Hej Anette
    It's really lovely to read your replies. It seems that you have small feet for your size (or it's me who have big feet). I'm 10cm shorter and i wear 40/41 (i sometimes even went to 42!). I also have wide feet, and i just couldn't wear narrow shoes - it wouldn't fit. :(



  11. Good morning Anette, i have a question that i wanted to ask you since many time. If nightwish will come back in Italy should you prepared to go out the location and sign the album and take one pic with me (and with the others people also that will be there)? I know that it's soon for ask you this but i've wanted to ask it the same. We've talked always by internet and i would like so much to meet and talk to you face to face. :D

    I think that will be a great moment!

    Have a nice day and take care!

    Big hugs

  12. Oup's, I thought that Johan was swedish too. Sorry!

    I know, in swedish day-nursery, children learn 3 languages : Swedish, French and English. With a Finnish father, Nemo will be a great polyglot!



  13. Hi Anette!

    Thanks for more answers. :D I have some more questions for you:

    1.) You said one of your favorite Nightwish songs is Ghost Love Score, have you ever considered performing it at a concert? I think that would be awesome. :)

    2.) How/When did your "hep hep" thing at concerts start happening? :)

  14. Hey Anette!

    OMG I can't believe!! Your shoe number is same as mine.. And you're tall just like I am. That's nice to hear! :D

    And you said you don't speak finnish.. How do you speak with Johans family?? Do they speak swedish or you talk in english??? :)

    Have a nice day! :)


  15. Hii Nettie
    Thank you very much for answering my questions!
    We(fanclub Nightwish Belgium)are very glad that you like the card we've send you :-)

    Enjoy the evening.
    Mine will be filled with schoolwork, cleaning my room, some guitarplaying..

  16. Hello Anette !!
    I hope Nemo can speak both Finnish and Swedish !! I speak portuguese,english and some french and spanish,but i really try to know finnish xD
    I cant wait for the next masterpiece from Nightwish,i really hope that you guys come to Portugal :)
    I am sooo glad that you hear Tarja's new album !! I know its hard when people compare you to Tarja,but you are both beautiful singers !! That shows that you are a very nice person :D
    If you are 1,69m,that means Emppu is like 1,60m maybe xD Thats sooo cute :))
    Thanks for all the answers !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  17. Thank you Anette for answer my question :)

  18. Om du gillar Oasis, tror jag du skulle gilla Montañas de Silencio. Den är väldigt fin, och Tarja har skrivit den också. =)

    Visste du förresten att Simone Simons också har börjat blogga?


  19. Anette,

    Love your answers! You're very depthful and really think about the questions! I really like that! :)

    Take care,

  20. We have the same problem with shoes... My foot is 36 "long" but 38 "wide". It's kinda annoying. Sometimes the shoe it's too tigh, others it's too long... Nah =P

  21. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us all these interesting things about yourself. :-) It brings me back to the way I felt when I first met you at the Dublin concert in 2008: I'm amazed that you have so much time and affection to share with your fans, and you don't seem to get tired of it (or, if you do, you just take a break and then get back to it once you're refreshed). You are just so nice and not full-of-yourself; it amazes me! But maybe my idea of what famous people / celebrities are like is just too stupid; of course some are patient and lovely, and others less so. We're all just people, right?

    Re. Tarja's first solo album, I really agree that the best song on it is "Oasis," the one she wrote completely by herself. I haven't bought her second album yet (I'll pick it up after Christmas), but I really hope it has more of her personal compositions.

    Also, I am glad you are not afraid to say that you are a Christian. :-)

  22. Hi Anette:) I love your new look!:) I have a question are you of any denonmation? I'm a non denominational Christian :) I'm just wonder :) btw I love the DPP album:)